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Koranteng writes an excellent piece, “66 Ways to Franco”, on the logistics of finding music, which is the raison d’etre of this site in its current form.

I found this piece all the more germaine because it is he writes about music that I also happen to extremely fond of and the problem that is my professional life’s work, managing data and turning it into information.

Pity he did not start his search here, he would have found “Candidat” right away from you guys.

But then, we would not have had that excellent piece of writing.

Le Sape

Daniele Tamagni: Gentlemen of Bacongo

On an (un)related(?) note, Cool Hunting has a piece on Daniele Tamagni’s new book, Gentlemen of Bacongo just out on “Le Sape” or Les Sapeurs, a favourite topic of Kamau who writes at Forota.

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  1. JARIBU says:

    Thank you for Setou. It’s one of a few Festival Du Zaire I do not have. Still looking for Rama.
    While at it, do you have the following by Grand Piza?

    1. Mandalala (looking for a clean version)
    2. Kisangani
    3. Keba Nazuwa
    4. Bokila
    5. Fouati
    6. Naleli Mama
    7. Yo Zairois Ngai Zairoise

  2. JARIBU says:

    I suspect that ‘Yo Zairois Ngai Zairoise’ is ‘Mwana Mawa’ given a different name.

  3. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan
    Real thanks for those tunes.

    @Jaribu et al
    Try out this version of Mandalala.

    I am not very sure if the song you call ‘YO ZAIROIS NGAI ZAIROISE’ in No 7 above is not. “MWANA MAWA”. Try it out.

  4. David Ochan says:

    @ Steve
    The title for #148 is “UTAFANYA YOTE BULE” .
    On the actual 45rpm single, the title was mis-spelled as “UTAFANYA YOTE BLUE”. I don’t quite remember the band attributed to this record. t could be “Bana Zaire”.

    @ JARIBU
    Let me check other Festival Du Zaire records I have and I shall let you know.

    @ EGOING
    i have compiled a list of Moreno hits (with different bands) nd will release them shortly.

  5. kabuga says:


    Please visit John B’s likembe blog for some good swahili rumba by black warriors aka DDC mlimani park. Rare gems!

  6. David Ochan says:

    @ All (FMT)
    Orchestre COBANTOU had stars like Roi Champro (King), Tony Abewe, Diamant, Emmano, etc.
    Here are some of their hits (Composers in bracket).

    1. CAMARADE YA KINSHASA (Roi Champro)

    2. MBUE (Roi Champro)

    3. KOSEKA MONINGA TE (Diamant)

    4. NIAMA YA ZAMBA (Diamant)

    5. NAKAMUE ROCKY (Tony Abewe)

  7. Grumpy says:

    First rate blog. Lots of valuable info here. Visited many times but this is my first post. Can anyone help by telling me who is the impossibly wonderful lead vocalist on the song “Asali” by Frantal Tabu & Orchestre Malekesa du Zaire?

  8. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan (Re: Entry No. 93)

    True to God, my brother, never give up. I happened to chance on “TOLELA BAOYO BAKENDA”, which I really longed for. I am posting it for all the clan to share.

    David, I have not yet got DITTU by Kamale, and of course I will never give up on the search.

    Ata mbote opesa biso te?


    Anyone be able to get:

    1. Goudaloupe (Nyboma’s smooth voice in it)?
    2. Vonvon (I don’t remember the composer – but was out in the 1970s)?
    3. Mopapu Kembila (as No. 2 above)?

  9. Emma says:

    @ All
    Anyone have Nzoto Na Ngai Se Moko Oyo by Tabu Ley, Mbilia Bel & L’Afrisa International
    or the 60’s piece makambo mibale by les bantous

  10. David Ochan says:

    @ EMMA

    1. MAKAMBO MIBALE by Michel Moutouari of “Les Bantous De La Capital”,

    2.NZOTO NA NGAI SE MOKO OYO – Mbilia Bel & L’Afrisa Int.

    3. SEY SEY (Ley Na Cubana) – Tabu Ley & L,Afrisa Int.

    4. PAQUITA -Tabu Ley & L’Afrisa International

    @ EGOING

    The tune you posted at #158 is “SAPATO”.
    Was is a mistake?

