Potash deconstructs JR’s art installation in Kibera, Nairobi.

Potash, one of my favorite writers hosts a piece by Njoroge Matathia titled From Kibera to Sotheby’s that begins the deconstruction of JR’s Kibera art installation, 28 millimetres, that I posted about a while back.

(The link to JR’s portofolio on the site currently displays the the Kibera art installation as the first item. Unfortunately, since JR’s site is built in Flash, direct links are not possible)

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  1. POTASH says:

    Thanks Ntwiga for the heads up…

    I think it is important that we creatives do not get carried away by our own celebrity and become bigger than the stories that we tell. I think that it is also important that we remember that our rendering of our subjects is a subjective process… our opinion of how we see them and not necessarily their opinion of themselves.


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