Hi all

Had some troubles with my hosting company that put me out of business for 3 days – and of course this happened while I was carrying out the updates to create 2 distinct blogs (one for music and everything else I want to write about).

Things should be back to normal now, please let me know if you have any problems leaving comments.

– Steve

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  1. saminator says:

    hi steve,
    am proud to be among the first i think to post on your updated blogs. thanks for the 2 blogs and jah bless as clan members continue enjoying the service your providing.

  2. Lydia says:

    Hey Steve
    I hope you know that we appreciate what you do! Have been out of action for a long while, lots going on. Just checked in to find major changes! Still learning my way around. Hope you are doing great.

  3. Esororo says:

    Hello Steve

    I hope this is working now. I can’t post.

  4. @ALL
    He, where has everyone gone to? Have you all gone AWOL en masse? That is defeatists. Come back. It serves no interest to keep away. True, the unexpected, unannounced and unceremonious and seeming unending disappearance of the blog disheartened us all. But now we are back.

    JAY, DAVID, SAMINATOR, KINGSAM, TINA, JARIBU, WAWERU, ROBERT, TSANGO, et al, hurry back while the limited vacancies still exist. Let’s all come back, each one at least with a couple more friends. C’mon, even the good old Professor / Consultant / Prodigal Son / Sabbatical Bishop / Owner of Oldies Music and History is around, pacing about.

    And by the way, your continued non-appearance will be reason enough for me to attract the attention of Interpol to smoke you back!

  5. JARIBU says:

    @ All,
    Please be king enough to label the links to save some of us from clicking on links with songs we already have or have no interest in. Thanks in advance.

  6. JARIBU says:

    @ All,
    Opps, meant to say ‘kind’ and not ‘king.’

  7. Robert says:


    I am around and about following events closely. Bracing myself up for full throttle.
    Good to see members back.

    What is your take on Elections in Britain? Brown’s very unceremonious exit!

  8. Fred says:

    What happened to the tracks that Esororo posted here yesterday?

  9. Esororo says:


    Maybe Jaribu eat them.

  10. Lydia says:

    Funny :-) Actually I was wondering the same thing as Fred…. I started to think they were on another thread..

    I second the member who asked if the posts can be numbered for easy reference. Take Care.

  11. Esororo says:

    @ Steve,

    The spam filter he is acting up. The post that I did was deleted. What I have found out is that if the spam rejects any post it also deletes the previous post too. Especially anything containing a link or links. So, Jaribu did not eat them. This happened when I was posting more links later.

    I guess you guys have to do without music posts for a while, or until the issue is solved. And I will be gone for a while from now. See you all later…..

  12. Egoing says:

    Jest testing the waters and also pronouncing my unwavering presence.
    SOFELE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/eqnkbw

    Someone let me know if it has come through.

    Please cut short your leaves and come back.

  13. John Oloo says:

    It works.

  14. Edu Owino says:

    Just testing, I’ve been trying to post. I hope the problem has been fixed

  15. Egoing says:

    Enjoy, and more will be coming, courtesy of Jay.

    Masasu By Mopero.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ptdcje
    Adios Tete – Tabu Ley.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/88ohbe
    Amasco Dima – Tabu Ley.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7oel26
    Anishai – Tabu Ley.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/98oatu
    Amicale Lipopo – Tabu Ley.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3fs63t

    Please can anyone also post for me Dally Kimoko’s album songs, featuring: Soukouss Stars, Fiance, Balatou, Kin Nights etc.; FLORY by SHIMITA?

    Thanks for the postings. Don’t be gone long this time.

  16. JARIBU says:

    @ Egoing,
    Thanks for those sixties Tabu Ley.

  17. Egoing says:

    @ ALL
    Where are you to enjoy these songs? Positive feedback induces more to come.
    Please anyone with more information about the artists, share with us.

    africa cha cha bholen.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2ao27w
    Albertine Mwana ya Ndeke.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lj6mnq
    Anto Na Gina.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/61cvfe
    Bana Conga Baleli Liwa ya sinatra.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b3xwty
    Lucie Pauni Ya Talo – Negro Success.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mpb3f7

  18. JARIBU says:

    @ Egoing.

    Africa Cha Cha may be by Leon ‘Bholen’ Bombolo who played with Negro Succes. I cannot seem to find anything on this song, but my conclusion is driven by the style and the name ‘Bholen’ that you included in the title.
    Albertine Mwana Ya Deke (‘Deke’ and not ‘Ndeke’) is also by Negro Succes.
    Anto Na Gina is also by Negro Success.
    Bana Ya Conga Baleli Liwa Ya Sinatra (The Children of Conga Succes are lamenting the death of Sinatra – Bonghet ‘Max Sinatra’ Tshekabu aka Saak Saakul) is by Johnny Bokelo and Conga Succes.
    And the last one is by Negro Succes as indicated.

  19. Egoing says:

    @ Jaribu
    Kasi, oyo SInatra azalaka nani? Yebisa ngai (biso), na(to)yeba.

  20. Egoing says:

    Jaribu et al. More about these artists, please. Jaribu, thanks for the info,

    1. Cassidy mobali by Faustin Mayos Kin bantous.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4nrsiz
    2. Mamadou Traoure by Loketo.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a8f3m5
    3. Ngoya by Bokello.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9jlnzg
    4. ANDU WA ANDURA BY BOYBANDA.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c1iepw
    5. GEORGETTE.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c1iepw

  21. Fred says:

    Here is a source worthy expoloring: http://phlegm.mnsi.net/rumba.htm

  22. JARIBU says:

    @ Engoing,
    The Georgette links ends up linking to Andu Wa Andura. This is the first time I am hearing of Faustin Mayos. Arlus Mabele was the guy behind Loketo. Mamadou Traoure must be one of the very few slow-paced Loketo tunes out there. Boybanda was from Congo Brazzaville who, according to Rumba on the River, got his start with Orch Sympathique Jazz and spent many years with OK Jazz wandering in and out with stints in such bands as Negro Band or Orchestre Revolution. During the Mobutu ‘authentique’ period he, though not a Zairean, changed his name form Michel ‘Michaux’ Boybanda to Boybanda Baba. He was a singer.

  23. Jay says:

    @ALL. Hellooo!!. Happy to read from the old Ntwigans. Let’s rock n roll!!!

    @Steve. I agree with Lydia et al regarding having the numbers on the posts since it creates a helpful reference point.

  24. Egoing says:

    @ ALL
    Please provide appropriate labels on the bands and authors. I have previously asked for any songs played under the label “STRANGERS OF THE 70s”. I recognise from the voices that Ma Eliza is one of the songs played by the STRANGERS OF THE 70s. Please help me identify who they were and what their band was.

    Bashangris: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6kf05s
    Cheri Bondowe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ktyymh
    Nakolimwa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qf1x4b
    Veya: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xdkdym
    Niama Ya Zamba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ttafxo
    Passi by Willy Makonzo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/f8o3dn
    MOKILI MATATA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x1eozy
    MBIYA thimanga assosa fuka fuka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a3hdtm
    Ma Eliza: http://www.sendspace.com/file/w4dk78
    Mama Tika Ngai Nalembi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ry6t4
    Est Ce Ue Nakokite Bitshou: http://www.sendspace.com/file/22ivwo

    @ JARIBU
    The name is EGOING not ENGOING

  25. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    Thanks for that old music; a lot of memories. This is the little what I can say about the artists.:
    Bashangris = (Mayaula Mayoni)
    Cheri Bondowe = (Mayaula Mayoni)
    Nakolimwa: style is that of (Negro Success)
    Veya = (Mayaula Mayoni)
    Niama Ya Zamba = (Orchestre Cobantou)
    Passi by Willy Makonzo(Unknown)
    Mokili matata (Song is familiar but I can not remember tha band)
    Mbiya = (Thimanga Assosa with his Orchestre Fuka Fuka)
    Ma Eliza: style is that of (Orchestre Fauvette)
    Mama Tika Ngai Nalembi = (Sosoliso/Tro Madjaesi)
    Est Ce Ue Nakokite = (Celi Bitshou)

  26. Edu Owino says:

    @ Fred,

    Mokili matata is by Dr. Nico & Africa Fiesta Sukisa

  27. Edu Owino says:


    I have to revise my earlier response, this version of Mokili Matata is not by Dr. Nico, but it sounds familiar to me. I responded before listening to it :)

  28. Egoing says:

    Some more oldies for you. Help in their details where necessary and possible.

    Amicale Lipopo – Tabu Ley: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o20c5e
    Bibenga Benga – Grand Kalle: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5zvd7r
    Gege Nalinga – Essous: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4vj3as
    Kale Cedel – Grand Kalle: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j1a78p
    Songi Songi – Tabu Ley: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kavik1

    I wonder if there is any way I can be able to bunch and post many at go? Can anyone help me in that? I find it a little meticulous loading them singly, and sometimes when the network signal jumps, I have to redo the uploading. Also, is there any other program that I can use, which is case of signal break, I can resume rather than start all over again?

    @ Steve and Jay
    I should not forget that it is through you that I am and will continue sharing with everyone many of the songs I have.

  29. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    Place the files in one foldr, compress the folder, upload to sendspace then as usual post the link here. Good compression programs are winrar or winzip.
    Get winrar from here: http://download.cnet.com/WinRAR-32-bit/3000-2250_4-10007677.html and
    winzip from here: http://download.cnet.com/WinZip/3000-2250_4-10003164.html
    Good luck.

  30. John Oloo says:

    Here is a source worthy expoloring: http://phlegm.mnsi.net/rumba.htm
    I have shared a lot of music with the guy. I have more than half of the CDs that he has listed on this site (mainly the Sonodisc ones) as he got them from me.

  31. Jay says:

    @Egoing. I learn a great deal about our culture and music from here. My music collection is not as extensive but at least I can help in other areas.

    @ALL. Thanks for opening my eyes to our history.

    @JO. The new site above seems to have a good selection. If you gave him most of the music how come he is selling it? Hopefully he is sharing the money with our heroines’ and heroes’ families and or descendants. Thanks for the referral.

  32. Egoing says:

    Would to God that you could share with us as well just a half of that.

    Thanks for the encouragement. God bless your endeavours.

    Thanks for the programmes.

    Tell me that I got it well.
    Congolese oldies; http://www.sendspace.com/file/h1zjsz
    If all is well, more and more will come.

  33. JO says:

    @ Jay, Egoing, etc.
    Of course I would be pleased to share with you my collection absolutely free of charge. I have most of the Sonodisc CDs listed at : http://phlegm.mnsi.net/rumba.htm. I started collecting these CDs when they were still being sold at various Internet websites (Stern’s, Barnes and Noble, etc. ) in the early 1990s. This July when I have more time, I will list all the titles that I have.

  34. Fred says:

    @ JO:
    Instead of posting a list of your vast collections, just post actual tracks you have here. If any one wants a track you have posted, s/he can download it but telling us stories about your collections is not helpful. As you can see, when ever any one wants a particular song, they post the track title and make requests here. I have not seen you respond actively to some requests; so just give us the goods and we shall pick what we want.

  35. Egoing says:

    Yeah. Walk the talk. You are welcome, and we look forward to sharing what you post in July, God willing.

    Anyone tell me whether the WinRAR Archive file was able to open?

  36. JO says:

    @ Fred, Egoing:
    Point well taken.

  37. Robert says:

    @ Egoing

    I successfully opened it -quite a collection. Thanks a lot
    Probably a good idea to run one download rather than several runs depending on the number of songs.

    Wanted Masudi- Les Kamale & Panana- Lipua Lipua

  38. JARIBU says:

    @ Robert,

    Les Kamale – Massudi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/8ig8w6
    Lipua Lipua – Panama = http://www.sendspace.com/file/m74uo5

  39. Tsango says:

    Anyone with Mafiela by Lipua Lipua? I have ben looking for that track for years now.

  40. JARIBU says:

    I have never heard of Mafiela and cannot find anything about it on the net. I would love to hear it: I hope someone will come up with it.

  41. Robert says:


    Asante Sana for Panana and Masudi

  42. Tina says:

    Fantastic job for burying the hatchet; I had failed to post earlier on, I believed there was a lock-down and that the clan was dissolved. The whole rollercoaster was sadenning to me espec. after seeing the travails of ‘mwanamuziki’ go up in flames a year ago. Great job!

    Thanks for the wonderful posts; Loketo, Rumba oldies, lipua lipua, etc. Loved ‘Massudi,’ it was one song we were missing in our lipua lipua collection. This leads me to suggest to JARIBU that, may be Tsango is looking for lipua lipua’s ‘Mfueni.’ I will post it and perhaps after listening to it. he will figure it out.

  43. Tsango says:

    @ Tina & JARIBU
    There is a track by Lipua Lipua called Mafiela. It was played around the same time as Nala. Tina thanks for Mfueni.

  44. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Are you talking of ‘Mwanamuziki’ of Putfile? If so, that was my account.

  45. Tina says:


    That’s what I’m talking about; I think ‘putfile’ had become too hot for those folks to handle – the traffic was fast and furious, therefore they began the witch hunt. Possibly the same was happening with ntwiga.net. Yes, sometimes we have to fly solo.

    Jaribu’s one of the gurus on this blog, if he doesn’t know ‘mafiela’ I’m afraid aliens may have composed and sang this song. Nonetheless, leave the word out here, ’cause there’s xtra xtra panel of back-up gurus who will figure it out for you.

  46. Tina says:


    Sorry for mispelling your name, I have been watching too much Roland Garros lately!

  47. eccles says:

    I’m enjoying your Congolese oldies from [May 20, 2010 at 6:33 pm]. Thank you!
    However, there are three songs I can’t identify: what band is playing on Amita, Decision, and Dora?

  48. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    The story with Putfile.com is that it got bought out and the new owners had different ideas. We woke up one morning and our files were all gone; no notice, no explanations.

  49. Edu Owino says:

    I have read on a forum on the net that Mayaula Mayoni died yesterday, there were no links however, just a translated article. Can someone please confirm?

  50. Egoing says:

    Hi, out there. Why, it appears the clan members are just returning from a long vacation, and are yet to settle down to serious business?
    Try out again, and see whether you can as well enjoy these. Please, I may not have the correct names to some of the songs and/or their authors. Please whenever possible, enlighten us more.
    EGOING Compilation 2.rar: http://www.sendspace.com/file/95v376
    EGOING Compilation 3.rar: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nodd0p

    @Steve and Jay
    This latest developments would not have been possible without you. I will never cease expressing my sincere gratitude. Neither will I, but continue praying to God for you.

    Where are you?

  51. Egoing says:

    Continuation of EGOING Compilations for you.

    Egoing Compilation 4.rar: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pqkoxg

  52. Fred says:

    @ Owino and All:
    Confirmed “Freddy Mayaula Mayoni” is dead.
    May his Soul Restin Peace

  53. Tina says:

    First time I ever heard the name Mayaula Mayoni, I thought it was some kind of yam, the name featured a lot in Mpongo Love’s ‘Ndaya.’ My father said he – Mayaula was also a good footballer; I wish he had watched the world cup on African soil before passing. Well, RIP. ’cause your music lives on.

    @Edu Owino & Fred,
    Hi fellas, kindly toss me these two classics from Mayaula Mayoni – ‘Nabali Misere’ and ‘Mbongo’, if you don’t have them, anyone please!

  54. Tsango says:

    @Tina and ALL

    In remeberance of Mayaula Mayoni, enjoy one of his best compositions – Cherie Bondowe

  55. Tsango says:

    Here are your two requests – Mbongo and Nabali Misere
    Mbongo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1ggea3
    Nabali Misere: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oxct5a

  56. Esororo says:

    Freddy Mayaula Mayoni born in 1946 in Congo Léopoldville died on the 26th of May at the age of 64 in Brussels Belgium. In the late 2005 or early 2006 he had a stroke while he was in Dar es Salaam and was paralyzed on his right hand side.

    Mayoni was a member of Congo’s Vita football Club team and later the national team Les Leopards du Zaire from 1969 to 1971. After that he left Zaire and moved to Tanzania with his family where his Dad was a Diplomat, he left Tanzania to pursue his education in Belgium where he graduated with a degree in computer science or Technology. He left Belgium after graduating and returned to Kinshasa to start his music career as a songwriter.

    Mayaula was never a member of TP OK Jazz but he was on and off as he played with other bands and he did a number of solo recordings.

    Mayaula Mayoni was a good soccer player, composer, arranger, Rhythm guitar player, you can check him out on a few of the tracks. L’amour au Kilo by Mayaula mayoni & Carlyto Lassa 1993
    Bondowe II by Mayaula Mayoni and TP OK Jazz in 1975
    Mayaula Mayoni is on Rhythm guitar and Lead vocals, Franco is Lead guitarist.
    Other Vocalists are: Wuta Mayi, Josky Kiambukuta, Lola Chécain, Michèl Boyibanda.
    Not to forget Ndaya with the late Mpongo Love.

    RIP Brother..

  57. Esororo says:

    @ Tsango

    I think Cherie Bondowe is by Ntesa Dalienst. Bondowe II is by Mayaula Mayoni

    L’amour au Kilo my all time best track.

    @ Tina

    Good to have you back.

  58. Esororo says:

    @ All

    Some of you might remember this track at VOK with Eddy Fondo. This track was only released in Kenya on the ASL Label.

    Ba Chagrins


  59. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo
    Thanks for drawing my attention to the distinction between Cherie Bondowe and Bondowe II, Also, thanks for L’amour au kilo.
    @ Jaribu
    Here are some Les Kinois (Bana Kin) songs. I am sorry that they are not very clean. But since you said that you were ready to kill for them, I think you are better with them than without them. Enjoy
    Baboka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/515ezt
    Tabu ya Masikini: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qkxpsw
    Ilolo Viviane pt I: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d5vx4j
    Ilolo Vivane pt II: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sib4r8
    Kirie Kirie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9ql8kd
    And here is Tshibola by Mangelepa
    Tshibola: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pwxng7

  60. Edu Owino says:


    Thanks a million, I have looked for Ba Chagrins for ages, I just didn’t know the title. This is my best Mayaula Mayoni compilation by far.

  61. Tina says:

    I’m excited to be back, and thanks for enlightening us more on ‘le yon’ nickname translated ‘the mayoni’. The guy followed his passion even after obtaining a degree, more or less like Kofi Olomide. Behind an artist there’s always a remarkable historical journey, thanks for that. Never knew much about him but ‘Ba Chagrins’ certainly attests to his talent.

    Could you kindly repost ‘nabali misere’ lost it while downloading, check the format – looks like has an .ext file extension and is in text form. Thanks for being kind enough to do this.

  62. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/n5ihvr ; this is the cover of the “orchestre mayaula”

    I would like to help me with this track; http://www.sendspace.com/file/dudvbu I would like to know how to get it completely, and it’s called, I think it’s kenya.

  63. Tina says:

    never mind, i was able to set-up a conversion of ‘nabali misere’ from the format you posted to my itunes lib, thanks.

  64. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    Wow! Gracias, muchos gracias for those Les Kinois tunes. The last time I listened to Baboka was probably in 1981 and parts of it have since stuck to my brain. It was nice to finally hear it again.

    @ Esororo,
    I have always known Cherie Bondowe to be a Mayaula composition, it even appears in one of his CD titled Cherie Bondowe. The same CD has his Cherie Bondow 2. Below is an excerpt from Rumba on the River.

    ” Several of his songs from 1975 and a Mayaula Mayoni composition for O.K. Jazz called ‘Cherie Bondowe’ created a public furor. Unlike Manuel D’Oliveira’s ‘Cherie Bondowe’ from the fifties, who was the object of the sinders affection, Mayaula’s song presented the life of a prostitute from her point of view, ‘that song which defends prostitution,’as Zaire (publication) bluntly put it……… ‘Cherie Bondowe’, for one, was first released in Belgium and rapidly found its way back to Kinshasa…….”

  65. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo
    I have now some done little research and more-or-less confirmed (as Jaribu asserts) that both Bondowe tracks were Mayaula’s compositions.
    @ Jaribu
    I am glad to have made your day with the Les Kinois tracks. Could you, or any brother and sister, post Kadioka by Festival du Zaire, 69 Anne de Travail by Johnny Bokelo, and Kitenge cha Sikuku by Mara Jazz? These are tracks that I miss dearly.
    @ Tina
    You are welcome
    @ All
    Here is Theo Blaise Kounkou track
    Bintou: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nf6zjt

  66. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    Once again, thanks for coming through with those Les Kinois tunes. The sound quality is better than I feared, given your warning. When I get time I will run them through Goldwave and see how much they can be cleaned. Now the only song on my ‘wanted’ list is Bana Ngenge’s Nairobi. Here are some of the songs you requested. Kadioka has always been my favourite song and it took years to get a clean copy. Sorry I do not have Kitenge Cha Sikukuu. Enjoy!

    Festival Du Zaire – Kadioka = http://www.sendspace.com/file/dpkeqq
    Johnny Bokelo – 69 Anne De Travail = http://www.sendspace.com/file/7fxt9t

  67. Robert says:


    There you are -Kitenge Cha Sikuku



    Wanted Naleli Libala -Lipua Lipua

  68. Fred says:

    @ Robert:
    Lipua Lipua – Naleli Libala = http://www.sendspace.com/file/0fr2to

  69. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    “La machine a Tube” http://www.mediafire.com/?mhymbmiq1jn

  70. Jay says:

    @Egoing. Thanks for the complement but I easily get embarrassed. So stop it, damn it!! Ha! ha!. Your collection is a great boon for all of us here.

    @Esororo. Great to read your posts again.

    @Fred, Arnold, Tsango, Jaribu, Tina, JO, Robert, Edu, Steve and the rest. You make me happy.

    @ALL. I am sure that someone told me which programs to get for converting rar, wmp and the rest of the files in the past. Please re-post that information. There are files here that I cannot access. Please help.

  71. Hodari says:

    Here is Marcelui by Bella Bellahttp://www.sendspace.com/file/9o8yvm

  72. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu, thanks for Kadioka and 69 Anne De Travail. You have nade my day. I lent out my CD with Bana Ngenge’s track Nairobi. Once I get it back, I will immediayely post it. Meanwhile enjoy the following two tracks by Bana Ngenge and Les kinois
    Fwaya: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h8yb6r
    Dunia Imelaniwa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ruj2gy
    @ Robert, thanks for Kitenge. The track is nostalgic.
    @ All, could someone post Ifantu by Orchestre Kiam?
    Meanwhile enjoy the following track by Dizzy Manjekou
    Saila: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mi4j12

  73. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    You made my weekend. I have a three-hour bicycle ride tomorrow (Sunday) and all those songs have been loaded to the MP3 player to ease the strain. Thanks for Fwaya. Here is Ifantu.

    @ Arnol_79,
    The mystery song you posted yesterday is most likely titled J.M. Kariuki. I do not know who the artist is.

    Orch. Kiam – Ifantu Pt 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/c2adk0
    Orch. Kiam – Ifantu Pt 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/svii4p

  74. JARIBU says:

    The only Moselebende I have is by Nguashi Ntimbo. Is this the one you are looking for?

    Nguashi Ntimbo and Festival Du Zaire – Moselebende = http://www.sendspace.com/file/d3axt5

  75. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu. Asante tena sana for Ifantu (and the other tracks). Now, one Kiam track still missing from my list is Bomoto. Could you be kind enough to post it when you have time? I hope your 3-hour bicycle ride was great. Meanwhile lets dance to this other track by Dizzy Manjekou: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l5k49l

  76. Egoing says:


    Now the clan has sprung back, and with more gusto! Nothing more good.

    By the way, did any one have a look into my latest postings? I sometimes feel maybe I have forgotten some step.


    Chakula Kwa Jirani: http://www.sendspace.com/file/eejo57

  77. Arnol_79 says:


    Ifantu Pt 1 & 2 ; the album “les grand succes des editions veve” Vol 8, Pt 1 & 2, but not cut in half.


    @ JARIBU

    Could you help me get that full track (May 28, 2010 at 3:30 pm)


  78. Tsango says:

    @ Arnol_79
    The album “les grand succes des editions veve” Vol 8 consists of Maketa and Ifantu (side A) and Bomoto and Mbale (side B). I have Maketa and Mbale
    If Jaribu posts Bomoto that should complete the album.
    @ Egoing
    Thanks for Chakula Kwa Jirani. It was a track I danced to vigorously during my heydays but did not get to learn the name. Which group played the track?

  79. Tsango says:

    @ Arnol_79
    I must missed a step early. I hope this comes through
    Maketa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rcmnjv
    Mbale: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h1dcj3

  80. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Tsango

    Bomoto Pt. 1& 2; http://www.sendspace.com/file/pvhnuz

  81. Tina says:


    Who composed ‘chakula kwa jirani’ western jazz or tabora j. band? this song reminds me of myself lately; eating a lot at my sister’s who happens to live a stone’s throw from our house, love the lyrics – picking nicknacks at the neighbour’s.

  82. Tsango says:

    @ Arnol_79
    Thanks for Bomoto.
    @ Egoing
    Your compilation was great. It contained tracks that are classics. I had been looking for Dewayon’s Tangana for ages. Thanks. I cannot help with the 3 tracks that were nameless. I hope somebody else will. Jeu Muke and Joachim Vyamba were played by Bozi Boziana, Ndukidi by Ochestre Lipua Lipua, and Abanza Bolingo by Johny Bokelo. But on the last one I am not sure, I could be wrong.
    @ All
    Here is another track by Dizzy Manjekou

  83. JARIBU says:

    @ Egoing (notice the correct spelling).
    Lucie Bolingo is by Beto Bantou, and I believe Amita (which could actually be Aminata from what I can gather from listening) is a Verckys or Veve tune. Beto Ya Congo is a Tabu Ley song, which he may have done with African Fiesta or African Jazz.

  84. Fred says:

    @ Arnol_79:
    Correction: Abanza Bolingo is on Likambo ya Ngana by TP OK Jazz.

    @ Egoing:
    Track marked EM = Luvumbu ndoki by TP OK Jazz on the CD Le Folklore De Chez Nous
    Track marked CZ is by TP OK Jazz, cannot remember the title; even Track marked DC is by TP OK Jazz
    I will ID the rest CZ and DC after listening to them some more.

  85. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    CZ – Nandimi Koboma on Cesar aboya Yo by TP OK Jazz

  86. Robert says:

    Thanks for Naleli Libala

  87. saminator says:

    hello all…what a sad time to read about the passing of mayaula mayoni. may his soul rest in eternal peace.
    a generation of great african musicians is surely and inevitably coming to an end, nothing we can do about it.
    back on the music front, i read somewhere, on this blog i think, that franco and tp ok released three FABRIC songs. i know two of them, but have failed to get hold of one of them. the one that goes, YA BAZAIRE FAAAAAABRICE, NAKENDE LISUSU WAPI EEE MAMA, something like that. am sure your musical brains could identify it, a very nice slow moving song, typically franco of his latter days. and then am surprised none of us has mentioned the final franco song, SIDA which he literally composed and sung as he was dying, warning the world about the dangers of AIDS. the man was simply a star right to his dying day. could any of you by any chance have the two hits i’ve just mentioned?

  88. Hodari says:

    Thanks JARIBU & Egoing. Here is Liwa by mayaula moyoni. http://www.sendspace.com/file/j3pmmk

  89. JARIBU says:

    Audio Converters – To whomever was inquiring about this a few days ago.

    Ease Audio Converter = http://www.easeaudioconverter.com/
    ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter = http://www.imtoo.com/wma-mp3-converter.html

  90. Nobrun says:

    Hi all,

    Would anyone have Hayati Ndugu Sembuli by L’Orchestra Super Volcano? Thank you.

  91. saminator says:

    @ esororo,
    now i see why all the positive accolades have come flying your way ever since you returned to the blog! you a truly a gem, just like the rare music you possess. ochan and fred did a fantastic job in your absence but you were truly missed. thank you very much for the franco hits……thanx indeed.

  92. Robert says:

    Here a good site for Swahili Discography of those good old days.


  93. Egoing says:

    @TSANGO and TINA
    Chakula Kwa Jirani, which came out in 1973 was played by Shem Ibrahim Karenga (solo guitar) with Tabora Jazz Band (Segere Matata). The song came under the Saba Saba Label (7-138). The other side featured Nimekuja Nikuone. Tabora Jazz also released also Dada Hawa/Fitina Mbaya on the same label (Saba 7-140). Rythym was played by the late (died Nov 22, 2006) Kassim Hassani Kaluona (Kassim Rythm).

    @ HODARI
    Thanks for LIWA.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Is this the SEMBULI you are asking for?

  94. Tina says:

    You’re back to your old gimmick of mind-reading, it really works for me ’cause I love surprises and seem to really thrive and live off that espec. if it’s music. Thanks a million for ‘can’t get enough’ heard the song somewhere, couldn’t make out the artist, thanks. Love the soukous too, hey, would love to think Pierre Moutouari has a brother – Michel.

    I hear you friend! Esororo has long been knighted so he really doesn’t have to be involved in the swearing of an oath specifying rules knights have to follow. While it’s easy to say Sir Fred, Sir Robert, Sir Ntwiga, Sir Jaribu, Sir Jay, etc unfortunately it’s not easy to say Sir Egoing, Sir Arnol, or Sir Esororo… or Sir Saminator for that reason (exception) lol. The pain & agony of running vowels as your starters.

    You’re all safe taking a vacation off this blog, when the SIRS are also on vacation, watch out on what you might miss.

  95. Tina says:

    Thanks for clarifying on the artist behind ‘Chakula kwa Jirani’ I haven’t heard ‘nimekuja Nikuone’ before but would love to try it, thanks.

  96. Nobrun says:

    That’s the one. Thank you very much.

  97. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Pierre Moutouari has/had a brother by the name of Come ‘Kosmos’ Moutouari. They are/were from The Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville). Pierre has a daughter named Michaelle who is also a singer.

  98. Esororo says:


    Thank you, and I am happy you got the tracks and you are enjoying them. As always just sharing no big deal.

    @ Tina

    For sure this knighted thing escaped. Thanks for the complements.
    “would love to think Pierre Moutouari has a brother – Michel.”
    Yes they are brothers.

    Tina here is something you might already have, enjoy anyway.

  99. saminator says:

    @ robert,
    thanks a lot for the discography, particularly on the simba wanyika bit. i was mainly in the les wanyika part of the discography because i was looking for the song NISAIDIE BABA which was one of my favorites. but that hit tune appears to have eluded us all, yet some of the other songs on the album it’s on are available. any boy out there with an idea?
    @ tina
    thanks for that response on esororo. he’s a true gem and so are the rest, egoing, ochan, etc etc.

  100. Egoing says:

    Just an oversight. I hope you will not desist from visiting or eating from your sister’s place because of CHAKULA KWA JIRANI! Why not play and dance to it in her presence?

  101. Egoing says:

    @TINA et al
    More of Tabora Jazz songs.
    Nimekuja Nikuone: http://www.sendspace.com/file/csw3l9
    Tocheze Segere: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8e0apz

    The two songs I mentioned in my previous communication by Tabora Jazz were produced the same year with Chakula Kwa Jirani and Nimekuja Nikuone.

  102. Tina says:

    Sir, I really love these two swahili rumba songs you posted by TJB, is there anyway we can clean and perhaps scrub off that hissing sound in the background! You gotta help me out on this while I head across the street to my sister’s for dinner, I heard she’s making chicken stew, chapatis, and somosas. Just got back from work stressed, tired, hungry.

  103. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Once again, here are some singles. Some are from those unknown bands of the sweet 70’s.
    @ Tina:
    Your Dad will love these. More to come.

    1. Orchestre Cobantou – Botiaki Nyembe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/97qha4
    2. Orchestre Cobantou – Nayebakinyoso: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4yvwhk
    3. Orchestre Caravela – Mbongo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ppl9c
    4. Orchestre Vox-Bantous – Ndimela: http://www.sendspace.com/file/i3kxse
    5. Orchestre Kombe Kombe – Souzi Body: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0ssosk
    6. Orchestre Interfuna – Libinza: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yzj07e
    7. Orchestre Kossa Kossa Band – Lengema: http://www.sendspace.com/file/seftoi
    8. Orchestra Super Tembessa – Yambi Club Tembessa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/idk0tu
    9. Orchestre Bana Mambo – Sekele Ngonga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a6az9e
    10. Orchestre Bana Mambo – Mwana Na Ngai: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5o1vig

  104. Egoing says:

    Thanks for the compliments. However, please simply call me ELDER because indeed I am. I feel very embarrassed being addressed as SIR. I hear that title given to some person after getting knighted, which process we have not gone through. By the way, do not stop going to your sisters, most preferably after you have ascertained what is on the menu. Don’t rely on rumours, just have a peep before you go for work. And also do not forget and leave behind, but as well carry along CHAKULA KWA JIRANI! Ha! Ha! Ha! Just joking anyway.
    Sincerely, I can not lie that I know any technology to remove the hissing sound, caused by the needle’s scratching the grooves. But cheer up, here in the clan someone is coming out who will not just do it for us, but possibly post the software.

    Anyone with Ogopa Tapele by C. Maneti and Vijana Jazz? And there was this other track called Vonvon ( I do not remember the author) but begins with \Ah Vonvon, motemba nangai pasi …… Nalingakayo mingi …..

  105. JO says:

    @ all
    Could someone please help me with this song which I have been looking for. I still recall my uncle playing the song over and over on his Phillips record player. The lyrics include something like “…Nalengi nzoto oh oh… Nalengi nzoto Luciana Oh…… Bolingo na….. I suspect it is called Luciana but my google search for this song has so far turned out nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  106. Tina says:

    Hey Jo,

    I got this from a decorated sage on this page, can’t take credit, in the spirit of the clan just enjoy. Shama Shama is a group that can make one go nuts and lose a step on the dance floor. It works great with a glass of wine; sit on a comfortable sofa and shake your head like a bubble doll. My elder bro loves this band to death.


    Right on! u remember some Cabantou were posted here, my daddy was ecstatic. This time he’s really appreciative of the variety espec. the addition of the Bana Mambo group, wonderfully done – we really love oldies in our house (from youth to the elders), thanks for this.

  107. JO says:

    @ Tina
    Thank you very much for solving this one so promptly. You certainly deserve the credit. I have been looking for this song for a long time. The Clan has now provided me two songs (Luciana and Tolela Ba Oyo Bakenda) that were on the very top of my wish list. Let us keep this thing going.

  108. Fred says:

    @ Steve:
    Spam filter has rejected my post. Possibly it will pop up later.

  109. Hodari says:

    Fred can you post; Mokili Pasi & Kokobokolo Bana all by Orchestre Cobantou. Thanks

  110. Egoing says:

    Sorry, I am not hijacking an errand, but here is your request.

    Mokili Pasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4z57ct
    Nakobokoloko Bana: http://www.sendspace.com/file/cn4j87

    Just remembered. You are just partially enjoying CHAKULA KWA JIRANI. Why don’t you follow with getting paraffin, sleeping at the sister’s etc? Ha! Ha!

  111. Robert says:


    Anybody with anything by Arusha Jazz Band the precursor to Simba Wanyika?