  11. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan

    You are absolutely right. The tune I posted was the same which was posted ESORORO under the name TOLELA BA OYO BAKENDA, and I downloaded.

    The correct one is this one below.
    Sorry for the mistake.

    It is interesting that the consultant posted the very tune he went on to ask from me at #65!

    David, thanks for the 4 tunes at #160.

    It sometimes crosses my mind that if it was possible we could go a head and share also our photos. One may one time realise the persons they communicate with standing next to him/her.

  12. John Oloo says:

    @ all
    Finally Post No. 162 has the correct “Tolela Ba Oyo Bakenda.” See also Post No. 36. Well done David Ochan.

  13. Robert says:


    Could not agree with you more, surely we need to have a human face. I sometimes believe some of the people on the blog are within my hood considering their past accounts more or less intersect mine.
    Steve – how about that??

  14. David Ochan says:

    @ All
    It was rumoured in Kinshasa that Tabu Ley was dead, but he is in a clinic in Belgium surrounded by his sons and daughters.
    It doesn’t look good though.

  15. Emma says:

    @David Ochan

    Thanks for the update David. Will be forever grateful.

  16. Fred says:

    It is very quiet here; let me share this track I extracted from an old vinyl.
    Manana Antoine – Amour Cherche Amour:

    I hope this will make us active again.

  17. Egoing says:

    Thanks for the track above. Could you also be in possession of its sister track, whose name I can only guess as possibly “SULI”? The vocalists appear the same in this track which has some lyrics like:
    SULI ah SULI ah eh,
    Camarade, ya ngai motemba aah …..

  18. Emma says:

    Actually the track is Sulia Tantine by Souzy Kasseya

  19. Egoing says:

    @ Emma
    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    @ All
    Anyone able to post Sulia Tantine for us to share?

  20. Waweru says:

    @ Esororo

    Please re-post the links to the cool songs of Wanyika – Mama Mzazi, Zaina and Zainabu. I loved those songs them days and I happened to miss out on them on you last posted in September 2009.

    Anybody with links to the songs Pili Mswahili by Moreno Batamba, La Rivarite by Lokassa ya Mbongo and Sioni Wala Sisikii by one of the Wanyika Groups?

  21. David Ochan says:

    @ ALL (FMT)

    Jipe ‘Swiss’ Samala formerly with Kester Emeneya’s “Victoria Eleison” set up base in Switzerland and invited CLAN LANGA LANGA (CLL) to record an LP with him.

    Here are three songs from that LP.

    1. AMIE

    2. POLELE

    3.NAKOMI (Mai Ya Bomeli)

  22. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    please, help me with this disc, what the name.

    help with post 137. thanks

  23. Humphry says:

    AT 118 I got excited. At 119 I was in ectasy when I heard the incomplete version of Malaika(It does sound like the one I used to listen to in the early 60’s) – I hunger for the full song as the one posted was “abridged”.

    At 124 I am thankfull for the attention BUT no-one can help me with the lyrics of:-

    1. Pamela by Orchestra Les Wanyika
    2. Embakasi by Les Orchestra Magalepa
    3. Paulina by Orchestra Les Wanyika

    No one seems to remember the tenor saxophonist of Orchestra Les Mangalepa. I am with him every other day. The band we were getting together got fired by the proprietor of the instruments and we are now getting together another group. Ali is the band leader of the new outfit which we hope to audition in March 2010. They are currently using our equipment.

    Can someone post “Pamela” by Orchestra Les Wanyika to me.

    Does anyone have an original version of “Nzinzi”. It was popularised at weddings in the late 80’s and I would like to listen to it.

    Pamela here, here and here

    Paulina here

    Embakasi here

    Try using the search function in the top right hand section of the blog: you might be surprised what you find

    – Steve


  24. Humphry says:

    Steve, Greetings!

    It looks like I am not getting the desired results when I follow your guidance. I have tried to get the original version of Pamela by Orchestra Les Wanyika to no avail! I have it on two compilation mp3 combos – I want it on its own!

