links: Time Magazine – Then vs. Now.

A very interesting piece by Mike Johnston of the Online Photographer comparing Time Magazine circa 1968 with Time Magazine today.

He hits the nail on the head on the reasons I stopped reading Time/Newsweek and started (sorta) reading The Economist (albeit online).

He also posted another piece that is definitely worth the price of admission, Never meet your heroes, a take on why people important to you never turn out just the way your expected.


+ Snow White and Prince Charming four years on.

+ The Onion seems almost prescient in their work: they post this piece on The Supreme Court allowing corporations to run for office and 3 days later, we see Murray Corp. run for office. Makes me wonder if they know when this boycott will end?

+ Finally, every back issue of Fader Magazine. The ones that have ‘.pdf’ link under the image can be downloaded – I think thats every issue starting July/August 2006’s issue #39.

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  1. John Powers says:

    I loved these links. It’s probably good advice to never meet your heroes, but I still have a list of people I’d like to meet. It is very true that the work is not a portal into the artist, the work stands alone.

  2. Liloba says:

    Never meet your heroes! So true especially now that you can friend them on facebook. Most of my heroes are turning out to be people I would pick a fight with if the watered at my local.

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