Les Mangelepa was a splinter group from Baba Gaston Ilunga Wa Ilunga’s Baba National. I came to know band members of Mangelepa when they briefly lived as our neighbours at Golf Course Estates in Nairobi. They always sounded as if they were quarreling amongst themselves, but the moment they start singing, it was pure joy to hear them. And, whenever Les Mangelepa composed a song, they also invented a dance to go with that song – at least up to and including their Malawi Zikomo LP. Rumours had it that some influential residents complained that they were making too much noise. Eventually they had to move to Buru Buru Estates all the way across on the far side of Nairobi.

I attended their live shows twice while they were based at Serena Hotel near Uhuru Park.

In 1979/80 Mangelepa made a trip to Kampala after several postponements. Most people who had booked in advanced had demanded their money back from the promoters. The few of us who kept their tickets turned out to be lucky because the ticket price trebled. I bumped into Kabila Kabanze “Evani” with two of the promoters on Kampala Road. The promoters were excited and started introducing Kabila to me only to be surprised that Kabila knew me and asked me in Kiswahili what I was doing in Kampala. He then requested me to take some pictures of their performance if I still had my camera. I ended up taking dozens of their photos from their performances at Delight Cinema, Lugogo Indoor Stadium and Makerere University.

I gave all those photos to “Le Capitane” Bwamy and individual artists with the safe knowledge that I shall reprint my copies anytime I want since I had the Negatives. I retained a few poor quality “rejects”. As fate would have it, the “rejects” are the only photos with me now as my camera and all my negatives in the camera case was stolen from our car outside Cameo cinema in Nairobi. But I believe the “rejects” are still better than nothing.

Twinkale Wa Twinkale “Mtoto (Mwana) Ya Mama Maria”, nicknamed thus because he was a devout christian and always wearing a small gold crucifix and whom also happened to be the composer of Detshu did not make the trip to Kampala due to family sickness. Instead the group brought a Tanzanian musician who sang on their english and reggae numbers. They also brought a white lady, Wendy, who would do a “strip dance” to the tune of Kadgera and ended up causing a lot of commotion at Makerere University. I suspect that some of the readers of this blog who were “Freshers” in their first year at Makerere at the time can testify to this.

It is my hope is that we can gather all of Mangelepa rare hits and put together a complete collection.

(click through for higher resolution images).

Les Mangelepa
  Les Mangelepa - Lutulu Bwami Mayombo Tshilumba  

Les Mangelepa
  Les Mangelepa  Les Mangelepa - Lutulu Kaniki  

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Lisapo (Kalenga Nzazi Vivi)

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Amua

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Auto Stop

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Detshu – Twinkale wa Twinkale

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Djalaa

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Mbungu (original)

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Mbungu (v.2)

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Zarina

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Zeba

Les MangelepaLes Mangelepa – Maboko Pamba

Thank you David for sharing this little piece of history and the photos. Please keep the guest posts coming.

– Ntwiga

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  1. Fred says:

    David thanks a lot. It brings back a lot of memories.

  2. JARIBU says:

    @ David,
    Thank you for sharing the Mangelepa story, pictures and the music you promised several days ago. Below is what I have been able to compile in what I call Mangelepa Discography. You are all welcome to add to the list.

    Les Mangelepa (Discography)
    1. Amua
    2. Amie (could be Amua)
    3. Aoko
    4. Arthur Mariga
    5. Auto Stop
    6. Balani Ya Pamba
    7. Beyande
    8. Cherie Makisa
    9. Conseil Gratuit
    10. Desespoir (sp)
    11. Detshu
    12. Dracula
    13. Djala
    14. Embakasi
    15. Ekubuku
    16. Halleluya
    17. Harare
    18. Hayansa
    19. Ibebo
    20. Isapo
    21. Kadjera
    22. Kijana
    23. Kanemo
    24. Kasuku
    25. Kamwala
    26. Kimbelembele
    27. Kizunguzungu
    28. Lande Lande
    29. Lolo Mukena
    30. Maboko Pamba
    31. Madina
    32. Maindusa
    33. Makena
    34. Makunga
    35. Makwanzi
    36. Masanga
    37. Malawi Zikomo
    38. Mangelepa Kamili
    39. Mangelepa ni Yako
    40. Manyeto
    41. Mbungu
    42. Mbuya
    43. Mimba
    44. Mulope Mobutu
    45. Naleli Papi
    46. Nganga Kimetu
    47. N’kimba
    48. Nsense
    49. Nyako Konya
    50. Odesia
    51. Ole Ole
    52. Olele
    53. Pambana Pambana
    54. Saadi
    55. Safari Ya Mangelepa
    56. Sakina
    57. Suki Pembe
    58. Trouble
    59. Tshibola
    60. Tour Of Zambia
    61. Walter
    62. Wasai
    63. Zarina
    64. Zeba
    65. Zoao

  3. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    which is the name of this song from “mangelepa”, I have only this way…

    I appreciate your response


  4. JARIBU says:

    @ David Ochan,
    I am having trouble playing both “Mbungu” songs. They will not play directly from the site nor will they play after I have downloaded them. Any suggestions?

  5. JARIBU says:

    @ Arnol_79

    The song is Conseil Gratuit

  6. JARIBU says:

    @David Ochan
    Ignore post #4. I changed the file extention to m4a and now I can play them on RealPlayer. Windows Media Player was unable to play them.

  7. Arnol_79 says:

    @ JARIBU

    Could post “conseil gratuit” please, the song that I have not complete.


  8. Jay says:

    @Arnol and Jaribu. Conseil gratuit is an awesome song but Aurlus Mabele made it so short. In the past, I complained that we should find him and demand that he should make it longer. So Arnol it is short and leaves you salivating for more.

    @David Ochan. Please repost both Mbungus in mp3 if you can.

    @Steve. There are 2 songs in rar that you recently posted. Please repost in mp3 if you can?

    @ALL. Steve and I are still looking for help in making sure that my kids can speak Swahili.

  9. JARIBU says:

    @ Jay
    The Conseil Consuit you may be referring to is different from the one by Les Mangelepa.

    Here is the complete Conseil Consuit.

    Les Mangelepa – Conseil Consuit = http://www.sendspace.com/file/7z9wy2

  10. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Jay

    This is the song referred to…


    “Conseil Gratuit” – Aurlus Mabele

  11. JARIBU says:

    @ All
    Assume that all instances of “Conseil Consuit” made by me are actually “Conseil Gratuit.”

  12. Jay says:

    @ALL. Jaribu and Arnol. 9 through 10 are just proof that I have a long way to learn our culture. I did not even know that Les Mangelepa had a song “conseil gratuit or conseil consuit” This site makes grow every day and you people are an awesome bunch. True sisters and brothers!!!

  13. kabuga says:


    Thanks for the info. My day is already bright with lisapo – what a sweet song this was/is!

    Nostalgie tupu!

  14. Robert says:


    Thanks that stirred memories of Kampala then, re-emerging from the liberation war. The Mangelepa piece up is indeed a gem. Keep it up mate!

  15. JARIBU says:

    Here are the two songs on MP3. I have also included a link to a free Audio Converter – Ease Audio Converter.

    Les Mangelepa – Mbungu = http://www.sendspace.com/file/tfhpzg
    Les Mangelepa – Mbungu (Remake) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/1b490c

    Ease Audio Converter = http://www.audiotool.net/EaseAudioConverter/index.htm

  16. David Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Thanks for the compliments.
    Here is Hayansa, composed by Kalenga Nzaazi Vivi. The dance for this song included flapping your arms in an imitation of a flamingo “taking off”.


    @ JARIBU
    Can you name these two tunes?
    1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/t4e7h8

    2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/wwocwq

    Please post the followings as well:
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Fred says:

    @ Ochan; Here are
    1. Odesia: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0uhxc6
    2. Safari Ya Mangelepa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/t18sm2
    3. Arthur Mariga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/yw2nbp
    4. Kadjera: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k1saz6

    JARIBU can post the rest.

  18. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred
    The only one I can add is Sakina, and that will be done this evening.

  19. Arnol_79 says:

    @ JARIBU

    Thanks for “Conseil Consuit”, The song is diferent to post # 3, but is just as good.

    @ David Ochan



  20. JARIBU says:


    Sorry about the mix-up. Looks like I did not pay proper attention to your snipet. The song you posted in post # 3 is actually Wasai and not Conseil Gratuit. Here is a complete copy of Wasai.

    Les Mangelepa – Wasai = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ztjkum

  21. Fred says:

    Here is GO Malebo with Likambo ya Supu. Enjoy

  22. JARIBU says:

    @ David Ochan,
    I guess your challenge was one of those trick questions. I am hearing Tobias and Ni Mimi Tu for the first time ever. Thank you very much now my discography has two new entries. The only other song I can add to what Fred and Arnol_79 have contributed is Kijana, but it’s not the original.

    Les Mangelepa – Kijana (remake) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/qcwz2k

  23. JARIBU says:

    @ David,
    What is your collection of Bana Ngenge and Les Kinois? I am looking for the following.

    Bana Ngenge:
    1. Koliya Ya Mpesa (I only have part 1)
    2. Msema Kweli Baba
    3. Mwajuma
    4. Bomoto Manitsho

    Les Kinois:
    1. Baboka (this one I am ready to kill for)
    2. Cherie Nata
    3. Furaha Ya Christmas (not sure about this one. It’s likely the plain Christmas)
    4. Mathe-Fathe
    5. Semeki Siama
    6. Susan Anyango
    7. Fwaya
    8. Ilolo Viviene
    9. Bawa
    10. Mbepe
    11. Mabouidi
    12. Tabu Ya Masikini
    13. Yena Oboyi Libala.

    So, let me get this right since this is important …

    From what I can see above @Jaribu, you are actually saying that there was a Les Kinois track named Mathe-Fathe?

    – Steve

  24. kabuga says:

    @David Ochan & others,

    Thanks alot for “operation Mangelepa”. Ni mimi tu has brought back some fond memories. Melodie per excellence!

    BTW – Where are our lady members? Tina, Lydia etc. It is turning into a bull dance. And ESORORO????!!!

  25. kabuga says:

    @David Ochan & others,

    Thanks alot for “operation Mangelepa”. Ni mimi tu has brought back some fond memories. Melodie per excellence! Anyone with suki pembe?

    BTW – Where are our lady members? Tina, Lydia etc. It is turning into a bull dance. And ESORORO????!!!

  26. David Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    Thanks mates for the Mangelepa postings.
    Apart from the listings by JARIBU, Mangelepa released their “latest hits” (I bought mine from STERNS some two years ago) in a Two CD format. The Title is “31 st ANNIVERSARY OF LES MANGELEPA” under the genre “GOLDEN VOICE”. Some of the songs (like Mbungu) are remakes, but the rest are:
    10.MAMA MIA

  27. Arnol_79 says:

    @ JARIBU

    Thanks for “Wasai”

  28. David Ochan says:

    Does any of you have a complete ARTHUR MARIGA?
    The one Fred sent is not complete.

  29. JARIBU says:

    I believe I have the same version as Fred: Mine is only 6.11MBytes.

  30. JARIBU says:

    @ Steve,
    According to some articles I have come across, Les Kinois had a song titled Mothe-Fathe, but I have never heard it.

  31. David Ochan says:

    @ JARIBU
    I shall keep my eyes open for the lists of Bana Ngenge and Les Kinois as I go through my tapes.
    Meanwhile, here is Tshibola at last.

    TSHIBOLA – Les Mangelepa

  32. JARIBU says:

    @ David Ochan,
    Thank you very much for Tshibola. You definitely have a large collection of the oldies.

  33. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan
    I have been very angry and impatient with my internet provider because of inability to access the net. I was scared you would almost post a question at to whether I have been taken by LIWA? Not yet. Not with this blog to make me enjoy being alive every time.

    Thanks for the menu and good history. I really wonder whether everyone else enjoys this site like I do. I have almost become obsessed with it because of my love for oldies’ music and the history of the players. Through this clan, I have come to learn more.

    Sorry for my absence (I really felt I was missing a lot), and hereby to welcome myself back to the clan and show that I am still around, I am posting the SOROZO and SUKAINA I have. Hope we all enjoy it.