    Thanks for knighting me, am privileged

  112. Edu Owino says:


    I am looking for 2 songs by Ben Blastas (O’Bulawayo?),

    Someni Vijana
    Mwanamke mlevi

    I lost the tape & haven’t heard the songs in years

  113. Tina says:

    Hey, I do have my own bed, I think that’s what ‘chakula kwa jirani’ alludes to; the problem is I can’t like to love my own cooking so end up at my sister’s every other evening in pretext of catching up on the day’s stories. ‘Dada Asha’ by the same group is the most played in our household ‘Asha usifate mambo ya dunia.’

    This weekend I will try to figure out how to clean ‘nimekuja nikuone’ and ‘tocheze segere.’ if anybody has ideas kindly help.

  114. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Here are more of those unheard of bands for the weekend.

    @ Tina:
    Suprise your Dad with some of these tracks. He will love them. I lost my upload list, so I may have uploaded you already have that I uploaded earlier. I am compiling some more. If the Spam filter does not misbehave.

    Orchestre Lok Lok Lokoko – Dadi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kx7tub
    Orchestre Loga – Eloko Nalingi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ge7eem
    Orchestre Loga – Bakolo Mboka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ryp7h7
    Orchestre Les Pazo – Namela Mbondo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6u93oy
    Orchestre Les Pazo – Lassani: http://www.sendspace.com/file/s8ak5h
    Orchestre Les Mystiques – Mamie sola: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h0ow09
    Orchestre Lok Lok Lokoko – Dezi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zi2uzs
    Orchestre Sikama Cavacha – Seli Seli: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1195km
    Orchestre Sikama Cavacha – Kanda ya Nzungu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fcipxm

  115. Hodari says:

    Egoing,thank you very much for Mokili Pasi & Nakokobokolo Bana, surely you are a legend.

  116. Tobias says:

    Could someone upload L’amour au kilo from Mayoni?

    I can upload something in return.

  117. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Some more.
    Orchestre Shika Shika – Mboka Mosika: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5341z3
    Orchestre Mokako – Lolango: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2409ty
    Orchestre Maika – Kathoul: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wg87ja
    Orchestre Succès-Bantou – Nawela te: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4w49jn
    Orchestre Stars Magnats – Bonzenga bateke: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hequa8
    Asi Kapela – Sama Sama: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ujptrl

  118. Tsango says:

    @ Tobias:
    Here is your request. Enjoy!
    @ All:
    I am longing to hear 2 songs by Super Mazembe: Lovy and Longwa. Could a brother or sister assist?

  119. JARIBU says:

    @ Tobias,
    Here is Mayaula Mayoni.

    Mayaula Mayoni – L’Amour Au Kilo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/r6wpna

  120. Tsango says:

    @ Fred:
    Thanks for taking us down the memory lane. The songs are priceless. While still on that lane, I would like to invite the clan to some of Trio Madjesi’s monumental pieces. Enjoy!

  121. JARIBU says:

    Thanks for those gems. It’s simply amazing the number of bands that have come out of the two Congos.

  122. Tina says:

    @Sir Fred,

    Thanks a million from all of us; orchestre loga and sikama cavacha were greatly loved, ccongo rumba always comes with a serene vibe from either side of the river. My father’s still trying to figure out the lyrics of ‘eloko nalingi,’ he really loves this song. Thank u and great job for posting this wide selection.

  123. Jay says:

    @ALL. The history that all of you have regarding our culture and music is deep and amazing. I am constantly learning new things. Thanks for having the gumption to document this vast history. It might not seem significant now but trust me that long after our demise, people will be studying this website. Thank you, Steve and the dedicated Ntwiga clan.

    @ALL. Is there any one program that will translate all of these versions of music into a common format? Please suggest a reputable company program because ordering things online can be unsafe for identity. I need my files into MP3 format. So something that goes from rar, wmp or anything else into mp3 would be awesome.

  124. JARIBU says:

    @ Jay,
    You must have missed my post of May 31st., in which I provided links to two audio converter programs and they are free as long as you ignore any prompts to buy. RAR is an extention for WinRAR archiver. So you will need WinRAR to unzip those files. Below is a link to WinRAR. It too is free as long as you download the trial version. Each time you try to unzip and a pop-up shows, simple close it and your files will unzip.

    Ease Audio Converter = http://www.easeaudioconverter.com/
    ImTOO WMA MP3 Converter = http://www.imtoo.com/wma-mp3-converter.html
    WinRAR = http://www.rarsoft.com/download.htm

  125. Tobias says:

    Thank you for uploading Mayaula Mayoni – L’Amour Au Kilo, but I was thinking about the CD. Can you upload the whole CD?

  126. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Have fun with more of the little known bands.
    @ Tina:
    More suprises for your Dad.

    Orchestre Somo Somo – Pole pole: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7ilovv
    The Black Devil’s Band – Dada Bikia: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7c6ma5
    Orchestre Sele Sele – Mbaruku: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1ewgh5
    Orchestre Isifi – Union fait la force: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ri2fpa
    Orchestre Baya Baya – Sidangari: http://www.sendspace.com/file/efnnzk
    Orchestre Izizonge – Mami Chou: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mcpz4x
    Orchestre Ovoza – Tresor: http://www.sendspace.com/file/31sm6g
    Orchestre Somo Somo – Polele: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2lzk1t

  127. JARIBU says:

    @ Tobias,

    Mayaula Mayoni (Don P) – L’Amour Au Kilo {The CD} = http://www.sendspace.com/file/7k27cj

  128. Jay says:

    @Jaribu. Thank you for that converter information. I should have fun this coming weekend listening to the new files.

  129. Tobias says:

    Thank you for the CD. Do you want something in return?

    I have the CD of an 1985 TV concert of Zaiko, or I have SPECIAL WELA-WELA (Oechestre Canetons Alezement) on LP with excellent sound, almost no pop and click on the LP. Or I have a DVD of Zaiko’s concert last year in Salon Congo. I can share these.

  130. JARIBU says:

    How about sharing all!

  131. Tina says:


    The 2010 FIFA World Cup begins this Friday. Since Esororo seems to have an injury, Fred you will be the clan starting midfielder. Throughout the tournament kindly create those musical moments/goalscoring opportunities for the clan, so we can all enjoy Africa’s first ever, biggest stage, and world class event. What about we start with Africa’s own legend (Sir) Roger Milla – Pepe Kalle. I love this song, sang to it as little girl.

    My father enjoyed somo somo; as fan of Mose Fan Fan, the sound of the sax pretty much takes him to bed every night.

  132. Tobias says:

    I upload the Zaiko stuff for you, and then the Wella Wella stuff, just give me some time!

  133. Esororo says:


    That is a good one. I agree with you I have been sidelining for a while for a good reason but from the look of things in the Ntwiga clan house is always hot. Some of you have kept it burning and interesting. But I promise I will be watching the World cup with you. Not in you house (I wish) but in spirit.
    Here are some of Franco tracks I found in an old box while moving things around. Some of this were not even in my Franco collection. If you have them in yours good but if you don’t enjoy. If you Dad enjoys saxophone then Lotambe will do it for him. If Lotambe won’t do it, then this will seriously put him to sleep.

    To kick off things for 2010 FIFA WC here is Les Champions Du Zaire with Cest Trop Tard Mon Amour


  134. Esororo says:

    @ All

    Sometime back someone had requested I’m leaving on a jet plane.


  135. Tina says:

    Good to have you back with a big bang; no doubt Shakira’s Waka Waka has stolen the thunder at the World Cup, tune-in a few hours and check her perform at the opening show. I love the African beat in the song.

    Wonderfully done! we love the Franco nos will certainly play them Friday evening; we can never say we have all of Franco’s songs, it amazes me how much we’re missing in our collection with every posting here. We truly appreciate your great contributions. And ‘ce trop tard’ is certainly a great dance tune to kick of the WC.

    Bafana Bafana 1, Mexico 0


  136. Lydia says:

    @Tina and all
    Here’s to Soccer Mania …..

    FC Gor Mahia – The Hody Boys Band – Juma Toto.mp3

    Super Super Mambo Jazz – Gor Mahia Fc.mp3

    FC-Dragons – Johnny BOKELO & Orchestra CONGA 68.mp3

    Real Sounds – Dynamos Vs. Tornados.mp3

  137. Tina says:

    Absolute socca mania and bonanza. Billions are glued on their tv screens for this spectable, makes me feel proud as an African, let’s enjoy this month-long sporting event. It’s exciting to watch the games, with the trumpet (vuvu)noise in the background. Cameroon disappointed a little today, what about the Ivorians tomorrow! will be a challenge to stop the samba boy Ronaldo. Portugal 2, Ivory C. 1


    Great to hear from u, and thanks for the wonderful posts that have equally matched the tournament spirit. I love Bokelo and his rumba. Let’s do a sister act, and kindly post for me these; 1) Bokelo on bass ‘sandoka’, 2)Mawa na biso basi’ and lastly 3)’Mama na Didier’ by Papa Noel. We truly love the oldies.

    @A shout out to Esororo, fred, jaribu, kingsam, jay, tsango, Jo…you can all help.

  138. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Here is a shout-out back at you. The only Sandoka I have from Bokello is Super Sandoka, and if it’s the one you have in mind then find it below along with Mawa Na Biso Basi.
    Johnny Bokello Isenge – Super Sandoka = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ao643w
    Johnny Bokello Isenge – Mawa Na Biso Basi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/8iek08

  139. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    Here are some of your requests. Note that the Bokelo song I have posted is a different version from the one posted by Jaribu. I am persuded to think that the one below was the original version. As bonus to celebrate Ghana’s victory yesterday, I have added tracks by Bombenga and Josky. Enjoy!
    Papa Noel – Mama na Didier
    Johhny Bokelo – Sandoka
    Jeannot Bombenga – Simone
    Josky Kiambukuta

  140. Tsango says:

    @ All
    Tina and Lydia seem to have caught the soccer fever just like me. Yes, the Indomtable Lions were definitely far from their best. Lets hope they pick-up in the next 2 matches. The Ivorians may pull a fast one on Ronaldo and his team tomorrow, I believe or hope. While still with the true soccer fever lets enjoy the following 3 tracks:
    Baba Gaston – TP Engelbert
    Tabu Ley Rochereau – FC 105
    Franco – FC 105
    The following song by Gaston was in a class of its own:
    Baba Gaston – Baba Gaston

  141. Egoing says:

    Haven’t actually come back the way I want. And anyway all the guys are out watching world cup.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Fred. If there is any person who has the forte for archaeology in Music, it is you Fred. Your artifact-ual postings cannot but impress. I really enjoy the tunes, and the tempo reminds one of the times.
    Fred, only the novelty (to me) of the names of many of the Bands whose music you post makes me laugh and wonder that there have been that many bands in those times! To satisfy my curiosity, I will move from your Archaeological Department to the Antiquities Department – one of those overseen by the good old multi-titled Esororo – please some more insight on the estimations of bands at any given time.
    Dig deeper, Fred, even knowing that I have the obligation to and now bestow upon you the Silver Medal: Music Artifact Hero – Grade A.
    Dig, dig and dig. One day indeed, you will get AFFAIRE SEMEKI (Champro King), LA PRIMUS, BASI MAWA TE & LIBALA EPONI EKOLO TE (Jonny Bokelo), MATINDA (Super Mambo Jazz), NISAIDIE BABA (Wanyika) etc. That way your Grade will move on Gold – and on and on!

    Now, King, stop pretending to be stubborn, by guessing that someone had some time back asked for \Leaving on a Jet Plane\. I remember that person also asked for \Silence is Golden\. I have the conviction that by that posting, you made the person’s day for many days!
    I like human interactions. Sometimes instead of asking, they provoke one for a response.

    1. Sorozo by Tabu Ley: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qcahjc
    2. Seli Ja by Tabu Ley: http://www.sendspace.com/file/cix717
    3. Silikani by Tabu Ley: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8b2g8s
    4. Kiwelewele http://www.sendspace.com/file/uj6dme
    5. Bon bon: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mxqz6t
    6. Mboka Ya Congo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/phf4b5

    To make it easier for our worldwide search for you, tell us where you are.

    ntwiga.net, I am very much human. What would one do if there is a posting to be made and there is no CAPTCHA?

    By the way, someone help me on how to access previous postings, and I will jump up. Anyone with these songs, please post them.
    1. Libala Eponi Ekolo Te – by Johnny Bokelo
    2. (I don’t know the name, but) I heard and recalled this song when it played on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation – it goes: … Nabina, Nabina na nani eh; Tobina, Tobina na nani eh….. The voices appear of Conga De La Capitale

  142. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo
    Thanks for the Super Mazembe songs though I realise that you have posted only parts 1 of Longwa and Rosy. Do you have parts 2 or can any brother/sister assist? Track 6 that you posted is called Mbanda ya Mobange – a Longwa Didos composition.
    @ Egoing
    Thanks for the Tabu Ley classics together with Mboka ya Congo. In an interview a couple of years agy, Tabu Ley insinuated that he considered Sorozo to be one of his best compositions.
    @ All
    I would truly be grateful if a clan member posted the song Lovy by Super Mazembe. Meanwhile, I want to share the following:
    Negro Succes – Savon ya sika astra
    Jeannot Bombenga – Mado
    Tabu Ley – Makfe
    Tabu Ley – Selikutu
    Samba Mapangala – Sungura

  143. JARIBU says:

    @ Egoing.
    I don’t have the others you have requested.

    Super Mambo Jazz & Nairobi Matata – Matinda = http://www.sendspace.com/file/6f5slv

  144. Tina says:

    Hey folks,
    We’re involved in a serious arguemnt, perhaps you can help; Did Franco or Simaro compose “Mabele,” sung by Sam Mangwana?
    S. Africa 1; Uruguay 0

  145. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    I am sure that Mabele (Ntotu) was Lutumba Simaro’s composition.

  146. D. Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Hi thanks for the great effort you guys are putting up. I somehow got bogged down in some Chess Tournaments but will soon catch up with you.
    @ JARIBU
    Just discovered that some dozens of my music can not play and that unfortunately includes NAIROBI by Bana Ngenge (still trying my best to rescue them). Any Clan member with NAIROBI please post.
    @ EGOING
    I shall sample your “Egoing Collections” later. But I can see CASSIDY MOBALI on its own. Thanks a lot for that.
    As always thanks for your postings and tunes. I shall sample them later.
    @ My sisters TINA and LYDIA
    Thanks for the football tunes. Cameroon really disappointed me, I was rating them ahead of all the other African teams.
    TINA please say hello to my OG.
    @ TSANGO

    Here are the Super Mazembes you requested.My hat off to Lovy Longomba, in almost all his songs he never miss to praise his wife MADO ZAINA.

    LONGWA (by Longwa Didos Mutonkole)
    LOVY (by Lovy Longomba)

  147. Fred says:

    @ Ochan:
    The tracks you mention cannot play on what? If they are already in digital form post them here; I am sure some ppl will try break through them.

  148. Hodari says:

    I am looking for Dada Mpenzi, Maisha Ya mjini, I think both by Dar es salaam International, and Mama Ya Watoto by Laban Ochuka. Please can somebody help. Thanks.

  149. JARIBU says:

    @D Ochan,
    Just post the tunes and we will, as Fred noted, decode them – or at least try to.

  150. Fred says:

    @ Tina:
    Do you ever listen to this?

  151. Tina says:

    I’m @ work, occasionally snooping at the WC and this page, will open and listen to this track at home – can’t wait. S. Africa’s debacle yesterday slapped the taste out of my mouth, let’s hope for Ghana, Nige. IC, AND Alger.
    @D. Ochan,
    Like the group itself, you surely moved the earth by posting ‘lovy’, love this song but can’t seem to land on a clean copy. This song belongs together with ‘nabima te’ – my favorites of Super Mazembe. Your OG also loves lipua lipua, veve, mangelepa, and super mazembe, saying these groups’ songs made the bulk of the dance songs during her school days.

  152. Kingsam says:

    Nina hiyo mama watoto, I will post when i get home sometime later.

  153. Tsango says:

    @ Ochan
    Thanks for the 2 Mazembe tracks. Lovy ya mama eeeh Lovy ya papa was something else. The tracks made my day after the unexpected performance by Nigeria, Africa’s hopes now lie on the shoulders of Ghana and Ivory Coast.

  154. Tina says:

    @hey folks,
    While listening to ‘lovy’ was wondering how the guy with a distinctive tenor voice was able to pull it off, nyboma could only do that, whauu! s.mazembe throughout this album makes references to ‘mushosho’ – is he the guy on bass guitar or what? they certainly competed with les noir, anyone with les noir’s ‘tshiku.’

    let’s get a clean copy of ‘lovy’, the guys on market street and owino in kampala must have it. we could also find it kigomba – nbi. the only way i’m going to get even with ‘lovy’ is to get a cleaner copy.

    we have it! the kadongo kamu, a local flava. the guy’s also a royal like you – lord fred, he he!

    the wc has become a wide open affair, impossible to predict an outcome, with the favorites taking ‘kiboko’ everyday. former soviet republics have become dark horses. ghana 2, autstr.1

  155. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    The uniqueness in Lovy’s voice stemmed from the fact that despite its locating within the category of tenor it functioned more or less at the alto level with a combined effect of soprano. Indeed, very few musicians can sustain such a synergy consistently. Mushosho was the dance style of Super Mazembe (SM), and their bassist was the late Atia jo. Rather unfortunately, agood fraction of the original members of SM have passed on. May their souls rest in peace. Here is your request:
    Les Noirs – Tsiku

  156. Egoing says:

    Thanks a billion, Jaribu. God will guide you to get others as well.

    Thanks for you for reporting back. I was going to launch one of the most intensive searches ever made, and it would be for you. I am afraid it would go even to Mars! Apwoyo dwogo.

    I am (I will no longer tolerate you) looking for Dada Mpenzi and Maisha Ya mjini, I think (But I don’t know whether they are) both by Dar es salaam International, and (I sincerely don’t have) Mama Ya Watoto by Laban Ochuka. Please can somebody (Yes, the good old knights – ESORORO, DAUDI et al about details of the songs and authors) help. (Our) Thanks.

    Dada Mpenzi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dg2dqh
    Maisha ya Mjini: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gbocmk

  157. Egoing says:

    Thanks for TP Englebert. Would to God that you send for us its flip side as well. It is one of those songs I have longed for.

  158. Tina says:

    Thanks a million for ‘tchiku’, reminded me of a cousin who passed way in the early 90s – in ’83, I remember his big afro and bell-bottoms and singing the song, great stuff! I’ve heard of cavacha, may be ’cause we love veve, but didn’t know about mushosho until now, thanks for that. Atia Jo’s name indeed is featured in most of their songs, thanks for that infor. as well.

    Is ‘tchiku’ Les Noir’s best song ever, how would you rate it to others?

  159. Egoing says:

    Can someone give the correct names of these Tabu Ley songs?
    1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/bz2nia
    2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/puj533

    This is very appropriate for the clan members who may be out of the clan for some time.

    Jamaica Farewell: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mkucsk

  160. Hodari says:

    Egoing, I get your humour. Thanks for Dada Mpenzi but that was’nt the Maisha Ya Mjini I am looking for. I think the music I am looking for is entittled; Maisha Ya Mjini Nimeshindwa. Can I ask you please to dig even deeper by unearthing anorther old hit called; Sitaki Tena, I think it was played by either Tabora Jazz or Dar International. However, for those who love sweet music, enjoy Biki by Ntesa Dalienst. BIKI: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pgw9oq

  161. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    Can help me with these tracks; “Mzee William Agao” and “Zablon Oloo”

    I think it’s “Victoria King’s Jazz”

  162. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    I agree with you that Tshiku is Les Noirs best song. In my estimation, Londele comes in second and I am split between Mokili and Mayaka for third place.

  163. Tsango says:

    @ Egoing
    I am sorry that I do not have pt. 2 of TP Engelbert. May be somebody else could assist on that. In fact I was not aware that it had a pt. 2.

    The frst of the Tabu Ley songs you posted is “Tu as dis que” and the second is “Ngalaka”.
    @ Tina
    I actually rate Tchiku to be Les Noirs best song though statistics has it that their earlier song “Sikiya Sauce” was their best seller.

  164. D. Ochan says:

    @ TINA
    I’ll see if I have a better copy of LOVY. you know he (Lovy Longomba) sang two versions of LOVY. One features Moreno Batamba with his bass voice and Atei on saxaphone. So if drop in at Nairobi or Kampala before me, try to get both versions.
    Lovy Longomba had a voice which could only be equaled by Coco Zigo Mike (of Viva Makale, Kabamba,etc), Mambo Ley (of Mopero’s Shama Shama) and Nyboma.
    As Tsango said, Moshoso was a dance invented by Bukasa Wa Bukasa “BUKALOS” for Super Mazembe. Unlike Les Mangelepa who had a new dance for each new song, Mazembe stuck with Moshoso (albeit with different variations). Maybe because Mazembe’s had one composer – KATELE ALEY (with over 95% of their songs before Lovy joined them).
    Ths song TSHIKU is one of my “all times best”. You could hear Moreno Batembo with his bass voice at his best in that song.
    I shall compile some hits for my OG shortly.
    Meanwhile I have lost hope in any of our African teams after yesterday’s performances by both Ghana and Cameroon.
    Have a good weekend

  165. D. Ochan says:


    My corrupted songs are at three stages:
    1. the ones where I can’t even drag them to Sendspace (It asks for original file) this includes NAIROBI,etc.
    2. The ones you can barely hear (those at their death beds0 I shall post a sample or two.
    3. those that are fadind and maybe could be salvaged (I shall post samples as well0.

    @ EGOING
    The “Maisha Ya Mjini” you posted is by Super Kawuma who were based at “California Nightclub” in Kampala. Listen carefully and hear the lead singer is Moreno Batembo.

    @ HODARI
    Here is Tabora Jazz’s “Sitaki Tena” and it’s flip side “Pole Dada” which was followed by a praise for our sister TINA.
    1. SITAKI TENA (Tabora Jazz)
    2. POLE DADA
    3. TINA

  166. Egoing says:

    Trully, TP Englebert does not have its Part 2. If you uploaded it from its original disk, what I meant was the other side of it.

    @ Hodari
    Sorry if it wasn’t the one you actually wanted. At least I am happy that I duly responded to the request which mentioned “Maisha Ya Mjini”. If it is not the right one, God willing we shall get it.

    @Fred & All
    Archaeologist, when next you visit those music sites, try to get for me this song, which goes: … Nabina, Nabina na nani eh; Tobina, Tobina na nani eh….. The voices appear of Johnny Bokelo and Conga De La Capitale

    I got this music, and really enjoyed it. Please anyone help with naming it, and also posting more of its kind?
    1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/7q8ei4

  167. Hodari says:

    @ D. Ochan, thanks for Sitaki Tena.

    @ Kingsam, I am still waiting for your promise. My request for (Mama Ya Watoto), by Laban Ochuka & Maroon Comandos.

  168. Tsango says:

    @ Egoing
    Do you know the title of the flip side of Gaston’s TP Engelbert? I don’t myself. I have a couple of Gaston’s songs and it might be that one of them is the flip side of TP Engelbert.
    @ D. Ochan
    The 3 songs you posted – Sitaki Tena, Pole Dada, and Tina – are by Mbaraka Mwinshehe and Morogoro Jazz Band, not Tabora Jazz Band.
    @ All
    Could any of the clan members be having Morogoro Jazz Band’s “Afrika Oyee”? This is a song I truly loved though I last listened to it in the early 70s. I am desperately missing it. Thanks in advance. Meanwhile I invite all to listen to the following songs by Nuta Jazz band:
    Ikiwa Kama Hunitaki
    Nipeleke Kwa Baba
    Mpenzi Dada

  169. Tsango says:

    @ Hodari
    I suspect that the “Maisha ya Mjini” you are looking for is a track by Jamhuri Jazz Band actually titled “Nafikiri Kurudi Shambani”. I hope I am right.
    Nafikiri Kurudi Shambani

  170. Robert says:


    Anybody there clansmate with song “Ngaluka” – I think, a lingala hit of the 80s

  171. D. Ochan says:


    Hi guys, I posted this message yesterday but I got a message that my post is waiting “for approval” and it ended up disappearing altogether.
    Stage one of my collections (which includes NAIROBI) has totally refused to play and to be transfered.

    Stage Two (BARELY AUDIBLE)
    1 NALELI LIBOTA Part 1 (Super Mazembe)
    2. NALELI LIBOTA Part 2
    3. ELISABETHA Part 1 (Moreno Batamba)
    4. ELISABETHA Part 2

    Stage Three (FADDING FAST)
    5. SOUTH VIEW Part 1 (Super Mazembe)
    6. SOUTH VIEW Part 2

    Thanking you in advance for trying.

  172. Fred says:

    @ ALL:
    Is this the Nairobi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/85l68e

  173. Kingsam says:

    Just to confirm – mama watoto song. Are the lyrics kind of these ‘ mama watoto zipokee salamu, zingine pia kutoka kwa wanao, sisi hapa shamba hatujambo, wasiwasi ni kwako, mama watoto twatamani kukuona”

    why am asking is that i have it labeled under maroon commandos together with Habel kifoto, ofcourse he was famous with his Ulinzi Band.

  174. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred,
    I do not know who sang the Nairobi you have posted here, but the one I was looking for is by Bana Ngenge: This one is not it.

  175. JARIBU says:

    @ D. Ochan,
    Are you able to see the file extentions on those problematic files? Try changing the extentions and see if they can be recognized for uploading. Try setting them to MP3 since I notice many of your files are m4a. If MP3 does not work then try Rm, Ra or Ram. Over the years I have noticed that my Real Player files simply stop being accessed by the player. It could be that the upgrades made render older files inaccessible.
    I used to have a clean copy of Elizabetha but I cannot find it. Thanks for Naleli Libota. Here is a cleaner copy of Southview. I cannot recall where it came from: It could have come from someone in this forum.

    Super Mazembe – Southview = http://www.sendspace.com/file/q1m7h2

  176. Tina says:

    I’ve been busy weekend long watching sport with friends, this wk won’t be different (WC & Wimbledon). I have saved your posts will play @hm later today, I admire your ability to tell apart voices in a song. I did some backtracking on the ntwiga blog in order to locate earlier posts of Les Noir on ‘londele’, ‘mokili’, ‘mayika’, but only found ‘sikiya sauce’ 1 & 2. May be you or Jaribu can help post the other 3 for me.
    Where are u? If you’re alive and kicking kindly take me through the process & tech. of putting bits and pieces of song (music) together and cutting out unwanted parts. Anyone may help.

    @WC fans – no WC has ever been headlined by scandals involving the threat of player revolt, bad calls by referees, even the Jabulani ball is making news – I hate this ball; it makes great goalies and strikers look miserable. ON which note, the French will today be called ‘les miserables.’

    Nigeria 1: KR 2

    Anyone with the following music of Kenyan-born Roger Whittaker; ‘stranger on the shore’, ‘I am but a small voice’, ‘I’m back’, and ‘the best I can.’ You all have a great wk enjoy the WC.

  177. Hodari says:

    @ Kingsam, the lyrics are different. Thanks.

  178. Hodari says:

    @ Tsango, sorry it is not the one, anyway Nfikiri Kurudi Nyumbani is a nice music. Thanks. Sam Mangwana fans, please enjoy Tokoma Famille: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dorl8p

  179. Esororo says:

    @ All

    Something little for the France Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Celio is a duet by Mpoyi Djo and De Lugendo. This is one of my favorite track. It shows a superior organization from Franco which is also present in Papa Noel(Bon Samaritain). Listen to the voices of the two vocalists. For a long time I thought it was one vocalist. After a while I realized that there are actually two singers singing one after the other.


  180. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Here are the Les Noirs you requested.
    Les Noirs – Londele = http://www.sendspace.com/file/7v9j4t
    Les Noirs – Mokili = http://www.sendspace.com/file/9sx2er
    Les Noirs – Mayaka = http://www.sendspace.com/file/67qbpf

  181. Mutunga says:

    @All Ntwigans:

    Sorry I was away from the blog for a while. I simply couldn’t access it (I had the wrong url), but luckily Steve came to the rescue.


    AUDACITY is the best sound editor out there, but it takes a while to get used to. Once you find your way around it, you’ll never want to touch another one.
    I’ve got the Roger Whittacker tape but I don’t think I ever got round to digitising the tracks. I’ll make that my next mission …

  182. Tina says:

    Ur sure ‘tina Turudiane’ is by TJB or is it Mbaraka Mwinshehe & MJB!
    I love the 2 posts of Tabuley, only makes me think what music Franco would be producing if he were still alive.
    Much thanks for taking the trouble to post these, now I can boast all of Les Noir’s best in my library
    Let me download ‘audacity’ play a little and get acquaited, ’cause I really need to get some serious flow to my ‘parts & pieces’ music. Meanwhile will wait for Roger, thanks.
    Hey, still addicted to that ‘cest Trop…’ by Les Champions Du Zaire, though not a good song to play after a match loss. If u watched that Nigeria/Korea D game, Yakubu & the Nigerians deserved to exit.

  183. D. Ochan says:


    Thanks for the correction on Morogoro Jazz.
    I shall update my library.
    Seems I mixed up Tabora, Morogoro and Maroons Commando in my library.

  184. Tina says:

    ‘Celio’ is great! never heard of it, was it released within the African Connection LP or what? I would even doubt the other voice to be Mpoyi’s with close semblance to Mangwana. If this’ Madilu, love him, it’s really good – provides for one of Franco’s best compositions. I like playing it with ‘iluse, so is ‘celio’ a duet by Mpoyi & Franco or Franco with Madilu? Do you have ‘la vie de homme’ & Ida – Franco? I will enjoy this music during my 4days off work as the vicinity of my workplace has been turned into no go zone.

    What’s with Patrice Rushen! you just can’t stop surprising us, ur becoming too unpredictable like the WC, don’t stay away from this page for too long. Cheers!

  185. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo & All
    Thanks for the songs. Celio has always occupied a special space in my heart. Djo Mpoyi’s voice usually brings out the feelings required of a song no wonder he sang some of Simaro’s poetic outputs. It is just unfortunate (or is it fortunare?) that TP OK Jazz had quite a list gifted singers. I invite all to listen to some of Simaro’s compositions sang by Djo Mpoyi. The last 2 are however compositions by Lukoki Diatho and Mayaula Mayoni respectively sang by “Houdini” Mpoyi.
    1. Fifi Nazali Innocent: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nujzac
    2. Mbongo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9gzhnt
    3. Kadima: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b8js7t
    4. Mamba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7x3gy3
    5. Mandola: http://www.sendspace.com/file/axv8e7
    6. Bolingo ya Moitie Moitie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0hew8g
    7. Nabali Misere: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hadddg

    @ Tina
    Here are your 2 requests, on behalf of Esororo:
    1. La Vie Des Hommes: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ay864w
    2. Ida: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v2wepc

  186. Tina says:

    Whauu! I think you posted all the songs that made Franco & his TP OK Jazz a hallmark of the mid 80s, and indeed the group was unrivaled in this industry until the death of the maestro himself in the late 80s. Unfortunately my dad’s away, but I’m just having a blast listening to this music. I’m getting the ‘home away from home’ vibe, thanks for that.

    Ivory Coast 5; Korea DPR 1

  187. Esororo says:

    @ Tina,
    Sam Mangwana was not with TP OK Jazz at this time.
    The tracks where on the LP Choc Choc Choc 1986. The vocals are Mpoyi Djo and De Lugendo.

    Check this one for quality with the ones Tsango posted early.

    La Vie Des Hommes

    Some more tracks:

  188. Esororo says:

    @ Mutunga,

    Welcome back it is about time bro.

    For sure I thought you were on an extended vacation or maybe Lydia had said something not good. I wonder what happened to her too. Help me smoke her out under the rock. Maybe this track will do it.


  189. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo
    Thanks for the tracks you posted. I particularly enjoyed the 2 by Dindo Yogo.
    @ All
    It has been brought to my attention that the track I referred to as “Fifi Nazali Innocent” is actually called “Libala ya Bana na Bana” and it is a Lola Checain’s composition. My apologies. Below is the Simaro composition “Fifi Nazali Innocent”:
    And also “Lezi” by Simaro:

  190. Tsango says:

    @ Tina & All
    Tina: If you enjoyed the TP OK Jazz tracks that I posted yesterday then I am sure their Afro-European tour recording will further elate your spirits and mood. The recording should take your old man back in time and space (conceptual) and fill him with nostalgia (smile). To the clan, let’s enjoy the music as we continue to support Ghana and Ivory Coast. I wish Tina’s prediction of Ivory Coast thoroughly hummering Korea come true, and, in the interest of Ivory Cosat, Brasil should consign Portugal to the periphery. Here we go:

  191. Mutunga says:

    @Tina: Here are some tracks by Roger Whittacker from the Album “In Kenya: A Musical Safari.”

    I’M BACK:

    My source tape is rather over-played, but that makes it ever so special for me. Enjoy!

  192. Pita Mbita says:

    You have good staff in here.

  193. Pita Mbita says:

    Hi everyone,
    Iam looking for visa vimenichosha by mlimani park and lelangai na mosika by tpok jazz.

  194. Pita Mbita says:

    Thank you very much Esororo for that music ,you have real made my day.

  195. Pita Mbita says:

    Hi songEsororo , I forgot to ask if also have likingo limboka by tpok jazz,i think it is on the same lelangai lp.
    There is thi song by tanzanian band went something like ,mtoto mwenye heshima,mtoto mwenye huruma
    mtoto muaminifu.tusiyashike yao maneno neno,tuaepuke tuuishi salama.anyone out who knowsw what iam talkin

    ng about.There is also another one which said afadhali mchawi kuliko mfitina ,wacha fitina shirikiana na mwenzi

  196. Tobias says:


    I promised you to upload something for you for the Mayoni Mayaula CD you uploaded for me. Here are they:

    Special Wela Wela – Orchestre Canetons Alézement

    Zaiko – Piéces a Conviction CD

  197. JO says:

    @ all
    Does anybody recall this song (I suspect it is by Franco). The lyrics include …Mabali oyo Mobali oyo….Zairois… Nasala Nini Nasala Nini Oh Pasi … Kuku Lue Lumbe… I have been looking for this song for a long time. Your help would be appreciated as usual.

  198. Fred says:

    @ Tobias:
    Great! Thanks a lot.

  199. saminator says:

    @ all,
    hey you brainy music lovers how you all doing. now i know any you all, from steve, esororo, egoing to ochan, tina and fred etc, can get me this song am asking for. unfortunately i do not know its title, but we used to sing it thus, NJOOO OWNANE, FURAHA, NJOOO WANE, FURAHA, etc etc,. it was by one of those great tanzanian bands, i think?

  200. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo
    Wow! I don’t think I would be far from the truth to say that you seem to have quite a collection. Unlike some of us (me included) who are tied down to appreciating or listening to some songs only. you are obviously diversified. Kudos! You are a paradigm of music appreciation.
    @ Tobias
    Thanks for the songs by Wela Wela and Zaiko. The tracks, especially those by Zaiko, remind me of my dancing days in the early 80s – It reminds me of Zaiko’s then dancing style of Zekete Zekete and their introduction of animation in Lingala music.. It brings to memory their singing and dancing line-up of Nyoka Longo, Bimi Ombale, Lengi Lenga, Likinga Redo, Dindo Yogo, and J-P Buse.

  201. saminator says:

    @ all,
    could the person who sent COCO by les kinois, i don’t remember who exactly, kindly shed more light; the two parts seem to be different songs, both of them good by the way. both parts seem to flow differently, please help….

