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Joshua pulled yet another stunt by making me take on my annual meme (and in January, no less. Now it becomes extremely difficult to ignore any other meme I will be tagged with between now and 2008). Here it is: Here’s “Five things you don’t know about me”

1. There are more computers than family members in my house. Which is sad really.

But I am cracking the addiction. We are down to an even ratio now, one PC per house member.

At one point, the ratio was something like 4 to 1 while I was building the 2nd of 2 beowulf clusters that I have built, one as a school project and a later larger one for fun.

2. Although I wanted to be an architect growing up and did all the right stuff along the way to make sure that happened, computing distracted me enough that that dream is now long dead (and that does not bother me a bit). My background is actually in physics which was a great foundation for the work that I do now.

As an aside, I now sometimes wonder if there really is a way to make a living as a physicist in Africa without going into academia?

3. I crave adventure but sometimes look for it in the wrong places. This, unfortunately, includes enjoying crocodile (taste like chicken!).

At one point, I wanted to bungee jump into the Victoria Falls but I missed the event due to a logistical thing that led to me not making the transport that was taking us there. Some friends did it though and they rub my nose in it whenever they can.

Today, If I had a chance to, I would do it in a New York minute.

4. My wife does not know this yet but I want to have lived for an extended period of time on each of the six continents before I die. I have 3 of 6 (Americas, Africa and Europe) under my belt so far.

5. I was just reminded the other day by my mom that until I turned 5, my right foot was way bigger than my left. And I mean way bigger. I think there was maybe a 4 size difference. I had to have special shoes made that involved going down to some place in Kabete since no one in Nairobi sold shoes in different sizes in the same package. The reason this came up is that is seems that my son has the same dramas going on.

For a little bonus, if you would like to learn more weird stuff about me, you can pick up a thing or two here.

Whom do I want to see doing this?

In all honesty, while I can think of lots of people whom I would like to see do this but most of them seem to have already been though this meme. I would hate to have anyone go through the stress of writing a piece like this like I did so it hurts me not a bit to list lists and name names.

OK then:

JKE of course. Ha. Got you! Sweet revenge!
Maitha (you have to read in Swahili)
M Maybe we will find out his real name?

Oh, it said 5 people: here is one more.


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  1. AfroM says:

    was really hoping this tag would never get to me… :)

    Pole dada.

    … and such is life …

    – Steve

  2. Joshua says:

    That was hilarious Steve. I am so jealous you were that close to the cheetahs & the 3 continent thing. Oh, how much fun! I will say a prayer for your son. Thanks for putting up the meme. It is amazing how long it takes everyone to do it. I have now learnt to hate it with a passion. I even considered taking down mine after about a week. Keep having visions of the feds landing at my digs…

  3. John Powers says:

    Dreams have a way of coming around. LOL but I must admit when I read about your dream of being an architect being “long dead” I began puzzling wht to say to breathe some life into it. Many ideas, but the best for today are Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/001518.php

    Physics is a great foundation for lots of endeavors. It’s and olidie but goodie but this post at the old Grandiose Parlor http://grandioseparlor.com/2006/02/a-bridge-in-60-days/ and the pictures at Flickr still inspire me.

    Thanks for the links John.

    The bridge one was particularly cool: the idea that people just go out and do things instead of sitting around debating endlessly while trying to figure out if the should be done restores my faith in the human race.

    – Steve

  4. Louis says:

    damn u build beowolf clusters so now i know who i need to talk to when i need supercomputers to lease to GOK – u know with computerisation and expansion of taxation they will need supercomputers soon.

    Shoot me an email when you are ready to go but in all honesty, these are commodity products now that do not require the skills to set up that they once did. They even have Beowulf specific distros that you can run right from CD or install right from CD.

    Not like in the good old days when you had to do adapter bonding manually and choose between PVM & MPI etc etc.

    – Steve

  5. AfroM says:

    btw steve, with the new githongo tape might it be time to resurrect the ‘ business as usual series’ ? Your commentary on the issue was on point…

    What Githongo tape? I saw something on Gathunuku’s blog while scanning my RSS reader and I assumed that it was tied to the old scandal.

    I really do need to get out of my cave more.

    I will try to resurrect the series but in all honesty, I am not sure if this blog is the place for that any more.

    – Steve

  6. maitha says:

    umenipata mzee , sawa wacha nitaichangamkia . had come for the usual friday dose of music only to be net by this …. hakuna neno lakini

    Mbuyu, bado tunangoja.

    Lete habari.

    – Steve

  7. JKE says:

    Aiiii…..5 things? Lemme think about this.

    Pole about your and your son’s foot.

  8. ROBERTO ANGULO. says:

    colombia te saluda.

    amigo quisiera escuchar cualquiera cancion del dr Nico y la orquesta african fiesta.
    agradezco su atencion.

    roberto angulo

    tu saludo tambien amigo

    Para los canciones de Nico, buscando aqui

    – Steve

  9. Kirima says:

    Hi stevo had a laugh reading those 5 points about you unfortunately having been your next door neigbour I knew them already except for that foot thing – That was before the kerara days.
    Its true your home even in Kenya was a true cybercafe with comps pouring out of every room despite the Ngong crooks efforts to reduce the clutter. You certainly had your fair share of adventures but you always pulled off your escapades without upsetting the folks.
    When you move to Asia don’t forget to try some dog and snakes.

    Kirima Nturibi


    There you are, its been a while, drop me an email and we can catch up!!! using ‘anything you like at ntwiga dot net’ will get to me.

    And yes, I still and trying to keep PC to people ratio sensible.

    So, when you visiting, the snow is waiting?

    – Steve

  10. […] Torn between which to put up in the list ( hello you two ) this or the accents but I am still trying to come up with the last three and willĀ  update the list once done . […]

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