    SOROZO: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ldmed0
    SUKAINA: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x0q5cm

    My service provider is slow but I will also send the MAKWANZI I have.


  34. Steve says:

    Come home Esororo, all is forgiven.

    – Steve

  35. Edu Owino says:


    Thanks for the Sukaina & Sorozo. Do you happen to have the rest of the songs in this album more specifically Ponce pilate, Kiyedi & Safi Zena


  36. Fred says:

    @ Steve:
    This is great new look. Thanks a billion for the improvement, I wish you could add a preview element on the comments. I see a picture like provision, is it possible to add a picture now?

  37. JARIBU says:

    @ Edu Owino.
    Here are the Tabu Ley you requested.

    Tabu Ley – Ponce Pilate = http://www.sendspace.com/file/7xgtfj
    Tabu Ley – Kiyedi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/w5drxk
    Tabu Ley – Safi Zena = http://www.sendspace.com/file/wfxlzp

  38. David Ochan says:

    Here are two songs you asked for.
    1. DILA


  39. Koronya Mwambia says:

    Thank you Ochan. Me and my dad are in little heaven.

  40. Egoing says:

    @Steve (March 13)
    You make laugh. Weep Not Child. This ESORORO will come back the way he went, by surprise, and when he does so, he would have all to atone for his absence. We may be like a woman in travail, but when the baby is born healthy, we forget all the misery we may have felt.

    Meanwhile, David, and the rest, keep us entertained. You never cease to make me smile from ear to ear, this time with DILA!

    @Edu Owino et al
    How wonderful is the fraternity here! Just ask for something and someone who has it shares with the rest. Just as I was about to upload for you Ponce Pilate, I notice down its post!

    When I enjoy this music, it never ceases to remind ourselves that just as the wonderfully composed music was not as a result of an accident, even so creation was not by accident. There is someone who loves us – to the extent that He gave us the whole creation, vegetation, animals, birds, fish, creatures, et al – Just for free! If it ever crosses your mind as well, do not forget to thank Him each day.

  41. Tina says:


    Just scooped some of your posts on Tabu Ley, very lovely. Haven’t really been on a hiatus; while away I have been watching things closely on this blog. if it invites comment I will for sure contribute with back up members from my family. Always remember that the biggest fans aren’t always the loudest, and when they make noise it sure counts. I love u guys all for keeping this blog active and flowing with ideas and posts.

    I liked ‘ponce pilate’, reminded me of some salty River Nile fish prepared with cabbage – lovely with ugali. By the way, following my trip I was hooked on bongo flava for a while but is getting over it ’cause of too much replay.


  42. Edu Owino says:

    @Dave Ochan, Jaribu & Egoing,

    Thanks for the posts, I appreciate them. This music means a lot to me…

  43. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    what an insightful summary of your knowledge of Mangelepa, the favorite band of my younger days. my only request is for you to kind of like, if it woukld not be too much for you, note the dates against each song or album. if it won’t mean you doing it all over again, that is. otherwise, great stuff, great stuff. probably you could as well do the same with orchestre les wanyika of prof omar.

  44. David Ochan says:


    Try this Original Paulina. If you can not download, then try using the “MP3 Converter” that Jaribu posted.

    1. PAULINA Original – Prof. Omar Les Wanyika

  45. saminator says:

    @ ochan again. i totally failed to gain access to paulina the les wanyika version (not the simba wanyika later one). could you kindly upload it for me again?

  46. David Ochan says:

    The Paulina I posted a few minutes ago is the original one. This one under the genre “Amigo” is the modified version.

    2. PAULINA – Les Wanyika

  47. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Hello Ntwiga Clan,

    It is so hot in here (literally) I need to take a shower from all the dancing. Hope the clan is keeping well and keep the music and memories flowing. I do remember the concert David refers to. I was in P7 just after the wakombizi had arrived.


  48. saminator says:

    sammy kasule and ken sound like very bitter men. but let them take it slow. the reason we all contribute to the blogs one way or the other is because we enjoy/enjoyed the music him and his likes offered and we’re simply rrying to roll back teh days together and enjoy the experience. but its’ok if he does not want us to appreciate his work-we’ll start digging out our old tapes and pluck the music out by ourselves. otherwise keep up the good work mate.

  49. saminator says:

    @ egoing & ochan,
    any of you got SEKETA. i tried downloading it from egoing’s end of 2009 mail but it had already expired. incidententally who is/are the artists behind that hit tune. i only remember my mother and grandfather singing along with it to me when i was just a kid but can’t forget the song.

  50. David Ochan says:

    Seketa was played by Orchestre LEOPARDS of Nairobi under the leadership of TEDDY SHANGO.Other members included Papa Kadios, Madjeku, Albert Karol, Tumba Theophile,etc. Most of them were in Uganda under Les Kinois, Super Kawumba, Kabamba etc.

    SEKETA – Leopards (of Nairobi)

  51. Tina says:

    Hey folks,
    I got this older version and rather high octane of ‘sisili’ by O. Shika Shika from a friend and liked it compared to the original. http://www.sendspace.com/file/u5xc4z

    By the way my father said he first heard ‘seketa’ in 1974 while riding in a friend’s Citroen in Kampala. He said he came to like the song more than the hydraulics (refering to high/low profile mechanics) of this vehicle. He’s requesting for more posts from the Leopards. Bravo @Ochan.

  52. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    apwoyo matek bwana for your positive response on SEKETA. however am so disappointed that SEKETA and PAULINA (the original version) have failed to play. this time they download fine, but they now fail to run on the windows media player that i use. i even tried to use the mp 3 converter sent by Jaribu as you advised but still it won’t work. each time i tried to play back the computer tells me that the source of the downloaded song is not known, yet all the other songs come out clear.!
    my suggestion in this case is that perhaps you upload them the way you did with the rest of the songs, like SULIYA, for example. maybe that’s only way it would work out.
    otherwise, once again, apwoyo tutwal, omera.

  53. JARIBU says:

    If you have Real Player installed (you can install it for free) then change the file extention to m4a from mp3. You can only do this when the extentions are visible. To make them visible do the following.
    1. Right Click your mouse while the cursor is on Start.
    2. Highlight and click (left) on Explore
    3. Select the drive where your files reside.
    4. Click on Tools at the top of the page then click on select Folder Options.
    6. Then click on View
    7. Remove the check mark on “Hide extentions on known files.” then click Okay.
    8. You can now go to the file in question and change the file extention from mp3 to m4a.

    Conversely, use the Ease Audio Converter but first convert the file to Wav and see if it will play then convert that Wav file to mp3.

  54. saminator says:

    @ jaribu,
    fantastic job you’ve done, it’s worked! man thanx a million, and now to enjoying the music. shukran.

  55. JARIBU says:

    Which part of the instructions worked for you, for the benefit of others who may have the same issues?

  56. Tina says:

    Would anyone know an 80s song with the words/title ‘mbongo ekosala mbongo,’ Can’t remember the artist or song. Kindly help, SOS.

  57. Jay says:

    @ALL. still looking for kila siku kila siku kariobango. Please help. Also during 1982 coup the song that played saying that that ‘matajiri wasiotosheka hawana amani kenya’. How about ‘mukenya mno balimo bayuda balimo’? Thanks in advance.

  58. saminator says:

    @ jaribu,
    it worked just as you instructed, but my technical team decided a short-cut version for me. they installed for me the VLC media player instead. so when the song downloads and fails to play in the windows media player format, i simply turn to the VCL which works equally perfectly fine. remember its only after the song has downloaded. asante sana.

  59. saminator says:

    @ ochan
    jal, is there any chance that you can find DADA ASHA. that was another massive hit from east africa. otherwise i have appealed so much for NISAIDIE by les wanyika but still got no response from the clansmates. could it be that nobody may have stored this hit somewhere? moreover it came after les wanyika’s huge album SINA MAKOSA and therefore should have been easier most probably to locate for those were lucky to have access to it.

  60. David Ochan says:

    Try this for Dada Asha.

    If it is ok with you let Steve exchange our emails privately. I would like to know the list of songs in your old Juke Box.
    Gang wa tye Palabek.

    @ STEVE
    Can you put me in contact with Saminator privately?

    @ JAY
    There is a fellow in London here who was nicknamed “AENDE” in Nairobi after the lyric
    He is waiting patiently for the song “Kariobangi”. Maybe our salvation is with KABUGA in Nairobi if he could go down River Road and try some old record joints if they are still functional.

  61. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    ladit, unfortunately i do not have much to talk about in terms of having music because my grandfather’s jukebox given to him by my late music loving uncle was looted during the war with all the lps. what is happening to me now is that it’s you members of the ntwiga blog(clan) are the ones reviving my memories, and believe you me there were quite a big number of songs in that jukebox. sorry mate….i come from kati-kati lacor.
    meanwhile DADA AISHA you’ve sent appears to be a short version. because i remember there was a song that would start like
    like ASHA WEWE, KUMBUKA WE MAMA……..something like that, any idea?

  62. David Ochan says:

    I hope you have fully downloaded the 10.34 minutes of ASHA. It used to come in Part 1 and Part 2. I am just listening to the music now and I can pick up the lyric you wrote “ASHA WEWE, KUMBUKA WE MAMA..”.
    Alternatively, you are refering to the version played by Lokassa Ya Bongo and his Soukus Stars. I have it somewhere but it might take me a long time to locate it.

  63. David Ochan says:

    I got these under my Tabora Jazz. See if any of them is what you asked for.

    1.Asha http://www.sendspace.com/file/o52562
    2. Asha http://www.sendspace.com/file/2ee7v7
    3. Dada Asha http://www.sendspace.com/file/00qm89

  64. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    the first one you sent was actually the one but am only confused as to whether Tabora Jazz or Victoria Jazz played the song. which is which? then ladit, am still on your case for NISAIDIE because you’ve not said a word about it.

  65. kabuga says:


    That sounds like Pamelo Mounka’s L’argent apelle l’argent. Will post it for you. BTW – Mose fanfan also did the same song after Mounka’s – i think you can get it at likembe blog.

  66. Egoing says:

    @ David Ochan
    In ba! You never cease to make me grin from ear to ear; this time with the details about SEKETA! ApI have the song, and I always used to wonder which band played that song. When I read about them on your posting, I also downloaded your version. I realised that the recording of my copy is louder. As I followed its lyrics, I recognised the names Papa Kadios (bass), Albert Karol (solo). Apwoyo/Webale/Asante/Eyalama/Alakara! Keep it up. And by the way, indeed what will prevent me from sharing my SEKETA with all? None. And here it is:
    SEKETA http://www.ntwiga.net/blog/?m=201003

    By the way, in your Tabora Jazz collection, do you have Dada Hawa? Dada Lemmy?
    How about Sam Mangwana’s Suzanna Koulibally?

    I have also come to appreciate that we are striving to get closer to one another. That is what I suggested over the Christmas season, One day some persons will end up clapping one another after realising that the persons who share a lot in common have brushed shoulders.

  67. Tina says:

    Hey Kabuga,

    Thanks for being cognitive, couldn’t have made out the title in French. Youtubed the infor. you gave me and bingo! found the song and another one. If you could be kind enough to post these two and the bonus track: appreciate it.
    1) Pamelo Mounk’a – L’argent Appelle L’argent
    2) Pamelo Mounk’a – Amour de nombakele
    3) Franco – TP OK Jzz (bonus)

  68. Tina says:


    The bonus track I’m requesting you to post me is called ‘tangawizi’ by Franco & TP OK Jazz. If don’t have it, could somebody kindly do the honours, thanks.