  202. D. Ochan says:

    Thanks mate for MOYEKE by Langa Langa stars.

    Thanks for the clean copy of South View.

    Thanks for BOMOTO by Kiam.

    @ EGOING
    I am still samping your collections.

    In my school days, I used to go to Channel Street (in Nakivubo, Kampala) and River Road (Nairobi) and just sing the records I want (since I didn’t know the names) and the shop assistants would just pick up the records, wrap them up and I pay for them without trying them out.
    Now it seems you are bringing a sort of “Pay Back Time” on me with your requests.
    Anyway here is VIGELEGELE by Western Jazz (If I am correct).

    VIGELEGELE by Western Jazz

  203. Tina says:

    Loved the variety; naponi kaka, moyeke, ida, etc, most surprising of all is ‘excuse me’ by Anna Mwale. I got the track name and artist after googling ‘excuse me by south african singer’, and bingo there it was on y-tube, awesome track, reminds me of the train dance while in elementetary school. ‘kitheka! kitheka! kitheka! kitheka!

    I love Franco and group, espec. the slow songs are really good icebreakers to kickstart a party – you know like when guests and friends are arriving, instead of the ‘how are u’s, they ask about the music – interesting.

    Thanks a million to you wonderful people who posted franco and his jazz plus collaborations, Franco indeed was king of music- I didn’t realize that growing up, but now the more I listen to his music and compositions, the more I appreciate it. Long live Franco! My question to you all ‘, is Franco richer posthumus or not? if not why?

    Roger provides a feel good music for me, he can whistle, and I like whistling during the chores. Thanks for this post, and the quality of the audio isn’t bad after all, will use audacity if need be. I have created an ‘audacity project’ to help me understand the modus operandi of this tool, requires a lot of patience, so far so good – it was difficult to start, but my brother helped.

    Couldn’t access your posts, will try later today

  204. Tobias says:


    If you are interested, here is a Zaiko DVD from the Salon Congo concert last year:


    Just download and put the files into a Video_TS folder.

  205. Tsango says:

    @ Tobias
    It took forever to download and access the zaiko DVD but I assure you the patience was worth it all. I love the DVD, it is a chef-doeuvre. Thank you clansman.
    @ Saminator
    Though I am not the one who had earlier done the honors of uploading Les Kinois’ “Coco”, Below are the 2 parts plus a bonus of their track “Mukungukilua” also known as “Kilindo”:
    Coco pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fe8g93
    Coco pt 2:http://www.sendspace.com/file/fts7tc
    Mukungukilua pt 1:http://www.sendspace.com/file/i9nw60
    Mukungukilua pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/veiprp
    @ Tina
    I hope you will succeed to access my previous posts.

  206. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    I realise that pt 2 of Coco and pt 1 of Mukungukilua did not come through. I hope they do this time:
    Coco pt 2:http://www.sendspace.com/file/uk5a0y
    Mukungukilua pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9dxntq

  207. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    Here we are with:
    Coco pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/queut7

  208. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    ha ha ha, u know in my older growing up days, if you asked somebody for a song by just struggling to sing you would be laughed at so much that you become a clown! otherwise thanks a million for that hit tune by western jazz.

    @ all, you guyz have dug out sooo many RARE old songs from the 60s but am surprised none of you ( you are far more endowed by the way than some of us, in terms of knowledge and archiving music) has managed to ”release” one that was that was quiet common, SAVON OMO. am sure it was by rochereau. could you kind gentlemen and ladies please dig harder? i appreciate your efforts and thank you in advance.

  209. saminator says:

    @ tsango,
    what a true clansman you are! thanks a lot for the tremendous effort as we continue to keep the clan fire burning. may i just ask you a small pertinent question, when were the two songs released by the les kinois? others great job man, great stuff.

  210. Fred says:

    @ ALL:
    I have a suggestion: Let each clan member post one track s/he considers to be their best.

  211. Tina says:

    Ur really making us split hairs with an old-fashioned axe; I hope you mean a favorite song that lasts through the years not a favorite song that will eventually change into another favorite song (I mean by genre, time, artist/composer). For me, I have a favourite song for a while, then my taste changes, when I hear a nice new song, I end up with a bunch of ‘best’ songs over the years. As a little girl I fell in love with the lead singer of this group.


    I love Congolese/Swahili rumba. My father played this song a lot and I came to like it; I think it reflected the postcolonial marketing trend then of African musicians working closely with major advertisers, essentially making brands like colgate, blue band, kiwi, sportsman, aspirin become household names. Now, while there’s a variety of products, these particular brands continue to command a huge market share in Africa. Also check Negro Succes’ ‘savon astral).

    Mobutu, also to a great extent succeded in using Congolese musicians in promoting his brand of party politics and system of governance (annee de travail-Johnny Bokelo).


  212. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    Les Kinois produced their one and only vinyl LP in 1978. The 4 songs on it were: Coco, Asha, Mukungukilua, and Les Kinois. Click on the following link and scroll to view the LP cover http://www.muzikifan.com/shika.html. Below find Asha and Les Kinois
    Asha pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qg6ek8
    Asha pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ccws6o
    Les Kinois pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2lgt0x
    Les Kinois pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wrv4zj

  213. Tsango says:

    @ Fred and All
    This is in response to Fred’s suggestion which is undoubtedly challenging as Tina has correctly pointed out. Just like Tina, I have many “bests”. I will however randomly pick one of these “bests”. It is a song by Seigneur Tabu Ley Rochereau first made piblic to the world in Paris at Olympia Hall. History has it that Seigneur Ley was the first African to perform in Olympia Hall, This was in the 70s. Currently Seigneur Ley is not enjoying the best of health though making good progress after suffering a stroke slightly over a year ago. The song is titled Riverra.
    Riverra: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0yrpgg

  214. JARIBU says:

    @ All,
    As with some here, I have a few favorite songs but one will always stand out as the all-time favourite, and it’s a Lipua Lipua tune. This is as good as it gets for me. Just try listening by isolating the vocals and instruments, and marvel at the arrangements. And what about the transitions? Simply splendid. It’s as if the song has four distinct phases.

    Lipua Lipua – Nouvelle Generation Pt. 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/z2xftf
    Lipua Lipua – Nouvelle Generation Pt. 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/q15meb

  215. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Surely there are many favourites but my best that I never get tired of listening to is
    “M.T. Inongo” composed by Gerry Dhialungana of TP OK Jazz (Played Solo). I am not sure who made the arrangements, but it is flawless.
    Clear and well set. The Bass is very pounding, if you have a good system you will want to replay it over.
    Here it is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/em7ec1
    You can find the album “Chaude Ambiance” here and many others: http://jpmp3.com/viewthread.php?tid=30976&extra=page%3D1&page=2

  216. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    My first single I ever purchased was Vicky Shama by Shama Shama and my first LP was the Les Kinois LP you referenced above. By the time I left Kenya for the states in the early eighties, that LP probably had no grooves left: I played it relentlessly.

  217. Kingsam says:


    I hope this will still wash despite having been in the market that long.
    Savon omo

  218. Kingsam says:

    you might as well like this too

    Mokitani ya wendo by Tabu ley Rocheareu


  219. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu
    Its amazing. The Les Kinois LP was also the very first that I bought. I was still in school and had to deny myself many things in the name of saving so as to buy it. I was a big Les Kinois fan true to the meaning of the word – shabiki kamili. I also bought all their singles which unfortunately I lost in the early 90s when I left Kenya for the Caribbean, Barbados.

  220. JARIBU says:

    Now I understand why you were able to come up with some of those rare Les Kinois. I am still patiently waiting for Bana Ngenge’s Nairobi. As much as I loved music, I should have had a bigger collection, but I spent a lot of my pocket money hoping into one bar after another for pilsners. I always figured I could listen to the tunes on VOK or the other foreign radio stations that came my way. I think I was the only student in my high school (where I did my ‘A’ levels) with a radio.

  221. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu
    I see what you mean. With the likes of MDJ Eddy Fondo and Wilmont Pacha in the studioa at VoK, one could hardy have the urge to buy Les Kinois records. When at the studis, pver 50% of the records Fondo played would be those of Les Kinois. He would go on and mention all the musicians by their names and their roles in the band. Mr. rrrrrrrrrright, as he used to refer to himself, was something else. I loved it when he was on air. I am still working on Bana Ngenege’s “Nairobi” – it will come one of these fine days.

  222. JO says:

    @ all
    Here is Nakomi Moto by Orchestre Bella Bella

  223. Robert says:


    That is very tricky one – the best of the best!
    My five best are:
    Nouvelle Generation – Lipua Lipua
    Lemba Lemba -Lipua Lipua
    Detschu -Mangelepa
    Muana Mburu -Veve
    Pichouna- Cavacha
    I believe members have them archived already do not need to post them again.

  224. Esororo says:

    @ All

    I like what is happening in the Ntwiga Clan House. Hello to Steve and everyone.

    For a long time I wanted to be the men in her dream but it never came true. But I still like the track a lot anyway with the disappointment. Reminds me of the final days of high school (A levels).


    When I Dream
    Crystal Gayle 1979
    Written by Sandy Mason Theoret

    I could have a mansion that is higher than the trees
    I could have all the gifts I want and never ask please
    I could fly to Paris, oh, it’s at my beck and call
    Why do I go through life with nothing at all?

    But when I dream, I dream of you
    Maybe someday you will come true

    I can be the singer or the clown in every room
    I can even call someone to take me to the moon
    I can put my makeup on and drive the men insane
    I can go to bed alone and never know his name

    But when I dream, I dream of you
    Maybe someday you will come true

    But when I dream, I dream of you
    Maybe someday you will come true

  225. saminator says:

    @ kingsam,
    that is it, that is what it means to keep the clan fire burning. melesi mingi, natondi yo.

    @ fred, that was a good idea you have brought forward, especially on the day congo got her independence exactly 50 years ago on the 30th of june. unfortunately, and painfully, some of us are not exactly well facilitated to do the uploading. that’s not to say we have much anyways to share. but i would recommend that we all go back to our respective music “machines”” and play the song, INDEPENDANCE CHA CHA, by kabaselleh, papa wendo etc, i think, to show appreciatiation the congolese for the contribution they have made to music and also to remember the tough times they have been through right from the colonial days.

    @ tina,
    that bit by crystal gayle is a sweet one. incidentally is she the one who sang LEAVING ON A JET PLANE? the voice sounds similar. somebody sent LEAVING ON A JET PLANE in several versions recently but that original version was missing but i do not know who exactly sang it. would you mind doing a small research on it.

    @ all,
    bonne anniversaire de l’independance congolaise! a l’honneur de feu patrice lumumba.

  226. Mutunga says:

    @Fred: Choosing just one favourite track is a very tough task indeed. I reckon most of us would hesitate less if asked to produce a top ten list for each decade (1960s to 1980S).
    For the 1960s, however, I do have a clear favourite, and I’ll gladly share it.

    VALENTE YOKA by Franco & OK JAZZ.

  227. Pita Mbita says:

    Franco and tpok jazz was and is the best african band,songs like cedou.salima ,celija and liberte were real hits

  228. @ALL

    Been very busy of late and appear to have missed much. Also my more favourable and reliable browser (Google Chrome) just went snap and left me agape. Tried to download it afresh, rejoiced for half a day and it went off again SNAP! Any one better?
    Never call off the search for AFFAIRE SEMEKI et al.

    Sample the songs from within. Don’t run away again.

    Nakomitunaka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e9kjtg

    Sure think this is the song you want. Got it recently
    Leaving on A Jet Plane: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3d1n83

    No tricks. Dig the archives and post them as many as possible. Can’t afford to lose out on what we have to share. Soon I will be posting again, in bunches. Indeed why should I hold them back?

    Your consistency gives the clan a nice flavor.

  229. Egoing says:


    Been very busy of late and appear to have missed much. Also my more favourable and reliable browser (Google Chrome) just went snap and left me agape. Tried to download it afresh, rejoiced for half a day and it went off again SNAP! Any one better?

    Never call off the search for AFFAIRE SEMEKI et al.

    Sample the songs from within. Don’t run away again.

    Nakomitunaka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e9kjtg

    Sure think this is the song you want. Got it recently
    Leaving on A Jet Plane: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3d1n83

    No tricks. Dig the archives and post them as many as possible. Can’t afford to lose out on what we have to share. Soon I will be posting again, in bunches. Indeed why should I hold them back?

    Your consistency gives the clan a nice flavor.

  230. Tsango says:

    @ All
    Just to give a picture of how Fred’s suggestion is coming along though some of us have given several bests rather than the BEST:
    Musical Youth: Sixteen
    Tabu Ley: Riverra
    Lipua Lipua: Nouvelle Generation (twice), Lemba Lemba
    TP OK Jazz: M. T. Inongo, Valente Yoka, Cedou, Salima, Selidja, Liberte
    Bella Bella: Nakomi Moto
    Mangelepa: Detschu
    Veve: Mwana Mburu
    Cavacha: Pichouna
    Crysta Gayle: When I Dream
    Kabaselleh: Independence Tcha Tcha
    I am yet to see a song in Kiswahili in the list.

  231. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    Interesting that we seem to have sidelined our ‘own’ artists with a heavy bias towards the Congolese. Waiting to see the likes of Paulina and Pamela mentioned: they were just as lovely as those that came from the two Congos.

  232. JARIBU says:

    @ Tobias,
    Thank you for Wella Wella and Zaiko.

  233. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo & All
    Fred is right when he says that MT Inongo was by TP OK Jazz. Esororo is also right when he says that the song was produced after Franco had moved on to a better place. However, the point to note is that even after Franco died TP OK Jazz did not disband immediately. The members stayed together for quite some while. In fact about 4 years after his death they produced an LP entited “Chaude Ambiance avec TP OK Jazz” of which MT Inongo was one of the songs. I think, though, that that was the very last LP that TP OK Jazz produced.

  234. saminator says:

    @ tobias,
    beautiful pieces by zaiko. just asking, could you also be having their older album(s); i think very early 80s that went with the chant, “sululululululululu, sumareeeeeeeee”. by then that was the animation of the day. the problem is being young then i could not identify their album titles, leave alone the songs. would be very profoundly glad if you sent them.

  235. saminator says:

    @ all,
    fred’s proposal is quite a challenge; and jaribu’s challenge of naming kiswahili songs is equally welcome. i think with the exception of only one or two people in the clan, nobody seems to know the NISAIDIE song by Les Wanyika. that to me would be among the very best kiswahili songs, if not the among the best in east and central.

  236. saminator says:

    @ tina,
    isn’t roger whitaker the same man who sang Goodby Indian Lady? it’s not on the uploaded list. kindly respond.

  237. Pita Mbita says:


  238. Fred says:

    @ Esororo:
    May be I missread the label on the jacket of the CD, but I think OK Jazz had not disbanded or changed their name to Bana OK by the time this album was produced. Look at this: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2djupnn&s=6

    Here is another classic by OK Jazz: Mindono Esila: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k492yg
    The vocals seemed to flaw towards the end, I think they just decided to go ahead and produce it that way. Timing faulted. Second voice misses a bit and comes in later. Horns are good.
    @ All:
    Jaribu suggested that we have sidelined our swahili or other music, how about this: Dunia Msongamano:

    and Bwosaba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k0rh4u

  239. Fred says:

    @ Esororo :
    I think we should not think that Franco = TP OK Jazz; this was a band of many members. When he died he did not carry it to his grave, it remained and continued to use the same name. The members did not change the name immediately, it was after some disagreement that they changed to Bana OK; in any case not far from OK. To suggest that by the time Inongo was produced, Franco was dead means that Franco = OK Jazz. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Remember, there were two factions of OK Jazz. One based in Europe led by Franco and another back in Congo led by Simon (Simaro) and both produced songs using the same name. If what you suggest is true, then only those produced in Europe would bare the name OK Jazz.

  240. Lydia says:

    The clan has become so lively and interesting guys! Thanks to all who have contributed to make it so lively and interesting. Freds challenge is tough. To second Tina I have had many favorites over the years. There’s my teenage crush on Michael Jackson and the J5 when every shilling I got was converted into a tape, album or poster of my then teen idols. Then hits we taped off the radio like Desiderata and Memories by theTemptations.. I loved these in High school among others, then after high school the hit was Sina Kisomo by Kenya Blue Stars..I loved that.. College I was introduced to love of lingala.. my first being Pitie … later on in College Earl Klugh, Spyrogyra.. Walter Jackson… All these were worthy of the efforts of hours spent taping, dubbing.. I learned the fine art of repairing chewed tapes with cellotape.. Those were the days.
    I’m away from home so i dont have all my stuff but anyway here are a few of those favorites,




    I won’t remember ever loving you

  241. Egoing says:


    Please enjoy and give names for these titles.

    1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/fcypds
    2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/jp19uo
    3. http://www.sendspace.com/file/nfpnl3

    Enjoy your weekend.

    When did I last hear of you on the clan?

    Have the archaelogy tools blunted? Sharpen them, get down to business and we shall see the artefacts.

  242. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    The sululululu….sumareeee… animation was basically associated with Pepe Kalle’s Empire Bakuba rather than Zaiko, I am persuaded to believe. Below are some Empire Bakuba songs with that animation:
    O Nager: http://www.sendspace.com/file/inm27f
    Zabolo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fal14h
    Diazenza: http://www.sendspace.com/file/znte55
    Kay Shim: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vh92g4
    Bitoto Johnny: http://www.sendspace.com/file/p1yxa0
    Article 15: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5fyle5

  243. Tsango says:

    @ All
    This is my selection in celebration of DRC’s Independence Day yesterday. So far as music goes the 2 Congos have done a lot. Enjoy!
    Independence Tcha Tcha: http://www.sendspace.com/file/evm7hk
    Vive Patrice Lumumba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jpcm13
    Dje Melasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/by8ud6
    Mado: http://www.sendspace.com/file/awfdza
    Mokolo Nakokufa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5fo46l
    Nisalimie Wanazaire: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lumzwi

  244. @ALL
    Very busy, but for the love of the clan, here is some bonus still for the weekend.


  245. JARIBU says:

    @ Egoing.
    Song 1 is “Simim”i by Les Wanyika
    Song 3 is “Litiot” by Shaba Kahamba

    I have not unzipped song 2 yet.

  246. saminator says:

    @ tsango
    thanx a lot for the enlightenment. the songs are actually good; you know i understand some good lingala, so listening to them for the first time makes it a truly fulfilling experience.
    @ tsango & all,
    still on the zaiko issue, do you think you can find the album or songs are i asked about. am not too sure but i think the songs were done in the early 80s. would be immensely grateful.

  247. Pita Mbita says:

    Egoing,Simimi is by Isa Juma and super wanyika ,a splinter group from Les wanyika

  248. Riva rodi says:

    Hi all,
    Kudos for the good work. am unable to open the links for english translation for Les mangelepas nyako nyako and francos infidelite mado that were posted sometimes back, can someone please inbox me @ aokello@ovi.com iwill appreciate

  249. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    I have been a bit busy, I hate uploading tracks in the form part 1 and part 2. After successfully joining a few of them, I will upload. It is some work to join them without a trace of a joint.

  250. Robert says:


    Talk of the cello-tape technology of repairing tapes- I remember how you would delicately piece bits, cutting the edges overflowing carefully manually wind and unwind to test its flowing oh my what patience we had or the love for the content of the tapes therein. Lydia good to hear from you and more kudos for you for Desiderata!

  251. Egoing says:

    Sorry for the Brazilians. Lets join ourselves in prayer for Ghana.

  252. Tina says:

    I woke up this morning to play tennis, picked up a blue polo shirt, for whatever reason took it off and instead wore an orange t-shirt – bad omen for Brazil, the samba boys I had picked to meet Germany and win it all, were sent packing. Viva Africa! Ghana 2; Uruagay 2, Ghana thru in ET.

    You’re right on! ‘indian lady’ by Roger and is something like this ‘dusky dark eyed lady
    I see you once more dancing through a candle flame a rainbow around your brow…

    By the way Esororo is behind the post on crystal gayle – he may enlighten you more on it. However, I’m with you on ‘nisaide baba’ by either super or les wanyika, ’cause Rashid Juma – a band member’s name is called out in the song. You posted the request months back, I believe someone will soon bring out the loot.

    Great to have you back; Esororo and Fred must have indeed smoked you out before we began the drum roll.

  253. Tina says:

    My outstanding swahili song in years past, along others; I really do apprecaite Remmy’s deep rich voice especially when returning home from within the continent or beyond.


  254. Fred says:

    @ All
    For the weekend
    Orch Super Mazembe – Pepepe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lpemj7

  255. Tsango says:

    @ Fred & All
    Thanks for the Super Mazembe song “Pepepe”. It made my day after the Ghana/Uruguay debacle. Could you or any clan member be having “Mwana Mazembe” and “Shida”?
    @ Esororo
    The George Mukabi song brought back memories of decades ago. Thanks.
    @ Jaribu & All
    Here are some rare Lipua Lipua gems
    Kuelo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nloiks
    Mualuke: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fftpth
    9th Commandement pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lxpnof
    9th Commandement pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7fxwj1
    Ndukidi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/75kzn6

  256. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    I have some Zaiko tracks though I am not sure if the ones below are what you have in mind
    Manzaka Ebende: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b6evsv
    Sans Espoir: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kmvsa6
    Viya: http://www.sendspace.com/file/65kaxl
    Muvaro: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r5umar
    Ben Betito: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bzvsee
    Top Premier: http://www.sendspace.com/file/atvwcn
    Dede: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7yhexl

  257. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    Thank you for adding a new Lipua Lipua song – Kuelo – to my collection. By the way, 9th Commandement is Leki Ya Mwasi. Looks like it’s one of those songs that found circulation with more than one name. Matoba is another that’s going by a second name – Bongisa Maloba.

  258. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu
    I need your guidance and assistance here. I have in my collection 2 songs both titled “Leki ya Mwasi” but one by Bella Bella and the other by Lipua Lipua. But I have always been suspicious about the one alleged to be by Lipua Lipua, to me, it is quite Bella Bella – the style, beat, instruments etc. Since Lipua Lipua was a break away group from Bella Bella, I did not give the matter much thought. Now that you inform me that “9th Commandement” also goes by the name “Leki ya Mwasi”, I am even more puzzled for all the 3 songs are different. Below are the 2 songs I am referring to. Do you have a solution to the “puzzle”?
    Bella Bella – Leki ya Mwasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4rr2j3
    Lipua Lipua – Leki ya Mwasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gue076

  259. Tina says:

    The disaster in the Congo that just happened made me think about your post on ‘indepence cha cha cha’ one of my favorite congolese rumba songs of all time. Most of the victims of this tanker explosion were oblivious, innocent folks sitting in a bar near the accident site watching the WC match between Brazil & Netherlands. I Guess indepence’s just on paper, as Congolese continue to lose their lives on things they have little or nothing to do about.

    I love the Congolese ’cause of their contribution to African music, just sad to see this happen.

    Here’s ‘sola’ by Bella Bella, my sister’s best

  260. Esororo says:

    @ Tsango

    I hope they are good memories by George Mukabi.

    Leki ya Mwasi by Orch. Lipua Lipua
    Super Mazembe – Shida

  261. Tobias says:

    Hi saminator!

    You wrote me on the previous page:

    @ tobias,
    beautiful pieces by zaiko. just asking, could you also be having their older album(s); i think very early 80s that went with the chant, “sululululululululu, sumareeeeeeeee”. by then that was the animation of the day. the problem is being young then i could not identify their album titles, leave alone the songs. would be very profoundly glad if you sent them.

    Please e-mail me at tobiassanyi@yahoo.com and we’ll figure out which album you need. I have many.

  262. JARIBU says:

    This is what I can posit on the Leki Ya Mwasi quandry. The first one you posted is certainly not Leki Ya Mwasi by Bella Bella. It’s a totally different song but I cannot recall the name. I have it somewhere on CD and when I do find it I will offer the correct title. The second song is most likely Leki Ya Mwasi by Bella Bella and 9th Commandement posted earlier is Leki Ya Mwasi by Lipua Lipua. Sometime back we had a discussion on the song Nono, with each band (Lipua Lipua and Bella Bella) releasing a song by the same name.

  263. JARIBU says:

    @ Esororo et al,
    I have not heard Shida in awhile and noticed something I had not before; the voice os Samba Mapangala. Was this just a guest appearance or did he play with Super Mazembe for a time? I have not ready anywhere that he sang with them.

  264. Fred says:

    @ All:
    More of those unknown bands.
    Prognostic Engambo – Latimina ye: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2pbyv7
    This one was a single channel, I tweaked it a bit to two channels but never got to making it stereophonic. It is now two channels but still mono sound. I will reposit it after modifying the sound to stereophonic.
    Orchestre Isifi Melodia – C’est La Vie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/16v7fb
    Orchestre Karamba – Botutu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/u7x4n4
    Orchestre Lipate – Mobeko: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vuqyzc
    This was also a single channel; I have modified to sound stereophonic.

  265. Tsango says:

    @ Esororo
    Yes, the memories by George Mukabi were pleasant, thanks. A huge asante, tena sana, as well for Super Mazembe’s “Shida”.
    @ Jaribu
    Merci for the information on the “Leki ya Mwasi” songs. When you get the correct title for what I have as Leki ya Mwasi by Bella Bella please alert me so that I may effect the correction.
    Samba Mapangala made guest appearances in a couple of Super Mazembe’s recordings of which “Shida” was one. The others are “Sala Keba” and, I think, “Mwana Mazembe”. Could you be having “Mwana Mazembe” in your collection?

  266. Tsango says:

    @ Fred
    I am lost for words on your collection. They are ….
    One question though: Might you know when the songs were the songs released?

  267. Fred says:

    Orchestre Bella Bella – Na Wela Te: http://www.sendspace.com/file/33gjld
    Orchestre Enafi Likembe – Liyebisi Na Famille: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vbkcnx

  268. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu,

    I am not sure if it is Samba Mapangala voices but I doubted a band leader will join forces with a competitor on the heights of Super Mazembe popularity in East Africa at the time.

    Super Mazembe traces its roots to the Shaba Province of southern Congo, near the copper mining city of Lubumbashi, near the Zambian border. The band’s founder, Mutonkole Longwa Didos, came of age when Congo music’s second generation–Franco and Tabu Ley–was in full force, but he and his friends were more focused on the younger groups coming up with the Verckys label. Using borrowed instruments, Didos and his cohorts began rehearsing in 1967, and two years later, they took their band, then called Super Vox, across the border to Zambia.

    In Lusaka, they were dependent on local clubs for equipment, but they fared well after settling on the formula of recording Congo music in various languages, Nyanga for Zambia, Kiswahili for Kenya and Tanzania, and Lingala for Congo. In Lusaka, members of Kenya’s Super Eagles Limpopo Band inspired them to check out Nairobi, a musical hotspot at the time. So in 1974, they arranged visas and headed north-east. This proved a good move, as Nairobi had far more nightlife than Lusaka or Lubumbashi. The only problem was that the city also already had a band called Super Vox. So Didos and company adopted the name that would put them in the afropop history books: Super Mazembe, a reference to huge, earth-moving bulldozers used in construction projects at the time.

    In the lively Nairobi scene of that day, Super Mazembe rubbed shoulders with fellow Congo groups Les Mangelepa, Les Kinois (Samba Mapangala’s first group), later on Orchestra Virunga, and the Kenyan/Congolese group Les Wanyika. Bands of that era needed a dance, and Mazembe’s–the mushosho–was an automatic hit with club goers. In March, 1977, Super Mazembe scored its first big hit with the song “Kassongo,” titled for one of the band’s rhythm guitarists. It uses a traditional 12/8 rhythm, switching to the Latin-tinged seben sound that was then all the rage only in the last minute of the track.
    Super Mazembe built on their successes, traveling throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, winning new fans constantly until there was constant demand for their performances. They were also prolific as recording artists during their heyday. Their career culminated a 1982 album for Virgin Records. As the ’80s progressed, deaths, defections, and economic problems beset the band and they faded from the scene. Various efforts to revive them failed. Longwa Didos’s death in 1999 put this dream to rest once and for all. Still, superb recordings of the band survive, most notably on the 2001 compilation Giants of East Africa (Stern’s/Earthworks). This biography was adapted from liner notes for Giants of East Africa written by Trevor Herman.

    Contributed by: Banning Eyre

    @ Tsango,

    The Leki ya Mwasi by Bella Bella you have is the right track and title.
    Here are more George Mukabi tracks


    @ Fred,

    Thank you for oldies. Some especial tracks here.

    @ Egoing,

    I have been having issue with the net connection so please bear with me when I don’t reply to your comments. Soon I will be back full time. I am not ignoring anyone. Without the number on the comments it is very hard for me at the moment to keep up.

    @ Tina,
    You are needed in the clan house, and I hope we can have Lydia stay for a while too.

    @ All


  269. Fred says:

    @ Esororo & All:
    Look hard in your archives; there are some Veve tracks I would love to listen to once more to remind me of my sweet teens. These are Philo and Gilmo; if any one has them pliz post.

  270. Tsango says:

    @ Fred
    Thanks for Bella Bella’s “Na Wela Te”. It was one of my favourite songs during my teens yet I did not have it in my collection. Might you be having a song by Enafi Likembe titled “Mwana est Ans”?

    @ Esororo
    Thanks for the 2 additional songs by George Mukabi – you are God-sent. The posting on the bio-data on Super Mazembe is informative. I learnt something from it.

    Take it from me that it is Samba “Edmund” Omar Mapangala singing in Shida and Sala Keba. This is first hand information of which I am ready to put my head on the block. Any assertion to the contrary can only be academic.

  271. JARIBU says:

    @ Esororo,
    Would you by any chance know the name of the song Tsango presented as Leki Ya Mwasi by Lipua Lipua? (Song number two). I have dug deep into my early archive and found the same song listed as a Bella Bella tune under the title Leki Ya Mwasi. The Tsango song in question is definitely not Lipua Lipua’s Leki Ya Mwasi. If his second tune is Bella Bella’s Leki Ya Mwasi, then his first one is NOT. I am still digging into my archive to figure it’s title. I may pass it through some other officianados.

    I guess only us Les Kinois fanatics will recognize that voice: it’s vintage Samba of the Les Kinois era.

  272. saminator says:

    @ tina,
    thanks for the consolation on NISAIDIE BABA. it’s actually a les wanyika song ’cause i read some discography somewhere on the blog that it was among the hit album released by the group that included the songs, PAMELA, SINA MAKOSA and PAULINA. also, apart from RASHID JUMA, all the other les wanyika band members names are mentioned, including their great leader, ”PROF” OMAR. am very sure some clans member is closing in on that tune, am crossing my heart.

  273. Jay says:

    @ALL. I am still around and enjoying the rich history of our culture. Thank you for everything!!!

  274. kabuga says:

    Hi guys, am back. Have been trying the previous url without much luck – it is only now that i have wandered to the new link. Am so delighted to be back! During the hiatus, terrible things happened – Freddy Mayaula mayoni and Oliver Ngoma died. Very sad. WC came to Africa and all African teams are already home.

    Anyone with bolingo ya telefone? Pls.

  275. kabuga says:


    SM aka Super Mazembe are still around under Kasongo wa Kanema. Not doing as well as before but they are around and recording. They perform at a club along langata road.

  276. Tina says:

    “Shida oh! nayebisi yo moninga movemaya mokili esilakate diye…” I can’t get enough of Super Mazembe, when you think you got all of this group’s hits, there remain enough classics out there less talked about. I’m afraid to dare ask what else Esororo’s got in his attic. Bravo to the chief!

    I must say my best knowledge of the group is from their 2001 compilation, nothing else – thanks to you folks for posts on the likes of ‘nibimate te, prekete, pepepe, lovy, and now shida. That’s why I love this social space.

    Good to have u back; here’s ur request I got it from hear, don’t stay away for too long from here, you might miss on a lot.

  277. D. Ochan says:

    Maybe you guys have the followings to post:
    1. DITTU by Les Kamale (came out about same time with YA NINI of Veve)
    2. SUPER CHRISTMAS by Coco Zigo Mike of Viva Makale.
    Meanwhile, here is your request for Super Mazembe
    MWANA MAZEMBE 1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/d0n2s9
    MWANA MAZEMBE 2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/g9l2hd
    @ TINA
    Thanks for the Musical Youth. Do you have their hit PASS THE DUCHIE? (It is my favourite).

  278. Ochan D says:

    @ EGOING
    You really have some good collections, No 6 contains some very good Tabu Ley and Mbilia Bel.
    What I like most is a song called LIPOPO YA BANGANGA on your Egoing 2 collection. I could almost swear that it is the flip side of JUSTINA NA CECIL (which I have been looking for). Which band played that music and do yuo have Justina Na Cecil in that collection?
    The same band also played EMERY LUMUMBA (before Franco’s “Lumumba Heros National”). If you also have Emery Lumumba, then post. The band has a habit of singing Lingala mixed with Swahili.

    Maybe you guys have the followings to post:
    1. DITTU by Les Kamale (came out about same time with YA NINI of Veve)
    2. SUPER CHRISTMAS by Coco Zigo Mike of Viva Makale.
    Meanwhile, here is your request for Super Mazembe
    MWANA MAZEMBE 1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/d0n2s9
    MWANA MAZEMBE 2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/g9l2hd
    @ TINA
    Thanks for the Musical Youth. Do you have their hit PASS THE DUCHIE? (It is my favourite).

  279. Hodari says:

    @ Fred,
    Please feed me with some more hits by Orch. Lok Lok Lokoko. They played some brilliant music in the 70’s. Do you have the following numbers by the same group? Cadence Kasinde, and Kiki Tunela Ngai. Thanks.

    @ ALL,
    Enjoy Mangobo by Zaiko Langa Langa. Mangobo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qezlxw

  280. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Here are some more mystery bands. I could have posted some earlier on. I lost my upload list, if there is any repeat, ignore it. Enjoy.
    Orchestre Lolaka – Ndako: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sas8x9
    Orchestre Louzin – Luzika: http://www.sendspace.com/file/li4njm
    Orchestre Mi Amor – Tango nabotamaka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ao5uc
    Orchestre Lombe Lombe – Wivu hasara: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8vcytu
    Orchestre Mi Amor – Bernadette: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tpjjnu
    Orchestre Manta – Tokei Kotala Bango: http://www.sendspace.com/file/eg7rh0
    Orchestre Manta – Nalingi Yo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jy44kt
    Orchestre Mod Matata – Likambo ya mbongo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jwrv8n
    Pompom Kuleta – Mayanga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8mxlpx

    @ Hodari:
    Sorry, I do not ahve any other Lok Lok. If I get I will post.

  281. D. Ochan says:

    Maybe you guys have the followings to post:
    1. DITTU by Les Kamale (came out about same time with YA NINI of Veve)
    2. SUPER CHRISTMAS by Coco Zigo Mike of Viva Makale.
    Meanwhile, here is TSANGO’s request for Super Mazembe
    MWANA MAZEMBE 1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/d0n2s9
    MWANA MAZEMBE 2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/g9l2hd

    @ TINA
    Thanks for the Musical Youth. Do you have their hit PASS THE DUCHIE? (It is my favourite).

  282. Tina says:

    Hallelujah! on ‘wivu hasara’, one of those forgotten songs that one can only remember after playing and listening to it. I love it, love it! Mayanga and other rumba songs were a good listen and very addictive. Atleast found a vent to beat the heat – excellent stuff! God Bless.