    I have the feeling its my primitive internet skills that is frustrating me.

  25. John Oloo says:

    @ Humphry
    Please do not despair. I discovered Pamela (Song No. 33 and 34) a few weeks ago from the Matsuli music site. Episode 7: sango Special! East African Rumba Hits from the Matsuli Archives. More than 2 hours of great music. Song No. 33 is Pamela Pt. 1 and Song No. 34 is Pamela Pt. 2. We now need a technical guru to extract it from the mp3 file. here it is.

  26. John Oloo says:

    More Orchestre Veve songs:
    Mobuto dix and Pt. 1:
    Mobuto dix and Pt. 2:

  27. JARIBU says:

    @ Humphry,
    Is this the Pamela you are looking for?

    Les WaNyika – Pamela =

  28. Humphry says:

    @176 John you are wonderful. I already have Matsuli Archives “super album” on my collection as well as from the podomatic site( visit and and I discovered it during my search for PAMELA in November 2009. I enjoyed PAMELA so much that I ended up marrying one! The records(i.e. 45 singles ) are lost and I am trying to start a digital collection of ALL the CLASSIC East African Rhumba tunes and some of the Congolese songs. I am the Chairman of the Livingstone Musical Society and I want to introduce my community to this beautiful music which I plan to pen to paper and score. Most of our African Music is restricted to us playing “by ear” which is a very big SHAME! We MUST have this music in music score format so that we can preserve it for posterity. I would feel very proud to visit a club in Tokyo where I can be able to listen to “Shauri Yako” being played and sung by a Japanese band who should have learnt it through reading a music score of the song. What is the matter with us Africans? We are losing our cultures at an alarming rate! I am struggling for the past 4 years to get an orchestra for the City of Livingstone going without any resources apart from my intellectual resource! You have African business men who are so stinking rich that the word rich loses meaning! They fail to learn the philanthropic culture and prefer to flount their opulent wealth in primitive acquisitions to satisfy their self esteem! It pisses me off!!

    I hope I have stimulated a matter worth discussing and resolving. I am so ever grateful to the people who are affording me the opportunity to have access to beautiful music. I can’t manage to purchase online CD’s because I do not have a bank account and I can’t afford it.

  29. Humphry says:

    Asante sana JARIBU. No this is not the version of PAMELA I am looking for. I know the background of the Wanyika groups and they tended to overlap in their repertoire! I am into the famous version done by Orchestra Les Wanyika.

    Thanks for the link.


  30. Egoing says:

    Hey guys, where is everybody gone to? DaVid Ochan, Steve, Jaribu, John Oloo, Humpry, Arnol_79, Emma, Fred, Robert, Swara, Jay et al.

    By the way, Emma, thank you very much for Sulia Tantine. I most times download the music in the background as I work, and only revisit when I have a few minutes of rest.

    Once more, everyone, re-open up and lets chat. Hope old age has not taken toll of our members!

  31. Robert says:


    Still around just trying to get my bearings right for the year, will be in full gear shortly. Thanks for the concern.

  32. Emma says:

    Still there, Egoing. Welcome about Sulia. During the time, I had Sulia on a tape which had other songs like Amour Cherche. There was also another one whose name I don’t know but was going like ” Kwame oh Kwame….” and another one which I think was called “cimetiere du mariage”. Can you confirm the names if you know or better still do you have the actual songs?

    Much earlier, I think in 80 there was also a song I suspect was done by Mpongo Love. It had lyrics like “dunia ya mungu, nipate ndiyo ndiyo. Dunia ya mungu, ta kuta pole pole.” Been hunting for that piece for long but no luck so far.

    There also use to be another one going thus; ” Sina dada, huko wapi? Nakutafuta sikuone. Na jaribu sana kutafuta…… Siku gani dada utakuja nikugonjee sitenseni. Unge kuwa na uweso…..”
    I think it was a Wanyika. Anyone got that smart piece????

  33. Waweru says:

    @Emma. The last song is Christina by Maroon Commandos.

  34. Emma says:

    @ Waweru

    Thanks for the update. Really need a copy of it.