  69. David Ochan says:

    @ EGOING
    Brother, now that your moderm is working fine can you start posting for us those gems hidden in your old cassettes?
    Here are your requests.
    1. Dada Hawa – Tabora Jazz
    2. Dada Lemmy – Tabora Jazz
    3. Suzzane Kulibaliye – Sam Mangwana (Africa All Stars)

    Sam Mangwana produced some of his best musics under the band Africa All Stars that was based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The band , however did not last ONE YEAR as some of the big members like PATHOS Pablo Lubandika,Lokassa Ya Mbongo, etc ,decided to settle in Paris instead. Below are Bonus for Africa All Stars.
    (A) BONUS Sam Manguana – Africa All Stars
    1. EYEBANA http://www.sendspace.com/file/4xehcb
    2. EDOH http://www.sendspace.com/file/x8yey0
    3. MAIMOUNA http://www.sendspace.com/file/phzway

    1. MASERENA http://www.sendspace.com/file/m7hjip
    2. NIMEPATA NDEGE http://www.sendspace.com/file/r99g0o
    3. AMBIASSEY http://www.sendspace.com/file/sipq4a

  70. Arnol_79 says:



    http://www.sendspace.com/file/uza2wm pt 1
    http://www.sendspace.com/file/976tch pt 2

    @ All
    Could post from “tabora jazz”- dada asha No.1, dada asha No.2, dada asha No.3
    songs are very similar or the same?

  71. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Tina

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/4uf32c l’Argent apelle l’argent
    http://www.sendspace.com/file/7d0swp Amour de Nombakele

    @ All
    http://www.sendspace.com/file/f17yku – Could you tell me the name of this song, Is the zaiko langa langa?
    please, could full post. Thanks

  72. kabuga says:


    Now that the two Pamelo Mounka songs have been posted, here you go with Tangawizi – a Papa Noel Nendule composition (TPOKJAZZ) http://www.sendspace.com/file/0homsx

  73. Samuel (samwir) says:

    Has any one got Pamaphi by Shama shama please?


  74. David Ochan says:

    I hope our daughter is better.
    Here is your request.

    PAMAPHI – Makenge Yeamphy (Shama Shama)

  75. Tina says:

    @Arnol_79 & Kabuga

    Hi Fellas, thanks a million. Saturday morninng, allover sudden the house chores have become easier and more fun to do, we’re all dancing to these 80s tunes – so many memories for the entire family. Everyone is remembering the time and place they were at when these songs played – I must tell you the stories are amazing especially during the politically turbulent 80s..

  76. saminator says:

    @ all,
    bwana ochan appears to have gone on strike against me after not responding to my request for NISAIDIE BABA by prof omar and les wanyika. in the name of music i implore him to respond! anyhows i still begggg for NISAIDIE if any clansmate there is aware of and has got it. i shall be truly grateful…also, any one got a 60s hit, SOMO? i think it was by franco, not sure though. then i fast forward to the early 80s, pierre moutouari, the massive voice behind the hit song, MISSENGE sang a couple other beautiful hits….see if any of you fellow music lovers ever heard of or got INGOBA, LA RETOUR and VEVE, massive tunes, believe you me…..!

  77. Samuel (samwiri) says:


    Our girl is doing really well. The doctor thinks we can put off the op for a while until she is a bit older. It has been really trying but the almighty has held everything together for us. Thanks for asking. And thanks for Pamaphi. I am planning to play this to my dad down a phone line this weekend. He used to play these songs every weekend on his record palyer. I am now goign to dance for the rest of the day.

  78. Jay says:

    @Samwiri. Glad to hear that the niece is doing well. Let us know if we can help.

    @David. I wish that I could find that Kariobango song and the rest from 8/2/1982 when chaos seemed to dominate my life. We had relatives in NRB during the coup and no information was flowing. Needless to say we hugged their memories until when we could talk to them. The songs at the time captures the mood of uncertainty in a difficult time.

    @Kabuga. Hopefully I can get to contribute in you finding the songs in my post from March 18, 2010.

    @Steve. The new format is great. Please include the post number so that we can refer to it the response since it helps all of us to be talking about specific posts.

  79. saminator says:

    @all, am here wondering how to upload a few interesting ugandan oldies songs for you guys to sample….am stuck, how should i do it?

  80. saminator says:

    @ esororo
    i landed on your advise on NISAIDIE which you said might actually be TUSHIRIKIANE. kindly, kindly could you send it again we confimr it? so sorry, the time you sent it i was away in gulu, northern uganda, burying my dear grandmother and so that mail expired. i’d be truly grateful because i ranked that song among my top three from the wanyika groups…shukran

  81. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    Do u want the Pierre Moutouari songs or you want to share them?

  82. Tina says:

    I think I got this from either Likembe or from Esororo. In any case just scoop it while the link is still alive. http://www.sendspace.com/file/btpqzo


    Hey Steve, I can’t fugure out the twisted aphabet to get into the site lol, can’t find my reading glasses Hey, what u are going to introduce next to screen visitor I.D.s to the clan base? a full-image body scanner! lol

    ntwiga.net full body scanner technology has already been in use since the start of 2010 for all computers with CRT screens or laptops with webcams. It works in stealth mode though and is virtually undetectable and has very few know side effects. The only one identified so far is uncontrollable laughter when faced with the new captcha screen at ntwiga.net

    But seriously, spam was becoming a problem and I had to do something, this seemed like the least obtrusive solution.

    – Steve

  83. Jay says:

    @Tina. I am laughing so loud about Steve’s new rules. He definitely will know about our anatomy. That means that I could never brag to my wife. Thanks, body scanner!!! Maybe he will need a microscope to look at my pimple.

    @Esororo. Tina and I have worked hard to bring this joke. At least say that you laughed. A for effort!!

    I am fattening the calf awaiting the return of the prodigal son as well.

    – Steve

  84. saminator says:

    i thank you a lot for the effort. i’ve managed to sample the song but it’s not exactly the NISAIDIE BABA i meant, although the beginning of the song sounds a bit similar. the one i talk about goes something like, TABU YA DUNIA POLE, BABA. RAHA YA DUNIA POLE, BABA….NISAIDIE, NDUGU YO YO…..etc, etc…then it goes on mentioning names of the band members, something, PROF OMARI WE, NISAIDIE BABA, RASHIDI JUMA WEEE, NISAIDIE BABA, ISA JUMA WEE NISAIDIE BABA, MALANGA TOMU WEEE, NISAIDIE BABA, MOHAMEDI TIKA WEEE, NISAIDIE BABA, NEGEREZA JOHNI , etc etc, try and remember…otherwise thanks again for the effort.

  85. saminator says:

    i indeed want the pierre moutourai songs. am however also trying to find ways of uploading a couple of ugandan oldies. they make for some interesting listening.

  86. swara says:

    hii everybody
    i have been absent for quite a while. iam back now.
    interestianzaniangly i came across nice music from Tanzania
    http://www.sendspace.com/file/wn4e9w-wanisikitisha mpenzi-Mbaraka Mwinshehe

  87. Tina says:

    I’ve rested my case since Steve has personally comeout to explain the rational behind his spam filtering technology. Like we always hate tight security screening, but it eventually benefits us all
    Ha!ha!ha! you’re safer than you think Jay; put your wife behind the screening counter, she will notice everything foreign to your body (your secrets are safe), courtesy of Steve.

    I love TZ music, kindly post the hottest both oldies and bongo flava. Do you have ‘nizae na wewe’ by Kalunde Band?

  88. Tina says:

    I think I know where Esororo is but not with certainty. In any case let’s just prepare for his return party, could be raucous, can’t wait when he announces his return.

  89. Robert says:


    Many thanks for keeping the ember alight, been following procedings in hibernation.

    Talk of Tz music , am looking for Arusha Jazz Band- \Mama Suzie\ anyone who has it out there?
    Some good link on evolution of the Wanyika

    Good to hear from you and more so that all is well.

  90. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    thanks a million for pierre moutouari. you’ve sincerely made my day. now an appeal to you; just crown it off with INGOBA and LA RETOUR (the song itself), i think they both are on the same album as VEVE. do you think you can? YES YOU CAN! am sure. otherwise, more thanks.

  91. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    Is this what you mean or want?

  92. Jay says:

    @Samwiri and Fred. I just got knocked out. Clan Ntwiga never ceases to open my eyes each day. Wow, I thought that I was slowly learning about the range of music in Africa. I have never heard of Pierre Moutouari. Amazing octaves and my heart was pounding. I will be searching for his songs all over the place on my day off from work. Thanks for teaching.

    @Steve. Saw your presentation on people and ingenuity in technology in Africa. Thank you so much for being a champion for the continent. You are brainy with vast interests.

  93. Fred says:

    This is the last one of your request. It eluded me. I had it in a different name, I had to listen to it thrice to be sure. Enjoy.

  94. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    This is the last one of your request. It eluded bcs it was labelled wrongly. I had to listen to it thrice. Enjoy

  95. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    you a true clansmate….the last request is exaclty what i meant. now am sure even the first one, RETOUR would have been the one, only that i think you forgot to enter \send\ because it’s not highlighted; you know the underlined blue shade that allows you to enter or log on is not on. it’s all in black writing, meaning the mouse cannot locate it. otherswise, top job, top job man, keep it up!

  96. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    Just coppy the from http: upto the end and paste in the browser address window.
    RETOUR: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4hdrtz

  97. saminator says:

    @ fred
    bingo!!! it’s simply amazing how the ntwiga music clan produce wonders. the RETOUR song you sent is the exact one, its’ one hit i’ve been looking for all my later life! i never thought i would find it again because not even youtube which has the pierre moutouari songs had it. but here comes fred and what a difference you have made to my life. long live fred, long live steve, long ntwiga……… let’s continue sharing our knowledge of the oldies african music in true eastern and central african style.

  98. Tina says:

    This is the post of the month for me, bravo Fred for ‘Missengue’

    The drumming and the tenor of this song is sick. Just listen to the drums playing in the background, and do this ‘sheeke sheeke sheeke sheeke sheeke in rhythm with the song. Like most artists Pierre has never really had the looks to go along with his musical talent, but he sure fixed this one sweet. Waapi… waapi…Oh! missengue saala keba missengue oh!, oh! missengue naboinanga missengue oh!, Missegue zongana ndako.

    I’m told he’s so broke and a pauper, don’t you folks think he should do a remake of this! ’cause I can support him by buying it, he could also revive his career by getting a gig with Extra Musica.

  99. kabuga says:


    Sometime in the early eighties, Super Mazembe did some songs under the name Banalikasi – is there anyone with these songs please? Kindly post.

  100. saminator says:

    @ kabuga
    one particular hit song they did in the 70s had a climaxing chant that went something like YOKA MOSHOSHO, TIKA TIKA, TIKA TIKA….YA BANA MAZEMBE, TIKA TIKA, TIKA TIKA, YOKA MOSHOSHO….don’t quite know the exact thing said though, was too young to know it. i wonder what title of song it was…anybody with an idea?
    also, anybody remember a band in kenya called lemba lemba? what is their history?

  101. David Ochan says:

    @ KABUGA
    I thought it was Lovy Longomba who recorded under Bana Likasi after leaving Super Mazembe and Super Lovy.
    True Super Mazembe was formed in LIKASI near Lubumbashi under the name \SUPER VOX\ by LONGWA Mutonkole Didos. They then moved to Lubumbashi and to Zambia before coming to Nairobi in 1974. When they arrived in Nairobi they found a band also called \Super Vox\ so they changed their name to \SUPER MAZEMBE\, a reference to the huge earth- moving bulldozer.

    You are refering to Super Mazembe’s \NABIMAKA TE\

  102. Samuel (samwiri) says:

    David, Saminator
    That song brings back lots of memories in Uganda. We had a big front verandah and me and my brothers and sisters used to get sticks, tins you name it and pretend to be in a band (our dad used to have a band before we all came along). And for this song we used to go like this … Yoka mutoto, yamwana Magembe… (the last bit literally translating as Magembe’s kids (after our dads name). We must have been tryign to emulate his singing days.

  103. kabuga says:


    Thanks all.
    The songs i am refering to were done around 1985 and featured Lovy, Kasongo, Madjo Maduley among others. That was just before Mazembe released habiba makambo -a single.

  104. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    i just marvel at your deep knowledge of that kind of music. in keeping up with the spirit of resurrecting our beloved kind of music, do you remember a group called l’orchestre lemba lemba? they were based in kenya as well, i think in the early 80s. at least i remember one good song they sung that began with a chant like, LEMBA LEMBA… WANA KUJA. also do you have any idea of the song called SOMO SOMO? i think a 60s hit done by franco, that went something like somo eh somo, eh somo; somo eh somo, oh somo.