    Netherlands 2; Uruguay 0, this time the ‘hand of God’ will not work for Uruguay

  283. Fred says:

    @ All:
    I am posting this on behalf of David (Ochan). The spam filter has rejected his post so he requested me to post it for him. I hope it goes through. Here we are:

    Maybe you guys have the followings to post:
    1. DITTU by Les Kamale (came out about same time with YA NINI of Veve)
    2. SUPER CHRISTMAS by Coco Zigo Mike of Viva Makale.
    Meanwhile, here is your request for Super Mazembe
    MWANA MAZEMBE 1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/d0n2s9
    MWANA MAZEMBE 2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/g9l2hd
    @ TINA
    Thanks for the Musical Youth. Do you have their hit PASS THE DUCHIE? (It is my favourite).
    @ EGOING
    You really have some good collections, No 6 contains some very good Tabu Ley and Mbilia Bel.
    What I like most is a song called LIPOPO YA BANGANGA on your Egoing 2 collection. I could almost swear that it is the flip side of JUSTINA NA CECIL (which I have been looking for). Which band played that music and do yuo have Justina Na Cecil in that collection?
    The same band also played EMERY LUMUMBA (before Franco’s “Lumumba Heros National”). If you also have Emery Lumumba, then post. The band has a habit of singing Lingala mixed with Swahili.
    @ FRED
    I have hundreds of “MY BEST”, and like Tina and Lydia, would just post a few if and when required.
    I kick off with Daniel Owino Misiani of Shirati Band. When you hear the publisher talk of “The Best Of D.O.Misiani”, they bring out his hits of the mid and late 80’s yet his real greatest hits are those of the 70’s. Here is one -LALA SALAMA (which was extensively used in some primary schools in Northern Uganda to train them in Gymnastics).
    I then follow that up with East African super singers Lovy Longomba, Coco Zigo Mike and Moreno Batembo. I shall drop in Habel Kifoto.
    1. LALA SALAMA -D.O. Misiani http://www.sendspace.com/file/m93o8o
    2. AMIGO – Lovy Longomba. http://www.sendspace.com/file/5thby4
    3. KANINDO – Lovy Longomba http://www.sendspace.com/file/ayp55u
    4. MANZA – Moreno Batamba http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h35oa
    5. MANENO YA DUNIA – Moreno with Coco Zigo. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ork3kf
    6. MIMI NALIYA – Moreno http://www.sendspace.com/file/tzd2am
    7. NI WAPO – Habel Kifoto http://www.sendspace.com/file/ecb6vn
    8.SHINGO YA UPANGA – Jamhuri Jazz http://www.sendspace.com/file/mwex8l

  284. Hodari says:

    Hey, akina mama na baba, burudikeni na muziki zilizopendwa, ambaye iliyo mporomoshwa na mzee wakazi.

    @ ALL,
    Enjoy KUWAZA SERA by a legend of Kiswahili folk music. John Mwale:

  285. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    There we go again, Samba Mapangala’s voice can be heard in Super Mazembe’s Mwana Mazembe.

  286. Tsango says:

    @ Fred
    Thanks for posting the “Mwana Mazembe” song on behalf of David Ochan. I have been looking for the song for quite a while now.
    Here too Samba Mapangala’s voice is unmistakable – at its usual harmonius best.
    @ Hodari
    Just like Esororo’s posts of George Mukabi’s songs, John Mwale’s song is great – rekindles the lights of my yesteryears. Thanks (or as they would say is Sesotho, kea leboha). While still in the East African yeateryears, I invite all to Daudi Kabaka’s songs.
    Bush Baby Twist: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ladp9i
    Tabu ni kwa Mwanaume: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z1kiu9
    Safari Tanganyika: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3tkmmh
    Pole Musa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qvsbgm

  287. Nobrun says:

    Hope everyone is having a great summer. Based on the links above it appears so. A few requests. I’m going to be a little (maybe a lot) picky this time. I’m looking for the ORIGINAL versions of the following 3 gems:
    1.) Malako (not Malako Disco) by Mapangala,
    2.) Sala Keba (not the re-make) by Mazembe,
    3.) Marie Wandaka (not the re-make) by Kasule.
    I know beggars can’t be choosers but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
    And thank you everyone for all the music. You made my 4th.

  288. saminator says:

    @ all,
    am delighted that the fire is now blazing real hot with plenty of contribution from members. so hot that one is tempted to tink of awarding prizes to the best contributors as if it’s some sort of competition. but no, let the fire burn as it is and burn forever, thanks to clan founder STEVE. just to take it a step further, shouldn’t members start contemplating a sort of reunion where we could share their experiences live while dancing to the then strokes? am talking here about the BUMP dance.
    @ tsango,
    your offer of the zaiko hits is very tempting but am still lost for as to the exact album(s). perhaps you could try me out with teh period of the song MANGOBO, as sent by one clan member above. they would probably guide me better.

  289. saminator says:

    @ tina,
    what? i didn’t understand your position on INDIAN LADY. are you about to pass it over?

  290. saminator says:

    @ all,
    the sender of ROSY by super mazembe did a superb job. what a somg it is! could you kindly supply the part 2 as well, as it sounds to be incomplete, as well as when it was released. just want to learn more about it out of curiosity, ’cause it’s such a sweet song. thanx a zillion.

  291. Tina says:

    Sorry, I think it is ‘river lady’, when I read your post was not mentally operating @ a full deck, do you still want it? Which one is it, ‘indian lady’ or ‘river lady’ ur looking for!
    “the day the river freezes is the day it wont seem fair cause theyll come to get the River Lady…” by Whittaker.

    @Much thanks and appreciation to Sir Fred for Super Super Mazembe, and also to Hodari and Tsango for the folk and tweest songs. To me, these traditional melodies are a reflection of the social and political issues then, such as work, war, and popular opinion, and I really love them.

    I dreamt that Spain beat Germany 2-0, the reality will probably be the opposite.

  292. Tina says:

    Here’s ‘pass the dutchie’ by Musical Youth.

  293. D. Ochan says:

    @ TINA
    Thanks for “Pass The Dutchie”

  294. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    Here are a couple other Zaiko songs released more or less during the period as “Mangobo”:
    Bolingo Aveugle: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fhtw6g
    Sangela: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tgingm
    Kinshasa Makambo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/59qdsp
    Souvenir Massa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/s63mdk
    Essesse: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ssf6pw
    Crois-moi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qnld6d

  295. Tsango says:

    @ Nobrun
    Here are some of your requests. Note, however, that though “Malako” is not ‘original’, it is not “Malako Disco” by Orchestre Virunga. It is not original in the sense that some additions were effected at the studio – recorded applause – but everything else is the same. I do not have Kasule’s Marie Wandaka, sorry. Somebody should assist with that.
    Malako Pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3ob4yj
    Malako Pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b0z8z1
    Sala Keeba Pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sdgid8
    Sala Keba Pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sszb2y

    @ Jaribu
    In “Sala Keba”, Samba’s voice is also evident.

    @ Lydia and All
    I will truly be thankful if you could post Theo Blaise’s “Pepe la jolie” and Dr Nico’s “Biatondi Kasanda”.

  296. kabuga says:

    The earthmovers were really in their element on pepepe. That chorus is angelic and madjo maduley abdullah came out so well.

    It is spain against the dutch on sunday.

  297. Fred says:

    @ Tina:
    Thanks for that track. I do remember it. It adds to my collection of rare gems.

    @ All:
    Do you remember this?

    @ Tsango:
    Pépée La Jolie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/26gmkg

    Biatondi Kasanda: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xtyn3v

  298. Tsango says:

    @ Fred
    Thanks for “Pepee la Jolie” and “Biatondi Kasanda”, they will complete my weekend.

  299. Nobrun says:

    @ Tsango
    Thank you for preserving and sharing Malako and Sala Keba. They also happen to be some of the cleanest copies I’ve heard from that era. Much appreciated.

  300. Egoing says:

    We have been grappling and experiencing a lot of intermittent disconnection, presumably because a fault knocked out an undersea cable that brings high-speed internet to the country and most of East Africa.

    I am afraid some of the recent postings (e.g. Dr Kitch) to me seem to introduce ants into the clan boat. I hope the boat keeps clear and maintains a decent course befitting the good old times. Please, these are personal feelings.

  301. Lydia says:

    Yes I guess Esororo did smoke me out… I’ve been travelling visiting with family therefore not able to keep up so well, but am back now and getting all the goodies… And yes I will stay a while Esororo… greetings to you Kabuga and Robert

    Dr. Kitch was released in 1967… in the good old days….. :-)… naughty lyrics and innuendo have been around a long long time…. and it was a hit with my parents generation – I know because i remember it constantly being played along with “Good Morning Mr. Walker”…… Theres people out there at home in their 70’s who still have it in their vinyl collections (I saw it in a family friends old box)…..i guess those to whom its offensive will use their discretion as in all other things…

  302. Fred says:

    @ Lydia:
    Thanks for your comment about Dr. Kitch. I thought users (clan members) are mature enough to decide what they want to listen to. If it offends you, delete it.
    I had even removed it from my Sendspace account on grounds that I had offended many people. In case there are those who still want it, I can reupload it.
    Thanks Lydia, your comment puts me at peace with myself.

  303. Tina says:

    Ha ha ha! Sir Fred, are you kidding me! I was laughing with my sister listening to Dr. Kitch, we were trying to dissect the lyrics and found it hilarous; this morning upon inviting our cousin to sample it out, it was gone. Never mind, royalty sometimes gets the loathe for taking part in fox hunting – being a blood-letting sport, but they’re revered and loved @ the end of the day.

    Your views and that of all members are highly valued, I was about to ask you about the meaning behind Dr. Kitch before it was pulled down. If it wasn’t ’cause of this little controversy, I wouldn’t have guessed Dr. Kitch was naughty. Unfortunately the power of the modern social media sometimes overrides taboos. In anycase,
    clan members rarely fight in a way that can damage them seriously. Most bickering is settled quickly, some loud noises and a couple of light bites is usually enough. Let’s all remember that good comes out of opposing view points.

    Enjoy the finale of the WC, an estim. 3b will watch the game between Spain and the Netherlands. The games will not be back on the continent for a long long while. Spain 1; The Netherlands 2. Here’s Matshikos from South Africa.


  304. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    Yes I do hear Samba’s voice in Sala Keba. It’s interesting that I have heard that song many times but just did not think to associate that voice with Samba: I wonder why!

  305. saminator says:

    @ fred,

    kindly send me NONO MOKE. i tried accessing the one you send sometime ago but failed.

  306. saminator says:

    @ tsango,
    correct me if am wrong, but is there a much earlier version of sala keba?

  307. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Josky – Double Face: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kuqjhu
    Did some one want this?:
    Indian lady(Eng): http://www.sendspace.com/file/m6zvv4
    Indian Lady(Ger): http://www.sendspace.com/file/u9je50

  308. Tina says:

    Somebody posted Habel Kifoto here a fortnight ago; could you kindly do the honours again and post for me
    1) Charoni Ni Wasi
    2) Bonya Kuche,
    all by the same artist, thanks guys and enjoy the weekend.

    Also anyone with these; Kuteleza si kwanguka (Lady Issa), isambe, wallow, monie, yesu kristu (Kanda Bongoman).

    Here’s ‘wazazi’ by Les Wanyika

  309. Fred says:

    @ Tina:
    You could have asked for the whole album Zing Zong. Here you are
    Kanda Bongo Man – Isambe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xsed2t
    Lady Isa – Kuteleza Si Kwanguka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7yr6ew
    Kanda Bongo Man – Wallow: http://www.sendspace.com/file/28tt0l
    Kanda Bongo Man – Monie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4wzzz7
    Kanda Bongo Man – Yesu Christu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/az4uz4
    Maroon Commandos – Charonyi Ni Wasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yk0buk
    Maroon Commandos – Bonya Kuche: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x1mukb
    Bonus – Kanda Bongo Man – My Love Elisabeth: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sti3n1

  310. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    I am not aware if there was an earlier version of the “Sala Keba” I posted.
    @ Fred
    Could you be having Maroon Commandos’ “Usiniambie Unaenda”? If so, I would appreciate if you posted it. Thanks.

  311. Tsango says:

    @ All
    I invite you to enjoy the following 2 songs from Orchestre Kiam’s best album entitled “Kiam Super Hits”
    Bakule: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m8kkir
    Yayona: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2z02m0

  312. Waweru says:


    From the Zing Zong album, could you kindly send Fres Soki and Kadhi. I would love to get a hold of these two songs by Kanda

  313. Robert says:

    I am around and about and still afloat just swamped. Thanks for the great exchanges have been in the loop.
    My request for “Mama Suzie” ha not expired.
    Greetings acknowledged

  314. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Waweru

    Freres Soki http://www.sendspace.com/file/o16oqx
    Kadhi http://www.sendspace.com/file/8lmwra

    @ Tsango

    I would like to hear, “exode, Meta m.m” of the same album and “Abeba” from the album “L’ Afrique danse avec les orchestres KIAM et LIPUA LIPUA”

  315. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Tsango

    What are the tracks from the album “Super Hits Volume 1 Kiam?

  316. D. Ochan says:

    @ ARNOL
    Here is Kiam’s EXODE

  317. Tsango says:

    @ Arnold_79
    I am at a loss as to what to tell you about Kiam’s “Super Hits Volume 1″. It is an album I would really wish to lay my hands on, or wish to listen to. There seem to be something mysterious about it. When one surfs the web, one comes across sites and bloggs that make reference to it but they do not mention the tracks it contains, neither do they supply the cover. When I acquired my vinyl album copy of “Kiam Super Hits Volume 2″ in 1978, I didn’t see a copy of Volume 1 (otherwise I woudld have acquired a copy of it as well) and I have not seen one since then. Anyhow, below are the other 2 songs on “Kiam Super Hits Volume 2″. Unfortunately, I do not have “Abeba” by Orchestre Kiam. Could any clan member assist here?
    Exode: http://www.sendspace.com/file/52pscx
    Meta MM:http://www.sendspace.com/file/wkds3g

  318. Tsango says:

    @ Arnold_79 and All
    Here is “Meta MM”, I realise that it didn’t come through. I have included a bonus track “Masumu” by the same group..
    Meta MM: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k2lyzb
    Masumu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b7v7do

  319. D. Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Seems I am recovering from the site’s spam guard.
    Thanks all for the good postings.
    Thanks Fred for passing on my posting.
    Thanks Tina for the Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie”.

  320. Arnol_79 says:

    @ D. Ochan & Tsango

    Thanks for the tracks.

    Here is Maketa, The album Les grands Success Des Editions veve Volume 8


  321. Tsango says:

    @ Arnol_79
    My apologies for having referred to you as “Arnold.” Thanks for Kiam’s “Maketa”. The copy I had was not as clean as yours.

  322. Pita Mbita says:

    Hello all ,iam still waiting for somebody with ILIKUWA LIFUTI BY VIJANA JAZZ and LIKINGO LIMBOKA BY TPOK JAZZ

  323. D. Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Still testing.
    Steve has worked all night to fix my posting. This spam guard is like some small dog at home, once they don’t like you, you will always be having trouble whenever you pass by them.
    I hope Steve has put the muzzle on this particular one.

  324. Fred says:

    @ All:
    It seems people have remembered Kiam. Here is another Kiam track from 1974
    Nina: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qa6676

  325. Tina says:

    Thanks a bunch for Kanda, Lady Issa, & Habel; I think it was you who a while ago posted a zipped album of Bongoman, but I lost it when my music library crashed.
    I would think Lady Issa’s Kuteleza si kwanguka’ is the same sa ‘ maisha ni Mlima’, agreed! ie same song but different names – I guess doesn’t really matter.

    Talk about favorite songs! Here’s Loyengine by Tabu Ley


  326. Pita Mbita says:

    Fred,thank you so much for likingo limboka,GOD bless you so much

  327. kabuga says:


    Thanks for visa vimenichosa by DDC.


    Asante sana for bolingo ya telefone.

    Meanwhile, i lost my favourite leden & gemile by TBK, virungas mansita & mabiala.

    Have also been looking for the following – kiwaka by Pepe Kalle, kouame by Syran Mbenza and stella by vijana jazz.

    Kindly please.

  328. kabuga says:


    Thanks again for your huge presence in this forum. The kasimu amefilisika you posted is the best in quality i have across so far. Would it be possible to fix the few hitches and kindly repost. Sindano inaruka in several instances.

  329. Tina says:

    Once again, I can’t help but admire this voice; if you listen, lyrics will remind you of Les Wanyika’s ‘amigo’ –

    Ndumili Kuwili – Remmy Ongala & OSM

    Could you kindly post for me Pepe Kalle’s ‘gerant’, thanks.

  330. Fred says:

    @ Tina:
    Here you are.
    Gerant: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xkdtbb
    Gerant (instrumental): http://www.sendspace.com/file/ksct3a

    @ All:
    This track of 1974 by Bella Bella reminds me of my youthful years. I like the rythm in it. It comes out clearly. The track was in 2 parts that I have joined. Listen to the originality and flow of the instruments and the clarity of the various instruments summoning each other. Enjoy.
    Menga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jmxg3s

  331. Tina says:

    Could you kindly post more of Daudi Kabaka or John Mwale, ie any twist/folk songs – they’re a good listen.
    ‘Gerant’ is much appreciated, with much thanks.

  332. Tina says:

    ‘African twist’ and ‘kilio kwetu’ by Daudi Kabaka
    ‘Kenyatta aliteswa sana’ by John Mwale, and any others are all welcome.

  333. @ ALL

    Join us in mourning the bomb tragedy that rocked our city on Sunday. No one is safe anaywhere, these days.

    Thanks for all your contributions to keep the blog alive and interesting from even different perspectives. Please don’t even start thinking of thinking about my absence. For quite sometime, we have had intermittent connection to the internet, presumably because of some fault somewhere. I am around, and trying again to test the signal today. I am sure the little controversy about Dr. Kitch has received the last nails to its coffin. The best we got out of it though, was that our clan is a hotbed of social and cultural diversity, and which is very normal in society. Even in many religions, controversy exists as different churches interpret the scripture differently. But we accept one another as brethren. And In any case. just Tina mentions, clan members should not fight in a way (without loud noise or any bite) that can damage them seriously.

    Please bear with me if/when I request for a reposting because of our poor internet connection.

    Fight the good fight with all thy might.
    I do not have Justina Na Cecil and Emery Lumumba yet, but I never say die!

    @Fred, Jaribu, Mbita
    Thanks for all yor contributions.

    A late question or wishful wondering: What colours did you put on subsequently? Never know you might also become more famous predicting winners/losers. If I had any specific team I support in any of tournaments, I would try to induce you to wear their colours whenever they are playing. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  334. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    You might also like the following:
    George Mukabi’s “Mtoto si Nguo”
    Peter Tsotsi’s “Back to Afrika”
    Fadhili Williams” “Taxi Driver”
    Daudi Kabaka’s “Msichana wa Elimu”

  335. Hodari says:

    @ Tina,
    Unakaribishwa kwa kikundi cha Rekodi za kiswahili zilizopendwa. Anyway, enjoy the following TWISTI hits by the legendary Isaya Mwinamo.

    HADIJA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yzdcbx
    MABWANA NAIROBI: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9t599y
    SAFARI YA TANZANIA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bz57rr

    @All, has somebody got MATONDO YA MBEYA?

  336. Tsango says:

    @ Kabuga
    I have L’Eden, Djemile and Mansita. I hope one of the clan members will post the rest. I am myself desperately looking for Samba’s (Virunga’s) “Mabiala.”

    L’Eden Pt. 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7j7du1
    L’Eden Pt. 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o9xeyt
    Djemile: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0vl69g
    Mansita: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8isyin

    Here is what I consider to be Theo Blaise’s best composition
    Mwana Djambala: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xq0808

  337. kabuga says:


    Thanks! I really love TBK and rate L’eden as his best song. It reminds me of my form one days!

  338. D. Ochan says:

    @ HODARI

    @ EGOING
    I hope your connection is improving. As for the tragey at home, victim no 40 Samuel Okot (not OKOTI) is the son of my uncle who had his home and samba at Kyambogo. But that is life.
    I was happy that Tina and Lydia calmed your worries about “Dr. Kitch”. If we start going down the road of sensorship, then we shall loose more and more super hits. I shall elaborate on this later (I have to keep my discipline otherwise the spam dog will bite me again).

  339. Tina says:

    Black, yellow, red, that’s right! these colours’re like a wavin’ flag – but green looks good on me. While in high school I was an all-around athlete and a sports news editor for the school magazine, and am very knowledgeable about – volleyball, tennis, baseball/softball, track, squash, basketball, hockey, and the ultimate thrill – futbol; I like the U.Cranes, but my club’s Arsenal, followed by Brazil’s national team. If I were to start a new career besides the current (deve. policy & planning), I would most likely be a tennis player or sports commentator, I’m happy to share this passion with you guys.

    But I love music; during my free time (I could jog, garden, cook, and entertain guests, etc while listening to music). For me music’s live, live’s life that’s why I love this forum & it’s one of six that I visit with regularity ‘cause I’ve discovered and continue to find a lot of gems here.

    @Hodari & Tsango,
    Thanks a million for the twist songs, and the TBK tunes, all familiar to me but didn’t know TBK was behind them, All I remember is that ‘missengue’ was a familiar tune along side ‘l’eden’ – in any case I didn’t know much about TBK until now. Great posts by you two! God Bless.

  340. Egoing says:


    I don’t know whether some are repeated, but otherwise try to sample this MORENO Collection. You may be, just as I am, surprised that I have loaded such a big file. Realised that the wonders my modem can do in Kampala are a distant vision in the remote Karamoja (Northeast of Uganda) where I work!

    Olupot James Peter are also my names. Sometimes the service provision tortures and disorganises me and I just unknowingly end up switching between the two.

    MORENO COLLECTION: http://www.sendspace.com/file/36l6rk

    When it allows, more will follow

  341. kabuga says:


    We share love for the gunners! Also, TBK is certainly one of the very best. Will post you another serious gem from him and then you can give your verdict.

  342. kabuga says:


    There is a small group of musicians who are special to me – TBK, Nyboma, Bopol and Lokassa. These guys are geniuses and anything they touch seems to turn gold.

    Now enjoy m’bana by Theo Blaise http://www.sendspace.com/file/gzz53v

  343. Tina says:

    Middle tier musicians like TBK were really off my rader. Their tunes were more familiar to me than their names in the day – not much knowledge that’s why I rely so much on you folks to revitalize my music library. My father has a vast collection, mostly rumba from the 50’s 60′ & 70s, but not much to show for the 80s. Thanks to you all for formally introducing me to the works of TBK, after a little bit of research, found out that these’re equally great tracks by him and would love to have them;

    1) Kidiba
    2) Ca C’est la Vie
    3) Belle Amicha
    4) Fante Ya Ntima
    5) Chochou

    Any song with Nyboma’s voice in it, no doubt picks my interest, and any of his collaborations.

    Here’s ‘madiana’ – Nyboma, a fav of mine, second only to ‘double double.’


    Enjoy the weekend!

  344. Hodari says:

    @ D. Ochan,
    Thankyou very much for Matondo Ya Beya.

  345. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Fred

    the album “African – Veve 170 (90 822)”

    Side A; Nina (Bakolo Keta) Orchestre Kiam
    Side B; Lola (Botuli ilongi) Orchestre Kiam; http://www.sendspace.com/file/gmsshf

    @ All
    Help me with these tracks
    1; http://www.sendspace.com/file/a3k9ic
    2; http://www.sendspace.com/file/01xppk
    3; http://www.sendspace.com/file/hd4m2q
    4; http://www.sendspace.com/file/2qteze

  346. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu and All
    Here are 2 Lipua Lipua songs that seem to be very rare to come across. They will make useful additions to collections of Lipua Lipua fans. I bumped into them very accidentally.
    Mafiela: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bb9mu5
    Seli ya Mule: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zliiu2

  347. JARIBU says:

    Thank you for Mafiela; I am hearing it for the very first time. Looks like it’s hard finding a prestine copy of Seli Ya Mule. Yours sounds better than the copy I acquired many years ago.

  348. JARIBU says:

    Thank you for Lola.

  349. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu
    I am yet to come across a song by Lipua Lipua which I do not enjoy. I really danced to Mafiela in the 70s.

    @ Arnol_79
    I succeeed in tracing Kiam’s Greatest Hits vol 1. The last song of the LP (“Serrleux”) actually also came out as a single titled “Abeba”.
    Side A
    Mokili: http://www.sendspace.com/file/51d7jg
    Kwakilie: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ykdgpd
    Side B
    Meta: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nwtddq
    Serrleux: http://www.sendspace.com/file/u4y1wj

    Enjoy Kiam’s Greatest Hits Vol 1. Meanwhile, our earnest request for Samba Mapangala’s “Mabiala” (and “Sister Ali”) is still on. Thanks and have a weekend full of fun.

  350. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Tsango

    Thank you very much for “Kiam super hits volume 1″
    Tracks are the album; Editions Vévé (VVLP 1003)?

  351. Lydia says:


    Here is Mabiala

    I’m pretty sure I have Sister Ali somewhere, but I just finally revived my computer after my teen had put it in a coma some months ago – and I’m still trying to locate files.

  352. Arnol_79 says:


    Here is “Okomi Boye Pt. 1&2 – Orchestre Lipua-Lipua”; http://www.sendspace.com/file/jnjd4s

  353. Hodari says:

    @ kabuga,
    You mentioned to Tina, “some group of musicians that are special”. Have you forgotten this man when it comes to Dance Music? Listen to San Fan Thomas’s Neng Makassi, and Iam sure you are gonna add him to your list. I have added a bonus truck by my favourite ladies band Zouke Machine. Enjoy Dance Weekend!

    NENG MAKASSI: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ev6zsr
    PISIME ZOUKE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/txb627

  354. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    Thanks for Mabiala and Sister Ali. How I have missed the 2 songs?! Memories! Memories! memories! I am celebrating – lots of wine and coucou – and as Jamnazi would say “I am not sober because I have taken something that has Michael power.”
    I am not Sober: http://www.sendspace.com/file/s12k9d

    Here are some of your TBK requests
    Kidiba Pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fknnmd
    Kidiba Pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5780hm
    Belle Amicha: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e7h65l
    Faute ya Ntima Pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l44fqb
    Faute ya Ntima Pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dvco8m
    Nyelenga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/nv7vnj

    Could you be having Samba’s “Moninga”, “Cido”, “Rama”, “Betty”, “Kimotho”? Once again, asante tena sana.

  355. Tsango says:

    @ Arnol_79 & All
    I find it always freshing to listen to Lipua Lipua tracks no matter how frequent. Thanks for Okomi Boye. Here is Kizengezenge

  356. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    Here is TBK’s Ca C’est la Vie

  357. D. Ochan says:

    @ TSANGO
    Here is Samba Mapangala’s MONINGA (we use to call it “Keep Left”)

    When NYBOMA is at his best and Luswama Aspro decides to prove that he is the best ever Bassist for Lipua Lipua, you end up with this classic:

    @ ALL
    Thanks for the superb postings this week.

  358. Tobias says:

    Could someone upload the LP: INTERNATIONAL MINZOTO Dance caneton a l’aisement Vol. 1?

  359. Lydia says:

    Masanga masanga and more masanga

    I ‘ve liked this track for a long time and used to have a video cassette tape of Mwenda wa Bayeke playing this song on VOK …hmmm a long time ago

    Masanga by Jean Bosco Mwenda (Mwenda wa Bayeke)

    I love this version too by Rumbanella band

    Now the instrumental version – Mwenda wa Bayeke

    and totally unrelated but great too .. Masanga by Orch, Bella Bella

  360. Lydia says:

    Some background information on the artist Mwenda wa Bayeke from



    Jean-Bosco Mwenda (known later in life as Mwenda Wa Bayeke) was the most famous and influential of the virtuoso fingerstyle guitarists who flourished in Southeastern Congo, near the Zambian border, in the 1950s. His first recording, “Masanga,” was imitated throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and he went on to make more than 200 records, both in the Congo and during a stay of over a year in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as performing in Europe and at the Newport Folk Festival. These recordings were from a series of reel-to-reel tapes in the library of Radio Zaire in Lubumbashi, and represented the station’s vanished collection of 78s. Be warned: Although the music is wonderful, the sound quality on some cuts is pretty rocky — some of the 78s had been played a good deal, and there were two tape transfers between the 78s and the CD. However, these include many of Bosco’s finest records, as well as songs by his frequent partner Losta Abelo and other local players, none of them available elsewhere. For lagniappe, there are two wonderful vocal group sides by the Zambian star Alick Nkhata (sometimes spelled Nkatha).

  361. Tsango says:

    @ D. Ochan
    Thanks so much for Samba’s Moninga (Keep Left). I can’t remember when I last listened to the song. Thanks as well for Lipua Lipua’s Nasepelisa Nzoto. The group was legendary, made up of gifted artists. Note, however, that when they produced the song, Naseepelisa Nzoto, Nyboma had alredy left the band and was with Les Kamale – another celebrated troupe. The high pitched voice in Nasepelisa Nzoto belongs to Kilola Toko.

  362. saminator says:

    @ all,
    hello, hello and hello clansmates. it’s soooo good to be back after such a long absence. was struck by the malaria bug just at the moment i heard that sooo many innocent ugandan lives were lost in bomb blasts in kampala city. and it was a double tragedy for me as well because my computer broke down and i lost a couple of hit tunes kind clan members had sent; fred, tina, ochan, esororo, egoing, to mention but a few. the computer problem has been fixed and what a pleasant surprise awaited me in store: fred had sent INDIAN LADY! amazing, simply amazing.
    it’s at this juncture that i appeal to the clansmate to hear my plea and reconsider sending me the following (i know it’s cumbersome to do something or send something you already did or sent but this is just a special plea from a poor desparate soul);
    NONO MOKE, fred?
    ESCLAVE, tina?
    AM 16, tina?
    15 FABRICE, ATTENTION NA SIDA, esororo, egoing?

    i think ive forgotten a couple others but those are the ones that come at the forefront.
    i thank you clan members.

  363. Robert says:

    Cannot deny Lipua Lipua was one of my favorite all time band. Careful listening to their hits and consultations have managed to come up with the list of the band members and their possible roles.
    Correct/add to the list:
    Vata Mombasa- Band leader (rhythm guitar)
    Mbuta Benazo -lead saxophone
    Nzaya Nzayadio – lead vocal
    Kilola Toko -vocal
    Nono Nkuka(Nsayi) –
    Tedia Wunu Mbakidi –
    Lusuama Aspro – Solo guitar
    Mongoley –
    Kiese –
    Mbubi Malanda –

  364. Fred says:

    @ Robert :
    How about Tsimanga, Mulembo, Nyboma and some others whose names I forget? Some one can add on others.

  365. saminator says:

    @ all,
    two more titles i forgot that i lost on my crashed computer;

    LODENDE, esororo, egoing?

    I MISS YOUR LOVE(JONATHAN BUTLER), egoing, esororo?

    help, clansmates, help.

    @ robert,

    i agree with fred, nyboma’s voice sounded so many times in lipua lipua, a band that should be among everybody’s all time favorites.

  366. Robert says:

    @ Saminator

    Here you are: Jonathan Butler – http://www.sendspace.com/file/rm3u9z

  367. Tina says:

    @Hey folks,
    Thanks for the posts on Lipua Lipua, is no doubt among the GOATs (greatest of all time) 70s bands – prolific in composition & production of top hits. Also a proud group in announcing names of band members in their songs. My favorite of this group is ‘lossa’ and ‘ndukidi.’ Okomi Boye is a sick track, just listen carefully at the make up, ur nuts if still seated at the end of it.
    Thanks for the wonderful posts on TBK, Kabuga introduced me to the music of this guy and I really love it.
    The female vocals for ‘ca c’est la vie’ sound familar to that of the group ‘Orchestra Makassy, any relationship?
    Thanks for ‘masanga’ adds to our folk collection
    @Saminator & all
    It’s sad that extremist religious groups continue to target and have interest in our region. It may get worse before it gets better – the best advice for the locals is to be vigilant, report suspicious activity, know thy neighbor, avoid crowded spaces, etc – may minimize damage. This wk in Kenya, 2 suspects were scooped with bomb-making materials. Nelson Mandela paid the ultimate price of freedom!

    In honour of the freedom fighter himself – Nelson Mandela, recently celebrated his birthday, unbelievable how time flies – Even in frail health, I wish he lives to celebrate his 100th.

    Free N.M. – Aka Special

    Here’s Papa Wemba, got it from the chief
    Sixteen – Musical Youth

  368. saminator says:

    @ tina robert,

    i knew it, i knew it! i always trusted that you good clansmates out there would respond duely to my sos. thank you, thank you, thank you. you and am beginning to believe that tina is now the engine of the clan. even when things appear to start going slow with so many abentisms, she’s always there to pop them up….keep it up girl keep it up! and i like the fact that you are a fellow gunner, or should i say gooner as it’s popularly put in the blogs. le’s cross our hearts and pray that something good finally works this coming season. at least wenger the gaffer appears to be busy in the transfer market.

    @ tina,
    now, the daudi kabaka TWIST, is it possible to get the first and second parts of the song? because the two were just mixed into one.

    @ all,
    after the timely intervention of tina and robert it leaves me begging for just the five remaining songs to complete my own picture of the goldie oldies.
    just as a remainder,
    sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos

  369. D. Ochan says:

    Here are some of your requests
    1. LODENDE (Veve)




    5. NONO MOKE (Mattheu Nono Kuka – LES NOIRS)

    BONUS (One of my best singer for OK JAZZ – Daniel Ntesa “DALIENST”)

  370. Edu Owino says:


    Pepe Kalle – Vocals
    Kinzunga Ricos – Lead guitar

  371. Robert says:


    Help me ID this song “Africa” in terms of Artist/Band probably year for my records


  372. Tsango says:

    @ Robert
    The song is titled “Le Bucheron” and is a Franklin Boukaka composition,,1970.

  373. Tsango says:

    @ Robert

    This is the extent of my knowledge of the legendary Lipua Lipua:
    Nyboma Mwadido – vocals, founder member
    Pepe Kalle – vocals, founder member (did not stay for long)
    Kinzunga Ricos – solo guitar, founder member
    Mulembu Tshibau – vocals, founder member
    Mbudi Malanda, vocals, founder member
    Pierre Bissikita – rhythm guitar, founder member
    Santa Mongoley – solo guitar, founder member
    Tshimanga Assosa – vocals, founder member
    Vata Mombasa – rhythm guitar, joined the group in 1974, became band leader
    Lusuama Aspro – solo guitar, founder member (I think)
    Kilola Toko – vocals
    Tedia Wunu Nbakidi – vocals
    Nzaya Nzayadio – vocals
    Mbanza Matadi – guitarist (can’t remember which)
    Nsayi Nono Nkuka – drums
    Benazo Mbuta – sax
    Tonele – vocals
    Samara – drums
    Makaya – drums (I think)
    Ken Kiesse – vocals
    Deni Wade – ?
    Maluku – ?
    Johnny Pindu – ?
    Interestingly virtually all of them were great composers.

  374. Lydia says:


    Here is a clean copy of “Le Bucheron” – the tree cutter (lumberjack). Sadly Franklin Boukaka’s lament remains true today as when he sang it….. the majority of our people still live in abject poverty while the politicians enrich themselves only to remember you when it comes to elections time….Aye Africa.. Oh freedom .. The white man left …who is independent?


