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Having managed to stay away from being tagged for quite a while, JKE finally caught me unawares (before I sent my “don’t tag me unless you want me to place a hex on you” email to him) so I will make this as short, quick and painless as possible for all concerned.

+ Post six weird facts/habits about yourself. These cannot be used against you later on.

1) Up to maybe 5 years ago, I lived in an almost monochromatic world. I was obsessed with the color gray (my blog and site are simply residual symptoms). My entire wardrobe was composed ENTIRELY of items in different shades of gray with the only variation being degree of light or dark.

2. I have no respect whatsover for my stuff, I drop it, take it apart and generally treat it like I could not care less about it. Ever since I can remember, I have been taking stuff apart to see whats inside. Problem is, I am not much good at putting it back together when I am done. I try but, lets be honest, its easier to take it apart than to put it together. especially if the item in question was assembled in Japan by a dozen robots. Thats me people, I have a toolbox and I am not afraid to use it.

3. I try and finish all my personal projects in a single burst of work to the point of absurdity. This means I can stay up all night wrestling with a problem in an effort to get it done. A direct side effect of this is it takes a heck of a lot of pushing to get me to start projects that will take more than a single session to finish to my satisfaction. The only way I can get around this is to set incremental goals for each session.

4. I have picked up the habit of blocking email from people who send me forwards and taken it to an extreme. it has gotten to the point that if someone sends me even a single forwarded email, they get blocked. Sadly, the people (family and long time friends) whom I can’t block are the ones who send me the most ‘spam’ (are you reading this Stan? JImmy?) . . .

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

I begin to see a pattern here, all my ‘weird’ behaviour centers around being extreme.


5. I am a speed-reader having aquired the ability and desire in my childhood in a house where books were almost sacred. I read 5 to 6 books a week and can go a similar number of printed periodicals at the same time. I sometimes work on 2 or 3 books at a time, switching back and forth between the books that I tend to leave in different rooms around the house without losing track of the plot or characters in each.

6. I cannot abide people who cheat at card or board games. Since all my friends and family love to do this, any kind of family activity involving a board or game usually ends in me storming off in a huff when I realize that everyone but me is cheating. Sad thing is that I never learn. I always start the next game of Monopoly believeing that they have changed; a sentiment that quickly ends in disillusionment when I catch them picking up all the $100 bills from the bank.

Thats it people, I am glad thats out of the way.

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  1. afro says:

    lol! “I have a toolbox and I am not afraid to use it” that is very funny.

    i feel you on the forwards…nothing to do but delete them haraka…i dont have suggestions right now on how to tactfully ask for them to stop sending the forwards, typically i dont want to block them coz i am also afraid i could miss an important email from them…

    The thing with these ‘forward’ people is that tact doesn’t work. I have tried tact, I have tried outright statements, I have even called some of them specifically to ask them to stop. Not emailing but actually picking up the phone, dialling long distance and saying “Boss, STOP THE FORWARDS!!!! Have a nice day.”

    Nothing works. I am at my wits end with this one.

    – Steve

  2. Jeff Msangi says:

    While I don’t play cards anymore or even boards games I am amazed at the speed of your readership.I love reading too but I am slow,I must confess.Like I just finished reading “Dreams from my father” of Senator Barack Obama,it has taken me like a week,reason?whenever I am reading,I try to put him infront of me,sitting and sipping a wine while he is narrating to me his life journey?See?

    Different strokes for different folks . . .

    – Steve

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  4. […] For a little bonus, if you would like to learn more weird stuff about me, you can pick up a thing or two here. […]

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