  105. David Ochan says:

    I do not remember the LEMBA LEMBA band.
    I do have SOMO SOMO somewhere in my tapes. It was not played by Franco. It was recorded in the 70’s not 60’s. If I locate and digitise it, then I shall certainly post it.

    Did you make any informal recordings of your “BANA MAGEMBE” tunes? It should be very interesting.

  106. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan
    I have not yet gone to LIWA. No. Not in the next few years. My problem with the modem is not yet attended to. I have received over 20 follow up calls from MTN my provider, asking whether there has been any improvement. At least not that I can download or upload. I have often stayed the whole night hoping to be able to download and upload songs, in vain. Their technical explanation is that we (internet users) share the same platform in Moroto (where I work) with the voicemail, and so when there is a lot of traffic on voicemail, datamail is adversely affected. And of course their technicians are working day and night (for the whole of this month) to rectify the problem, which actually affects other clients as well. Please bear with me if I may ask you to repost some tunes if I can not access them any more.
    When I get some leave, I will certainly work on digitalising most of the songs on the more than 300 cassette tapes I have. At least we already have shared some of them.

    @ Saminator
    By the look of it, apparently I have the song you ask for by LEMBA LEMBA, if it goes something like:
    Oh sherie eh, nabondeli yo mpo tobima mama;
    Oh Wangare, nakuomba twende dance ya LEMBA LEMBA
    Wangare twende dance ya LEMBA LEMBA, Wangare twende dance ya LEMBA LEMBA…….

    The song skids but at least, \loyo ajonga\

  107. saminator says:

    @ egoing,
    that’s EXACTLY what am talking about…..now it begs the quetion, was it the song title, was it a dance style or was LEMBA LEMBA actually the band name? also you may need to repost it because what you sent is unclickable…it’s flat, apparently you did not use sendspace?

  108. kabuga says:


    The song is wangare done by the late Jimmy Moni Mambo with orchestra Shika Shika aka lemba lemba. I will be posting another of his songs later.

  109. saminator says:

    @ kabuga, egoing, ochan & all ,
    you have both shown immense knowledge about the music scene in east africa from the early 80s going backwards, which is truly commendable. however i have been singing, literally, about the les wanyika’s hit song, NISAIDIE BABA, but to my surprise, none of you seems to know the tune, simply because nobody has even “whispered” about it. the song starts like, TABU YA DUNIA POLE EH, RAHA YA DUNIA POLE, BABA. NISAIDIE, NDUGU OH OH. NANIFUATAYE EH EHE , somthing like that. than it goes on to menton the names of the les wanyika band members. an immense tune about which nobody has even tried a comment. somebody please say something….

  110. kabuga says:


    I know the song you are talking about but sadly don’t have it. Am sure a member will pop up and provide.

    Let me know whether you have wazazi – i could post it.

  111. saminator says:

    @ kabuga,
    thanx; at least you hav responded about it. i do have WAZAZI, thank you. let’s for a moment do a small fast forward. does anybody have pepe kalle’s adjatou song and other tunes on the same album?

  112. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    Have you tried other providers like Mango or former Celtel? What of Warid? I personally had problems with MTN so I changed to Mango. Ask for a broadband connection. The trouble is, MTN has too many customers and the company has trouble keeping up with the volume of connections. Quite often when I call home to some one having an MTN line, I do not go through and when I do, it is not clear but on other networks, it is as if the person is next door. Think about it.

  113. Egoing says:

    You are right. The source I got the song from labels it as by Jimmy Moni Mambo (sorry, never heard of his death though. When? What of?).

    I am sorry I actually did not post it yesterday, but trying it now, since early afternoon. Please if/when you enjoy this, also remember that it took me the whole day of jumping network to load it.
    Wangare by Moni mambo.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hxo5qn

    Weep Not Child for NISAIDIE BABA. It will come. Only don’t give up / lose hope. Never say die!

    If I have to try other alternatives, then it will be former Celtel because it is the only other provider here in Moroto (North east of Uganda). Mango doesn’t use modems here, only landline. Warid, Orange etc. don’t yet offer even telephone services here. Unless we get another funded programme to buy another modem, I don’t see any immediate remedy for me. And ironically, when I dashed to Soroti another town about 176km southwards to send some scanned documents, I did not use the internet cafe as I had envisioned. The same modem loaded multiple (and big) files at once and in a short time.

    @ All
    I have some good collection of Tabu Ley’s oldies. Please request in case I may have what you need.

  114. Egoing says:

    @ All
    Please enjoy also KELE BIBI by Tabu Ley and Afrisa L’International

  115. Edu Owino says:


    Based on the discussions I guess I may be the youngster :) But anyway, I have loved rumba & Tanzanian oldies since I was young and growing up in Mombasa. Considering that western music was the first love of my age-mates back then, I was considered the weirdo. Anyway, they come to me nowadays for rumba & oldies selections so I guess that what was ‘true’ yesterday is not necessarily true today.

    I didn’t take a keen interest on the musicians making up the groups back then for obvious reasons, I only started looking at that aspect fairly recently.

    One hit that I grew up with and haven’t heard much since my childhood was Manguta by Nguashi Ntimbo & the TPOK jazz. I only stumbled into it last week on one of the download blogs. It is not a great copy so, if anyone has a better copy please share it. Otherwise we’ll just enjoy what I have :)

    Manguta (Nguashi Ntimbo) http://www.sendspace.com/file/kcxph1

  116. Jay says:

    @Egoing. What kind of meodem do you need. I am asking Steve to patch you to me so that we can get you connected. A modem should be the least of your problems. When are they landing that cable line from Mombasa? We need the line to open up development. Our people in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Sudan need this technology. I grew up in the age of Kenyan Post and Tele. They were an abject failure. Cell phones have revolutionized everything to advance. When I visit a village in my home, Grandmothers and women are able to call for supplies in distant towns, then pick up the goods to sell for profit. That profit feeds our people. EGOING MUST GET A MODEL since it is a multiplier effect to raising our living standards. Even if one farmer uses the web in his area to raise better crops or animals then it helps all of our relatives. Things start small but we can also keeping on building on the foundation.

  117. Tina says:

    Guys don’t worry, satellites are, or soon will be, an excellent connectivity option in Africa. Worldwide satellite dsl providers will soon make it easy for people with pcs to enjoy fast, reliable high speed communications service no matter where you live, work or play. And …you need not worry about spending a small fortune to do so! modems, and boosters may count less and less especially when uploading/downloading large media files.

    The problem will be that a greater number of people will continue to have less access to the Internet information and educational/business because of costs associated with IT training and obtaining a pc. I believe wired Internet connections in Africa will also be a thing of the past. in less than 2 yrs.

    Thanks for taking your precious time and remarkable ingenuity to share this music.

  118. Emma says:

    There used to be a Sala Keba by Baba National, if there is anyone out there with it I’d love to hear it again.

  119. kabuga says:


    Thanks for wangare – reminds me of my form one days. In that song you can also here the distinct of Lessa Lassan (formerly a member of Afrisa intl) – a cousin of Moni Mambo. He still plies his trade in Nairobi. Moni Mambo died in Tanzania in the nineties.

    BTW – Anyone with Adija mama samba by the same guy.


    You can get the Adjatou lp on global groovers blog. Good luck!

  120. Emma says:

    @Edu Owino
    Thanks for Manguta (Nguashi Ntimbo)
    If you don’t have the original Shauri Yako by Nguashi Ntimbo please listen to this one http://www.sendspace.com/file/cicy34.

  121. Waweru says:


    There’s this Swahili song by Tabu Ley that goes like: ULIJUA DADA MIMI MASIKINI. nAKUTONGOZA DADA WEWE HUNIAMINI. KWA NINI DADA UNANITESA BURE, OH DADA, OH DADA …… Please post it if you have it.

  122. Egoing says:

    @ Jay
    The kind of MODEM I use right now is a black one, with a purple swish:
    Model: LW-HSUPA
    HSUPA USB Stick

    I am more than willing to “be patched” to you and hope it will be beneficial to us all when you get me connected.
    The laying of the cable line from Mombasa I think should have gone beyond Soroti by now? At least I know it reached Soroti more than a month ago as that is on my way to Moroto.

    Thanks for giving our clan its true meaning of a clan – with males and females, and all participating.
    We would love to enjoy some meaningful communication as we wait for the less than 2 yrs.
    Thanks also for the compliments.

    @Kabuga says:
    You are welcome. I am sure you enjoyed WANGARE. Thanks also for the few details about other members of the Band. Sorry about Moni Mambo. Really did not know that he died.
    Yes there is someone with Hadija Mama Samba. The person is Egoing, and BTW here it is. One thing though, age apparently caught up with my version, and it walks with a limp. Nonetheless, enjoy it.
    Hadija Mama Samba – Orchestra Shika Shika.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ug2f88

    Pray that I realize some improvement with my MODEM.

  123. Egoing says:

    Looks like the gods are smiling with modem a little bit now.

    I wonder whether this is the SOMO someone asked for. I believe it may not have been by TP OK Jazz
    SOMO: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ucovif

  124. Jay says:

    @Tina. I can’t wait when your observations come true. Modems will become extinct like KP&TLC.

    @Egoing. Hopeful that the line from Mombasa can reach your area so that innovation can grow. I think that our people are as skilled as those in Asia, therefore we should be competing for the tech business. Look at Steve’s post on AfriGadjet at Ignite Toronto to see our versatility!!! Hopefully we can talk soon about your needs and the community’s benefits.

    @ALL. I do not have the vast knowledge and a vast collection but all of you have always taught me about new things. So I need to help in these areas for the free benefits of learning. Thanks everyone!!!

  125. JARIBU says:

    Here are clean copies of Manguta and Hadija.

    Nguashi Ntimbo & TPOK Jazz – Manguta = http://www.sendspace.com/file/zl9xhl

    Shika Shika – Hadija = http://www.sendspace.com/file/hbclqd

  126. John Oloo says:

    @ all
    Could someone please post “Saila”. I think the song is by Tabuley. The lyrics include something line “Sails Saila oh Mama, Saila Saila….” I would really like to listen to this song again.

  127. kabuga says:


    That is paka wewe by AFRISA. You can get the album at global groovers blog. If you can’t let me know.

  128. kabuga says:


    Thanks for Hadija!

  129. Egoing says:

    @John Oloo
    I am sure the song is by the Quarter Etoiles (Four Stars) including Wuta Mayi, Nyboma Mwandindo, Syran Mbenza and (I am not very sure of this) Evoloko. Someone should be able to post it for you, I have it on one of my cassette tapes, and look forward to a long season of digitalising some of the songs on the 300+ tapes.

    In this clan, we leave no stoned unturned, no drawer unpulled, no carpet uncovered in our quest to satisfy our needs.

  130. saminator says:

    @ kabuga and egoing, thanks for SOMO and WANGARE. rare but sound tunes. and i’l not weep anymore like you advised because i know somehow someday, NISAIDIE BABA ( Les Wanyika) will pop up. thanks guys and all the clan members for the efforts.

  131. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    Could you repost the unzipped version of “Remember the 80’s”. I always have problem with the zipped files..
    Thanks in advance.
    Your observations are correct. I was out of the East African music sceene from mid 1983 onwards. There are tunes posted by the Clan (after 83) that I have not heard before and I thank all of you for this great work.
    @ EGOING
    Thanks for those tunes. The fourth member of “4 STARS” is BOPOL MASIAMINA not Evoloko Jocker.
    @ KABUGA
    Please post those songs. I have tried unsucessfully to download music from “global groovers blog”

  132. Egoing says:

    @David Ochan
    Lucky for you, you spoke up and preempted my groan about your silence,and which I was about to express. Thanks for updating me on Bopol Mansiamina. Actually I knew but somehow the fourth name skipped my memory.

  133. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    Please, could post some “geo Bilongo” from the album “correction”

  134. Egoing says:

    @Daudi and ALL

    Just some more of Moreno Batamba
    Mapenzi Ya Kweli- Moreno: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4s06b4
    Kazi Ni Kazi – Moreno http://www.sendspace.com/file/bazf15

  135. saminator says:

    i also tried, like ochan, to get pepe kalle’s ADJATOU and others from “global groovers blog” but the site would not budge.