  375. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    You should be OK for now, here is Samba’s Vidonge

    @ All
    Here is Nelson Mandela by Tabu Ley & Mbilia bel

  376. saminator says:

    @ ochan,

    yes! you rhave esponded very positively but where have you been much of this time? your presence on the clans blog is currently on and off like a neon flash. are we running out of our kind of music? thanx a bunch for the music though.
    and now left with samba mapangala’s VIDONGE to end my request in a bid to refill the gap left by my computer collpase.
    @ all,

    in light of my above question to ochan, why don’t we shift a little bit more attention to the west….
    can any of us do some jimmy cliff, elvis presley, beatles, bee gees, etc?
    to start with lemme begin by testing if any clansmate “release” the jimmy cliff tunes, LOOL WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO MY LIFE, FOOLISH PRIDE, IVE BEEN DEAD 400 YEARS and YOU CAN’T BE WRONG AND GET IT RIGHT.

  377. saminator says:

    @ tsango,

    oh no, am speechless, now. to prove how strong this clan is, all my requests have been met; moreover for stuff that had already been sent, only for me lose them because of a faulty computer. and am sorry you sent VIDONGE and it appeared just as i was sending back a “rerequest””. sorry about that but one million thanks to you and all the clan members for being so kind hearted. may the the blessings of god be with you unendingly.

    @ all,

    because of the solidarity shown by clan members, am strongly beginning to feel that we should aaallll meet in the not too distant future and reminisce on the good old days. i already suggested so earlier but received no response even though the feeling gets stronger. since the blog attracts members from the diaspora we could get somebody like our dear “founder” steve to co-ordinate the plans for the get to-gether and what it would take. ideally it could take place in any of the east african cities, nairobi, kampala or dar es salam.
    please members express your opinions on the issue; its possibility or impossibility.
    i thank you all.

  378. Tsango says:

    @ All
    Just like Saminator, I must also confess that I am thrilled by the camaraderie, kindness, and genorosity exhibited by members. Despite my tender age in the clan, I feel that I already know some of the members. It would even be wonderful and an honour to meet them in person. I would, hence, lend my support to Saminators suggestion of a get-together though of course the logistics may prove tricky but not insurmountable. It is an idea worth exploring.

  379. Robert says:


    Thanks for the update and equally so for the line up of Lipua Lipua’s kingpins

    I cannot agree with you and Franklin more, indeed the times seemed better during the colonial era (the wazee say so) and the time immediately after attainment of independence probably because their hold was still on. Look at the most companies/corporates government institutions that were run by the colonialist examples Railways, airlines, hospitals , roads name it are all been run down to despicable levels. What independence? Politicians creaming off the goodies for a few clans mate(not Ntwigans of course) and those in their cahoots as the rest bleed and subjected to unprecedented poverty labyrinth.

  380. Tina says:

    Agree or not, seems when Nyboma left Lipua Lipua he took with him Kinzuga to join Les Quatre Etoiles – the amazing guitar wizardry of the guy greatly contributed to the band’s (LQE) succes across much of Africa.
    In the earlier post I was referring to the similarity of the ‘mosese’ vocals in Orchestra Makassy to TBK’s ‘cest ca la vie,’
    The sky’s the limit of a clan reunion in E.Africa if the logistics are right – if or when it happens, could be fireworks.
    @Robert, Lydia, & Tsango,
    Thanks for ‘le bucheron.’ I called it ‘Africa’ too, now forgotten only remembered when played, but a familiar tune during post-independence Africa, more like ‘independence cha cha cha. That’s why this clan base is important; helps us juxtapose and id tracks. A while ago I witnessed a local politician compaigning for an MP post give packets of salt to the village women in the hopes of winning over their votes; most of the women swore that would be their candidate of choice come election time – whauu!
    I downloaded the TBK file, and can’t locate it in my zip file manager, will try again, thanks for your referral. No doubt TBK’s music is very very infectious, wonderful for relaxation.

  381. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    You are somehow right. When Nyboma left Lipua Lipua, together with Mbuta Benazo, Kinzunga, Mulembu, and Assosa they formed Les Kamale. The latter three later left Les Kamale and formed Orchestre Fuka Fuka which unfortunately did not last long. The simultaneous depature of the 5 from Lipua Lipua obviously caused some dent on or shift in Lipua Lipua. Their departure, perhaps, came as a blessing to other band members since it accorded them more space; the kind of space they previously would not have enjoyed. Here, I have in mind Nzaya, Malanda, Kilola Toko, Mongoley and Aspro. Nyboma and Kinzunga performed with the 4 stars much much later.
    That you mentioned, I now recognise the similarity between the vocals in Orchestra Makassy to TBK’s ‘cest ca la vie. though I doubt if there is some relationship given that the former is East African based while the latter West African based. But again, one can never tell.

  382. Tina says:

    Great stuff! couldn’t have asked for more in shading the light on lipua lipua’s evolution. Esororo had earlier mentioned in length the band’s misfortunes & adventures, but I couldn’t keep up with the alphabet soup of their names. My father finally advised me to carefully listen to the lyrics, during which band member names are prominently featured including ‘Aspro’ which I used to think was an advertisement of the drug ‘aspro.’

    Indeed, Lipua Lipua’s a legendary band, draws a lot of interest into their history, more or less like the ‘wanyika’ groups.
    Let’s do each other a favor by writing a line or two on every post of the mostly out of print music – like the post on ‘le bucheron.’ helps us who love this music but know little about the time, space, lyrics, or the artists’ history.

    OK, I gotta go, just spillled coke into my keyboard.

  383. JARIBU says:

    Yes, there is indeed plenty of name dropping in most – if not all – Liipua Lipua songs. Unfortunately, you have to know the names to notice them, otherwise they may just sound like they are shouting other things in Lingala. The group, like many others, titled many songs after band members. The notable ones are Mbuta, Mombassa, Ndukidi, Nono, Nsayi and Matoba may be titled after a band member too. I would not be surprised to learn that Lusuama got his first name (Aspro) from the pain pill. If so, I wonder how it survived Mobutu’s “authenticity” era.

  384. Tsango says:

    @ Jaribu, Tina, & All
    Jaribu, you may be right that Lusuama got his other name (Aspro) from the pain pill. Currently, there a musician in Kenya playing in John Junior’s VB Band who is referred to as “pain killer” the implication being that he handles his musical equipment with such finesse that even when one is filled with problems (pains), listening to him play his instrument eases or does away with the pain. Lusuama might have acquired him “Aspro” in the same fashion. This would therefore imply that it was first and foremost a nickname and that could explain why and how it survived Mobutu’s authenticity program. I am just thinking aloud, speculating perhaps.

    @ Fred & All
    Thanks for Tabu Ley’s songs for matures (smile). Tabu Ley is another very influential and great African musician and cannot be ignored in African musicology or historiography of African music. There are some compositions of his which are, to me, classic but unfortunately did not get adequate attention especially with the advent of albums which contained several songs and (hence) some of us just concentrated on what, to us, was the best song on the album and “ignored” the other songs. A good example is the song “Sima na Ngai” which was on the same album as the hit song “Mpeve ya Longo (Kamunga)”: or “Kingsa” which was drowned by the popular song “Ibeba”: or “Ma Fille” which was supressed by the irresistable “La Beaute D’une Femme”. I invite you all to enjoy with me these “disadvantaged” songs.

  385. saminator says:

    @ tsango and tina,

    you know the reunion idea may seem improbable; but that’s only because it’s not been given serious thought. but belive you me if we start thinking about it seriously, just like one can think of any problem that seems insurmountable, be assured that it will all come out doable. look at this; till the final months to the tournament, almost every body thought hosting thw world cup in would be impossible in south africa with all the negative stories surrounding it. but alas! south africa 2010 is on record as being the third best attended world cup ever! say what? anything is possible that seems impossible. let’s think, guys.

  386. Tina says:

    @Tsango & Fred,
    Thanks for the Tabu Ley serenades. His music and Franco’s is something I continue to discover in this forum, obviously he’s not 100% healthwise but among all surviving african music greats, he’s my life-time career achievement award winner for this decade – continues to write music and perform, amazing!

    What happened to the end of ‘ma fille’ – scratch or what, is it possible you could repost?

  387. Khalfan says:

    Hi All
    I am looking desperatelly for Vata Mombasa any album especially Vimpi.
    Also Taz Bolingo and Koffi Olomide ‘the prisoners have escaped’ album.
    Download links will do, any idea @Tina ?
    Please help.

  388. Lydia says:


    Vimpi – Vata Mombasa

  389. Lydia says:


    Even though it’s been a little quiet lately, I have to confess that that I can hardly keep up with all the great contributions Clans mates have been putting up … I’m enjoying the music and the enthusiasm of all the contributors. I intend to make sure I don’t miss out on all the good stuff in here – am downloading whenever I can … Thanks all

    @ Tina
    Thanks for sharing with us your passions.. I’m sure we are all curious to some extent about our clansmates interests and personalities – it makes it so much more interesting , so maybe guys can share a little about themselves too – we can get into each others Kool Aid and get to know your flavor :-)
    Like everyone here – I love music – am also into gardening when the weather allows – and am an accidental educator – not that I don’t enjoy it, I do – but when I was younger it was never in my life’s plans – but here we are years on…..

    Onto the music then..


    You really sent me down memory lane with Jimmy Cliff – memories of listening to him on rides to the rural area on the backs of landrovers or pickup trucks with family and friends, listening to music on that top loading cassette player ( a most valued possesion in those days), listening to Charlie Pride, Otis Redding, Skeeter Davis, Jimmie Cliff, Marvin Gaye……

    Look What You’ve Done to my life, Devil Woman

    House of Exile

    I’ve been Dead 400 years

    Thanks to my Aunt who gave me my first Jimmy Cliff Album…

  390. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    KADIOKA-FESTIVAL DU ZAIRE,MASASU-SHIKASHIKA and another old song by OK JAZZ-MAYOLANDE…GREATLY appreciated if someone kud post em

  391. saminator says:

    @ tina,
    now that’s what i call digging deep and being a true clansmate. because by the time you send those songs, (jimmy cliff)
    then know that that is solidarity to the maximum. but, as you talked about the jimmy cliff album, is it possible to continue diggging the same tunnel and come out with the two remaining songs, FOOLISH PRIDE and YOU CAN’T BE WRONG AND GET IT RIGHT? they must be on the same vinyl, am sure. also toss a michael jackon, DONT STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH plus the jackson five song he featured on as a tiny lead singer! forget the title though; that tina, will surely complet my picture of that era, as far as am concerned.
    but whatever the case, you have made me proud of your deep knowledge of ‘our” kind music. you sure rank there among the top; by the way what’s the female equivalent of a knight?

  392. Tina says:

    Hey there! That would be the lovely Lydia climbing the ‘Cliff’ and coming up with the Jimmy goodies for you, she’s filling that role brilliantly while we await to hear from the other regulars (royalty). I dug but not deep enough and came up with these, enjoy!

    Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
    Night Fever – Bee Gees
    ABC – The Jackson 5

    Great to hear there’re always other things besides the music we greatly aspire to and talk about in this forum.

    @Egoing or anyone,
    If you have anything lovely from Orchestre Leopards other than ‘seketa’ could you kindly post.

    Could someone haul in this big fish for me. I really love this rumba song, if I were on this band, would probably be playing the rumba drums.
    ‘Lucie Tozongana’ – Bavon Marie & Negro Succes

    Listen to the sax and drums in the Africando composition below, that’s what I’m talking about sax and drums – lovely!
    Bambino – Dalaka – Africando

  393. Hodari says:

    Hamjambo wote popote ulipo. It’s good to be back from an epic errand to the desert island.

    @ Tina,
    Here is Lucie Tozongana, and a cleaner Ma Fille.

    LUCIE TOZONGANA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k4z6pt

    MA FILLE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4pz40n

  394. JARIBU says:

    Here are the songs you requested.

    TPOK Jazz – Mayolande = http://www.sendspace.com/file/1k17qg
    Shika Shika – Masasu = http://www.sendspace.com/file/s0epgs
    Festival Du Zaire – Kadioka Part = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ilmwq5

    @ Tina

    And here is yours.

    Bavon Marie Marie – Lucie Tozongana = http://www.sendspace.com/file/sakz5a

  395. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    I had forgotten that the tail-end of \Ma Fille\ was problematic. I do not however have a better copy. Hope a clan member has a better one. Here is \Lucie Tozongana\ by Bavon Marie & Negro Succes:

    @ Khalfan & All
    I had earlier mused that with the advent of albums, some of us concentrated on the lead songs at the expense of the other songs. To me, Vata Mombasa’s LP is a good example. The lead song \Vimpi\ outdid the other 3 songs yet they were just as good. I particularly loved \Mokili\ . The LP was a memorable reunion of of Vata Mombasa and Nyboma with both doing what they do best. It is doubtful if there would be many who wouldn’t love the song:

    @ Saminator
    Here is Michael Jackson’s \Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough\. The song was a hit and speaks for itself.

  396. Lydia says:

    Here are the rest – you’re right, they’re on the same album – I think I was tired yesterday….

    You can’t be wrong and get it right

    Foolish Pride

    and a memory filled favorite of mine – Hard Road to travel

    As for your get together wish… everything that ever gets done starts as an idea…..

  397. Tsango says:

    @b Hodari
    Thanks for the clean copy of “Ma Fille”. Could you be having Dodo Munoko’s composition “Nalingi Yo Linga Ngai”? This was the fourth song on Tabu Ley/Mbilia Bel’s LP titled “La Beaute d’une femme”. I am missing that song in my collection.

    @ Tina & Lydia
    Thanks for the English pop songs. They remind me of my youthful days in school. I attended a boarding high school in Nairobi where English songs were the order of the day, and, consequently, my love for Lingala (African) music consigned me to the backstage – virtually rendered me an outcast, a mshamba (as they used to put it). That never killed my spirit though. Whenever I listen to English pop songs of those days they remind me of those days, the days that helped shape me me into what I am today – a “non-denominational” music listerner. I wonder if any clan memebr had a similar experience?
    Here are two songs that were virtual anthems in my school.
    Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on”
    Barry White’s “Can’t get enough of your love”

  398. saminator says:

    @ tina
    @ lydia,
    ok, girls, sorry for the bit of mix up in the names and identities i confused you two with, but it’s all the same; you/ we are one and the same, with the same goal, to enjoy good music and reminisce. not listen to the crap that’s soo engulfed us these days. otherwise, alas! you two have just made my week start on a truly memorable note. just see the hits you both have uploaded….what would i do without you and without the clan? again what is the female equivalent of a knight for bestowal upon you ladies?
    that still begs the idea, gals, guys we should really make a clans reunion? am just hoping and praying that somebody somewhere out there kickstarts the idea; steve, you reading?

  399. saminator says:

    @ tina,
    was that jackson 5 song on the same album as I WANT YOU BACK? kindly send it as well if possible. thanks a bunch fro ABC.

    @ all,

    a hit tune by the legendary british band, the beatles, went something like “Aia Aia Aia, Aia Aia people see you walking like a big monkey man, i never see you, but i always thought that you, are walking like a big monkey man”.
    stretching it too far? i hope not; just lost in the yester years, that’s all.

  400. Lydia says:

    @Tsango – your request Nalingi Yo Linga Ngai


    Thanks for Lets get it on and the Barry White number – I have enjoyed them after not listening to them for long though they were firm favorites in those days – I used not to bother to digitize my cd’s, now I know better after losing some of them.
    In high school my experience was the same – the most popular music among my friends was western music but when I got to college to my suprise it was the opposite…we would be at some college dance and people would be dancing to the western music – but when the lingala music came on … everyone got on the floor till there was hardly any room to move…. I was amazed and thats when I began to appreciate the music so much plus my roomate in campus gave my first track “Pitie” .. thanks CA!

    here’s a track some of you may remember…. from those days. It was constantly played by our French teacher Mr. G who was so brainwashed he would talk really badly about African music and artistes… but.. the song was real cool.. and hopefully time has taught him differently

    Daddy Cool by Boney M

  401. Lydia says:

    No prob about the mix up…it happens.

  402. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    @ JARIBU

    Thenx sooooo much Man,ur one in a million.am so happy
    Kindly if u can Theres MOSELEBENDE-LES NOIRS..Me thinks that ALBUM had two songs with MASIKINI

  403. kabuga says:


    Pls post those golden tunes i used to hear from Laura Branigan, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan etc

  404. Tina says:

    @Hodari, Tsango, & Jaribu,
    Much thanx 4 ‘lucie tozongana’ ‘ma fille’ ‘mokili’, was excited to download all.
    @Tsango & Lydia
    I agree with u guys. In 1995, I took a punch in the gut from a teen friend for allegedly playing country music at another friend’s B’day – earned me the nickname ‘dj magdalena’ – Jesus’ auntie, he he he!. I cared less, when friends came to my house for a party, literally brought their own music and drinks ’cause I served freshly squeezed orange juice – too cheap and country for them. To date we laugh about it. My music library is very rich, and as my best friend would put it ‘weird’ – she doesn’t have much African music except for bongo. All I tell them is that ‘no beat can beat the African beat’ – origins of modern day popular music that we’re so fussy & eurocentric about.

    My sister loves these, her best from the 80s
    Ain’t No body – Chaka Kan feat. Rufus

    Mr. Big Stuff – Jean Knight, THIS IS PURE FUNK, my seven-year niece loves it too.

  405. Egoing says:

    Please I am alive and kicking, only that I have been quite very busy, and may have not downloaded and this missed some postings. This is because of another of my problems with the internet service access. For the last month odd, our provider is aware of our problem up in the Northeast of Uganda. The explanation is up here, our voice mail and data mail share the same platform. and they apparently are in now in the process of updating our service provision to 3G, which service is already done in Kampala and Entebbe.
    (Please I am no computer expert and am giving you just as I hear – and indeed do not understand it).

    However, indeed when I was in Kampala some short while ago, I uploaded a more than 100mb file and with ease. Hope to roll out fast and we inundate the blog with postings of the GOT (Good Old Times).

    Where we used to complain of the absence of the fairer sex in the clan, I am not happy at not being able to match their postings.

    I don’t know or have any more of Orchestre Leopards. But as usual, never say DIE. We shall get them. I am sure our archaelogists and their tools are not sleeping over this.
    @Fred, Esororo, Daudi
    Please keep it up.

  406. Lydia says:


    Club 53

    @ Tina
    Mr. Big Stuffs always been a gem to me – since teens or before… thanks!

    You’re in a disco mood :-) remember those boogies (was that what theywere called) at the ASK Showgrounds? Wonder if they still have them…Hope someone has some tracks for you.

  407. Tsango says:

    @ Kabuga
    These 2 Donna Summer songs were very popular. I danced to them like mad during those days:
    Bad Girls: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9ox0v3
    Hot Stuff: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a1m46k
    This one by Tom Jones came out when I was a young boy (not even a teenager) but still today I have found nothing to take anything away from it:
    She’s a lady: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v95lei

    @ Lydia & Tina
    Apparently I wasn’t alone – you had similar experiences as mine. Lydia, thanks for “Nalingi yo Linga Ngai” and “Daddy Cool”. Because of the latter, me, brothers and sister used to refer to our father sa “Daddy Cool”. Tina, “Mr. Big Stuff” was something else, it sincerely takes me back in time.

  408. JARIBU says:

    The only Moselebende I have is from Nguashi Ntimbo. Here it is plus Citoyen by Nguashi and Festival Du Zaire. Included is Mokili by Les Noirs, I hope that’s the one you were talking about.

    Festival Du Zaire – Moselebende = http://www.sendspace.com/file/uyms84
    Festival Du Zaire – Citoyen = http://www.sendspace.com/file/emcsez
    Les Noirs – Mokili = http://www.sendspace.com/file/6lppqk

    @ Tina, Lydia and Tsango,
    My high school pretty much embraced both Western and African (especially Congolese) music, but there was a heavy leaning towards the latter. My regrets are that I looked down upon local artists, especially of the Benga variety. Now I cannot get enough of Benga.

  409. Karis says:


    You must be the Fred I once knew from another forum – remember jazzymusic? Forgive me if I am wrong.


    Thanks for your contribution. If you still need Kenya Blue Stars, here’s Sina Kisomo. This is my first post, I hope I get it right.

  410. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    i remember you sent VIGELEGELE sometime ago and it instantly reminded of a similar song of which i can hardly describe given that i do not know the title or name…i know for sure it was a kiswahili hit whose chorus involved the solo guitar, something that went like this ……….high pitch guitar sound, eeeeh ehe eh…..high pitch guitar sound, then eeeh ehe eh. that’s the chorus but unfortunatley, like i said can’t recall it too well. probably you have sharper wits for detecting such songs could help. what do you think the sound was; it’s title and group. sounded very tanzanian, one of the famous jazz bands from there.

  411. Jay says:

    @ALL. Thank you so much for sharing and saving this important part of our culture.

  412. Tina says:

    @Karis or anyone,
    Haven’t really listened to KBS, would love to sample their music, was unable to download your post ’cause of a virus scare, could you repost KBS zip or just ‘sina kisomo’

    Love these from my Swahili oldies playlist, the only two from the bands, if anyone has more by these groups, kindly post for me.
    Asili – Frantal Tabu & OM du Zaire (enjoy the rhythm guitar)

    Dunia si Yako si Yangu – Moreno & Moja One

  413. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:


    MERCI MINGI cherie……Thanx alot 4 CLUB 53


    TRES BIEN KAMARADE…..Thanx alot 4 ur effort.Utakula NTABA MONENE/That MOSELEBENDE was done by quite a number of groups including ZAIKO LANGA LANGA and AFRICAN FIESTA had MOSELEBENDE TOO BOLINGO but the MOSELEBENDE that drove everybody bonkers was by LES NOIRS …Mayb ukud kindly rummmage through ur Archives again,u might lay ur hands on it i presume/MERCI MINGI

  414. Lydia says:

    @ Karis
    Your first upload was a success…Thanks alot for Sina Kisomo one of my very favorite numbers….. such a smooth track… I wonder why the group never made more music. That track sounds like a group on its way to stardom…..were they a one hit wonder? Do you have any more of their music? Would appreciate it if you could share more.
    The KBS track downloaded OK for me
    @ Esororo
    You smoke people out then disappear :-) ….. hope its all for good though…

  415. Hodari says:

    Je, wajue wanamusiki wa maana

    I can guess, the music you described to Ochan must be Dada Asha by Tabora Jazz Band. They were and still my favourite group of contemporary kiswahili musicians, particularly under the legendary composer Segere Matata. I have added some of their rare recordings below – Alhamdulilah, Mariam Mpenzi and Tatu Wajidanganya.

    DADA ASHA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/u4hel7

    ALHAMDULILAH: http://www.sendspace.com/file/idcojs

    MARIAM MPENZI: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v60ds4

    TATU WAJIDANGANYA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/773k88

  416. Karis says:

    I thought it was easier to post both parts 1 & 2 of Sina Kisomo as a single zip file instead of 2 separate mp3 files. If you still can’t d’load, I will repost as mp3s.

    KBS had several other hits that got plenty of airtime on the National Service. I am sure you will remember Talaka and Niwaone Wanangu once you listen to them (coming soon).

  417. kabuga says:

    KBS was such a strong outfit. Betty Tett had assembled an awesome team comprising among others, Cuthbert Mbocha, Lawi Somona(DRC), Sheila Tett, Margaret Safari, Athumani etc. They recorded at her Andrew Crawford productions studios. Margaret still records once in a while but the quality cannot much what we used to get from KBS. Their last songs were done in 1987 featuring Moreno, when we had the All Africa games in Nairobi.

    Karis, pls lets have all you can get from KBS. Meanwhile, enjoy this http://www.sendspace.com/file/ovd0m4

  418. kabuga says:


    Enjoy Bana Ngenge – dunia imelaaniwa http://www.sendspace.com/file/me4o8q

  419. Joji says:

    Shukrani kwa ‘Dunia imelaaniwa’. Ni kweli?

  420. Tina says:

    Will try to unzip KBS later today, my antivirus software was initially warning me that I was about to open a corrupt folder – sure it will work this time, since everyone got it right.
    @Hodari & Tsango,
    Thanx so much for TJZ’s extras. To quote Tsango “songs that don’t get adequate attention’ on an album e.g. TJB’s ‘alhamdulilah’ & ‘watudanganya’ and Vata Mombassa’s ‘mokili’, & of course Tabu Ley’s likes of ‘ma fille’ and ‘kingsa’, all posted a week ago. Let’s dig deep and bring out the equally good but underrated tracks of smash albums. This is how I discover some of my favorites.
    Thanx for the highlite on KBS, it really helped for me who knew little or nothing about this group.

  421. Tsango says:

    @ All
    I invite you to listen to OK Jazz’s great song played in 1969, composed by Celi Bitshou and sang by the sweet combination of Michel Boyibanda and Youlou Mabiala. The song had two versions that were very similar. It is only much later that I myself realised this. I guess that some might have, todate, not detected the slight difference, The difference lies on the way Franco plays his guitar; it sounds more enthusiatic in “Mado” than “Infidelite”. Below are the two versions:
    Infidelite: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iwqs16
    Mado: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j1z7h6

    Afrisa International also played two versions of one and the same song: Nadina, composed by Tabu Ley and Panga Kasongo. But in Afrisa’s case, unlike that o Ok Jazz, the difference is apparent for one was sung in Kiswahili and the other Lingala. Both the pieces were beautifully done, sung by Mbilia Bel with assistance from Faya Tess. Enjoy!
    Nadina – Kiswahili: http://www.sendspace.com/file/u7wwdx
    Nadina Lingala: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o97cfj

  422. Tsango says:

    @ All
    While still on diferent versions of the same song, I have thought of the 1961 hit song composed by Dechaud, Nico’s elder brother, and played originally by African Jazz led by the legendary Grand Kalle: Africa Mokili Mobimba. This song is, to me, ageless. Several bands played it while on stage. Below are three (recorded) versions of it:
    African Jazz: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y9aucz
    Afrisa International: http://www.sendspace.com/file/uishi8
    Tshala Mwana: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c457q3

  423. Karis says:

    Si Kosa Langu is actually the Talaka that I promised Lydia previously. I will still post it as I believe mine is clean(er).

    @Lydia and all
    More KBS:
    Talaka aka Si Kosa Langu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wdqewi
    Niwaone Wanangu Pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/22yw1x
    Niwaone Wanangu Pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/crpv2o

  424. kabuga says:


    Asante ndugu.
    Would you or anyone else have fatuma by the same group – KBS?
    If you have more, pls keep them coming.

  425. saminator says:

    i remember an old song called JAMILLA sung in kiswahili. probably early 70s. any body with it?

  426. Tsango says:

    @ Kabuga
    I managed to dig this KBS song
    Shufa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m0g5r6

  427. kabuga says:


    We have the referendum on our constitution tomorrow. For all Kenyans and our well wishers, pray for us. I am voting YES!!!

  428. Tina says:

    @Kabuga & all Kenyans in this forum,
    Harambe umoja! you go guys, do whatever needs to be done to make your country secure and peaceful. Love Kenyans, made a lot of friends here, briefly lived in Halingham, went to school in Buru Buru, refined my Swahili and game of field hockey here before moving on.
    Hey, now post some hits! you can’t go to the polls pronouncing a ‘yes’ vote without lighting the forum with some of your favs (lol).

  429. Hodari says:

    Daudi Kabaka, John Mwale na Isaya Mwinamo ni kati za wanamuziki ambazo walileta mabadiliko mengi katika muziki wa Afrika ya Mashariki. Muziki zao unapendwa sana mpaka leo.

    I am not a Kenyan, but I love Kenya as a nation and I wish them all the best on the referendum. So, I will pay tribute to these three Kenyan legends who pioneered guitar finger picking of African music. Daudi Kabaka, John Mwale and Isaya Mwinamo.
    First, listen to Daudi Kabaka and George Agade playing this song about Dingidingi.
    Dingidingi, the traditional dance from Northern Uganda did influence this music. He sings about his admiration for dingidingi during his visit to Uganda. He urges the young people to explore the beauties of the world.. You will notice that he played his guitar to the tunes of the famous traditional Acholi dance routines–dispensed with drum sections and danced with swivelling hips. The music is titled Western Shilo.

    WESTERN SHILO: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gfm2dd

    NAMLIYA SUZANNA by John Mwale: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4i8dcr

    MPENZI WANGU REBECCA by John Mwale: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2c3vie

    LIPA KODI YA CITY COUNCIL by Isaya Mwinamo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/n2si8x

    VIVI by Orch. Fauvette: http://www.sendspace.com/file/288m6u

  430. Tsango says:

    It is a historic day for Kenyans. They should come out in large numbers and cast their votes. It does not matter whether the Yes or No team wins. Whichever way the results go, all will (should) be winners. As the Kenya Police band once said “Kenya ni Taifa Letu”: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wfx97p

    @ Hodari
    Thanks for the gems by Daudi Kabaka, John Mwale, Isaya Mwinamo, and Orchestre Fauvette. I did not have any of them in my collection yet they were an important part of me in the 60s and early 70s – good memories. Mola akubariki.

  431. saminator says:

    @ all,
    could i have mistaken the title of the song Jamillah with Sabina?

  432. kabuga says:

    I voted early and all seems to be going well!

    Here is Marijan Rajab’s Mama watoto http://www.sendspace.com/file/1wgpeh

  433. Robert says:

    @ All Kenyan clansmate

    It is my hope and prayer that the process from voting, counting votes and results goes on as civilised as possible and we do not have a repeat of the past.

    All the best!
    Enjoying every bit of the going on here. Keep it up!

  434. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Hope ur excellent’
    Allow me to harass u a bit.Might u b havin
    3)ORCH GENERATION-GINA…or any from them
    N”JARIBIE ntafurahi

  435. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:


  436. Tina says:

    @Hodari & Tsango,
    Thanks for your posts. dingidingi is a lovely dance that my mum admires a lot. I’m a afraid these sort of traditional/folk dances may become obsolete & eventually swallowed by pop culture. Daudi Kabaka is no doubt a visionary in his adaptation of dingidingi to suit his style of music. I wish our young African musicians could use more folk/traditional dance/music to develop a unique blend of styles while preserving culture.
    Marijan Rajab (R.I.P) no wonder’s ‘jabali la muziki’, asante! I don’t mind having more of him.
    My fav folk tune from Brazil by Chico Cesar

  437. Tina says:

    Could you kindly post for me ‘mayalalele’ by Les Cahmpions, remember you posted a fantastic track during opening World Cup week by the same group.
    Someone may help too! thanks folks.

  438. JARIBU says:

    Here are some of the songs you requested. The only Gina I have is by Los Nickelos and a Gina Realite by Shama Shama.

    Orch. Lipua Lipua – Nsayi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/szukmv
    Orch. Kiam – Kiki Puelengi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/3sb8bp
    Les Mangelepa – Mbungu = http://www.sendspace.com/file/hi5231

  439. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    like you did with the MORENO COLLECTION, could you kindly do the same with MONI MAMBO? your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  440. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Thanks a lot.ur efforts are highly appreciated

  441. Tina says:

    Thanks so much for ‘mayalalele’, always great to hear from you.

  442. Egoing says:

    @Saminator & ALL
    Luckily I will travel over the weekend to the more developed parts of our country, and I am more than itching to download the majority of July and now August postings. The itch to share is as well high. Keep your eyes open. You will get the fill.

  443. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    @ FRED,

    GREETINGS.Would u kindly reconsider a Repost of the beautiful tracks
    u posted on APRIL 5TH and APRIL 8TH…They were lyk 28 TRACKS

  444. saminator says:

    @ all,
    while egoing is at it, could somebody confirm if AZIZA was by orchestra shika shika? i think it was. anybody with that beautiful tune?

  445. JARIBU says:

    @ Saminator,
    Here is a song someone once shared with us. To the best of my knowledge no one was able to come up with the name of the artists. The beginning, until around 4:40, sounds very much like some Boma Liwanza tunes and then it picks up and sounds to sound like a Shika Shika tune. Is this the song you have in mind?

    Unknown – Aziza = http://www.sendspace.com/file/8q21f4

  446. saminator says:

    @ jaribu,
    that’s exactly the tune. however it doesn’t sound too clear. strange most clansmates do not seem to know the song too well as it used to be a massive hit!

  447. Lydia says:

    Just back from the boonies and got the additonal KBS … thanks!
    Thanks to all also for all the other tracks.

  448. D. Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Thanks for the great contributions
    @ TINA
    The Orchestre LEOPARD was mainly a “briefcase” band. Apart from Seketa, I don’t recall them recording any other hits, instead they went back to their original bands while others moved on to Europe.
    In Uganda, most of these Congolese were grouped under “Super Kawumba” notable stars who passed under Super Kawumba includes Safro Manzangi (of Victoria Eleison,etc , now here in London); Moreno Batamba; Kanda Bongo Man (ex Bella Bella, etc); Coco Zigo Mike (ex Shama Shama, etc); Lemuntu Lava (LOVER) Machine; even Lovy Longomba had a brief time with them in Kampala.
    Yet the only real hits recorded by Super Kawumba was ZENA and Maisha Ya Mjini
    As always greetings to my OG
    ZENA (Super Kawumba)
    MAISHA YA MJINI (Super Kawumba)

    That hit “Unknown AZIZA” also goes by the name KAKOO (by Shika Shika). It was not uncommon to find the same song recorded under different names in those days. Even now, you find a singer who composed a hit with another band now rebranding the song under a different name.
    KAKOO 1 (Shika Shika)
    KAKOO 2 (Shika Shika)
    I have a feeling that SAMINATOR is asking for Les Noire’s NYIMBO YA DAWA (which he did erlier).
    NYIMBO YA DAWA (Les Noirs)


    I know that Moselebende (Les Noirs) you are requesting. Unfirtynately I can not as yet locate it. It goes like… AI YA OO BOLINGO EE EE, AI YA OO MOSELEBENDE…
    The other side of that record is called “MASIKIN”. They were both good hits by Les Noirs. Don’t give up hope yet.

  449. JARIBU says:

    @D. Ochan,
    Thanks for Kakoo and the story behind it.

  450. Tsango says:

    @ All
    Here are 2 tracks by the legendary Zaiko langa langa. Credit goes to Nyoka Longo Jossart for holding this band together since 1970 when it was formed. Most of the big names in DRC music scene passed through Zaiko – Papa Wemba, Bozi Boziana, Dindo Yogo, Evolocko Jocker, Mavuela, Gina wa Gina, Lengi Lenga, Bimi Ombale, Likinga Redo.
    Bolingo Etumbu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/14073c
    Mupepa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/agpuc9

  451. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    what a timely intervention! not only did you send a clearer KAKOO but you also accompanied it with its otherwise elusive history. thanks also to jaribu for detectign the song i was after and bringing it out.
    @ ochan, yes you had already sent NYIMBO YA DAWA and i duely got it. unfortunately i cannot readily identify the particular other songs iam trying to mean. you see, much as i have loads of interest into “muziki ya kala” (oldies) i was too young by then to grasp most of their titles. but i promise to come up with more clues. otherwise i would like you to say a word or two about les wanyika’s NISAIDIE BABA. is it possible that that great song can never be found? i believe it was on the same album with the SINA MAKOSAs, PAMELAs and PAULINAs. kindly comment……

  452. kabuga says:

    Josky & Ntesa, medecin de nuit http://www.mediafire.com/?5t3t23618ei5ac5

    What an album!!

