Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no fibs.
She Stoops to Conquer, Oliver Goldsmith

Life is hard.

It will eventually break all of us: but while that waits to happen, we have to keep going.

I want to carry out some introductions. First, to what I have been listening to. Almost 4 months ago now, a friend, in a new thread on what I hope will be a never ending conversation about music and life, pointed me to this something that I want to share with all of you.

To get acquainted with what you are about to get into, start by taking a listen to this.

And when you are done with that, you will understand why I think that this is a great introduction to something new. Start by reading this then listen to this and share what you think.

Two tracks that need listening to.

The first is definitely an oldie but a goodie. I have listened to multiple versions of this track including having Rico send in not one but 3 different covers that have since gone been taken down. I’m still having this huge internal debate about which I like best – Maya is like an old friend with whom I visit but once every two years with whom we resume conversation exactly where we left it the last time – gnawing at a bone whose flavor will never be all gone. The theme and lyrics to the number Maya always seem consistent so it would seem that they are all covers of the same original track (there is an excellent idea for a series, individual posts tracing the linage of a track). I really like Simaro on this particular number that S t e r n s has been kind enough to post on Soundcloud this last month. Even better, they are now making the tracks available on digital form.

Simaro Lutumba - Maya

   Take a listen to this.

Saxaphonist Mafumu Bilali “Bombenga” of Orch Maquis du Zaire says it best on his cover of this number
Sikiliza miziki ya watu wazima – “Listen to the music of mature people”.

The other track that I want to share is from the Orchestra Rock-a-Mambo catalog. For some reason, it seems that this track was only available as a 78 single or as part of one of two compilations that were definitely re-issues – Pathé Marconi’s AFRICAN RETRO Vol 6 and CONGO LATINO Columbia ESDF 1401 . The compilations are both from the 70s but the fact that there was a 78 single tells me the track is at least 50 years old – I think that I read somewhere on these internets that India was the last country producing 78 singles in 1966 or thereabouts but I am willing to stand corrected if anyone knows better.

Orchestra Rock-A-Mambo - Brigitte Rumba Orchestra Rock-A-Mambo – Brigitte Rumba

Static on this seems to be fast enough that it might be from a 78 but I cannot tell.

Don’t forget you heard it here first.

And the full track.

We shall be friends again yet.

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