  136. kabuga says:

    @Waweru & others,

    Here is Paka wewe http://www.sendspace.com/file/f2f0ab

    It is rather sad that clanmates have been missing out on what moos has been offering at GG!

  137. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga

    Thank you very much Bro for Paka Wewe. This will surely make my Easter a happy hoilday!

  138. Waweru says:

    @ Kabuga

    Your statement on Moos and GG is not clear. Would you care to elaborate?

  139. saminator says:

    @ all,
    merci or shukran for keeping the ntwiga caln blog candle burning. i got a new challenge to test you on, any of you ladies and gentlemen; lipua lipua had an album title, LE DERNIER SUCESS DE LIPUA LIPUA…..volume 1 and 2; can anyone please elighten me more on it and, if possible seeennnnd the songs over, very kindly. i believe it was the last act (as the title suggests) by nzaya zayadio whom i think i read on somewhere on this blog that is now residing in germany.

  140. Robert says:


    Happy Easter!!
    Great exchanges going on here keep it up.
    Am looking for Lipua Lipua -Nsayi Part 1, I have Part 2. For those without any of the parts here is Nsayi Part 2:


  141. Fred says:

    @ Ochan:
    Give me your email.
    I might help with one, but there are three. Vol 1 to Vol 3.
    @ Which particular track on the album do u want?

  142. Fred says:

    @ Arnol_79 :
    Which particular track on the album do u want?

  143. David Ochan says:

    @ STEVE
    Can you please give my email to FRED.

    @ Robert
    Here is the full Nsayi.

    NSAYI – (Nono Kuka Nsayi) Lipua Lipua

  144. David Ochan says:

    @ “Mwana Magembe” SAMWIRI

    Accept these LES NOIRS hits for your Easter.

    1. TUGENDE MENGO – Les Noirs

    2. NYIMBO YA DAWA (version 1) – Les Noirs

    3. NYIMBO YA DAWA (Version 2) – Les Noirs

  145. Robert says:

    @David Ochan

    Thanks mate for Nsayi

  146. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Fred

    album that I have only 2 tracks of 8, “Correction” and “Elephant de Kaya”

  147. Samuel (Samwiri) says:

    Thanks for the three tracks. We are going away this weekend (well taking the family to London for a long weekend) and I will be palying these in the car while the kids and my better half are watching thier videos in the back. Happy Easter Clan.


  148. Fred says:

    @ All: Happy Easter, with some nice singles.
    Phenomene – Makima: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k3p444
    Etumba na Ngwaka – Celia: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rqs183
    Bangambo – Tumba Kani: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5ui34y

  149. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    the tracks could be many, or mob as the youth here say nowadays; see if you got these ones; MILFA, ZONGA NDAKO, , NASALA YO NINI, OMBALE plus a track, BLANCHE that may not be on the album. i would also love the vol 3 songs but i do not know their titles. Happy Easter!

  150. Jay says:

    @Fred. The 3 songs above were made by who and which album?

    @Egoing. Give Steve permission so that he can keep us in touch to talk about a modem.

  151. Jay says:

    @Fred. The 3 songs are by who and which album.

    @Egoing. Give Steve permission to patch us up so that we can talk about the modem.

  152. JARIBU says:

    @ Jay,
    Fred has provided the names of the artists for the songs he posted. The name before the dash (-) is the artist and after the dash is the name of the song. Makina was also recorded by Orch. Shama Shama. There is a Shama Shama song in which Phenoeme is reprised. Orch. Etumba Na Ngwaka was a band fronted by Dindo Yongo (the one of Zaiko Langa Langa fame), if I am not mistaken. I think Orch. Bagambo is an off-shoot of Stukas, or is it the other way round? I think I can hear the voice of Lita Bembo in the two Babambo songs I have, one of which Fred has posted.

  153. Egoing says:

    I have been absent for some time. Please you have all my express permission to patch me up with Jay. Hope to get back as soon as possible.

  154. Fred says:

    @ JARIBU:
    Thanks for that clarification. For many people, when the word “Orchestre” is not included, it causes confusion. The artist’s name comes before the track title or check tags in properties. Otherwise they are in order:

    Artist Track title
    1. Orchestre Phenomene Makima
    2. Orchestre Etumba na Ngwaka Celia
    3. Orchestre Bangambo Tumba Kani

    And here are two more lovely melodies (singles):
    Orch. Super Tukina – Satonge: http://www.sendspace.com/file/voto5u
    Orchestre Saka Yosa – Kamundele: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ms9hgz

    @ saminator:
    The tracks you mention are from volume 2 except Blanche from vol 3.

  155. Fred says:

    Here are some more singles that are good to listen to. Matures should remember Rock-A-Mambo. Good in the day.

    1. Orch. Ya Tamba – Mobali Toyebani: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a472zv
    2. Orch. Rock-A-Mambo – Brigitte Rumba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/la2c52
    3. Orch. Rock-A-Mambo – Bakoule Bidama: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5qzzk7
    4. Amour Cherche Amour: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qrald7
    5. Orch. Les As – Namiboma (Hirondelle): http://www.sendspace.com/file/0aa47m

    The last one is from the CD – Succès Des Orchestres Du Congo-Zaïre Des Années 60-70

  156. Tina says:


    These are really good posts; the first time I listened to ‘makima’ and ‘tumba kani’ I thought the artist was wrong, can’t blame Jay, ’cause they sounded more like Shama Shama.


    Thanks for elaborating on the history of the group. Sometimes it is hard to tell these groups apart, no wonder many artists at the time were derogatively refered to as ‘musical prostitutes,’ – jumping from one group to another.

  157. Fred says:

    Here are some more singles worthy listening to. Delete if not to your taste.

    1. Orchestre Chauffe-Chauffe – Coeur a Coeur: http://www.sendspace.com/file/y36sno
    2. Orchestre Casques Verts – Alinga Tala tala: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2kcjsl
    3. Orchestre Bobongo Stars – Le Pacha: http://www.sendspace.com/file/eaa6mh
    4. Orchestre Baya Baya – Ah Ndugu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4rq23n
    5. Orchestre Bana Modja – Mayatu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bby2sq
    6. Orchestre Funga – Ngayi Ngayi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/85gigv
    7. Orchestre Kamavasty – Landa Kelasi: http://www.sendspace.com/file/i1hxih
    8. Orchestre Malph – Keba Na Mososlo: http://www.sendspace.com/file/v44z4n
    9. Orchestre Mabele – Hello Vivina: http://www.sendspace.com/file/f31k6q

  158. saminator says:

    @ all,
    welcome back from the easter break. now that we are back at it, could anybody alarm me with super mazembe’s LONGWA PT 1 & 2 that’s the first tune i would love to listen to after the easter break.

  159. kabuga says:


    Here is Longwa http://www.sendspace.com/file/rxe1fn


    By GG, i meant global groovers blog. Moos is the gentleman behind it. Cheers!

  160. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    Bravo brother! These are the sort of tunes I used topick up from Radio Bukavu.
    Can you repost no. 4 (Orch. Baya Baya – AH NDUGU) because the link in broken showing the message “The file you want to download is not available”.
    Otherwise thanks.

  161. Jay says:

    @Tina, Fred, Jaribu and Egoing. Thanks for the goodies above. I learn some thing or a lot of them daily from all of you.

  162. Fred says:

    @ David:
    Sorry, I accidentally deleted it. Here is another link.
    Orchestra Baya Baya – Ah Ndugu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oc8eub

  163. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred,
    Thanks for those tunes. I did not have three of them. Did I hear Nyboma’s voice in that Chaufe-Chaufe tune? And I think I hear Mabiala’s voice in Le Pacha.

  164. JARIBU says:

    @ David,
    I guess I am not the only one here who listened to Radio Bukavu. When I lived in Kitale there were days I could also pick Radio Bujumbura, which played mostly Congolese music. On a good night we could pick even some stations from Zaire.

  165. Fred says:

    @ David & JARIBU:
    I listened to Radio Bukavu and Bunia a lot in 1976 after my HIgh School, that is when I heard of late Madilu with Bakuba Mayopi. Knowing Lingala helped me a lot. I used to leave on my Radio all night tuned to Radio Kishasha. That was the power of short wave then, unlike these days where FM broadcast has taken over, you can only tune to stations in your neigbourhood, distant ones are forgotten. Shortwave had the power to pull distant stations; imagine I could listen to Radio Uganda even when I was in Thika.
    I will attatch some more singles that came out those days with the so many mushrooming bands that seemed to be created everyday later on in the day.

  166. Tina says:


    Yesterday I was sampling out the music you posted and my father was standing over my shoulder, He (my father) has a a severe case of computer phobia. When he’s on the ccomputer you just hear a lot of cursing and swearing, the next thing the screen goes blank – he has no patience with this modern day gadget. However he’s impressed at the collection you’ve posted, saying he’s never heard of some of these songs or bands before and would like you to post more, that you should tell us whether you accidentally stumbled upon an unreleased treasure trove of music from this period or is it that you’ve always had this collection of officially released? music – he truly likes this music and thanks you for it.

  167. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    do you think you have have the lipua lipua DERNIER SUCCESS Vol 2? you think you can post them?

  168. Fred says:

    @ All:
    As promised, here are some more singles from those unheard of bands of the 70’s. It is as if these bands came in swams. Everyday you would hear a new band. I had made a list of most the bands; by then I was a teenager and with nothing to do but listen to music from Radio Bukavu, Bunia, Kinshasha etc. What helped me was knowledge of the language. everytime a new band was mentioned, I made of note of it.
    Here we go agin:
    1. Orchestre Lolaka – Mboyo (14 MB),: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9venvt
    2. Orchestre Malph – Lisaso (4 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/wlv2hr
    3. Orchestre Mbuta Mbuta – Bolingo (13 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/0bpcvg
    4. Orchestre Mokako – Adieu Yoko (12 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/vyf6ud
    5. Orchestre Mos Mos – Vumilia Wazazi (13 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/80tbyg
    6. Orchestre Mystiques – Sele Selina (13 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/j88g1k
    7. Orchestre Pakifans du Zaire – Ma Helena (4 MB),: http://www.sendspace.com/file/i9vmej
    8. Orchestre Pepelepe – Mulambo (10 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ycs8kg
    9. Orchestre Sec Sec – Pika Ngenge (8 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/uprlnm
    10. Orchestre Sentima – Bosomele (13 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/jz4a4b
    11. Orchestre Super Tukina – Sely Ya Papa (13 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/k18b1l
    12. Orchestre Super Tukina – Mwana Ngenge (9 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/5kt9wm
    13. Orchestre Zaina Molende – Niama (4 MB), :http://www.sendspace.com/file/guxdim
    14. Orchestre Symba – Vangu (5 MB), : http://www.sendspace.com/file/a3phne

    @ Tina:
    Your dad will love these. I did not stumble on these treasures. It has been a matter of patience and determination for me to collect them. they remind me of my youth and real music. Not the stuff people listen to these days. I got some from friends by asking and requesting the way we do here, others from the Internet and some by buying online. One major source that I miss is: http://www.topcongo.com/bakulutu1.html. They had a large archive of their shows. Every Sartuday and Sunday, they would bring up band members of the past for interviews, then play their music during the show. Now that link is dead.

    @ saminator:
    I have the 3 volumes I talked about.

  169. Robert says:


    This is “mega bonus” to borrow term of local mobile phone provider. You have made my day or life should I say! Pats on your back!

  170. Egoing says:

    You have made me laugh a kind of laughter I seldom experience. Hitherto I had imagined I knew most of the Zairean and Congolese bands. But when I saw your conglomeration, I fell off laughing. Too true and real! Exactly where you have been hiding these is no longer a matter of concern, as we know can benefit from it. Too sad the issue of my modem is not yet (although it may soon be) resolved. Can’t download anything yet.
    Also avail the folowing (God willing):
    1. Music on some label STRANGERS OF THE 1970s
    2. Affaire Semeki by Champro King
    3. Basi Mawa Te – Johnny Bokelo
    4. Guadeloupe (Don’t know the artists, can pick out Nyboma’s voice in it)
    5. Soukouss Viberation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …….