  453. Pita Mbita says:

    NIsadie baba was on the pamela lp together with usia wa baba and wazazi and i think that was the first les wanyika lp

  454. Tina says:

    @Pita Mbita
    if u happen to have ‘nisaidie baba’ kindly post it, the track’s even managed to elude treasure troughs of royalty themselves. I and Saminator among others have patiently been waiting for a generous post of this track by Les Wanyika – the day I lay my hands on it, will have it on replay for a day.
    Thanks for compensating for Orchestre Leopards.
    I think you’ve got to relocate for good(lol), and keep the posts coming. Stay safe between commutes.

  455. Egoing says:

    @ Saminator & ALL
    Not successful with sending the bunchings, but please sample a few of Shika Shika and others. More will follow.

    That this clan is a family is manifest by the concern at the silence of a member. It makes me feel happy and proud.

    Amba (Shika Shakia) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/6l7kte
    Diabanza: http://www.sendspace.com/file/erlqwx
    Tambola Na Mokili (Johhny Bokelo) http://www.sendspace.com/file/gchaak
    Masasu (Mopero) http://www.sendspace.com/file/5u53qf
    Once more, please help me identify the author and band here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j0yhay

    Tina has been so consistent and give flavour to the seemingly more male dominance. Please Tina, keep it up.

    Lets also join our hands and continue to pray for all those going through political engagements; that God may grant them the wisdom and ability to conduct themselves through all of it with peace.

    Any alerte sent out for JAY?

  456. Egoing says:

    A bit more of these Good Old Timers

    Fitina Mbaya (Tabora Jazz): http://www.sendspace.com/file/mazakp
    Andu Wa Andura (Boyibanda): http://www.sendspace.com/file/1x9dwq
    Lucy Pauni Ya Talo (Negro Success): http://www.sendspace.com/file/ukyhcq

  457. Egoing says:

    And finally before I return to my place of work, here is Pamaphi by Mopero: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z2w1bs

    Till then.


  458. Pita Mbita says:

    Tina , i have never posted any song i hope i have done it right .Here is nisadie baba.


  459. saminator says:

    @ pita mbita,
    phew, finally my prayer has been answered! i and tina apparently were the only ones who asked for this tune, i think right from last year! but as one clansmate advised, we crossed our hearts and prayed to god. and what happens? NISAIDIE BABA pops, finally! thank you so much. you never know, we may induct you one day into the NTWIGA HALL OF FAME.

  460. saminator says:

    @ tina,
    pita mbita deserves a BIG TOAST, not so? moreover his first time to post a song, and what a song!

  461. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    That is TP OK Jazz. I will give you the actual track name later.

  462. Tina says:

    @Pita Mbita,
    Yeeeeesssss! ou la la! ou la la, mama mia! and the cat-calls, I’m the only female with a cat-call in our house. Brilliant! lovely! as the English would say on a great goal. ‘Nisaidie Baba’ is officially the post of the Summer, well done friend! lights out and now it’s a melody in my head. Issa Juma, that great vocalist from the group.
    I remembered this track only after you gave us a few lines of the lyrics, simply reminded of a cousin who sang it so well that it stuck in my mind. I give u credit for reminding us of the song, and of course for Pita Mbita for finally yanking it out.
    We can celebrate with Kool & the Gang’s,’Let’ Go Dancin’

    Thanks for ‘Amba’ on behalf of my father.

  463. D. Ochan says:

    @ EGOING
    Before you go and hide in the Karamoja Gold Mines, here is something to keep you awake
    BASI (Ya Mokili) MAWA TE – Johnny Bokelo

    @ TSANGO
    Indeed we should give praise to Zaiko Langa Langa for producing so many fine musicians and up to 30 DANCES (still counting). However I was not happy by Nyoka Longo attacking Franco, Tabu Ley, Veve for exploiting and mistreating Zaiko at their inception (see Zaiko Langa Langa official website). His most bitter attacks were reserved for those who broke away from him – Leki Langa Ya Lengos (RIP probably the best performer for Zaiko, followed by Evoloko Joker).
    But still credit to them for inventing the MAYEGO dance, Here is LINYA (sung by Dindo Yogo and Malage Wa Lugendo amongst other) the song that introduced Mayego dance

    LINYA – Zaiko Langa Langa (Nkolo Mboka)


  464. Egoing says:

    @Pita Mbita

    You have done a great entry into the posting domain. GREAT once more. I find the song lead vocalist’s sinnging so scincillating. Maintain.

    @ ALL
    There is a song by TP OK Jazz whose sebene resembles Andu Wa Andura’s by Boyibanda. I don’t remember the name of the song but the solo guitar work is near similar. If someone could listen well, compare and post me the TP OK Jazz song, the person would have extended my mouth towards the ears for many a time.

    Also sorry for the mispelling of Shika Shakia. Actually it is Shika Shika.

  465. Fred says:

    Hi, just go to the old links. I did a check on my Sendspace account and found that the files are still active. If there are any particular ones you are interested in, not listed here. let me know.

    Here is a list of the files whose links are still active.
    00 – Bwosaba
    01 – AbAfrica
    01 – Biatondi Kasanda
    01 – Charonyi Ni Wasi
    01 – Gerant 11
    01 – Kuteleza Si Kwanguka
    01 – Mayalalele
    02 – Isambe
    02 – Likingo Li Mboka
    03 – Bonya Kuche
    03 – Indian lady
    03 – Mindono Esila
    03 – My Love Elisabeth
    04 – Likala Ya Moto
    04 – Double Face
    04 – Pépée La Jolie
    04 – Savon Omo
    04 – Sister Pili
    05 – Monie
    05 – Wallow
    06 – M.T. Inongo
    06 – Makfe 18
    07 – Yesu Christu
    08 – Indian Lady 5
    10 – Gerant (instrumental)
    13 – Bana ya lipopo
    Asi Kapela – Sama Sama
    C’est Comme ça la Vie
    Dunia Msongamano
    Nairobi 1 & 2
    Orch Super Mazembe – Pepepe
    Orchestre Baya Baya – Sidangari
    Orchestre Bella Bella – Na Wela Te
    Orchestre Enafi Likembe – Liyebisi Na Fa…
    Orchestre Isifi – Union fait la force.mp…
    Orchestre Isifi Melodia – C’est La Vie.m…
    Orchestre Izizonge – Mami Chou
    Orchestre Karamba – Botutu
    Orchestre Les Mystiques – Mamie sola
    Orchestre Les Pazo – Lassani
    Orchestre Les Pazo – Namela Mbondo
    Orchestre Lipate – Mobeko 12
    Orchestre Lipua Lipua – Leki ya mwasi.mp…
    Orchestre Loga – Bakolo Mboka
    Orchestre Loga – Eloko Nalingi
    Orchestre Lok Lok Lokoko – Dadi
    Orchestre Lok Lok Lokoko – Dezi
    Orchestre Lolaka – Ndako
    Orchestre Lombe Lombe – Wivu hasara
    Orchestre Louzin – Luzika
    Orchestre Manta – Nalingi Yo
    Orchestre Manta – Tokei Kotala Bango
    Orchestre Mi Amor – Bernadette 11
    Orchestre Mi Amor – Tango nabotamaka
    Orchestre Mod Matata – Likambo ya mbongo…
    Orchestre Mode Succes – Innovation Vol….
    Orchestre Ovoza – Tresor
    Orchestre Sele Sele – Mbaruku
    Orchestre Shika Shika – Mboka Mosika
    Orchestre Sikama Cavacha – Kanda ya Nzun…
    Orchestre Sikama Cavacha – Seli Seli
    Orchestre Somo Somo – Pole pole
    Orchestre Stars Magnats – Bonzenga batek…
    Pompom Kuleta – Mayanga
    Prognostic Engambo – Latimina ye
    The Black Devil’s Band – Dada Bikia…

    Good luck.

    I will be posting others with a week’s time. I am still working on them.

  466. Tsango says:

    @ D. Ochan & All
    I concur that Zaiko has been formidable and refreshingly novel in the 40+ years that it has been in existence – very innovative, pioneering, and vibrant. Nyoka’s comments towards other greats like Tabu Ley, Franco, and Verckys; and some of those who at some point were part of the orchestre is unfortunate; perhaps a reflection of weaknesses which we have as human beings though to varying degrees.

    Thanks for their track “Linya”. I can never have enough of Zaiko no matter how many times I listen to their songs. I love the animation part of their tracks. Below is a later version of Linya

    My computer is unable to recognise Bokelo’s “Basi Mawa Te”, it cannot recognise the file. Yet that is one song that I have always wished to have in my library as well as his other tracks: Cisca and Navanda Ndumba. Can a brother or sister convert the “Basi Mawa Te’? I would really appreciate it.

    @ Fred
    Could you please upload Nairobi Pts 1 & 2? I have been relentlessly chasing my copy of the CD which a “friend” borrowed and is always promising to return. I am aware that Jaribu has also been hunting for the track.

    @ Egoing
    You are a true clansman – always finding time to share with us. Thanks for the Johnny Bokelo, Mopero, Shika Shika, Tabora Jazz, Boyibanda, and Negros succes tracks.

  467. Tsango says:

    @ Egoing
    Could any of these be the song you are looking for? I am guided by the solo guitar work.
    Bakokate Fiance: http://www.sendspace.com/file/px2zl5
    Mokili Matata: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4r7thr
    Aime: http://www.sendspace.com/file/t96i6j
    Bakoko Te Fincee: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ldlc1d
    Zozo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ay9xoy

    @ All
    Enjoy these great tracks from maestro Franco and his celebrated assemblage.

  468. Tsango says:

    @ All
    Something different!
    I invite you to enjoy with me the following track sang in Dholuo by a young promising musician in (from) Kenya called John Junior. The song is in praise of my friend back in Kenya, Profesor Oriare Nyarwath, and my name (formal – Ochieng’-Odhiambo) is mentioned amongst his friends. The beat is Rumba in the fashion of the late Ochieng’ Kabaselleh of Kenya. Enjoy
    Oriare Nyarwath: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2bzu1h

    And here is bonus for those who might have enjoy the earlier song
    Odhiambo Owaga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vy5ykn

  469. Pita Mbita says:

    For Egoing and the like who liked Isa Jumas voice,here is his own composition while with les wanyika.


  470. kabuga says:

    @Pita Mbita,

    You are the man!!! The two songs are really very rare. Keep up bro.
    Do you have the original Paulina?

  471. kabuga says:

    For those who may not have this other gem from Les Wanyika – Tafuta wako http://www.sendspace.com/file/kyq2cr

  472. kabuga says:

    And now wazazi by les wanyika http://www.sendspace.com/file/3tf816

  473. gilly says:


    PAULINA by Les Wanyika., written by Prof Omari Shaaban, Original Version.


  474. gilly says:

    Original Version again, NIMARU, by John Ngereza, Les Wanyika


  475. Pita Mbita says:

    gilly,i wish you had part two of paulina that is the only original les wanyika song that i donot have

  476. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Greetings buddy.Thanx for tha hustle.Much appreciated/
    Eagerly waiting for those unheard bands of 70s.to b precise u uploaded them @9.09am and 9.35pm on april 5th…and some more on april 8th 6.21pm…lyk Orch Chauffe,sentima,symba,super tukina,Rock a MAMBO.MERCI MINGI

  477. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    kud u b havin MWANAMPUKU by JEAN BOKELO?
    Much appreciated if ukud throw in the two GINAS[NICKELOS and SHAMASHAMA]
    AND wish u success as u hunt 4 NAIROBI by BANA GENGE…..KITOKO

  478. Waweru says:

    @Pita Mbita

    Thanks for the Les Wanyika songs. They are such gems. Could you kindly post “Sioni Wala Sisikii” and “Heshimu Wazazi” if you have them. Waiting in anticipation.

  479. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga and Gilly,

    I also appreciate the other Wanyika songs you two have posted. Mbarikiwe sana.

  480. Jay says:

    @ALL. Lovely music reminds of my younger years in primary school. The people, food, smell, culture, classmates/teachers, getting in trouble, outdoor cinema, childhood fights are all vivid now. Thanks.

    @Egoing. I am here in the background. Wife, kids and work are keeping me busy.

    @Kabuga. Please let me request a song and see if you can find it for me in Nairobi. It is Kila siku kila siku Kariobangi. I will give you a reward for it. Thanks in advance.

  481. Esororo says:

    @ Everyone

    I hope all is well.

    The last two days I have been enjoying all the postings here. So, I had to do my best to post something for the old time shake. But, better days are ahead and I will be able to post more often. My assignment is coming to end very soon. Keep up the good work.


    Not to worry, I will be back. I know. I smoked you out then I went under the lock.


    Wow…. No words, keep up girl.


  482. Egoing says:

    The gods of the GOLD MINES have smiled and/or are still smiling. I have never enjoyed myself for the last several years like I have done in this blog.

    You couldn’t be more correct about MADO and INFIDELITE. Honestly, I had longed for that MADO. The difference to me was that when it changes, the rhythm guitar lingers a few seconds more before the solo guiter joins it. I real like this version.

    You old boy! You make me 30 years younger and kicking up and down reminiscent of those days. NSENENE, MOSELEBENDE, DADA HAWA and now KAKOO (hear the ‘VERY MANY FIRST YEARS’ brought out by the solo, catch it especially as it starts Part 2)!

    Reading your posting on the 08th August was a birthday gift to me. It also saved many of us knocking on people’s doors asking for anyone with knowledge or possession of SEKETA’s brothers or sisters.

    Jal, I felt you had escorted me with a welcome back into the GOLD MINES (I only hear of them) with the much longed for BASI MAWA TE. Sorry though that the ear to ear smile and excitement I invested during the dowmloading process at the end never gave me any profit let alone return my investment. You may still have to pay my debt and this possibly with LIBALA EPONI EKOLO TE by the same author as costs. However I allow you to appeal to others.

    I have a lot to say but you forbid me to. Nonethess, God give you, and please find pleasure in enjoying the postings with your family around you.

    @Tsango et al
    Sisca by Bokelo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gd2cpb
    Navanda Ndumba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ofkyf0
    Shida (Morogoro): http://www.sendspace.com/file/9rdwp1

    As you go to the JIRANI try to
    Mama Kula Chakula Bora (Morogoro): http://www.sendspace.com/file/et50in

  483. Tina says:

    Would u stop toiling with our hearts! anyhow welcome back. I know u were out for the treasure hunt as the above posts attest to. Great stuff! u always come up with these lovely tunes rarely heard of, case in point ‘maman cathie’ and ‘babylon’, I truly admire your taste. Fefe David sounds like Theo Blaise whom I’ve lately been listening to a lot.
    I’m hunting for a clean copy of Shika Shika’s ‘masasu’, mine’s badly warped.

  484. Egoing says:

    Thanks very much for those lovely tunes. However, the one I mean is not among them. Try to follow the rhythm guitar as it on to the second part. I am sure as I squat outside the Gold Mines waiting, it wont be long before I get it. At least before the warrior mosquitoes give me discomfort!

    Can’t wait much to receive you posting in full throttle.

  485. Egoing says:

    Sorry for the last posting. Actually I meant that for Tina who enjoyed Chakula Kwa Jirani. Sometimes out of franticism to get a posting before the signal goes off, I end up with the mixes. Apologies once more.

    Whenever the signal allows, I endeavour to stay awake late to share. I hope I have not stayed up late for nothing.
    Masasu Part 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tsyok0
    Masasu Part 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pfx0yf
    They are by Shika Shika with Jimmy Moni Mambo et al. It is the cleanest I have

    Lemme also try some sleep. Good morning.

  486. Jay says:

    @Egoing. This website is a community of sharing. A legacy from Steve to conceptualize and implement. We all live and enjoy it. We all see your work and love it. That is the essence of it all. Thanks and that is all.

  487. saminator says:

    @ esororo,
    usiniambie unaenda was a popular tune; i think there was an orginal version, not so? a slower tune that was quite massive.

  488. Tsango says:

    @ All
    The posting over the last couple of days has been phenomenal (raha tele) – I don’t have words to accurately describe it other than pronounce and wish that we sustain the spirit.

    Thanks especially for posting my two requests – “Cisca” and “Navanda Ndumba.” And like Oliver Twist I am not shy to ask for more (smile). Could you be having”Catherine” and “Jeannine” also by Johnny Bokelo?
    Here is another try regarding your request for the Franco tune. We don’t wish to see you squating outside the goldmine for too long (anothe smile).
    Araya Dja Dja: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zdt96q

    @ Dokotololawi
    Here are songs by Bokelo and Shama Shama, respectively.
    Mwana Mpuku: http://www.sendspace.com/file/42zgz3
    Pichouna: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ovg69

    I really enjoyed the collection you posted. I liked its diversified. I particularly loved the benga track by Victoria Kings. If you have some such in your collection, please bring them on.

    @ Jaribu
    Dokotololawi wished you luck in your request for Bana Ngenge’s (Bana Lisanga’s) “Nairobi” and I would add usife moyo kwa jinsi wahenga walinena kuwa mvumilivu ndiye hula mbivu – I have started seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

  489. kabuga says:

    @Jay, I am making one last ditch effort. Keep positive bro.

  490. saminator says:

    @ all,
    about pita mbita’s posting JANET. the singing at the beginning sounds like an old time hit i can’t quite, as usual, identify. but the song am talking about was congolese done by, if am not mistaken, tabu ley. can anybody detect it? quite a tough one here.

  491. gilly says:

    @ All

    Balancing the quality: Another copy of MASASU by Jimmy Monimambo avec Lovy Longoma, Orchestre ShikaShika


  492. gilly says:

    Masasu goes with MAYA by the same group, both tightly packed with guitars and lovely combination of drums, horns


  493. Waweru says:

    @Pita Mbita,

    I have no words to thank you. I’ve been looking for these two songs for years and just like that I now have them. As recommended by others, you must be nominated for a knighthood by the clan.

  494. Egoing says:

    Just quick ones

    You are never more correct about the clan.

    Secondary laughter at me from a mate in the office make me laugh even more. We (Daudi, Esororo, Fred, Saminator, Tina, et al) shall give your request a try.

  495. Fred says:

    There you go. Of all Benga artists, Collela with his Victoria Kings was my favourite. Here is jaribu (not Jaribu a clan-mate). It reminds me of the 70’s when coffee smuggling from UG to GK was at its best.
    Jesica Adhiambo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oqmwe9

  496. kabuga says:

    These forum has really come alive!! Keep up guys!

    @Jay, someone is checking with KBC.

  497. Tina says:

    @Egoing & Gilly,
    I’m feelin’ the love, thanks for ‘masasu
    Would you know when Zaiko’s ‘essesse’ & ‘viya’ were produced! essesse’s my fav of the group, just trying to tag it in my music lib. Otherwise this entire week for me has really been Les Wanyika
    …lakini biashara anajua wanyewe. Business is not for everyone!
    Sigalame – Les Wanyika

  498. Tina says:

    @Egoing or Tsango,
    Could u kindly post for me Zaiko’s ‘wa wa’ thanks.

  499. Tina says:

    @Egoing & Tsango,
    OK, did my research and found out indeed Zaiko has been in business for over four decades
    ‘essesse’ from their Sentiment Awa’ album was released in ’81 & ‘viya; (Likinga) in ’80. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  500. Jay says:

    @ALL. I am the first one to adopt Tina and Lydia as my sisters. So don’t try it, people!!. Tina and Lydia, please allow Steve to give me your e-mails. U r family now and it is growing!!!

    @Kabuga. Thank you so much and hopefully it will be a success. Like family, you know that if you say that you will work on one thing then another thing arises!!. How about the song that was sung during the 1982 coup against Moi in Kenya. It goes like Matajiri wasiotosheka hawana amani Kenya. In other words, Rich people in Kenya with greed will never be satisfied.

    @Fred. During the coffee smuggling between Kenya and Uganda bred the song Chebukube. I was a kid in Western Kenya during that time. Everything is so vivid. Each time that anyone points to an even simply brings out memories. I love it!!!

    @Egoing. U r a true brother and keep on the good work!!!

  501. Hodari says:

    WOW! I have been caught napping!

    It’s true; there are several close affinities between the two hits (Andu Wa Andura), especially the sebene section. Here you go! SUKOLA MOTEMA OLINGA by Brazzos & T.P O.K Jazz: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lspukl

    And also, the music that you wanted to be indentified “Mobali Azanga Respect” is actually titled: MESSAGES. It was a 1993 studio project by Shaba Kahamba & Les Esprits Saints, and produced by Eddy Gustave in Paris. It was released as a cassette. In fact I have got it in the form of cassette, I’ve never seen it on CDs or LPs. If you have them in MP3 please render service, otherwise I’ve got to have mine digitized pretty soon. Here is how it is listed on the cassette:
    Face A:
    1. Bitumba
    2. Litiot
    3. Messages
    Face B:
    1. Mazoudi
    2. Mere Annie
    3. Mwasi Ya Bato

    I can’t stop laughing at your reaction when at last Pita Mbita posted THAT song, Nisaidie Baba.

  502. Tsango says:

    @ Fred
    Thanks for Victoria Kings’ “Jesica Adhiambo”. Collela Maze is/was a renowned originator of benga music. I still remember one of hit records in the early 70s titled “Rose Koyucho”. The song would make my then tender mind and imagination sojourn far and wide. I wouldn’t mind some more if you have.

    @ Tina
    You are right about Zaiko tunes “Viya” and “Essesse”. They were originally played in 1980 and 1981, and composed by Likinga Redo and Lengi Lenga respectively. Here is “Zaiko Wa Wa.”

  503. Hodari says:

    Try this one. It’s from one of my favourite Benga Bands (Kawere Boys). J OJUKI JAKADEM: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rjcivd

    Your post: Tosuki Wapi by Kinshasa Super Stars was brilliant. The group was onced led by the Mavatiku Michelino. Could you be having some more of their hits?

  504. Tsango says:

    @ All
    I invite you to compare the following different versions of same songs. The first pair is an Ingange Djodjo Ikomo composition first done by Orch Veve titled “Kanyuka” in 1973/4 and a later version – titled “Kayumba” – when he was with Bana Ngenge in 1975/6.
    The other pair is a Mario Matadidi Mabele composition. The song was titled “Cherie Anna” when he played it with Orch Veve in 1971, but titled variously as “Sosoliso na Sosoliso”, “Sex Madjesi” or “Cherie Luta” when redone in 1973 with the vibrant though short-lived Orch Sosoliso.

    @ Jaribu & All
    Here is a better copy of Lipua Lipua’s “Mafiela”
    and the flipside of “Nkotela” titled “Seli ya Mule:

    At last! At last! I got Beya Maduma’s elusive “Nairobi” song though in a condition which is not very good but as they say: ‘something is better than nothing.’
    Nairobi Pt 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5cpw8n
    Nairobi Pt 2: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fcxd7p

  505. Tsango says:

    @ Hodari
    Asante tena sana for the benga song by Kawere Boys

  506. JARIBU says:

    @ Tsango,
    What can I say? Thank you for Kanyuka: never heard it before. It’s interesting how similar it is to Kayumba. It’s basically Kayumba with horns. Thank you for a clean copy of Mafiela. And many thanks for Nairobi. The last time I heard that song was in 1981 and the lyrics from around 1:20 on part 2 have stayed with me all these years. It was lovely hearing the bass sound that I was convinced was created by Beya Maduma. It took me many years to get a good clean copy of Kadioka so I am willing to wait for a cleaner copy of Nairobi too. With this one, I think I now have all the songs I have craved for over the years which were elusive even with numerous visits to Melodica and Assanads.

  507. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Here is a Simaro track that I never get tired of listening to for its beat as well as its meaning. I have tried to translate it as much as I can so that ppl follow the story in it. Of course many mistakes are expected as there is mixture of French and Lingala, so some places will have gaps. Knowledgable ppl should fill in what I have left out.
    It is a verse in Lingala followed by the English transaltion.
    Sangi Pumba na ye nde kosenga yo, soki moyen ezali tokabwana mabe eleki motema mobebi, na pesa yo liberte osakana, naboyi miso na nga etala eloko, eloko ekobunga lobi o mama

    Sangi Pumba I have come to beg you, if we are to separate, the worst has passed my heart is already hurt, I have given you liberty to play, I hate my eyes to see things, things that get lost next day.

    Ngai oyo nakomi nde kozonga, na sanduku ya makambo na moto, nalongoli zuwa patience esili eh, napesa bino permission bobalana soki muana alingi kosimba moto, botika ye asimba mokolo akosimba akoyeba

    I have come back with a suitcase full of problems in my head, I have removed jealousy, my patience is over, I have given you permission to marry. If a child wants to play with fire, leave him to play, if it burns him he will learn.

    Lobi lisusu nakutaki yo na ye, bras dessus ekopi na monoko, ofungoli miso otali nga okitisi elongi oyoki soni obandi se kolela, tika hypocrisie ozali na motema moko ndenge nini okolinga biso mibale okotia nga wapi?

    Another day I met you with him, the hand kissing the mouth, you opened your eyes and saw me and looked at me with your face down, you felt ashamed, you started crying. Stop the hypocrisy; you have one heart, how will you love the two of us, where in your heart will you place me

    Bomba mayi na yo ya miso, okolela masumu na yo, naboyi yo osimba nga na nzoto, maboko na yo matondi makila, makila ya motema na nga ozokisi, otubi nga nde likonga, kende basukola yo maboko epayi ya sango na eau bénite

    Hide your tears; you will cry your pains. I don’t want you to touch my body, your hands are full of blood, blood from my heart you hurt, you pieced me with an arrow [with your infidelity], go to the priest and they wash you with eau benite (holly water).

    Yo moko oponi nzela wana, natombeli yo kaka chance, epayi naye zala mwa fidèle, kosala ye ndenge osali ngai te, mwasi azalaka na mibali mibale te, banda bankoko na biso, kobebisa te sima ozongela ngai okokuta nga na si nabanda kopesa nga faute

    You are the one who chose that way of life. I wish you good luck, when with him be honest, don’t do to him what you did to me. A woman cannot have two men since the time of our elders (long ago). To mess up and wish to come back to me, you will find me to give blame.

    Soki mokolo mosusu Kintsala obuki fleure rose, atako motema na yango enuna, kobwaka yango nanu te, tango mosusu nse yango ya nsuka oyo etikala na kati ya elanga, okoya kozonga sima oko regretter fleure mosusu ezali te Patrick Mangasa

    If one day you go to garden of roses and you break/pick one, even if it ages, do not be quick to throw it away, for it may be the last one in the garden, when you later want another one, you will regret as there is no more rose flower Patrick Mangasa.

    Longola loboko na litama, tika kosala hypocrisie, na boyi parole nayo ya liso pesa merci na patience na ngai, epayi yo okeyi ntoli napesi yo vanda na ndako zela nse bomengo, kobebisa te sima ozongela ngai, okokuta porte bakanga eh chien mechant. Bana imbwa whooooooo

    Remove your hand from your chick, stop being a hypocrite, I hate the pretence in your eyes, thank me for my patience, for the advice I gave you where you went, sit in your house and wait for peace, to do not mess so as come back to me. If you do you will find the gate closed and a vicious dog by the gate. Bana imbwa whoooooooo

    Sangi Sangi Pumba, nalobaki na yo kokoma kombo na nga likolo ya zelo te mama, surtout tango mbonge ezali koya, koma yango likolo ya libanga, ata ba martin pecheur bakoya kotanga, oyebi bien ke mama, ngai na zali mbisi, ya solo na lula mayi, kasi oyo ya moto na lingaka te

    Sangi Sangi Pumba, I told you to keep my name above appearance, ….time is coming, keep it above fear, even if Martin Peche come to count, you know me very well, you know I am a pig, for sure I love water, but that I hate that of fire.

    Yo moko oponi nzela wana, natombeli yo kaka chance, epayi na ye zala mwa serieuse, kosala ye ndenge osali nga te mwasi azalaka na mibali mibale te, banda bankoko na biso, kobebisa te sima ozongela ngai okokuta nga na si nabanda kopesa nga faute

    You are the one who chose that way of life. I wished you good luck, when with him be serious/honest, don’t do to him what you did to me. A woman cannot have two men since the time of our elders (long ago). To mess up and wish to come back to me, you will find me to give blame.

    Sangi Sangi Pumba namaboko na ngai osalaki mobulu, lokola mwana nioso akosalaka na ndako ya tata na mama kasi naboyaka yo te, epayi okeyi lakisa ye fidélité chérie, kosala ye ndenge osali ngai te, nde ozui bomengo, nazali kobanga noki aboya yo, okoya kotelengana mpamba, oyebi que nalingaki yo mingi

    Sangi Sangi Pumba, in my hands you were jealousy, like any child will do in a house of his father and mother, but I do not hate you, where ever you have gone, show him fidelite, don’t do to him what you did to me my dear, that way you will get peace, I fear for him to hate you fast, you will drag for nothing, you know I loved very much.

    Bomba mayi ya miso, okolela masumu na yo, naboyi yo osimba nga na nzoto, maboko na yo matondi makila, makila ya motema na nga ozokisi, otubi nga nde likonga, kende basukola yo maboko epayi ya sango na eau benite mama heee he he…. oyo mal chance, oyo lisuma.

    Hide your tears; you will cry your pains. I don’t want you to touch my body, your hands are full of blood, blood from my heart you hurt, you pieced me with an arrow [with your infidelity], go to the priest and they wash you with eau benite (holly water).

    Eau: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e199wj

    @ Hodari:
    Please digitize that “Shaba Kahamba & Les Esprits Saints” and post. Thanx.

  508. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Merci mingi 4 MWANAMPUKU….Ave loooked for that track in eons.uknow Tsango without ‘T’ is news so i wish ukud add MALAMU so it becomes TSANGO MALAMU[GOOD NEWS]…DEFINATELY ur one piece of good news.Of course i expected Jaribu to ululate Lyk Tina Wen she got hold of NISAIDIE BABA.N lets hope another clanmate will get us a better copy of NAIROBI by BANA NGENGE/a got a feelin if ukud rummage ur archives,u most probably kud fish out another gem which has given me sleepless nyts

  509. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    @ D OCHAN
    yeahhh.Thats the song.aint givin up hope jus as yet

  510. Jay says:

    @ALL. I have preliminarily listened to Nairobi by Beya Maduma. This an absolute gem and we must find a clean copy of it. This is the first time that I have listened to this song and wizardry sounds like heaven. Hopefully we find it soon. Just like I have been saying that we need to kidnap Aurlus Mabele and force him finish Conseil Gratuit in a longer version or else……!! It’s an amazing song but too short when the blood starts flowing. Ha!, ha! ha!

  511. Tina says:

    Simaro’s composition brains equals that of or some would say eclipse Franco’s, the song isn’t my favorite, but the lyrics sure are a reflection of the times. If you have ‘kadima’ (Lutumba Simaro) – Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz kindly share.
    Always welcome to chat & exchange ideas
    Thanx for ‘wa wa’, by the way we’re a Veve strong h’sehold & love that original core group with distinct vocals
    @Tsango, Jaribu, & Dokotololawi,
    I hear your pain & despair; there’s nothing depressing as listening to a great song in a horrible audio form. For this reason I started a personal project dubbed the ‘clean copy hunt’ . I’ve tagged and promised myself to replace overtime some of my fav songs in bad audio, notably someTabora Jazz & S. Mazembe songs, will certainly share any clean copies with you all.

  512. Egoing says:

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head. Indeed you got the close affinities between the 2 songs, but I like this one more. As for the rest, to say I don’t have in this clan appears a misnomer, rather, I haven’t got it yet. But NEVER SAY DIE! We shall get them.

    This younger man, Fred, is he not very interesting? After getting out of the TREASURE MINES digging old songs, he has taken us to again to newer heights. I didn’t have enough time to read all through, but (I stand to be corrected as well) I think MASUMU is more of sins than pains. I hasten to add that I am not any good authority on Lingala anyway.

    They say I live in the GOLD MINES. Let me pick my tools of trade and will come back with another treasure to share.

    Enjoy the weekend in the clan.

  513. Egoing says:

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head. Indeed you got the close affinities between the 2 songs, but I like this one more. As for the rest, to say I don’t have in this clan appears a misnomer, rather, I haven’t got it yet. But NEVER SAY DIE! We shall get them.

    This younger man, Fred, is he not very interesting? After getting out of the TREASURE MINES digging old songs, he has taken us to again to newer heights. I didn’t have enough time to read all through, but (I stand to be corrected as well) I think MASUMU is more of sins than pains. I hasten to add that I am not any good authority on Lingala anyway.

    They say I live in the GOLD MINES. Let me pick my tools of trade, descend the mines, poke around and will come back with another treasure to share.

    Enjoy the weekend in the clan.

  514. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    You make me laugh when you say this younger man. If we could share pictures, you would be suprised. I am mature, how mature; think about “KiriKiri dance” around 1968/9. I was in form 1 or senior 1 as we say in UG. By the way, I am not out of the treasure mines yet. I have to edit the tracks before posting it, so relax. When I do, you will appreciate what I do during my spare time.

    @ Tina:
    Here we go:
    Kadima: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o388e1

  515. Egoing says:

    @Fred et al
    Yeah, the clan is about lighter moments in life, and for this we really ought to be indebted to STEVE for his selfless endeavour.

    Fred, actually, when in one of your postings you mentioned about enjoying this music although you were young, I imagined you are younger. By that 1969, I was in my first year in Primary 7 in a Gulu District Primary School called Adak. I then joined Gulu High School for my Secondary from S.1 – S. 4 from 1971 – 1974. And if anything, I am a minor to you, having started school even at an early age. But, yeah, we can share our photos.

    Sorry, Fred, if the remark made you flush with embarrassment.

  516. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Here is a variety for the week end; includes OK Jazz, Stukas, Negro Success, Oliver N’goma, Oliver Mutukudzi, Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chakachaka,Bopol, Etoiles, Nanyak Bel, Veve, Monique Seka, Meiway, Madoxx Sematimba, Rachael Magoola, Afrigo, Paul Kafero, Yondo Sister etc.

    Koyina: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d5n5k9
    Lola: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9y3ukh
    Caisse D’Epargne: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1tvfhw
    Na Kanga Motema: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ksf2lg
    Munga Josephine: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qefh8m
    Savon Astral: http://www.sendspace.com/file/if8vz2
    Todii: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2x4uo3
    Obimi m’bwe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9nwhki
    Chérie Mafuta: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3qyeon
    Philo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bixoum


  517. Lydia says:

    Wow guys, I never knew that the time would come when I would hardly be able to keep up with the posts here! Rare tracks long in demand have made an appearance making our day… thanks all for all the great posts..
    Thanks! Being family and sharing is what its about here – I’m glad we have such a great forum and wonderful people..
    Well since it’s Furahiday, some posts for the weekend

    To add to my sister Tina’s post, let us follow Sigalame’s adventures with Sigalame No. 2

    Ye Mama Gentile – Jean Raph Loumbe ( reminds me of TBK) Tina-you’ll probably enjoy this one

    Esha – Real Sounds of Africa

    Wende Zako – Real Sounds of Africa

    Thanks for the lyrics to Eau benite – though I like many songs for the beat only – knowing the meaning of the song really adds to the beauty of the song.
    My favorite Simaro song is Testament ya Bowule sang by Malage de Lugendo – its a very emotional song and you can hear it in the way he sings it, and I know its about the illness and death of Bowule but I would love to know all the lyrics – that is my request to you. I read that Malage got so emotional singing it when he started calling out the names of people for Bowule to greet when she got to the other side he added his grandfathers name – Pape Ngobobo.

