Samba Mapangala – Free Download – “Les Gorilles des Montagnes”

Hey guys, just got this from Samba Mapangala’s publicist and thought I should share it with the rest of you.

Free download: “Les Gorilles des Montagnes“, a new single by Samba Mapangala in partnership with World Wildlife Fund to aid in protection of endangered mountain gorillas of the Congo’s Virunga National Park.

On Sept. 30, the mp3 “Les Gorilles des Montagnes” will be available for listening and downloading here and here

An upbeat dance song commissioned by WWF to increase awareness of conservation in the Congo Basin, “Les Gorilles des Montagnes” (The Mountain Gorillas) begins with the still-stunning, instantly recognizable a cappella prelude to Samba’s 1981 hit “Tolinga Virunga” (We Love Virunga). But then the beat drops into a beautiful new melody and lyrics telling of the need to preserve the rare mountain gorillas and their fragile environment, and expressing gratitude to the park rangers who risk their lives daily to prevent poaching and illegal charcoal production. WWF will use this music to reinforce its efforts in East Africa and Congo, especially in the Goma and Bukavu regions where years of war and turmoil have impacted the gorillas’ habitat in the Virunga mountains, home to around half of the world’s remaining 700 mountain gorillas.

Samba Mapangala - Les Gorilles des Montagnes

Visit the World Wildlife Fund’s site for information on efforts to save the mountain gorillas. You can also find out more about the track at Samba Mapangala’s website and at AfroPop News.

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  1. Esororo says:

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    He developed a musical style fusing jazz, funk and traditional Cameroonian music. He is best know for his best single “Soul Makossa”, which is considered to be the first disco record for those of you who remember disco.

    Nicknamed ‘The Lion of Cameroon’, or ‘The Lion of Afrika’ best describes his greatness for African music such as the classic track “Africa”

    At the age of 15 in 1949, Dibangos’ parents sent him to Saint Calais high school in Paris to study music and prepare for his professional career. He studied classical piano before taking up the saxophone around 1954. This is where he met up with Francis Bebey (another Cameroonian artist, musician, and writer ) and they began exploring the Jazz music. In 1956 Dibango moved to Brussels, where his career took off as a jazz musician. Four years later, in 1960 he returned to DRC and joined African Jazz led by Joseph Kabasele (Le Grand Kalle)

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    Dibangos’ first album was recorded in 1969 and in 1970 he accompanied Franklin Boukaka on a classic 12-track album

    In 1985 Manu raised funds for famine-striken Ethiopia through his successful ‘Tam-Tams for Ethiopia’ project with (Mory Kante) is a Guinean vocalist and player of the (kora harp)

    In October 2004 in celebrating his 70th birthday Dibango had a unique concert with special guests at London’s Barbican and this is when was appointed a UNESCO Artist for Peace.

    2007 saw Dibango celebrating his 50th year in music a major event that coincided with the release of a CD/DVD ‘The Lion of Africa’.

    If you are a Jazz lover Manu Dibango’s music can and will refresh your moods. I personally don’t have worlds in describing the unique blending of his African music and jazz. He brings together Africa, Europe, America style music through the sax (full of soul), disco, electric fusion, jazz, African Funk, you name it, Dibango is it in African Jazz. He has worked with many musicians, like Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Fela Kuti, Bill Laswell, Fania All Stars, Herbie Hancock, Bernie Worrell, etc.

    Soul Makossa track lyrics contains “Makossa” which means “dance” in his Cameroonian native language (Duala). Aslo the track has influenced several popular music hits, such as Michael Jackson’s “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin”, Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” Akon, the Fugees’ “Cowboys”, Actor Eddie Murphy “Boogie In Your Butt” Poor Righteous Teachers “Butt Naked Booty Bless” they all used Soul Makossa’s bassline and horn charts as well as the drum patterns. (Available at You-tube)

    Manu Dibango has made great contirbution to african and western music in general.


  2. TheAkon says:

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