    God bless all the clan members.

  171. Tina says:


    Whuuhaa! you bet, somebody’s doing the ‘chicken happy dance’ in our house. Some people seem to have forgotten about their problems/struggles atleast for now. Last month I scratched a family member’s car, it looks like I’m going to be forgiven, these really cut into the beef, great job SIR FRED (the knighthood is coming).

  172. JARIBU says:

    Thanks for those rare tunes.

  173. JARIBU says:

    @ All.
    Since we seem to be all in a sharing mood, let me join in and add a few of my own.

    Orch. Grand Piza – Napemi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/hz61zf

    Orch. Bana Ngenge – Kolokota = http://www.sendspace.com/file/mr9oqh

    Orch Les Kinois – Achieng = http://www.sendspace.com/file/v8vaf9

    Orch. Tout Mopia – Mokili Mayi Ya Buatu = http://www.sendspace.com/file/dx77md

  174. saminator says:

    @ all,
    question; who was the artist behind the tune, MUNSI. it sounded like TP OK to me. any idea? any body with that hit tune?

  175. kabuga says:


    The song is Liyansi Ekoti by TPOK jazz – composed by the late Ntesa Dalienst. Will post later.

  176. saminator says:

    @ kabuga,
    thank you very much….

    @ fred
    should i expect the LIPUA LIPUAs any time soon?

  177. kabuga says:


    Here you go with 15 minutes of heavenly OK jazz http://www.sendspace.com/file/yk0vei

  178. kabuga says:


    Above please find Liyansi Ekoti aka Munsi. Enjoy!

  179. David Ochan says:

    Thanks brothers for your contributions.
    Fred, this lady NANA AKUMU was a real talent. She was at par with her countrymen like Moreno, Coco Zigo, Lovy Longomba. Her Orchestre PEPELEPE (and BANA EKANGA) strung a number of hits which were from the top drawer. I would appreciate some more of Nana Akumu especially the following tunes:
    Savannah Lodge
    Sukuma Wiki
    As all of us (and I am sure Egoing from Soroti) would ay .. ENCORE! ENCORE!

  180. Egoing says:

    @David et akk
    This is love when I stay for almost the whole night, struggling to post these songs in order to share. It is now 2.42am here in Uganda.
    Other experts will give other details about the songs, artists, and bands.

    Please allow me catch some sleep.

    @ Fred try out this menu about Lipua Lipua
    Lossa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/odhqo1
    Blannche by Luswama Aspro.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a0tzyu
    Matoba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qtok1i
    Noka: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5zojgb

  181. Kingsam says:

    Been a while out here, well the weekend is here again. I can feel the ntwiga family spirit at its best.. Anyways can I make a request. There was a song, which am not sure if it was done by Orchestra festival du zaire or one of the offshoots from the many generational orch or maybe Lekinua. The song goes like this…it satarts off like this… Sambeka goba goba goba,……. (then goes on)………Tulikuja kenya kutembelea mandugu……..(it climaxes to)…………..Nairobi City….. pole pole tutafika,…….tutafika!…..mombasa Kenya tutafika………kisumu oyee tutafika!. Why i think is lekinua is coz, it does mentiontion (literally cheers Lekinua)..Lekinua iyelee…ooooh….something like that several times along. But then it could orch du festival, not so sure though. otherwise Great weekend to all!

  182. Kingsam says:

    @ Ochan
    I think Tamaa was done by Lady Issa and Akumu. I have it, and is one of my best classic dance…guys go bananas when i play this in the mix down here in Austin Texas. Here is the link. Brother have some fun!


    someone (was it Owino maybe?)asked for some song a couple of weeks back , which am sure i do have but i got a whole of 250gb HD music i got to go dig it out i just cant figure out the name or the singer.

  183. Tina says:


    No doubt Lady Issa’s a had hitter good variation from ‘dunia’ ya! love her words – curiosity killed the cat.


    My sister loves ‘matoba’ reminded her of the good old days at UCC, now MUBS.

    @All, let’s keep the momentum going, great stuff.

  184. David Ochan says:

    @ TINA
    Hi Tina, I was also at UCC, what year was your good sister at UCC?

  185. David Ochan says:

    Thanks for this Tamaa. It is different from that of Nana Akumu.

  186. JARIBU says:

    The song you have described is by Orch. Les Kinois and the title is Safari. Here it is. Enjoy!
    Orch. Les Kinois – Safari = http://www.sendspace.com/file/uwvjxz

  187. JARIBU says:

    @ Kingsam, do you have the ones with astericks? I would like to put my hands on Baboka, for reasons that are mysterious to me. I keep hearing this phrase: Baboka alalizala eeeehh

    Les Kinois Discography

    1. Achieng
    2. Asha
    3. Baboka *
    4. Blanche
    5. Cherie Nata *
    6. Christmas
    7. Coco
    8. East Africa
    9. Furaha Ya Christmas * (this may be also Christmas)
    10. Kilindo
    11. Les Kinois
    12. Malako
    13. Mothe-Fathe *
    14. Mpenzi Rudi
    15. Mwana Mboka
    16. Safari
    17. Semeki Siama *
    18. Sunday
    19. Susan Anyango *
    20. Fwaya *
    21. Ilolo Viviene *
    22. Juma
    23. Bawa *
    24. Mbepe *
    25. Mabouidi *
    26. Taabu Ya Masikini *
    27. Toweli Nini
    28. Yena Oboyi Libala *

  188. saminator says:

    @ kabuga
    it was some of my best 15 minutes ever when i got to listen to the ntesa dalienst composition. without exactly knowing the title we used to, in our younger days simply call the song MUNSI! but what a great track it was/is. like somebody (i think Tina) put it, we are about to knight some persons in the ntwiga clan….steve, ochan, kabuga, esororo, fred etc, watch outtttttttt.

  189. saminator says:

    @ jaribu,
    i notice the name lokasa in one of the songs you sent. could he be the same lokasa we all know?

    @ my list of candidates for knighthood has extended to jaribu ang egoing, two big names i forget to name earlier.

  190. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Here is a simple quiz. Who is the artist in this track?
    Guess who the artist is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ma0mdc

  191. Tina says:

    @David Ochan,

    My big sister was @ UCC Nakawa from 86′ to 89′ and she really had a blast on that campus. Growing up under their wings I kinda of suited to their style and taste of music. Her all time favorites include les kamale, lipua lipua, veve veve, shiks shika, Franco & group, Mangelepa, s.mazembe, les wanyika, bella bella ,and t.ley.

  192. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    This is what you want Lipua Lipua:
    B02 – Ombale: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jxp2pb
    B01 – Nasala yo nini: http://www.sendspace.com/file/khfgd0
    A02 – Zonga Ndako: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ms6eeu
    A01 – Milfa: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h7ecmf

  193. JARIBU says:

    The Lokassa in question is Fataki ‘Los Los’ Lokassa Lisanga aka Masumbuko Ya Dunia. He played with Bana Moja, Bana Ngenge, Les Kinois, Virunga and pretty much all the Zairean bands that were in Kenya (with a possible exceptions – Les Mangelepa and Super Mazembe) during the seventies and eighties. I think he may have also played with Les Noirs, but I will have to listen to their songs again to confirm whether I hear is voice or not.

    @ Tina,
    What’s UCC?

  194. JARIBU says:

    @ All,
    There was a request in Ochan’s article to which no one has responded: and it has to do with a compilation (discography) of Les Mangelepa tunes. Well, here is mine and it does not include their latest additions from the two-CD release.

    Les Mangelepa (Discography)
    1. Amua
    2. Amie* (could be Amua)
    3. Aoko
    4. Arthur Mariga
    5. Auto Stop
    6. Balani Ya Pamba*
    7. Beyande*
    8. Cherie Makisa
    9. Conseil Gratuit
    10. Desespoir (sp)
    11. Detshu
    12. Dracula
    13. Djala
    14. Embakasi
    15. Ekubuku
    16. Halleluya
    17. Harare
    18. Hayansa
    19. Ibebo
    20. Isapo
    21. Kadjera
    22. Kijana
    23. Kanemo
    24. Kasuku
    25. Kamwala
    26. Kimbelembele
    27. Kizunguzungu
    28. Lande Lande
    29. Lolo Mukena
    30. Maboko Pamba
    31. Madina
    32. Maindusa
    33. Makena*
    34. Makunga*
    35. Makwanzi *
    36. Masanga
    37. Malawi Zikomo
    38. Mangelepa Kamili
    39. Mangelepa ni Yako
    40. Manyeto
    41. Mbungu
    42. Mbuya
    43. Mimba
    44. Mulope Mobutu*
    45. Naleli Papi*
    46. Nganga Kimetu
    47. Ni Mimi Tu
    48. N’kimba
    49. Nsense
    50. Nyako Konya
    51. Odesia
    52. Ole Ole
    53. Olele
    54. Pambana Pambana
    55. Saadi
    56. Safari Ya Mangelepa
    57. Sakina
    58. Suki Pembe*
    59. Tobias
    60. Trouble
    61. Tshibola *
    62. Tour Of Zambia *
    63. Walter
    64. Wasai
    65. Zarina
    66. Zeba
    67. Zoao

    * Not acquired.

  195. Tina says:


    Uganda College of Commerce (UCC) represents a network of colleges across the country, now under the umbrella of/affiliated to Makerere University Business School – training in business and entrepreneurship.

  196. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Thank you for the answer. Looks like we have several Ugandans in the forum.

  197. Egoing says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination, though.
    The clan is growing and becoming more interesting. Word going rounds is that the Queen is soon to announce “Arise Sir …” My only fear is at that rate, there would be more clans mates to knight.
    Wonder whether some of these can enhance your sister’s memories of UCC (now MUBS). More shall be coming, but slowly and painfully.
    Bondeko Bella Bella.mp3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/wznraq
    Mbuta by Bella Bella: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bw0q5n
    Nkotela by Bella Bella: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xt790m

    Live responsibly. We all need to be around to receive back the prodigal son. Wherever he is I am sure he is as well missing the clan.
    Keep the clan alive

  198. saminator says:

    @ fred
    thank you very much for the lipua lipua. am sorry, but i think am confusing the songs a bit here, because i did not know which specific album they came under. how about seeing if you have MANGAKA, NONO and NO MOKE?
    am sure you have those as well. otherwise
    @ all
    let’s keep the clan fire burning like it’s doing now, in the spirit of the EAC. would love to see as many kenyans, ugandans and tanzanians on the show as possible. am sure a tanzanian would send me my beloved but “unheard of” les wanyika song, NISAIDIE BABA.

  199. kabuga says:


    I have lately developed a very strong longing of maisha ya amba by vijana jazz. Any clanmate with this song will save me a lot of agony by posting this gem.

    Also, if a member has jirani by DDC, i would really really appreciate.

  200. kabuga says:


    There is a very good story on liyansi ekoti here http://wrldsrv.blogspot.com/

  201. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    If that is what you wanted, it is in volume I.

  202. Fred says:

    @ Kabuga:
    03 – Maisha Ya Amba: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sbc7u5

  203. Jay says:

    @Egoing. Tina is the one with a sister at UCC/MUBS. Thnks for the music.

    @ALL. Have a good weekday. Let’s go and kidnap Esororo so that he can start posting again!!

  204. Egoing says:

    Really sorry for the mix up.
    Let us not make noise so that we can nab ESORORO unaware from his bunker or hideout. Or rather why wouldn’t he give himself in and we all rejoice. Our other greater enemy is the year, which appears to drag its heels instead of running out so that the Sabbatical Leave comes to an end.

  205. saminator says:

    @ kabuga,
    wow! finally i get to see the true picture of ntesa, that man who had a silky voice. what a performer. incidentally when could he have died?

    @ all, i loved samba mapangala but i seemed to have less of his music than i should….could somebody help me lay my hands on two of his great songs, SAFARI SIO KIFU and UFUNGIO. also two songs by Them Mushrooms, USIIBE and DAIMA would help do me a lot good.