  518. Pita Mbita says:

    Iam relatively new entry in this family and iam surprised no one talks about nairobi matata which caused storms with hits like rudi nyumbani dada mwajuma and asha,anyone having them.

  519. Pita Mbita says:

    I agree with Tina,Simaro was one of the best composer of ok jazz and that is why he was reffered to as Le poete
    Here is one of his cool compositions.

  520. saminator says:

    @ pita,
    RUDI NYUMBANI DADA MWAJUMA was a big hit, as was USINIAMBIE SISI TUNAENDA. the version of the latter song sent by egoing? esororo? seems to be a remake.

  521. saminator says:

    @ tobias,
    sorry for the delay in responding to your post regarding my zaiko request; i have simply trying to figure out the exact period of the songs i had in mind. now that tsango has shed light on the sululululu sumareee chant, what about CANETON ALEZEMENT ALEZEMENT, did nyoka longo and his group ever do that animation as well? may be it could guide us as to the period i’m trying to figure out.

  522. joji says:

    @Lydia – Fred
    “My favorite Simaro song is Testament ya Bowule sang by Malage de Lugendo” True. Very true. Fully agree. Think one of the best Lingala songs ever.

    Could anybody please please provide the lyrics (plus eventuallly translation) of this song.

    Niongeze nini : shukrani tu! Melesi mingi!!

  523. Fred says:

    @ Lydia and Joji:
    I will listen to it and see what I can do.

    @ All:
    Here is acontinuation of my weekend offer. Spam filter has played on me so much. It denied 4 of my posts. I hope this goes through.

    Londende: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q541vp
    Mopanzi Na Wuta Lengema: http://www.sendspace.com/file/w50efm
    Belinda: http://www.sendspace.com/file/osbdcr
    Manuela: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5polfb
    Pitie je veux la reconciliation: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kh9oxa
    Semuwemba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tsu4my
    Munnakyalo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4ppb82
    Namagee: http://www.sendspace.com/file/97sj1u


  524. Tina says:

    Hey, Real sounds provided for an eventful World Cup month for me, thanks for the match-calling in ‘dynamos vs Tornados, love it, they sure have a sick beat in their ‘wende zako’, a little confused wether the song is wende zako or niwewe pekee or used interchangeably. The guys sing in swahili, lingala, and a local dialect, would u know!
    Thanx for Stukas, in our h’se we call them the mavericks (their on-stage performances were a cross between a riotous political rally and a roudy football match.
    Do u h’ve ‘presidents’ in one part?

  525. Tsango says:

    @ Fred
    Your collection is phenomenal in 2 ways – in terms of both quantity and quality, It is making my weekend. I have been tied down to my computer for the last several hours unable to do anything else but enjoy the music. It is a perfect recipe for divorce (smile). It is a selection of finesse done with decorum. Thank you. Could you please tell me something about (bio-data of) Maddox Ssematimba, Paulo Kafeero, Fred Kigozi, and Oliver Mtukudzi? It is the first time I am listening to their pieces and I find them irresistable.

    @ All
    I am still having problems accessing Johnny Bokelo’s “Basi Mawa Te”. I would really be grateful if someone could convert it to mp3 and then post – it has an extension that my computer cannot recognise. Thanks in advance. Have a weekend full of fun.

  526. saminator says:

    @ all, in general,
    @ ochan in particular, could you save the day with RUDI NYUMBANI DADA MWAJUMA and USINIAMBIE TUNAENDA(the original copy) please?

  527. kabuga says:


    Maroon commandoes – usiniambie unaenda http://www.sendspace.com/file/utwjsw

  528. saminator says:

    @ kabuga,
    that’s the song, that what am talking about. however it’s appeared only as part one. is it possible to get the second part as well? otherwise your effort is truly highly appreciated because it’s the true clan spirit. thanks goes also to esororo for first digging out the song in its other version.

  529. Pita Mbita says:

    Saminator,here is the full version of SITAKI UNIAMBIE UNAENDA.

  530. saminator says:

    @ pita,
    just a few weeks into the clan and you are already proving to be a true gem. thanks a bunch for your invaluable contribution.
    @ all,
    sometime ago clansmate talked about GOOD MORNING MR. WALKER while discussing the DR. KISH song. what happened, as MR. WALKER never popped? any idea clansmates?

  531. kabuga says:

    Thanks Pita for the full version of sitaki uniambie kuwa unanda! The song is a composition of David Kibe with maroon commandoes (a kenya army band based at langata barracks). Cool James had nothing to do with it.

  532. gilly says:

    My weekend was entirely Wanyika, Bana Ngenge, Les Noirs and Shama shama. Nisaidie Baba led the Chat! Asanteni sana Pita Mbita, Lidya, Sam, Kabuga, Hodari,, David Ochan, Tina ,Waweru, Egoing, Fred . Tsango and Esororo, among others. You are the heartbeat of this blog.

    You are a good gold miner; I believe you can dig out KABIBI and ZAINA by Kes Wanyika, the way you did to the mysterious Nisaidie Baba and Janeth. Please.

    I hope you will enjoy the following tracks:

    Nalala kwa Tabu- DDC Mlimani Park Orchestre:

    Jean Baron et Loketo- MALUO (Diblo suffocating the lead guitar!!):

    Mbaraka Mwinshehe: Kifo cha Pesa:

  533. Lydia says:


    Good morning Mr. Walker by Mighty Sparrow

    The Kenya Police Band used to play this song alot at functions in the 70’s – we always enjoyed it and sang along as kids….. good memories.. reminds me of my father.

  534. Lydia says:

    I have Zainabu, is it the same song?


  535. saminator says:

    @ lydia,
    merci mingi for GOOD MORNING MR WALKER. now i guess you, me and tina have to sweat again waiting for RUDI NYUMBANI DADA MWAJUMA, like we did with NISAIDIE BABA until pita came to our rescue at the final moment. but there is no losing hope, after all it’s the clan we are talking about1

  536. saminator says:

    @ lydia,
    thanx a million for MR WALKER. it now leaves me, you and tina the task of waiting for yet another hit of dem days, RUDI NYUMBANI DADA MWA JUMA, like we patiently did with NISAIDIE BABA, thanks to pita mbita’s effort. but, this is the clan, and with the clan you know everything anf anything is possible.

  537. Egoing says:

    @ Saminator et al
    I have a gold stone by names Dada Mwajuma. No crime if you begin salivating. It should reach you soon as I get time today.

  538. kabuga says:

    Anyone with music by Atlantic star, please post.

  539. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    ha ha ha, am already lickign my lips; and so is pita am sure! and i bet tina too….

  540. saminator says:

    @ all,
    sos sos sos sos sos sos bwana ochan, where are you?

  541. saminator says:

    @ all,
    i’ll fqast forward you all to the late 80s or early 90s. the group:-extra musica. they produced, i think their first album titled, CONFIRMATION. i had it on an original tape but unfortunately lost it long time ago. any body who can get access to that album please do so. to me it brought out the best of extra with their chant YELLO YELLO YELLO YELLO. and if anybody gets it, please do an egoing and package it as one and post it. believe you me all you that’s some work of african art.

  542. gilly says:

    Zainabu was released by Issa Juma and his Wanyika Stars mid 1980s, He defected from Les Wanyika . ZAINA is in Les Wanyika LP of mid 1990s – (Matunda Productions ). Other tracks in that LP include Fitina, Mke Wangu, Kawaii, Maria and Kubali Kosa. KAWAII is also a big hit.

    ALWAYS _ Atlantic Stars

  543. Tina says:

    @Sir Fred,
    U get the standing ovation from moi! All the posts were wonderful, thanx for taking yr precious time to upload them all. I was like a kid in a candy store, only I didn’t have to pay for the candie, just priceless. I tell u there was smoke coming out of my computer vents, I couldn’t get off the hot seat. Thanx for Zouk, Brenda Fassie, LB & Stukas, T. Mwana, Y. Chaka Chaka& course the benga/bongo/ folk from the heart of Africa
    Love the lyrics of ‘GM Mr. Walker’ hilarious!
    Is ‘basi mawa te’ or ‘mwana na biso basi’ by Bokelo was trying to help u looking thru my library, but can’t see a ‘basi mawa te’ in anycase try this below.
    Secret Lovers – Atlantic Starr
    This 70s/80s post is inspired by my older sis who attended college in the 80s.
    4ever young – Alphaville, unfortunately we all have to grow old – don’t dare remember yr youthful days!
    Rock me tonight – Freddie Jackson
    Sugar, sugar – The Archies
    Wrapped around my finger – The Police

  544. Tina says:

    Can I get ‘take my love its free’ and ‘I’m in love with a DJ’ – Y. Chaka Cahaka! thanx.

  545. Hodari says:

    I’ve just read your post about Shaba Kahamba’s music. You have put me on the spot…ripping. That means I will be going down to the cellar looking through a few old boxes, and then spending a few hours recording and editing. But don’t worry; I will give you the good news pretty soon. By the way, Philo which you posted is a real gem. Nashukuru kweli.

  546. Egoing says:

    @Saminator and ALL

    Just emerged from the gold mine and hurriedly send this before the day is out as promised. Hopefully by now Saminator will either no longer need modern services to keep his lips clean, or need professional services to attend to worn up lips. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Here is Dada Majuma: http://www.sendspace.com/file/in2ngs

    This Old Boy, Fred is a marvel. Must have been a lover / fan or Dr Leakey. How else could a person come out with such antiquities? More grease to your elbows!

  547. Egoing says:

    @Saminator and ALL

    Just emerged from the gold mine and hurriedly and frantically endeavour to send this before the day is out as promised. Hopefully by now Saminator will either no longer need modern services to keep his lips clean, or need professional services to attend to worn up lips. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Here is Dada Majuma: http://www.sendspace.com/file/in2ngs

    This Old Boy, Fred is a marvel. Must have been a lover / fan or Dr Leakey. How else could a person come out with such antiquities? More grease to your elbows!

  548. Hodari says:

    Here we go! Here we go! Here we go! Bang! – Shaba kahamba & Les Espirits Saints: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hame10

  549. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    Here are your requests
    Take my love its free: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d4zm98
    I am in love with a DJ: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wehcou

    @ All
    Here are 2 tracks from the late South African music diva, Brenda Fassie
    Thola Amadlozi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0qc63m
    Vulindlela: http://www.sendspace.com/file/49oemj

    and 2 more from another formidable South African dynamic superstar, Mafikizolo
    Ndhihamba Nawe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4gwbd8
    Udakwa Njalo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0ims62

  550. JARIBU says:

    Thank you for Dada Mwajuma, I am hearing it for the very first time and I love it. Which group produced it?

  551. Lydia says:

    Wow I know there’s clansmates who will be dancing for days! Maybe Saminator will be dancing on the ceiling :-) thanks Egoing, Fred, Gilly,Tina, Tsango, Hodari,Pita Mbita, Kabuga, Esororo and perhaps most of all to Steve who makes this possible. Thank God for internet too… otherwise we’d all just be in our corners longing for what we could not get.
    Speaking of the internet I found the Beloit College Mindset list so interesting http://www.beloit.edu/mindset/2014.php – it makes me know I’m up there for sure because its so true.. my kids don’t wear watches, believe life without cell phones must have been unbearable, think email is only used by older people and the other day I was typing an email and I was cc’g someone and my daugher asked me what cc meant.. imagine trying to explain about carbon paper… duplicates and triplicates……I gave up…..and I confirmed what she always thought she knew… I’m from the stone age…..

    as my sister in law would say “You ain’t never lied”… those lyrics are funny..I love music with lyrics that crack me up.. here’s 2 from Ray Charles

    Child support and alimony

    Where’re the stairs

  552. saminator says:

    @ ochan et al
    i remember trying to ask for a song i did not know the title and so failed miserably to describe it. you then thought it was a song i had requested and you sent earlier. however, i came up with a bit of one of the lines in the song.
    it goes something like, “aeia lelooooo ehe, nakokanisa lelo ehe, (trumpet response), nakobungisa lelo ehe( trumpet response)….”, rings a bell?

  553. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    now that’s what i call being musically loaded; fantastic man, fantastci. the clan fire keeps burning.

  554. kabuga says:

    Thanks Tina and Gilly.

  555. Pita Mbita says:

    Egoing,thank you for DADA MWAJUMA ,you made me reflect back to when i was ten in the times of philips turntables

  556. Pita Mbita says:

    Anyone with SANZA MISATO BY SHABA KAHAMBA while he was with Tabuley and Afrisa international

  557. Pita Mbita says:

    GIlly,Sorry i have no KABIBI nor ZAINA by les wanyika. I request anyone having MARADHI YA MOYO BY DDC MILIMANI

  558. Fred says:

    @ Hodari:
    Thanks a bunch.

  559. Tina says:

    @Lydia & Tsango,
    Thanx for the great music of R. Charles & B.Fassie (RIP). More tunes from both of u than I had h’ped & asked for, God Bless.
    Which group’s behind ‘dada mwajuma’? DDC Mlimani or M. Mwinshehe, can’t tell! I certainly like the beat. Kindly assist with the bio data. I’m like a dear in the headlights with this one.
    Kindly don’t be overassuming, ’cause some of us may sound like we’re familiar with all the tunes of the era but not really. That’s why I’m like a dog waiting for a bone at the mouth of the goldmines – basically a student of the game (‘be kind to me’ as Tina Turner would say). So it wouldn’t hurt to write a little for out of print gems posted here.

  560. Esororo says:

    @ Tina

    “Would u stop toiling with our hearts!” Let’s say I miss you too. I am not toiling with your heart at all; it is the situation that I find myself that makes it hard or possible for me to appear as toiling with your heart. To make things even interesting, someone decided they needed my computer more than I did.


    Things seems to be heating up in the Ntwiga house. Keep up the good work people.

    Here we go:


  561. Tsango says:

    @ Pita Mbita
    Here your Shaba Kahamba’s Afrisa International request. I loved the song. Kuleta Pompon had a great voice only that, unfortunately, Seigneur Tabu Ley’s and Queen Mbilia Bel’s drowned it.
    Sanza Misato: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bmuv9x

    Here are two other beautiful songs on the same album composed and sang by Kuleta Pompon
    Amilo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0iywka
    Ebeze: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dj1qcm

    @ Tina
    The clan has been very vibrant (perhaps too vibrant) and I am finding it hard to keep pace: that explains why I forgot to remeber to acknowledge your posting of Bokelo’s “Mwana na biso basi.” Thank you. However, the song I needed assistance with was “Basi Mawa Te.” I am (re)posting it. See if you (or any clan member) can convert it to MP3 file and post. My computer has failed to recognised (open) the file it is currently in. I will be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
    Basi Mawa Te: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hm8ua5

  562. kabuga says:

    Dada mwajuma was done by Nairobi matata. It was led by Juma Muhina a brother to Issa Juma of Les Wanyika fame.

  563. Pita Mbita says:

    Tsango , thank you so much for sanza misato.Kamata SE-KIZENGE by lipua-lipua. http://www.sendspace.com/file/79o73b……………………………………….

  564. Lydia says:

    Hi Guys
    Many salaams from Steve. He’s currently having problems with his computer (it died) and will be back online as soon as he’s able.

  565. Tina says:

    Stop flirting with us, may be u just found another hobby (joke). Enough said, can’t thank u enough on the above posts, u always seem to make up for the time lost, Your strategy works; stay away for a while and come back with the goods. I really appreciate it. In particular, thanx a million for Super Lovy, that familar sound from Mazembe; ‘bavon marie’ and saxophone – great stuff.
    Where h’ve u been? gracing the sidelines! love to see u help me out on this one. Sometimes in this forum I feel like the Lion King’s simba, trapped in a stampede of wilderbeast. ie evryone’s zooming by so fast, keeping up with the speed is tricky. Thanx for clarifying on ‘dada mwajuma.’
    My program dogs blocked the file, couldn’t recognize the type. Sorry!
    @Pita Mbita,
    My sister thanks u so much for lipua lipua’s Si-Kizenge.

  566. Frank says:

    I need help to identify this song. I guess I got the song title…Mpangi.
    Its in Lingala
    It might be a Congolese orchestra in Kenya from the 70’s.

  567. Frank says:

    @ Tina
    I got the song “Johnny Bokelo & Orchestre Conga De La Capitale – Basi mawa te” as mp3.

  568. Frank says:

    @ Tina
    I managed to fix your file (Johnny Bokelo – Basi Mawa Te) too:
    Your file was a bit better than mine :-)

  569. Fred says:

    @ Tina & Lydia:
    Enjoy this old time:
    Perdoname: http://www.sendspace.com/file/m32c8r

  570. kabuga says:

    Where is Mutunga? His leave is rather too long – and being an in a law, am concerned!

  571. kabuga says:

    @Fred, Pleasant surprise! Thanks for Demis Roussos. Please lets have some more from him.

  572. Tsango says:

    @ Frank
    Thanks so much for your efforts on fixing Bokelo’s “Basi Mawa Te”. I am now in cloud 9, if I may use a phrase that was popular amongst us whilst in high school, “Mpangi” is a track that was done by Orchestre Baya Baya. The group was not based in Kenya though Melodica played an important role in distributing their songs in Kenya.

  573. Lydia says:

    Ha Fred
    You must have read my mind long distance – I spent yesterday listening to ‘My friend the wind’ by demis and some Nana Mouskouri. I was thinking of college days when we listened to those artists, not to mention Julio Iglesias (sp)…. thanks for that..
    I’ll join Kabuga in searching you out…. I remember you go to the mountains during the summer but I bet you are probably back by now as most schools are opening…. anyway, hope you had a good rest and look forward to a word from you…

  574. Fred says:

    Souvenirs To Souvenirs: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xa75f4

    Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zsqar6

  575. Lydia says:

    Oh my.. What nostalgia you have created with your post Fred – Thank you! I will have a good weekend. You and Esororo can always be counted on to suprise us musically – just when we think we’ve figured out your musical tastes you pack a suprise…

    Well then, here is something for you all….this beautiful track was released in 1975 – Elongi by Brilliant Ekambi of Cameroon…enjoy


  576. Frank says:

    Here I got an interesting song that is missing the title.
    I guess its from Mangelepa.

  577. Tsango says:

    @ Frank
    The song is indeed interest. I wish you were in possession of the first part as well. I doubt if the group is Mangelepa. The dialect in the song is obviously West African.

  578. Frank says:

    @ Tsango

    Lets wait and see if any recognizes it. And then lets search for it when we got the artists and the song title.

  579. Nobrun says:

    Egoing, thank you for Dada Mwajuma. It’s been a while.

  580. Frank says:

    Want to share a special with you all. Its a song made by Bovick.
    Bovick with Dr Nico’s African Fiesta – I got the feeling (Sukisa 89, B-side)

  581. Tina says:

    Thanks for the last post of ‘ebeze’ by T. Ley Roch., This morning woke up to this song and absolutely loved it.
    @Also a shout out to Frank, Fred, and Lydia – ‘elongi’ and the Roussos/Dr. Nico tunes are irresistible to say the least – my dad’s gonna be around for the rest of the month which means I will h’ve no problem id’ing tracks & talking music legends over dinner.
    Love u all for taking time out of your busy schedules to share your favorite tunes. Let’s all keep digging and keep bringing the best quality gold (Jay, Mutunga, Jaribu, Hodari, D.Ochan, Esororo, Egoing, Saminator, P. Mbita, Gilly, Waweru, Kabuga, Dokoto… etc come on folks, let’s go! enjoy the weekend.
    Imagine – Beatles

  582. Esororo says:

    Orchestre Stukas Boys.

    Gaby Lita Bembo & Stukas du Zaire

    Forty two years ago one of the most popular bands in Kinshasa was Orchestre Stukas lead by Gaby Libekk Lita Bembo and it was more informally known as the Stukas Boys. The band was originally formed by none other but the vocalist Alida Lomingo himself in 1968. Lomingo’s commitment to the band was somewhat sporadic and Lita ‘the showman’ Bembo took over the role as group leader and the number one vocalist.

    While the extraordinary Lita Bembo was the front man, driving fans with their ‘new generation’ of music and dance that stormed Kinshasa in the late 1960s and the early 1970s with his band Stukas du Zaire. His unique blend of impassioned Ekonda vocal styles and frenetic guitar patterns turned his compositions into instant hits, while his eccentric stage was an attention drawing which was often followed with wildly playful or funny act or action and innovative dance routines endeared him to young and old alike.

    “The Stukas Boys had gotten their start as a neighbourhood band doing James Brown covers in 1968, nearly two years before their more successful competitors Bella Bella and Zaiko Langa Langa came along. In 1970 the group had improved to the point that it was able to secure a booking at the prestigious Para Fifi night club in Kinshasa and in the following year they cut some records.
    By then a fairly stable core had evolved that included singers Lita Bembo, Lomingo Alida, Kisola Nzita, and Suka Bola, guitarists Samunga Tediangaye and Bongo Wende, and drummer Bakunde Ilondjoko

    Unlike the Trio Madjesi at the time, the Stukas Boys were less known for their music but for their great live performances. And Zaire’s developing show system was made to order for their front man Lita Bembo.

    In the other hand, Samunga Tediangaye, a young boy, barely into his twenties, anchored the band with a flashy lead guitar which he sometimes plucked with his teeth like Jimi Hendrix. But when the ‘showman’ Lita Bembo appeared, no one else had a chance. ‘The young man will literally dominate the scene,’ rumor has it. ‘He will make the mike “suffer.” Dropping to his knees like a voodoo man in a trance, exhibiting his sacred dance Lita Bembo proved his skill by showing off his impossible postures.
    After his stellar performance in Zaire 74, Salongo (News Paper/Magazine) declared ‘he set the tone for the evening. And the concert he presented to the public brilliantly confirmed his rank as a great star of Zairean music'” One can easily say that the music, like the man, (Lita Bembo) remains larger than life.

  583. Esororo says:

    @ Fred

    Thanks for Lita Bembo – Gida

    I have another version which is 2 mins longer. I will post it later.

    Gida is Judas


  584. Frank says:

    @ Esororo

    Thank you for the great lines about Stukas Du Zaire and Lita Bembo.

    I want to add a great song: “Samba” from the “Kita Mata ABC” album,

  585. Frank says:

    I have to add a couple of songs. hehe

    Lita Bembo & Orchestre Stukas – L’Homme d’Événement Fikin (1976-1977) – Gida

    Here is another version:
    “Franco Présente Lita Bembo & Orchestre Stukas – Danse Rapo Crapo ’81. (VISA 1980, FRAN008). 1980″
    I think this title was misspelled as “Judas”. This version is also longer than the one above, 10:57.

    Any comments on this misspelling?

  586. Frank says:

    After listening well I think Judas is correct. Lita Bembo is singing about a girlfriend named Brigitta. She ran away with another man. So he called her Judas.

  587. Tsango says:

    @ Fred and Tina
    Thanks for Demis Roussos’ San Pedros Children’ and The Beatles’ Imagine. They were tracks missing in my collection yet they bring back fond memories of my yesteryears.

    @ Frank
    Asante for the Stukas’ songs. Esororo, thanks for the write-up. Stukas, or Stukas Attack as they were sometimes referred too, was a great band and I always consider it most unfortunate that they did not last long enough. They revolutionized Lingala music and carried stage show to a different level; they were just phenomenal. In fact, Zaiko langa langa’s early songs and stage performances lend themselves to Stukas Boys. Zaiko’s song YouYou, for example, is very Stukasian.
    You You: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1yfnm5

    @ All
    I invite you to listen to the original “I got the feeling” by James Brown. James Brown tremendously influenced some African musical groups such as The Trio Madjesi in general and Saak Sakoul in particlar. They used to dress and dance like James Brown.
    I got the feeling: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dkerc0
    Here is a bonus song from James Brown
    Hot Pants: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1jwx2k

  588. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    now that you’ve shown us your other music knowledge (kiganda), i’d like to find out from you if you can remember an old song we used to enjoy ages ago as kids. Munno Munno mwa jajja; however i understand there’s a newer version. do you think you can dig out the older one?
    thanks a great deal for your efforts; you too deserve an award.

  589. saminator says:

    @ hodari,
    @ all,
    sometime ago, i sent out a request for daudi kabaka’s biggest ever hit, TWIST. the version that was uploaded was a mix of two songs. could somebody with that single kindly send it over? would be mightly grateful.

  590. Edu Owino says:

    Hi Clanmates,

    I will be a DJ in a Kenyan community function (in Liberia) this Saturday. I have just realised that my library is a bit thin on zilizopendwa with a Kenyan theme. I have Harambee harambee, Nakeyi Nairobi and a few others but I need more songs to boost the collection. I don’t have any specific titles to request for but any song that boosts my collection will be appreciated.

  591. Fred says:

    @ All:
    This one is on behalf David Ochan who is having problems with the spam filter.

    @ ALL
    Thanks a lot for the great contributions in August. Keep it up. I am soon to resume digitaising my LPs and Cassettes.
    @ TSANGO (and EGOING)
    Sorry for BASI MAWA TE I think it got corrupted between the Sendspace Uploading and posting to the Clan.
    Glad that a Clan member corrected it.
    Tsango, there is a list of BENGA music which I shall request you to post (since you seem to have a lot).
    Thanks for posting MUPEPA by ZLL (NB). I invite you to listen to MOKILI which was a revised version of MUPEPA. You can hear BENIKO ZERO FAUTE (aka Popolipo) playing his signature solo guitar.
    You may remember that Lengi Lenga, Popolipo, et al broke off from ZLL NB and formed ZLL Familie Dei after staring in the hit film “LA VIE EST BELLE” They then made a trip in Kenya before moving to Belgium.
    For those who did not watch “La Vie Est Belle”, it is a MUST SEE. I watch the DVD al least once a month.
    It features Papa Wemba as a village musician (playing his Likembe) who decided to make it to Kinshasa to try to become a star. His life in the city was eventful to say the least. Other stars in the film included Lengi Lenga (Shoe shinner cum guitarist), Tumba Ayele EMORO (Muchomo seller), Pepe Kalle (Club singer), Bibi Kuruba KABIBI (a college graduate).
    The main sountrack for the film was MUVARO as sung by Dindo Yogo and of course the solo guitar of Popolipo.
    Here are two songs from the LP
    MOKILI (Mupepa) – ZLL FD
    @ TINA
    Thanks a lot for keeping the light burning for the Clan.
    I have some clean copies of OK Jazz tunes for your Dad. The lead singer was Victor (VICKY) Longomba the father of Awilo and Lovy and grandfather to Lovy’s twin sons Christian and Lovy (who are based in Nairobi and operates under the title THE LONGOMBAS). Check their website for their brand of music.
    1. CESAR ABOYA YO – OK Jazz

  592. Egoing says:

    If you are able to look into these “BLACK Gold Stones” consider also that they took me one whole day of it. Never give up easily.
    I have also ventured onto another branch on the tree. Took time formatting and hopefully its fruits will be of some good to the clan members.
    Welcome into the new week.

    Egoing 10: http://www.sendspace.com/file/elga2i
    Congolese Bands in East Africa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3webs4

    Got problems with Egoing 9, but will try to re-post.

    We take your apology through FRED, but of course when personally you rejoin the clan, please do not come empty handed. Some “Kola Nut” for re-entry.

  593. JARIBU says:

    @ All
    Here is a cleaner copy of Lipua Lipua’s Kuelo and another tune from the same group that I am only now hearing for the first time. It seems to have only a part1 or it’s simply a short song. The end sounds more like a Bella Bella tune.

    Orch. Lipua Lipua – Kuelo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/g32h8v
    Orch. Lipua Lipua – Tika Kosaboter Motema = http://www.sendspace.com/file/uzgjy8

  594. Frank says:

    Will now give some sugar to all the clan members with Ry-co Jazz.
    Le Ry-Co Jazz – Blue Sugar & Kedi-Jessy Wa Madidina. (Vogue V.45.1686)
    Both the songs on this release are for me great songs and I hope you like them too.
    It could be great to know if you have heard these songs before. Google gave me almost nothing.

    I dont need to write much about Ry-Co Jazz when This article sais it all about the band and its history:

    @ All
    What Jaribu does is great. Giving us not only the song title but also the name of the group or artist. Thanks for that Jaribu :-)
    ID’ing songs is sometimes hard work.

  595. Egoing says:

    EGOING 9: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6f9fuk

    @Steve, Jay, and the whole clan
    Thanks for making it possible for this sharing.

  596. saminator says:

    @ lydia,
    thanks for being such a caring clansmate. am surprised though that the song i actually meant was by john agasi, and not daudi kabaka, but it’s all good. thanks also for the the rest of the massive twist hits!

  597. Tsango says:

    @ Edu Owino
    You have quite a task. I wish you the very best in DJeying for the Kenyan community in Liberia on Saturday. I hope the songs below will add to the occasion as well as boost your collection. Kaka, Kila la heri na Mola awafanikie siku hilo.
    Kenya Taifa Letu by Kenya Police Band
    Jambo (Hakuna Matata) by Safari Sound Band
    Murata by Musimo
    Cucu wa Gakunga by John Ndichu
    Dunia Mbaya by Princess Jully
    Isanda gi Hera by Tony Nyadundo
    Tukatike by Them Mushrooms
    Wazee Hukumbuka by Them Mushrooms
    Mwana wa Mberi by Them Mushrooms
    Pole Mzee by Miriam Makeba
    The National Anthem by Kenya Police Band

    @ All
    I am truly grateful for all the posts. Great job! Lets keep keeping on though I have been unable to listen to the posts of the last couple of 2 days. I will fetch some time during the course of the week and do so – your efforts are not in vain. Once again thank you all for your sharing spirit. Mola awabariki nyote, shukran.

  598. saminator says:

    @ all,
    still here asking for the old luganda tune, “MUNNO MUNNO MUNNO MUNNO MUNNO MWA JAJJA “.
    i know persons like lydia, ocan, egoing, fred, tina etc etc know the song. by who? no idea as usual. and some other tunes like ATANAWA MUSOLO…..sos, sos, sos….

  599. Robert says:

    @ Lydia

    You have managed to get me scribble something with “Elongi” – lots of pats on your back

    Following all procedings here with joy -keep it up!

  600. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    You are asking impossibilities; if you knew the artists, it would help it narrows down the saerch. At least Atanawa musolo was by Fred Masagazi in the late 60’s but your Munno Munno… spins my brain. But I will entertain you with these two.
    Oluwala olunyunyusi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g5if4l
    Nalwewuba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/406sx8

  601. Edu Owino says:

    Thanks Tsango,

    It is actually a delayed celebration of the promulgation of the Kenyan constitution. If anyone has Africa mokili mobimba by African Jazz (Dechaud), I would appreciate it.

  602. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    Olupapula Si Mupiira: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3meztk

  603. Egoing says:

    @ Edu Owino
    Some Rapid Response Unit has done the needful for you.

  604. Tina says:

    Thanx for the LB & Stukas bio infor. that’s great! makes u unique among the likes of Fred, Tsango Jaribu, Kabuga, Egoing etc This kind of infor always leads my research into musical groups, & I really encourage folks to post a few notes on musical acts that have disappeared.
    – You posted a a great track by the group Orchestre Super Lovy; was this a breakway from Super Mazembe or is it Lovy Longomba with Orchesre Super Lovy. I’m confused ’cause of the ‘lovy’ syllable, kindly clarify.
    @Fred, OK Jazz is so cool and timeless, thanx!
    Thanx for Lipua Lipua, we love them!
    Thanx for them Mushrooms; had made a request for them months ago, and gave up, thanx for inadvertently posting them for another purpose.
    In a earlier post ‘yende salama’ – Western Jazz Band, does anybody have the full track? I have just about 2min of the track, help!

  605. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Here is something on Super Lovy.

    Super Mazembe
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
    Orchestra Super Mazembe was a popular band based in Kenya playing Lingala (Soukous) music. The band had roots in Super Vox, a band formed in 1967 in Congo (then Zaire) and led by Mutonkole Longwa Didos. The band moved to Nairobi in 1974 and changed its name to Orchestra Super Mazembe.

    Their biggest hit was “Shauri Yako”, a cover song about an incompatible couple. It was originally performed by Nguashi Ntimbo & Festival Du Zaire. Other popular songs included “Samba”, “Bwana Nipe Pesa” and “Kassongo”. The group was disbanded in 1985.

    Super Mazembe is considered as one of the golden era of Kenyan Lingala music acts alongside Les Mangelepa, Baba Gaston and Samba Mapangala [1].
    Like many East African and Congolese groups, Super Mazembe experienced constant line-up changes.

    Lovy Longomba (vocals) – Left the band in 1981 and formed groups “Super Lovy” and later “Bana Likasi”. He died in 1996. Lovy is son of Vicky Longomba and brother of Awilo Longomba, both famous Congolese musicians. Lovy’s sons Christian and Lovi have formed Longombas, today a popular hip hop group in Kenya.

    Kassongo Wa Kanema (vocals) -Left the band in early 80’a and joined Orchestra Virunga.
    Atia Jo (Frederick Mulunguluke Mwanza) (bass guitar) -Died 2006[3]
    Bukasa wa Bukasa “Bukalos” (lead guitar) -Died 1989′
    Rapok Kayembe Miketo (guitar) -Died 1991
    Komba Kassongo Songoley (guitar) -Died 1990
    Mutonkole Longwa Didos (vocals)-Died 1999
    Fataki Lokassa -deceased
    Lobe Mapako -deceased
    Talos -deceased
    Dodo Dorris

    Some of the later members:

    Loboko Bua Mangala (guitar)
    Kilambe Katele Aley (vocals)
    Mwanza wa Mwanza Mulunguluke (bass guitar)
    Kitenge Ngoi wa Kitombole (drums)
    Musa Olokwiso Mangala

  606. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    thanks for your usual effort. could you possibly now send the song sang in luganda/swahili about the liberation war of \79. am sure you and others know exactly what am talking about. and also freda ssonko’s BYE BYE. not sure though if that’s the real title.

  607. Tsango says:

    @Fred/David Ochan
    Thanks for the ZLL-FD tracks and those of Franco. All very beautiful songs.

    @ Jaribu
    Thanks for the clean copy of Kuelo. I have also just listened to Lipua Lipua’s “Tika Kosaboter Motema” for the first time. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks as well for the information on Super Mazembe though there are some corrections to be noted. (i) Kilambe Katele Alley was a founder member. (ii) Songo Ley was also a founder member. (iii) Though the band disbanded in 1985 or thereabouts due to financial problems, later Atia Djo, Katele and Kasongo regrouped, signed new members and brough Super Mazembe back to life. Currently Kassongo is still holding the group together though they lack the fire and warmth they produced in the 70s and 80s.