  35. Jay says:

    @ALL. Hello and HNY!! I am in the background but still learning new things daily.

    @Esororo. My demons have needed more medication recently. So please come back now before I am put to sleep with more medications.

    @Egoing. Thanks for lighting the fire again.

    @Humphry on post #179. Thanks for validating my indignation at leaders=the rich, politicians at home. Their priorities are completely misplaced. Parliament always robbing the public taxes and there is nobody to stop it. They are allowed to carry guns but yet cannot allow the citizens to do the same for protection. Kibaki/Lucy are senile and incapable of providing a strong leadership to make changes that are good for the country. Raila is impotent as a manager/supervisor of government because he fails to fire people when goals/rules are broken. The rest of EAC are doing great.

    @Steve. for 2/3/10. What do you mean that there are decisions to be made? I think that all of us have a vested interest in things that you are doing therefore I challenge all of us to make a financial contribution to this website. This is reasonable since you cannot shelter everything while we enjoy the benefits.

    @ALL. Let’s devote the post on 2/9/10 debating or discussing ways to help the fund for the Ntwiga clan. Devotion demands it!!!!! Let’s walk the walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the offer Jay but the problem is not one of funding, from that perspective, is doing fine. If you do want to send something my way though, you can find me a needle for a my Dual 504 turntable that is now needle-less again, thanks to the kids. And I cannot find any place to find a needle that fits in my neck of the woods.

    It is more a question of motivation and ability. Clearly, I am not providing the level of service that I should to those of you who, quite clearly, have a vested interest.

    I need to either do this right (i.e. put in as much as all of you are) or not do it at all.

    It then boils down to the fact that i cannot do this right now. This is what I mean about decisions to be made, if I cannot do this right, I should not do it at all.

    – Steve

  36. Jay says:

    ……………..reasonable since Steve cannot shelter……..

  37. Egoing says:

    Now you are talking, after the arousal.

    Download Christina by the Maroon Commandos.

    Don’t yet have the rest, but on this blog, never ever give up. God willing, we shall land on them as well.

  38. Egoing says:

    Yes. Now you are talking again, at least with the slight prodding.

    Please enjoy Christina:

    As for the others, I may not have them now, but God willing, on this blog, people never give up, and end up getting what they want.

    The cold affecting your fingers again?

  39. John Oloo says:

    What is the name of this Orchestre Veve song?
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Would be great to know. I have others that I will posting from time to time.

  40. Emma says:

    Got it thanks. I am not giving up. But I wish I knew the names of the songs.

  41. swara says:

    here is ‘Viongozi wa Africa’ by dar es salaam jazz

  42. Fred says:

    That is Londende.

  43. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred,
    I thought it was Londende until I listened to Londende that I have then I starting questioning my conclusion. Oloo’s copy must be a slight variation of the song. Seems like Veve did this kind of thing often.

  44. Fred says:

    I think there are two “Londendes”.

  45. Egoing says:

    @ Emma,
    Sincerely, I do not know, but will put it at the back of my mine to source for them.

    Thank You.

  46. John Oloo says:

    @ all
    Another Orchestre Veve song. What is it?
    We should continue to solve the Veve-Londende mystery.

  47. JARIBU says:

    @ Oloo Ref. post 197.
    The song (unknown Veve 3) is Likambo Ya Somo.

  48. John Oloo says:

    @ Jaribu:
    Thanks for solving this one so promptly. Does anyone have a better copy of Likambo Ya Somo? Will post other Veve songs in the next few days.

  49. Jay says:

    @Steve. I think that you are doing a superb job in the service that you are providing. Allowing us to interact and share the culture of our Ancestors. You will be blessed even more for spreading the deep heritage. Please e-mail me with the needle spec’s and let’s see if I can go catching the grasshoppers in the field. Anyone remember catching grasshoppers? How about fighting the bulls while away from adults? We always had to make sure that the small boys were looking after the other cows so that they would not wonder to the neighbors to eat maize. Ha!, ha!, ha!

    @Esororo. In the name of the lord!! I summon you to come back. I will brew for you some busaa. My demons need to be soothed!!

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