  206. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    if that’s the case then i hereby admit that my knowledge of music (that kind) is simply minute compared to you guys. the trouble with me and lipua lipua is i loved their music so much that i did not bother to exactly tell which came from which album. thanks so much for the correction.

  207. kabuga says:


    Thanks for the vijana jazz song. Any chance you or another clan member has stella by the same group? Would really appreciate.

  208. Tina says:

    My sister’s loaded with Bella Bella, but thanks for reminding her of the handsome duo of brothers – Emile Soki and Maxim, there was one super handsome and young, she liked him so much – don’t know the name.

    I’m also looking for mushrooms not the veggies but the music band from Kenya, there’s one track I found on this blog ‘mwana wa mberi’ not my favorite, I would love to have someone share some of their best songs.

    My itunes library extras and itunes library genius crashed over the weekend, and was swept into the recycle bin. Does anybody know how I can restore these two items? I can locate all my songs in the music lib. but not the playlists. I can recreate my playlists but it’s such an arduous task (over 4500 songs). Itunes trouble shooting tutorials about this particular problem are simply vague.

  209. David Ochan says:

    @ TINA
    I am sure your Dad and older sisters are proud of you for enjoying the REAL music. Very few youngsters know or like these type of music .
    Unfortunately, I left UCC three years before your sister arrived. If she entered the “GOLAN HEIGHTS” (Student Guilds Offices) then she would have seen our photos on the wall (I was Social Affairs Minister 81-83). All the same, send her my greetings as my OG. If she lacks any tunes from her favourite bands, then let her gives a shout.

  210. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    I am a bit undecided about the artist in your Quiz of 10 April.
    At first I thought the artist was Carlyto Lass but the fellow is now a “Father” (Pastor), so I shall settle for Lucian Bokelo (ex LOKETO) who has a similar voice.

    I have a NONO MOKE by Les NOIRS, do not know if it is the one you want. I also beleive KABUGA gave you Longwa part 1 only, so here we go.
    1. LONGWA 1&2 – Super Mazembe (Longwa Mutonkole Didos)
    2. NONO MOKE – Les Noirs (Matheu Nono Kuka)

    @ KABUGA
    Thanks a lot for the MUNSI link.

    @ JARIBU
    Brother, I have Tshibola by Mangelepa somewhere and will surely post it. Meanwhile, can you post the following Mangelepa hits (mine got corrupted):
    Lande Lande, Cherie Makisa, Kimbelebele, Kamwala, Ibebo, Masanga, Manyeto and Mbuya.
    Another request from Les Kinois are the followings:
    East Africa; Les Kinois; Coco; Christmas; Achieng; and Asha.

  211. JARIBU says:

    @ Ochan,
    For starters, here is Achieng which I posted here on April 8th. The rest will be following in due time.


  212. Robert says:


    I stumbled on some Dr. Nico archive thought I should share out.
    The songs zipped up are:
    Yaka Toyambana
    Mwa Kassanda


  213. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    thanks a lot for the LONGWA. you have demonstrated yet again what an invaluable clansmate you are. however am not conversant with the NONO MOKE song but it’s no beig deal. the LONGWA song has made my day jussssst fine. you are on the list of the name of the candidates for knightwood!

  214. saminator says:

    @ fred
    before i leave my desk i have remembered to ask you about two tunes. both had the word SOLA in them. i think the oone i want is SOLA by bella bella that featured kanda bongoman. you think you can post it over. the one had EHE SOLA, SOLA MAMA SOLA MAMA, EH EHE SOLA. SOLA MAMA, SOLA MAMA, EHE EH SOLA….etc, i think by lipua lipua, not sure though.

  215. Fred says:

    @ David:
    That is close but he could have done it before getting converted. Think of the style and which band played that way, then remember that guitarists.

  216. David Ochan says:

    @ FRED
    Now that you have given me a clue, I shall stick with Carlyto Lassa. The Guitarist, I think is NEDULE NONO “Papa Noel”. The band sounds more like OK JAZZ (where the two used to play), but I would not stick my neck that far, because it could easily be ex OK members such as those playing with MAYAULA MAYONI.
    Maybe someone from the Clan can go a step better.

    @ TINA
    Sorry to hear about your ITUNES crash.
    Have you tried to RESTORE your system – to say a week or two before the crash?
    Programmes—Accessories—-System Tools—SYSTEM RESTORE (Choosing a week or two before crash).
    You can then make a back-up or save in an external strorage.
    Is there someone out there with other solutions?

  217. Egoing says:

    Here are some nice hits Mbarak Mwinshehe with Morogoro Jazz .
    Expo 70: http://www.sendspace.com/file/t7mln4
    Tina Turudiane: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2firx6

    Wonder if I am not sending these tracks anew?
    Petite Zizina by Soki Vangu: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7k3ew9
    Sikiya Sauce by Les Noirs: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gsdjwl

    Tell us more about the artists and their bands, please.

    If the songs make someone’s day, I will send more.

  218. Fred says:

    @ David:
    You got it. It is Papa Noel playing Malou. Thanxs for trying.

  219. Fred says:

    @ All:
    Some Tabu Ley:
    Afrisa l’International: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qk88ic
    Tete nakozonga: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tmh7hk

  220. JARIBU says:

    @ David
    Here are the Les Kinois songs you requested.
    Les Kinois – Asha Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/rv9aqw
    Les Kinois – Asha Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/lrweiv
    Les Kinois – Coco Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ra1jst
    Les Kinois – Coco Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/4ee8wb
    Les Kinois – Christmas = http://www.sendspace.com/file/z64xoe
    Les Kinois – East Africa Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/qq9mqf
    Les Kinois – East Africa Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/c24jhj
    Les Kinois – Les Kinois Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/96wuf8
    Les Kinois – Les Kinois Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/73qdmx

  221. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    were the two tabu ley songs separately produced or are they one?
    @fred and all,
    i resume my inquiry about the (early 70s, i think) song SOLA. could any of you be having it. the one by bella bella and the and the other by, (i think) lipua lipua that went something like SOLE MAMA, SOLE MAMA, EHE SOLE,
    any knight-to-be out there who could help?

  222. Robert says:


    Here is Bella Bella’s Sola (unfortunately Pt 1only)


    Then Lipua Lipua’s Temperature(Wunu Mbakidi)


  223. Tina says:

    @David Ochan,
    I seem to have serious registry errors and they’re failing my backups including data restoration points. And windows media centre stops operating at will. I guess I have to purchase error fixing programmes available on-line – there are a lot of them, can anybody recommend the best programme plus the pricing.

    I’m sick of the whole thing, ’cause I haven’t been able to sample and listen to the music you guys just posted. I’m thinking of disappearing into the woods like Esororo and coming back afresh.

  224. Jay says:

    @ ALL. I am looking for Jim Reeves: “My country is Kenya” and “ShimonI”!!. Yes!, I know that I am country but please help!!!!

  225. Robert says:

    @ Jay

    “My Country is Kenya” is it not by Roger Whittaker? I cross check my archives and post it.

  226. saminator says:

    @ robert
    thanks for the effort. how i wish i could have the whole SOLA song. but like they say half a loaf is better than none. thanks also for TEMPERATURE, great stuff. otherwise keeping the fire burning might unearth the full SOLA song plus, of course my eagerly awaited NISAIDIE BABA (les wanyika). shukran, apwoyo, webale, merci, melesi, yalama, dhegiu muno, webare muno, mwebare munonga.

  227. Fred says:

    I have combined these two Tabu Ley tracks into a continuous stream:
    Tete nakozonga & Afrisa l’International here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rsdove

  228. David Ochan says:

    This is the full SOLA
    SOLA – Bella Bella

    @ JARIBU
    Thanks mate for Les Kinois,
    Could you also post these tunes which I believe are on the same Wast Africa LP
    1.Mpenzi Rudi
    2. Mwana Mboka
    3. Toweli Nini
    4. Safari
    Thanks brother in advance.

  229. David Ochan says:

    @ JARIBU
    I meant in the East Africa LP.by Les Kinois

  230. Esororo says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope it is well with everyone at the Ntwiga clan. From the look of things here you guys have done a wonderful job keeping the Ntwiga house a life.
    All in all my time off and vacation was very good. I spent all the three months with my folks and other family members. Now it is back to reality. I have had the much needed rest and nothing like mamas’ cooking.

    For those planning to kidnap me and for those wanting to cry, I am back and Lets get back to sharing.
    And here are a few track to start and enjoy…….


  231. David Ochan says:

    Welcome back professor. I was thinking you had gone to the International Space Centre

  232. Waweru says:

    Attn Esororo: Welcome back chief. You were terribly missed. Now that you’re in the house, could you please re-post the links for the Wanyika songs – Mama Mzazi, Zaina and Zainabu. I just loved those songs and I missed them when you posted in September

  233. Jay says:

    Yeah!! Esororo is baaacckk!!! I am sure you look healthy after feasting on goat, lamb and the good chicken in Mama’s cooking. Not to mention fish, millet/sorghum ugali. Nyama choma, matumbo, mutura, cow feet soup. Welcome back Professor.

    @Robert. You are right. Those songs were from Roger Whittaker.

  234. Tina says:

    I was planning my own sabbatical based on some personal frustrations but will postpone to celebrate your return. Checked my rear view mirror saw something…Good to have you back, were dearly missed, and you’re truly marking your return with a big bang. Mbilia’s my all time favorite African diva second only to Mpongo Love.

    The prodigal son went for the treasure hunt and indeed returned with the goods, and is sharing the loot generously and unselfishly.

  235. Tina says:

    ‘Vicky’s’ is a big hit in our house as I post this, thanks to the chief himself. We’re just laughing out loud and dancing, substituting the name vicky for Esororo. Here we go… “Esororo ye! Mama ah! Waapi yo mwana ngoo! Ngayina koyemba Esoro – ro! Sokiyo koyoka ngai bimela ngaaa!.” listen to the keyboards and sax at the end, pretty good. It’s hard to get the lyrics but hope they translate right to honour our good friend.

    Who’s Moro Beya Maduma, the guy behind the song ‘vicky’? is he one of the roving talents from splinter bands/groups?

  236. Esororo says:

    Thank you guys. I feel the love and I am going to get it back at you to. Thanks again. I feel at home.

    @ David Ochan
    I never left earth the closest I came to the International Space Centre was about 40,000 feet above sea level.

    @ Waweru
    I will post them for you soon.

    @ Jay
    You got it right Bro. there was some serious eating and drinking going on.

    @ Tina
    I am out of the woods. Don’t get frustrated, fix it whatever is frustrating you. If I can help, I have tools and I am not afraid to use them.

    Moro Maurice Beya, a.k.a. Moro Beya Maduma now living in Abidjan. He is one of the best saxophonist coming out of Africa. He joined Negro Succès’ in 1967 after they had signed a record deal with Editions Boboto in Belgium. At that point Negro Succès’ was enjoying its success of three hits i.e. Muana 15 Ans, Lucie and Malou.

    He wrote Operation Africa’s main them, a “we are the world” kind of mass participation recording called “Africa” which included Franco and some of his OK jazz members, Abeti Masikini, & Mounk’a Pamelo all joined Moro Beya Maduma to form the project’s contingent from Africa Central. For raising money for famine relief. By doing this Beya helped put a spotlight on Abidjan a city that was not noted for is variety of popular music. Afterwards African All Stars was formed there in 1978.

    He was in Orchestre Afrizam with Ndome Opetum former TP OK Jazz, Orchestre Ambiance, also Bana Moja or Bana Ngenge in Nairobi in the mid-70s later a solo artist in Abidjan.

  237. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    My first memory of Beya Maduma comes from a song (don’t remember the name but I am still looking for it) by Bana Ngenge in which his name is mentioned. The part in question goes something like this: “Eboboboo…. omoni ndeko nabiso na Beya Maduma.” It then goes to name others in the band, ” Fataki Los Los Lokassa Lisanga Masumbuko ya Dunia.. Ayee!
    Bana Ngenge was formed in Uganda, so Beya Maduma must have once graced your lovely country. For the longest time I though he was a bassist since the section in which his name is mentioned in the song above was during a bass rift. It’s only later that I learned that he was a sexaphonist. Does anyone have the song I have tried to ‘sing’ here? If so, please post. Below is a discography of Bana Ngenge and the since I have not heard the section reprised above in any of the Bana Ngenge songs I have, I suspect that it is likely Mwajuma, but it could be
    Msema Kweli Baba or Bomoto Manitcho. Anyone with these three please post.