  608. Fred says:

    @ Tina: Here are some three Veve tracks for the old man. There are two more rare ones I will upload.
    Na Kolata Pili: http://www.sendspace.com/file/57ca41
    Marcelline: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qygtj1
    Na Koya Na Pokwa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/d1u2a9

    @ saminator: I do not have what you are asking for. If I was in Uganda, I would get it but where I am it is a dream. But enjoy this Ssonko track.
    Mwami Gwe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wk4lyh

  609. Tina says:

    Thanks so much for the S. Mazembe stuff; I’m listening to them while writing this post, the vocals are terrific, kind of sad to learn that most members of the group have passed on. Might you be having ‘bwana nipe pesa’
    If anyone or Esororo for that matter has more of Ochestre Super Lovy or Oliver N’goma, kindly post
    Yap! that’s our band, we just upgraded to better audio quality copy of ‘marceline’ thanks to u.

  610. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Sorry I do not have Bwana Nipe Pesa.

    Please visit the Super Mazembe site on Wikipedia and update their information. You seem to have more accurate information than what’s there now.

    Thank you for those Veve, two of which I was hearing for the first time this evening.

    You are welcome. More often than not I find myself going through the motions of downloading music only to find out that I already have it because of incomplete labelling.

  611. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    thanks for the try and the freda ssonko. i hope somebody pops up with the liberation song.

    @ jaribu,
    i read with interest the super mazembe story but a name, SAMBA MAPANGALA does not feature in it. what was his stauts in the group?

  612. kabuga says:


    Samba was not a member of SM per se. He only was a guest in a couple of songs. Initially with Bibi Ley kabakaba’s Leki noirs, he left to found Virunga. He still records as virunga todate.

  613. gilly says:

    Brothers and Sisters,
    Im pleased to share the music below:

    Franco et TP OK Jazz avec Sam Maimouna Mangwana, early 1970s (Tittle??)


    TP OK Jazz, Simaro Lutumba, Vicky longomba late 1960s: Je ne peux:


  614. Waweru says:

    @ All

    Thanks for keeping the action alive with great music. Now I had in the past requested “La Rivarite” by Lokassa ya Mbongo but nothing has yet come through. I have not given up yet. Anyone has this nice song by the great Lokassa? It was side ‘B’ of the popular song “Santa Isabella”.

  615. jomba says:

    please please Lydia or anyone out there… can you please post FC Gor Mahia – The Hody Boys Band – Juma Toto Pleaseeeeeeee

  616. jomba says:

    can you please upload FC Gor Mahia – The Hody Boys Band – Juma Toto
    I would really appreciate

  617. Jay says:

    @ALL. I feel the blood flowing through here and appreciate the connection.

    @ALL. Anyone have; Mama njoooo oho, usilie, usilie mama njoho?

    @Kabuga. Any luck? Are you able to get me the phone for Zamalek studios or music shop in Nairobi?

  618. Tina says:

    Great post and nicely done girlfriend! now let me do my part – dance to it. Good Day.

  619. Tina says:

    These are very special requests – swahili songs that have terrific lyrics; I’m asking u all besides the big hitters to pitch in and share them with me. Remmy Ongala is among my all time swahili greats; if anyone of u got some of his music below kindly share with me. I’m planning a small gig the wknd ahead & ur all invited.
    1) Sauti Ya Mnnyonge
    2) Nalilia Mtoto
    3) Mziki Asili Yake Wapi
    4) Mnnyonge Hana Haki


    1) Rangi Ya Chungwa – Tabora Jazz B.
    2) Utani Kondesha Maria – Mbaraka Mwinshehe
    3) Kassim – Mlimani P. Orchestra
    4) Hiba – Mlimani P. Orchestra
    5) Nacheka Cheka – Kilwa Jazz
    6) Makumbele – Orchestra Maquis Original
    7) Msinicheke – Orchestra Maquis Original – this is a very lovely song.

    ANY GOSPEL FROM Gatho Beevans (Azalaki Awa, and more…) will be much appreciated.

  620. Tsango says:

    @ gilly
    Thanks for sharing the two Franco songs. Great stuff. The one that was not named is “Ou est la serieux”

    @ jomba
    Here is Juma Toto’s “Gor Mahia FC.” I have been looking for Ochieng’ Kabaselleh’s “Luo Union FC” without success so far.

    @ All
    Here is a collection of some of Samba Mapangala’s songs with Orchestre Virunga
    Mashariki: http://www.sendspace.com/file/iy5edk
    Confusion: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gpyfhj
    Marina: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8ljkmc
    Siri: http://www.sendspace.com/file/t5hmyw
    Adija: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lofp3d
    Mbona Mimi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jmu06n
    Wabingwa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1oxkfc
    Dunia Tuna Pita: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6row39
    Muniache: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vitdvn

  621. kabuga says:

    @Jay, Mama njoooo oho, usilie, usilie mama njoho? That was Vundumuna but i don’t have it.

    I have talked to a son to Wilson Peter Kinyonga at Melodica and he has promised to get me a cassette of Peter Akwabi, that has the song. Let’s wait bro.

  622. gilly says:

    @ Kabuga

    You are very right about the relationship existed between Samba and Super Mazembe. He occasionally joined Mazembe during their recordings. To me, SHIDA was the best performance of their relationship:

    SHIDA Pt 1&2 – Super Mazembe




    Asante Virunga tracks


    Mbaraka: Utanikondesha Maria : http://www.sendspace.com/file/xbf562

    DDC Mlimani Park: Conjesta: http://www.sendspace.com/file/elx6u1

    DDC Mlimani Park: Hiba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q7bfre

    Kiko Kids: Rangi ya Chungwa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hk4bpg

    Kilwa Jazz Band: Nacheka-cheka Kilwa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/f7thho

    Kilwa Jazz Band: Lau Nafasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rqebr7

    Marquis du Zaire: Makumbele: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y10130

  623. Tina says:

    Thank u so so much, given the task @ hand, u almost single-handedly pulled it off. Could u kindly repost ‘ RANGI YA CHUNGWA’, my computer couldn’t read the file in the initial post.

    -I think this copy of ‘shida’ u posted is cleaner than the one Esororo posted a while ago, agree! is it possible for you to combine the two ‘shida’ parts into one and repost!
    Sorry, don’t have Veve’s ‘Gilmo’ will try my dad or bros collection. But if u have their (Veve Verky’s), ‘KALALA’ and ‘TATY’, kindly post here for me.

  624. @Saminator
    Response to the sos> I don’t know the language here but Omusolo implies tax of some sort. Hope you want to be a good citizen and line our tax coffers.
    Atanawa Omusolo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/uko5c6
    Maria Theresa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hheq9e

    Thanks for all the postings. Keep it up. Don’t mind even if my personal fear is not being able to catch up. The signal around the GOLD MINES is erratic.
    By the way, did anyone of the two bundles I sent (Egoing 9 @ 10) open?
    Absentee clans mates should always just clear their throats and make us confirm they are around. ’twasn’t good for an in-law to go for days in grief!
    Back to the mines for me. Looks like their is a demand for old Luganda gems. Just a tip of the iceberg. When I strike some stones, I will bunch and post.

  625. Fred says:

    @ Tina:
    Kalala & Tati: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g5w2vc
    @ Olupot:
    Thanks for those memories.

  626. Tsango says:

    @ All
    I found the 2 Kilwa Jazz songs posted by Gilly quite intriguing. I was listening to them for the very first time. “Nacheka cheka Kilwa” is a version of Ok Jazz song “Course au Pouvoir” whereas “Lau Nafasi” is a version of Tabu Ley’s “Mokolo Nakokufa”. It is amazing how much I am learning from Ntwiga clan. I love watching OK Jazz when playing “Course au Pouvoir”, Franco would engage in an ‘argument’ with the saxophonist. Those who have never watched the concert would love it

    @ Fred
    Thanks for “Taty”. In the song Pepe Kalle was at his best vocals – good voice.

  627. Tsango says:

    @ All
    I have just realised that the “Taty” Fred posted is a version different from the one I have. In the Fred version Pepe Kalle’s voice is missing. NB: Pepe Kalle’s was a guest appearance – he was not a member of Veve.

  628. Tsango says:

    Here is the version of “Taty” in which Pepe Kalle was a participant

  629. Fred says:

    @ Olupot James Peter:
    I am sure you operate from Uganda, could you hunt for a 1972 track by the Cranes band (Afrigo) known as “emizziro”. It was on the Serenade label. There was another track known as Embalasasa that came out around the same time. I layed my hands on them and many others in 2008 but did could not get a turntable to digitize them. Now the guy who had them in Jinja died.

  630. kingsam says:

    @ Tina & Edu Owino

    Vunja Mifupa – Samba Mapangala http://www.sendspace.com/file/p30r2g
    Don’t literally break the bone!

    Sauti ya mnyonge – Remi Ongala (Sura Mbaya) http://www.sendspace.com/file/uicaqo
    Asili ya Muziki – Remi ongala (Sura Mbaya) http://www.sendspace.com/file/5w6tw5
    Mnyonge hana Haki – Remi Ongala (Sura Mbaya) http://www.sendspace.com/file/86dx7a
    Nalilia Muana – Remi Ongala (Sura Mbaya) http://www.sendspace.com/file/h2xphj

    @ edu
    Play this as the curtain raiser. Back in then after the infamous 82′ failed coup, it was played over and over.
    I understand it was done by someone else but DK kamau am not sure how he happens to be featured on here on the original song

    Kenya Nchi yetu – http://www.sendspace.com/file/abo2ad

  631. kingsam says:

    whoever asked for Zaina did you ever find the song, let me know I have this song, and some other swahili oldies. Elsewhere, @steve, i found a missed call with area code 673 and Ntwiga as the name and i suspected you might have tried calling me but not so sure.

  632. Tsango says:

    @ Edu Owino
    The track posted by Kingsam will definitely serve very well for the occasion. The song is by the late Kai Kai Kilonzo. I have also traced a couple other songs:
    Harmony Band : Nakupenda Kenya http://www.sendspace.com/file/bwsasc
    Kenyan Artists: Wakenya Pamoja for Peace http://www.sendspace.com/file/glj974
    Kenyan Artists: Simama http://www.sendspace.com/file/4xvn94
    Kenyan Artists: Umoja http://www.sendspace.com/file/90ocnb
    Eric Wainaina: Daima Mimi Mkenya http://www.sendspace.com/file/fabh97
    Talis: Nchi Yangu http://www.sendspace.com/file/ajw66y
    To all Kenyans and our wonderful neighbours, happy celebrations and may all be blessed.

  633. saminator says:

    @ fred,

    @ all,

    lemme try one more time to describe the so called liberation song. the composer, i think somebody ssebaduka sang it to describe how tanzanian and ugandan exiles threw out idi amin in 1979. he puts a comic spin to the song while narrating how they started their march right from mutukula to the other end of the country, flushing out the dictator. a slight mix of luganda and kiswahili.

  634. Tsango says:

    @ Tina
    These 3 should complete your request though “Rangi ya Chungwa” has a hissing sound.
    Tabora Jazz Band – Rangi ya Chungwa
    Marquis du Zaire – Msinicheke
    DDC Milimani Park – Kassim

  635. Edu Owino says:

    KingSam & Tsango,

    Thanks a million, now I am more than set for the event. Your efforts are much appreciated

  636. Fred says:

    @ kingsam:
    I did ask for Zaina Mopaya and Iam still looking for it. So please upload, I will be very grateful, It will bring back many memories.
    You could also look for Gilmo by Veve, and Affaire Semeki .

  637. Edu Owino says:


    I love that track by Maquiz, however I think they did another version earlier. The lyrics & the arrangements are essentially the same but the lead guitar playing was more ‘metallic’, (it sounded like Mose se fan fan to me), the vocals were also a bit stronger…..If you have the original version please upload it

  638. Tina says:

    shared a copy of ‘Kalala’ with my bro, he emailed me back late last night simply stating ‘ life is short’, saying the song was an anthem in his days, and many of his good friends have passed on. Thanks a lot, will continue with the Veve compilation.
    Me too! was looking for something else but got better variety of Kilwa Jazz by Gilly, not to mention your own variety of ‘taty’ featuring Pepe. Also thanx for DDC, Maquis, & TJB, will indulge in the hissing copy of ‘rangi uchungwa’ ’til a gd copy comes around. This is a really excellent song in its original audio.
    Where’ve u been friend? thanx a lot for chipping in! ‘asili ya muziki’ is one song I can lay down and listen to all day. Love Remmy, esp. his ‘songs for the poor’ album’, I’m going to be listening to him all wkend. I know ur gonna be posting some goodies for Fred, when u do, find for me Remmy’s bestselling single ‘dodoma’, also ‘kidogo’ and ‘inchi yetu.’ With much appreciation.
    Great job guys for the unwavering committment to post a commentary or track, h’ve a great wkend.

  639. Tsango says:

    @ Edu Owino
    Hope the event proceeded as expected if not better.
    Here is the original version of Orchestra Maquis’ “Msinicheke” titled “Wakati Nilikuwa Mdogo”

    @ All
    Here is another of their many great hits “Karubandika”
    I am looking for their song “Kiyongo”. Would be really grateful if one could post it. Thanks.

  640. gilly says:

    Got you request, I will put Shida together and post Rangi ya Chungwa in Mp3 format. my schedule is a bit tight now.


    The track Rangi ya chungwa is a composition of KIKO KIDS BAND and NOT Tabora Jazz Band. The two bands were based in Tabora, Tanzania in the 1970s. Tabora jazz became popular with Dada Asha, Lemmy, Alhamdulilah, Chakula kwa Jirani etc. The 4 tracks did appear in this blog a while ago.

    My request from Ntwiga Clan Members is a song called BASALA KALA by Nana Akumu with her Orch BANA EKANGA in Nairobi. I miss this song!

  641. Tsango says:

    @ Gilly & Tina
    I think that part of the “confusion” surrounding “Rangi ya Chungwa” has to do with the fact that the person who composed the song, the late Hamisi Kitambi, was a member of various bands at different times of course, namely Tabora Jazz, Nyanyembe Band, Kiko Kids amongst others. It is safe to assume therefore that since the song was a hit he played it with the 3 bands. Below is a version of the song by Nyanyembe Band. My guess is that the one you (Gilly) will post is the one he did with Kiko Kids Band.

  642. kingsam says:

    That track (Zaina Mopaya) by ntesa dalienst and TPOK is so rare. when i saw zaina i thought of another zaina song which is totally different from mopaya youre looking for. anyways never say never, am sure sooner or later someone is going to come up with this elusive track.

    @ Tina
    here are your other requests
    Dodoma ( Remi Ongala) http://www.sendspace.com/file/4y32js
    Inchi yetu (Remi Ongala) http://www.sendspace.com/file/z1k6sn
    kidogo kidogo (Remi Ongala) http://www.sendspace.com/file/e86hbq
    Fadhili ni Utumwa (Remi Ongala) http://www.sendspace.com/file/rex2bv

    Bujumbura (Vijana Orchestra) http://www.sendspace.com/file/j4kjkn

    Tina i have been around though with commitments elsewhere, i usually pop in time and again to check on the clan. Anways all have a great week

  643. jomba says:

    thanks alot tsango for Gor mahia song I appriciate

  644. Nobrun says:

    Hi Jaribu,

    You may have provided a link to Elanga Na Mbula back in the days of Putfile and RCBowen. Can’t locate the file. Can you post one here? Thank you.

  645. Pita Mbita says:

    Anyone interested in Mangelepa,here is one of their best.
    Dracula. http://www.sendspace.com/file/w0udqb

  646. Edu Owino says:


    Thanks for the music, we had a great time at the weekend party and the music that I got from this place played no small part

  647. JARIBU says:

    @ Nobrun,
    Putfile died along time ago. Here is your request. The link you refer to was most likely posted on RCBowen since I was not able to post here (spyware issues) until after I abandoned RcBowen. How is that place anyway?

    Orch. Festival Du Zaire – Elanga Na Mbula Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/cmbzvv
    Orch. Festival Du Zaire – Elanga Na Mbula Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/mtejj6

  648. Egoing says:

    @Fred, Saminator, et al
    After digging into the mine, I hit upon compositions by Peterson Mutebi, and have posted only these two. Often also have problems with my computers, and the other reasons my postings come occasionally also as Olupot James Peter.

    Someone wants to liberate Uganda again after more than 30 years? Here is the song for you. Don’t know whether it is called Saba Saba though. Hopefully musical shells still explode in your ears though.

    Kawungezi by Peterson Mutebi http://www.sendspace.com/file/sxsbi6
    Kankutware by Peterson Mutebi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/3qp4cy
    Saba Saba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/whjuxj

    Weep Not Child for Emizziro, Embalasasa et al. Let us just call it just a matter of time. They MUST be got.

  649. joji says:

    @ Egoing
    Shukrani kwa kutupatia “Saba Saba”. Nilishangaa nilipousikiliza ule wimbo kwa mara ya kwanza.

    Anybody has more info on this song?

  650. Tina says:

    Thanks for the Nyanyembe version of ‘rangi ya uchungwa’, do doubt the group’s done great replicating the work of TBJ. Ofcourse the original is what always seems to matter eg Les Wanyika’s Kasuku vs Amigo album.
    Well-done! with RO&OM songs, hopefully will get a chance to attend one of his tours in a town near me. He’s become a favorite of mine after Issa Juma. Thanx a million for dropping by & posting these for me.
    @Saminator, Fred, Jaribu, Kabunga, Esororo, etc,
    There was a popular dance track, 80s/90s with a calypso or socca beat which goes something like this ‘I believe in you, you believe in me…’ would anyone know!

  651. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    yours is a true musical brain! SABA SABA is indeed the song i was referring to.

    @ joji,
    i reckon SABA SABA was by a mugishu man called tshishanga wa mbiriya. but to me, being a ugandan, that name sounds too strange to be from the east. others say the singer was, inspite of his impeccable sounding luganda one of the many congelese who settled in east africa, uganda inclusive. once again thanks to EGOING, for digging so deep as usual. the thing with this clan is you can never say never!

    @ tina,
    i seem to know the calypsio or soca song you’re talking about. will get the true title soon.

    @ all,
    there was another hit song, lingala which went something like;
    chorus, MAMA PITIE
    chorus, MAMA PITIE,
    chorus, MAMA PITIE…….

    rings a bell guys?

  652. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    thanks for the peterson mutebi tunes; however KAWUNGEZI runs for about only 30 secs. i wonder what happened.

  653. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    it’s KANKUTWARE that runs for the 30 secs.

  654. Fred says:

    Here is a complete one.
    Peterson T Mutebi – Kankutwale: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zmwa1u
    and a bonus
    Mabebbere: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ivyc3s

  655. Pita Mbita says:

    Anyone interested in Mangelepa,here is one of their best.
    Dracula. http://www.sendspace.com/file/w0udqb
    I request anyone having the following hits:-
    1.Santa Isabella by Lokassa ya Mbongo
    2.Ebue by Tabuley
    3.Iam still waiting for MARADHI YA MOYO by DDC MLIMANI PARK.
    4.Natoa onyo kwako by Remy Ongala
    5.Ilikuwa lifuti by Vijana jazz

  656. saminator says:

    @ all

    there was another great congolese tune, not sure wether it was made in east africa. went something like;
    chorus/ MAMA PITIE,
    chorus/ MAMA PITIE,
    chorus/ MAMA PITIE,
    chorus/ MAMA PITIE……

  657. Nobrun says:

    @ Jaribu,
    Thanks a million for Elanga Na Mbula. I had the file in another location (not Putfile) but may have erroneously got rid of it. (computer issues). Solution: external hard drive/flash drive.
    I haven’t visited RCBowen in ages. I don’t fit in. Thanks a bunch.

  658. Tina says:

    Thanx so so much for the Oliver Ngoma tunes, couldn’t say more – wonderfully done!

  659. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    Please help me with this track, not their names.


  660. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Some time back in 1995, I attended a friemd’s party and this music was played. So I requested the host to make a copy of it for me. Unfortunately, he never wrote the titles of the tracks. This weekend, I share with you side A of the tape.
    By the way, if any one knows the track titles. please supply. Thank you.
    Have fun.

  661. Lydia says:

    Hey all
    Here’s something for you all and especially those who observe and celebrate Ramadhan

    Karibu Ramadhan – by Hafusa Abassi – The Yahoos Band

    I don’t have much info about the group – maybe someone can shed some light. One of the groups that made me appreciate taarab music. More later.

  662. Tsango says:

    @ All
    Here are some of Seigneur Ley’s tracks featuring Faya Tess
    Bania Irene: http://www.sendspace.com/file/32lx5q
    Etale: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8opu8u
    Alonzo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ig05r
    Muzina: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9n798h
    And here is a rumba/benga song from John Junior
    Seth Okoth: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gi5mux

  663. saminator says:

    @ fred, egoing,
    what about peterson mutebi’s LABA YO TAATA, LABA YO MAAMA……?

  664. saminator says:

    @ tsango,
    thanks a lot for the virunga beats. i rermember requesting for them sometime ago. however could do you think you can lay your hands on SAFARI? i think it’s called SAFARI SIO UGONJWA, or something like that. melesi mingi.

  665. Tina says:

    I love listening to this O.S.Mazembe track, it’s almost like dancing mushosho in a cathedral
    ‘maloba D’Amour’, from their Kaivaska album.

    You all h’ve a great wkend, I’m stepping aside momentarily (work committments), but will remain true to the clan and drop by as time permits.

  666. Tina says:

    Ouhhps! forgot one, here we go! Salima – Super Mazembe

  667. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator & All
    I think that the song you have in mind is “Safari Sio Kifo.” Here it is:
    Bonus songs by Orch. Virunga
    Unisamehe: http://www.sendspace.com/file/pwo6jr
    Jaffar: http://www.sendspace.com/file/98ubl7
    Violeta: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v71izi

    @ Tina & All
    Thanks for the 3 Super Mazembe songs. It is unfortunate that today Mazembe is but a shadow of its former self. Could one be having parts 1 & 2 of their song “Mbanda ya Mobange”?
    Here is their track “Ouma”. It reminds me of Fataki Lokassa. He used to dance the hell out of the song.
    Have a weekend full of fun.

  668. @ ALL
    You know gold mining is a tasking job. You may dug up huge chunks from the ground only to discover nothing valuable. Try out these is they are valuable.
    Bamuleete: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vi2puy
    Love Enzigumivu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/1vpm06
    Kangende: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6vs11n
    Fa Ku Mwana: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8d7z8l
    Okuzaala kwakasandari: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7rdzid

  669. Egoing says:

    Trouble with my computers is that when they fail and someone works to put them back, some programmes are not reinstated. The other reason sometimes my postings come as Olupot James Peter.
    Anyone post me the Win.Rar programme so I can bunch some of this gold stones?

    Come on, out of hiding, even from someone’s (Fred’s) back (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

    I am hopefully sure you will come again in big way.

    Of course I am sure your gold mine is not yet about to close. No, not for a good long time.

    Anyone nearer to getting: –

    1. Affaire Semeki (heard it one time played on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation).
    2. Libala Eponi Ekolo Te (by Bokelo). The beginning lyrics go like “Nalembi, nalembi, nalembi libala tobalaka ah..” The singer goes on to lament that the in-laws ask the potential in-law’s tribe, whether he has money ….
    3. This other track very popular in 1970 and had chorus “Nabina, Nabina na nani eh? Tobina, tobina na nani…” Wonder whether or not it was by Bokelo
    4. This one was sung by Moreno and has the following lyrics “Kucheza cheza na Shemezi, kwangu marufuku…”
    5. Original DUNIA NI DUARA by Moreno
    6. This track I still remember well played in 1971 just as I was joining my Senior 1. It talks about La Primus, and although I vainly remember, the chorus had something like “La Primus eyokaka na Congo Kinshasa…” Even it’s flip side was okay.
    7. Soukouss Stars compilation, especially Dally Kimoko album featuring (TOBINA, SOUKOUSS STARS, FIANCE, BALATOU) KIN NIGHT etc.

    I really call upon all the miners to try and dig even deeper. Coal miners, Gold miners etc, all of them.

  670. JARIBU says:

    @ Egoing,
    I do not know whether this is the original Dunia Ni Duara or not.

    Orch. Moja One (Moreno) – Dunia Ni Duara = http://www.sendspace.com/file/rnpvwd

  671. Lydia says:

    Hi guys
    I’m looking for an old track that went Dada njoo njoo, dada njoo njoo, dada wangu wa moyo/kweli…… this was from the 70’s – It was a very popular track in the day.
    I’ve kinda lost track of posts but I remember you asking for Lesa Lesan – did you ever get anything?

    Well, work beckons after a nice long vacation… have a great labor day if you’re observing it.. otherwise happy Monday….

  672. Lydia says:


    Tobina – Dally Kimoko

    Don’t seem to have the rest but will look around.

  673. kabuga says:


    I did not get anything from Less Lass but will post you some two songs that i have from him. Also, he seems to be featuring in kimpungu mpungu here http://globalgroovers.blogspot.com/2010/09/editions-veve-various-artists.html

  674. jomba says:

    Hi fellows
    I am looking for AFRO. I think its by les wanyika and any other SIMBA WANYIKA anyone out there I would really appriciate

  675. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Av just realized that am missin some classic gems of the yesteryears which apparently were posted earlier but inactive.would a clan member be kind enough to re post em for me

    And Lastly how bout the mega hit of the early 70s from DK KAMAU-MURATA[I LOVE U]……AND still not given up hope on MOSELEBENDE by LES NOIRS/…..Botikala kitoko

  676. saminator says:

    @ tsango,
    thanks for my samba mapangala request and well done. just wondering if you can complete the mapangala lineup with only two more, UFUNGUO and DUNIA TUTAPITA? woukd very much appreciate….

  677. Egoing says:

    Jambo. It may not be the original, but hope it may still appease you.
    Thanks for Dunia Ni Duara. It is the one I want.
    Gratis for Tobina. Hope to get its other brothers/sisters as well
    Please announce your presence to help me avert a stayaway strike in the mines!

    Going back to the dust of the Gold Mines. Hope to emerge with some other real (not black) old musical stones.

  678. Robert says:


    It is getting hot and hotter here! What a lively exchange going on, I am in the loop and looping all the way to the collections gathered here.

    I relaunch my particular request of Arusha Jazz Band “Mama Suzie” sample of which among others can be heard here:

  679. Robert says:

    @Olupot James Peter

    I have a collection of Luganda 60s and 70s songs from the then popular Ugandan bands which I will upload when my conked up laptop is put back to life

  680. Tsango says:

    @ Saminator
    Sango nini? Here are your requests. I love “Dunia Tunapita.”
    Ufunguo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jwdi4t
    Dunia Tunapita: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zjmh5h

    @ Egoing
    Here is “Affaire Semeki”, though it is not so clean a copy

    @ All
    Here is another John Junior benga/rumba song
    Kalisto Baba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/atyj4z

  681. Tsango says:

    @ Jomba
    I realised that Egoing’s posting of your request didn’t come through. Here it is. I hope its the original “Afro”. The song had several versions.

  682. kabuga says:


    Enjoy some two songs from Lessa Landu aka Lessa Lassan http://www.sendspace.com/file/kqoj70

    His coming to Nairobi seems to have negatively affected his music after playing with the big wigs in Kinshasha including Dr Nico. His margaret margie was a real gem and his collabo with his cousin Jimmy moni Mambo at times produced some nice tunes – at times.

  683. saminator says:

    @ tsango
    natondi yo mingi kotindela ngai banzembo kitoko ya samba mapangala. they are real gems of their own.

    @ robert,
    now yours should be interesting…because from you we could discover some missing hot tunes of dem days….
    talk about EMBALASASA, LA YO MAMA OH LABA YO TAATA (peterson mutebi)..and one particular song which i wish somebody like pita bita could identify…it’s probably called HABARI YAKO and went something like

    @ pita mbita
    you hear?

    @ all,
    we need to do something about daudi. his absence is beginning to worry the whole clan oh…

  684. jomba says:

    @ Tsango
    thanks alot forAfro really Greatfull

  685. jomba says:

    thangs to Egoing too for Afro it came through as intended bless…..

  686. Egoing says:

    @Ha! Ha! Ha!
    I thought it was only me plagued by Computer antics! This novelty (the computer) is addictive; and always tempting with many programmes asking to help with one’s computer problems for free. Those and possibly others are responsible for my computer operations often going AWOL, and yet one can’t resist the urge to explore more programs when there is time.
    Wonder why my Afro couldn’t come through. Try again. Afro: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l0ejrz

    Downloaded some Win.Rar programme but warns me it is merely trial version for 40 days. Hopefully I will have benched a few gems by then.

  687. Egoing says:

    Thanks for the effort. However what you posted is NALELI ZIZI the back side of AFFAIRE SEMEKI (which was composed by Champro King). In this clan, there is no saying never. It will come, I am sure.

    There is also a song I have searched for, and failed to get. It has the distinctive voice of Nyboma, and has the chorus ” …. OOH MWANA GUADELOUPE…”
    Also, anyone with the Kas Kas Album (including Kas Kas, Helena)? I have it on tape, but do not have the time to leave the mines and get down to transferring it right now?

    Anyone heard of Mopapu Kembila or its backside? They were hits in the mid-1970s.

    You will no doubt sooner or later be employed by (and help) the clan, at no cost ..”to assist with the investigations into the whereabouts of Daudi.”

  688. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Hello there!av got a feelin that u kud b havin songs za ORCH VEVE posted by Eccles NOV LAST YEAR
    EDO,FIFI,JANNIE,MOSOLO YA BISO BASI,NABANGI MAKAMBO,WEEKEND TOBINA,OH MOTEMA[SINGA],LIKAMBO TE,TOZONGANA, and the UNKNOWN by BOKELO..Being new to the clan .i can only marvel at wat av really missed ol this tym around..Merci mingi

  689. JARIBU says:

    Just curious! What’s the significance or meaning of your moniker? Below are some of the songs you requested. I have taken some liberties with a few names I was not too sure about.

    Veve – Fifi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/yos1iz
    Veve – Djamile (Jannie) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/457v4v
    Veve – Mosolo Ya Biso Basi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/xz50tg
    Veve – Weekend Tobina = http://www.sendspace.com/file/coq0dd
    Veve – Oh Motema = http://www.sendspace.com/file/wq32ie
    Veve – Marcello Tozongana = http://www.sendspace.com/file/fyj8nq
    Johnny Bokello – Likambo Te Coco = http://www.sendspace.com/file/mey5zv
    Johnny Bokello – Edo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/zh235p
    Johnny Bokello – Nabangi Makambo = http://www.sendspace.com/file/4tq00w
    Unknown = http://www.sendspace.com/file/5v65t3

  690. Lydia says:

    Thanks for the music ..

    Here is a track I ripped from a friends collection recently – I guess it was done when Lesa Lesan was in Nairobi. I was curious because the label also lists Mbarak Achieng….what was he? producer.. writer..

    Jedidah Njeri

  691. kabuga says:


    Thanks for Jedidah Njeri – i had forgotten it with its beauty in arrangement. Am not sure about Mbarak Achieng. Most of this congolese artites were produced by Nderitu Munene and Oluoch Kanindo.

    Am still looking for two Lessa Lassan songs done around 1983 – sababu yako and Tobias Oduor. They were very good.

    He made another LP late nineties and is still in Nairobi.

    Enjoy this other one from this man http://www.sendspace.com/file/bkkk3n

  692. eccles says:

    I’ve been working on identifying the songs you posted, with lots of help from the community here and other forums. Here is what I’ve found out so far (and I could be completely wrong here!):
    1. I don’t think any of the tunes listed as by Johnny Bokelo are really by him.
    2. The Veve tune listed as “Mosolo ya biso basi” might be Veve’s song “Bilolo”.
    3. The song lsted as “Johnny Bokello – Likambo Te Coco” is actually “Coco” by Orchestre Veve.
    4. The song listed as “Johnny Bokello – Edo” was identified in antoher forum as “Youlou & Orchestre Somo-Somo – Maladie ya Bolingo”, and I do hear that phrase at 2:43.
    5. The song listed as “Johnny Bokello – Nabangi Makambo” is still a mystery, but I don’t think it’s Bokelo.
    6. The song listed as “Unknown” is “Anette” by Orchestre Veve.

    If anybody here can identify these tunes, please help! I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received so far.

  693. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Hi Clan,

    Good to see the “kabozi” (conversation) is still hot in here. Hope everyone is well. I have been away from the forum for a while but I hope to engage fully again soon. I have been dipping in for a quick fix now and again.


    I can’t wait for you to post those tunes from Uganda as there may be a slim probablility that one of them may be my dad’s.

  694. Samuel (Samwiri) says:


    I think Saba saba had to do with the Tz army rockets which got rid of Amin. I remenber the elders describig the swishing sound as such and saying the saba saba scared Amin’s soldiers. I cant blame them though because the first time I heard the sound I must have wet my pants – the result we left our house on Jinja Road (Ntebetebe) and walked about thirty miles, bare feet in our pyjamasa as the saba saba felt like an earthquake! We didn’t even bother to lock the doors and it was very about 5.00 am!

  695. Lydia says:

    Hey guys…. it’s the weekend! and am I glad to see it…
    Some more tracks …… we were intimidated by the more sophisticated converter and so we ripped on a Crosely.. no doubt the sound quality could have been better, but here you go….

    Vundumuna Pt 1 http://www.sendspace.com/file/pu0dt9
    Vundumuna Pt 2 http://www.sendspace.com/file/kif8d2

    Glad to hear from you after a long time. Hope that your little girl is doing well now……your family is still in my prayers.

  696. Samuel (Samwiri) says:


    Thanks. We are coping and adjusting to the new demands, taking each day as it comes but otherwise fine. In fact I am just about to take her for a quick check up now before we settle down for the weekend.

    I have been quietly enjoying the discourse and the music. I can’t believe that we have now got on to the kadongo kamu songs. I hope someone will be able to unearth some songs from the 60s by Kampala City six band or Israel Magembe Wamala (my dad). Some of his former friends – Fred Masgazi, Kawalya Kagwa etc have started appearing on this forum now and I think it will not be long before he does. I am aware there is a cassette in a US University library with two of his songs and one of these days I will fly over there and rip it.

  697. Tina says:

    Hi all,
    Just sounding off Egoing’s concerns about computer headaches; most of us on this forum upload/downoad files. Just be sure to clean out your temp files after sharing music or photos. As your registry grows in size, your operating system’s performance may be compromised – this may lead to unexpected crashes. Do not rely on 3rd party registry cleaners ’cause they may not have the best logic to effectively clean all registries (take yr money for nothing). They perform cleaning tasks based upon a predefined set of rules that may not work in your registry. Run a back up before starting a clean up. Occasionally google specific problems & there’re 100s of forums out there, people with similar problems sharing solutions; I found that useful in regularly cleaning my computer wihout spending 100s of dollars; the guy I took my computer to earlier this year when it crashed, was googling for a fix as I watched with interest & valour! it worked, I felt damn ’cause I could’ve fixed that problem myself.

    The best analogy that relates to this issue is the problem of rodent infestation (mice & roaches), and artery blockage due to high cholestrol. An extreme case of rodent infestation can run u out of town in a hurry, Artery blockage could lead to stroke.

    This is a simple process; just find the time to execute it – almost like cleaning your house once a wk, etc.
    Good luck to all.

  698. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Tsango

    I have the track as “naleli zizi” http://www.sendspace.com/file/7o7g4z

    @ All

    Please help me with this track http://www.sendspace.com/file/xwicbn

  699. Fred says:

    @ Arnol_79:
    That was great. Now that you have exhumed Naleli Zizi, I am sure the flip side Affaire Semeki is close by. It is the flip side.
    Thank you so much.