What is this installation outside Nairobi?

I belong to the Nairobi Skunkworks Mailing list and this morning, a message comes in from Chris Kiagiri who is the tech lead at Google,

The update mentioned that they just completed mapping around Nairobi (as far as I can tell, they now have annotations down to building level for most buildings in the core of Nairobi. The street level labeling now aligns perfectly with the terrain maps).

However, when I look west of Nairobi towards Ruai, I see a HUGE and I mean HUGE obviously man-made installation. Look to the bottom left to get an idea of scale of just how big this thing is – it is at least the size of the CBD section bounded by Uhuru Highway / Haile Selassie / Moi Avenue / Kenyatta Avenue.

Does anyone know what this is?

Man-made installation outside Nairobi

( Click through for a high-resolution capture of the map as of the morning of May 28th 2008. )

You can find it at this link in Google Maps

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  1. hash says:

    I think this was the same place that JKE saw and figured out what it was a little while back – he’s probably the best person to ask.

  2. JKE says:

    Yeah, it’s the Dandora Ponds http://blog.uhuru.de/2005/09/20/ati-part-3/ for the treatment of waste water.

  3. JKE says:

    “Site description The Dandora Oxygenation Ponds are situated 20 km due east of Nairobi City centre, just off the Nairobi-Kangundo road but within the city limits. The main sewage treatment works for Nairobi City, they comprise three experimental ponds, eight facultation ponds and 24 maturation ponds, all bounded by embankments. The first phase of eight ponds was commissioned in 1980, followed by the much larger second phase in 1992. The older set has mud banks, with associated growth of aquatic and emergent macrophytes such as species of Cyperus and Typha; the newer ponds have gently sloping concrete banks. Water quality and the microflora and fauna change as water progresses through the ponds. The treatment is entirely natural and considered environmentally friendly. Processed water from the ponds is discharged into the Nairobi river.”
    source: http://www.birdlife.org/datazone/sites/index.html?action=SitHTMDetails.asp&sid=6425&m=0

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  4. Steve says:

    There go my conspiracy theories. I was sure that I would be disappeared shortly after posting this.

  5. JKE says:

    No! You (or I) will dissappear like Keyser Söze after posting a huge questionmark to this: http://tinyurl.com/567×99


  6. JKE says:

    No! You (or I) will dissappear like Keyser Söze after posting a huge questionmark to this:


  7. Gitts says:

    now that’s the reason why the US doesn’t want pictures of their bases being taken. Interesting what you can see from up there!

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