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Sutff is happening and my days are now much shorter than they used to be thanks to new professional responsibilites that come with a new schedule. I may have to go on hiatus once again briefly while I try to figure out how I can keep this going. In the meantime, I will have to keep things brief.

You all know me by now, when all else fails, I try rumba.

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Bilenge Musica Du Zaire – Wazazi Wangu.mp3

Bilenge Musica Du Zaire - Rumba is Rumba

Second track for today is from the 70’s – I know nothing about the group apart but from the fact that this track is delicious.

You know what I would really really like? I would love to get my hand on a track named “You can do it” from East African recorded some time in the late 70s or early 80s. I think that it may have been performed by a group that Abdul Haq (whom for a long long time held the fort on KBC General Service in the evening) was in. That great oracle that I always turn to in times of need, Google, brings me nothing: does anyone know anything about the track that I am thinking of?

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Mombasa – African Hustle

And yes Jeff, you had the only guess (which was also correct!), do you want to send your requests in? The mega-post might have to wait for a bit.

Click here for all the other pre-1990 East African music I have posted in the past.

In other news, it seems that I may have jumped the gun. After a two month silence, Materazzi has finally come out with the facts.

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  1. POTASH says:

    Mhhh…really loved that African hustle song…the sax is amazing. never heard the song before…

  2. Jeff Msangi says:

    Wow! I won.Well if you can post Kifo by Remmy Ongala and Matimila Band please do so and consider my request answered!

  3. […] Musangi won first place in the “name the theme” contest so he gets to pick a track. Unfortunately, I do not have the track “Kifo” on hand so I will post another Remmy Ongala track as a substitute. […]

  4. Musa Okoth says:

    The track “You can do it” was done by someone known as Slim Ali. This is all i remember. I was only like 10 or 11 but i definitely remember it crossing over from General Service to KBC Swahili channel coz it was so good. On the same theme remember: You are my sweety, my sugar, my baby, my honey by Bunny Mack? And then when I was in high school there was a killer track by the Dooleys called “The Chosen Few”. Maze hii mambo ya zilizopendwa brings back sweet memories. Thanks Steve

    Musa, thanks for letting us know about “You can do it”. I think I had a Slim Ali LP somewhere back in Kenya and I sent out for it. If it gets here, you can count on finding it up here.

    I never had of The Dooleys or Bunny Mack, do you have any mp3s for me to post?

    I took a listen to Mussa Juma and he will definitely be going up. Thanks!


  5. gilly says:

    I remember many other sweet melodies in the 70s and 80s by Zairean ‘Expatriate’ bands based in Nairobi. I remember you once posted Mazembe, Mangelepa and Baba Gaston(I track each). Pse consider posting more tracks by these and other giants like Le Kinoirs, Kombekombe, Viva Makale, Le Noirs, Boma Liwanza, Special Liwanza, Bana Ekanga, Bana Sambo, Bwambe Bwambe, Moja One, Super Lovy, Shikashika. Nakumbuka Garden Squire Nairobi!!


    I will add on the tracks that you wanted to my request list.

    – Steve

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  7. Messini says:

    Hey Steve,
    sorry, posted only once before, mainly because i don’t know much about east africa music; i am west………
    Nevertheless, i found some interesting soukouss music here, thanks for all the work.

    Welcome Messini, there have been a couple of requests for Soukous so I will put up some tracks in the coming weeks.

    – Steve

  8. Messini says:

    by the way, how o i get your e-mail????

  9. Messini says:

    never mind………’s one of those days………………i’ll send you a line.

  10. Dawit Abraham says:

    Can somebody please tell me who sang the song “You are my sweety, my sugar, my baby, my honey …”. I’ve used to listen to it when i was a kid but i didnt know who it was. I’ve checked for Bunny Mack but i can’t find the song. I’ve searching for it for years. If you do please email me at
    Thank you very much

    You know what, I don’t know and I would love to get my hands on this track.

    And on anything by Slim Ali.

    Can anyone help?

    – Steve

  11. Loving it says:

    Bunny Mack is a definite hit. Been looking for this song for a long time…

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