    Orch Bana Ngenge Discography

    1. Kombe Kombe
    2. Bana Ya Ngenge
    3. Belinda
    4. Kayumba
    5. Cherie Peter
    6. Koliya Ya Mpesa
    7. Lobe Lobe
    8. Etisomba
    9. Kulokota
    10. Omanga
    11. Msema Kweli Baba
    12. Mwajuma
    13. Cherie Flora
    14. Malanda
    15. Bomoto Manitcho
    14. Selina

  238. JARIBU says:

    @ David Ochan,
    Here are the rest of the Les Kinois you requested.

    Mpenzi Rudi = http://www.sendspace.com/file/vgehzm
    Mwana Mboka = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ly14i1
    Safari = http://www.sendspace.com/file/futib2
    Toweli Nini Part 1 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/kt8kgr
    Toweli Nini Part 2 = http://www.sendspace.com/file/272297

  239. David Ochan says:

    @ ALL
    We all thank ENSORORO coming back with all the history of the musician. I thought Moro Beya Maduma was either still in Kenya or somewhere in Europe, kumbe he is in Abidjan.
    As JARIBU said, Beya Maduma was in Uganda and played with Les Noirs , he was then known as MORO MAURICE.
    If you listen to some of the songs MORENO sings he referred to Beya Maduma as “Moro Maurice – MTOTO YANGU YA KWANZA”
    Moro recorded also with Bholen and Bavon Marie Marie in Kinshasa (Negro Success) and his best composition was then entitled “NELLY NA PLACE NA NGAI”, but in Nairobi the ASL lebel was simply “NELLY YA MORO”.
    JARIBU, the song you are refering to is called “NAIROBI” by Bana Ngenge – where they introduced the band members. I have it somewhere in my cassettes and will avail it in due course.
    Meanwhile, here is Nelly Ya Moro.

    NELLY NA PLACE NA NGAI – (Moro Maurice) – Negro Success


  240. JARIBU says:

    David Ochan,
    I will forever be indebted to you if you can avail Nairobi by Bana Ngenge and Tshibola by Mangelepa.

  241. Esororo says:

    @ David Ochan

    Moro recorded with Bholen and Bavon Marie Marie in Belgium under Editions Boboto after that Bavon Marie Marie headed to Kenya and shortly after he left Kenya for Kinshasa he died in 1971.

  242. Egoing says:

    @Hmmmmmm. The Prodigal Son / the Sabbatical Envoy / Ntwiga Clan Valuable Asset No. 1 / Consultant / Professor / Owner of Oldies Music and their history WELCOME BACK, and in good spirits. Your absence brought in new words: WEEP NOT CHILD, THE PRODIGAL SON; SABBATICAL LEAVE. But I think the last has some significance because your first re-entry response came in on a Friday. Not more surprising. Which other day in the week bears the title GOOD?

    This brings to my mind some song in the 1970s, which went something like this:

    Yamba ngai mwana nazongi, yamba ngai Mama Esther mwana nayo akendeki mobembo, azongi mboka. (What about substituting Mama Esther with NTWIGA CLAN?)

    The song I think appeared on the label STRANGERS OF THE 70s. I wonder whether it has ever been shared?

    What I am worried of is the remaining 9 months of the mentioned Sabbatical. God grant that they will be spent in the clan, or the pressure at the new workplace will not cut you off (against your will).

    Cheers for DAVID OCHAN for providing invaluable cover during ESORORO’s absence. At least we would drool at the direction ESORORO took, and turn round to get solace from David.

    I now am hurrying to the BAR. For a drink? Goodness NO. I am a Born Again Christian who spends his lighter moments in life enjoying the oldies music and their history, which provides enlightenment to my soul. I am going to the learned friends to seek legal counsel on how Court should put a stay on the KNIGHTING program until the whole clan celebrates the feast of the Prodigal Son / Easter Monday etc. Whoever gets the Professor, should hug him for each of the members of this clan.

    When I come back from the BAR, I will head to the VATICAN. To confer with Pope? Goodness No. JAY, your presence gives the clan some gender (albeit not even adequate) equity, why should you also take a SABBATICAL, and even so, so soon?!! Please rebuke those thoughts. Save me the journey to the Holy See.

    Next Gospel coming out soon.

    May the Almighty Creator continue abiding in these clan members so that their spirits are lighter…… and everybody saya …. AAAAMMMEEENNN.

  243. Jay says:

    @Egoing. That’s it, I am going to have a sex change. You keep on wanting to say Tina but somehow my name comes up. That is hilarious. Are you sure you did not taste the holy water? Just teasing you!!

  244. Tina says:

    @Esororo and Ja
    Brilliantly done! this kind of knowledge about artists is what separates the contenders from the pretenders. Believe it or not, I tag all my favorite songs with the historical notes you provide, reminds me of the development of lesser known individual artists and origin/genre of their music. Thanks for being such a great resource to this forum. Esororo, if you have Chicco, you must have Pat Shange, do you? hope so. and if you have more songs from the ‘line rose’ soukous collection please post, that would be Loketo Bokilo or who?

    Could I kindly get some of these from you guys!
    1) Cooperation and Ngugi by Franco Luambo/Franco & T.Ley.
    2) Esclave and Mukaji wanyi by P. Wemba

  245. Tina says:

    Also still looking for Franco & TP OK Jazz’s,
    -Tokoma Ba Camarade
    Anyone please, thanks as always.

  246. Kingsam says:

    I have Pat shange, which song(s) are you looking for? i might as well have them in my collection

  247. Tina says:

    NetTime wise, this weekend has been kind to me; was able to fix my music library, organize it, and put in more of my favorites. Pat Shange’s music is no doubt stuff of the clubs, my sister can attest to that;
    1) Think again
    2) Sweet mama
    3) Shayile time
    4) Xibelani
    5) I surrender (anytime baby)

    Love all of them. thanks Kingsam.

  248. Egoing says:

    @ JAY
    Goodness NOOOO for sex change. A thousand (1,000) apologies Jay, please. Forthwith I rebuke that devil that keeps confusing me. The jumpy modem is also one reason because it at most makes me fumble frantically. Please, for the last time, forgive.

    Please help add your voice to Jay to forgive. I have tried in vain to post for you NGUNGI not as an inducement/bribe/Kitu Kidogo but as the usual sharing. Will try again tomorrow.

    It is just the re-entry of ESORORO that has given me pleasure. I went home over the Easter and downloaded over 500 songs onto a new TRANSCEND External Hard Drive, with which I carried my treasure back to my place of work (Moroto in Uganda). When I opened it with the office computer which had Escan anti virus, a pop up kept coming up blocking its use. In the pop up box was a request to permanently whitelist the device. I jumped onto the bandwagon hoping whitelist, which is to me is the opposite of blacklist, would rescue me from the inconvenience. No way. The EHD has since refused to open in all Computers, and yet I deleted the music from my computer at home to save more space. I am real mad about this other side of these technology advances. Losing in a second what took days for someone to transfer my music from tapes to MP3s!
    Someone out there please help. There is quite a lot of new songs for us all to share.

  249. Tina says:

    @Jay and Egoing,
    You 2 are having too much fun (lol). Here’s a tip; It’s easier to remember names if you think of them in terms of the personalities behind them, not the sounds or the letters. Can’t blame Egoing.

    I was on my computer most of today with my brother who happened to be visiting, fixing my computer probs, it was a total mess, there were over 16,000 regisrty errors, is affecting my computer speed, speaker sound etc. we’ve fixed the big ones. But tell you! you need patience, lots of it, espec, when working with large data files.

    Just forget the EHD for a while, play your favorite music, and have a good glass of beer, don’t try Uganda waragi – you might return to trash this EHD – they’re so annoying, aren’t they? I hope you get help soon.

  250. JARIBU says:

    @ Tina,
    Here are some of the songs you requested. I thought I had Ngungi but the only one I have is by Empire Bakuba. Sorry I don’t have Esclave.
    Franco and Sam Mangwana – Cooperation = http://www.sendspace.com/file/ykuk8u
    Papa Wemba = http://www.sendspace.com/file/a3f22g

  251. Esororo says:

    @ Jaribu

    Can you please check and if have Risper by Orch. Les Mangelepa?

  252. JARIBU says:

    No, I do not have Risper nor did I even know that such a song existed. Thanks for Ngungi and Esclave.

  253. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    thanx a lot for the full SOLA. now do you have in your stock of oldies the song that went with teh chant, GOLO PIPA EH MAMA YEHEYE; not sure that’s exactly what was said in the chant, but as kids we turned it into our play song. i do not know the title as well and the artist(s).

  254. Robert says:


    Good to have you back and many thanks for the cocktail your postings of 16th April.
    You had a great song by Jonathan Butler “I Miss Your Love Tonight ” great hit indeed.
    Is it possible to avail that entire album? Titled ” Jonathan Butler” 1990 release.

    Is it possible to have our post numbers back? Makes it easy to reference and track.

  255. Fred says:

    @ Egoing:
    One question for you. Do other computers recognise the External Hard Drive? If the answer is yes, then there is a possibility that all data can be recovered.

  256. David Ochan says:

    I posted that song just two weeks ago. It is called NYIMBO YA DAWA by Les Noirs. I posted both version 1 and 2 together with TOGENDE MENGO also by Les Noirs. Check my posting to “Mwana Magembe Samwiri” and you will find it there.

    @ JARIBU
    Thanks a lot for the Les Kinois and Mangelepa. I am still scanning my tapes for your request

  257. Tina says:

    @Jaribu, Esororo, and Kingsam,

    Guys! thank u, thank u, thank u, guess can’t thank you enough for posting my requests. I’ve never had a bad day after visiting this blog, this is what makes my day/our day in our family, and I suppose many others who log onto this page. Really appreciate it, you’re blessed.

  258. Egoing says:

    @ Fred and ALL
    I am out on field work and don’t have easy access to power.
    Regarding my EHD, even other computers do not read it.

  259. Robert says:


    Thanks mate – the more reason you never go AOL!

  260. Robert says:


    Thanks mate – the more reason you never go AWOL!

  261. saminator says:

    @ fred,

    i have now declared you master of part 1s and part 2s. and that’s the precise reason i wish to find out from you if you can send NKOTELA PART 1& 2. perhaps it may be a challenge. i would appreciate your effort though.

  262. saminator says:

    @ ochan,
    thanks for the driection. will definitely check it out. may the good lord keep the ntwiga clan candle burning….

    @ all,
    just out of curiosity and for the love of his music, when and how did the great moreno batamba die? at least it was told that he was buried in kenya, which was good because of the great contribution he made to the music industry in east africa.

  263. Tina says:

    We really sympathize with EHD problems; however, my brother advises that try to hook the EHD up to a Mac, and see if it works…saying Windows couldn’t access it most likely because it could cause permanent damage, but the Mac will let you get to everything so that you can burn it to disks. Give it a short! a win/win scenario.

  264. JARIBU says:

    @ Saminator,
    Here is some information on Moreno.

    Moreno: The legend lives on

    For more than a decade, his characteristic deep quivering voice and animation-chants of
    “Moreno aye mabe – Moreno amekasilika!” ruled the air-waves. Many radio listeners
    and DJs found his songs irresistible. He had the same cutting edge on the local charts in
    which – from his 1981 hit-songs Dunia ni Duara and Pili Mswahili, to his 1993 blockbuster
    Vidonge Sitaki – he appeared on the hit parade with a frequency that had many musicians
    turning green with envy.

    The death 10 days ago of the Kenya-based Zairean musician, Batamba Wenda Morris, a man many
    knew simply as Moreno, brings to a sudden halt one of the most illustrious recording career
    in recent times.

    Moreno, who arrived in Kenya two decades ago, married a Kenyan, Anna Wangui, and had two
    children, died at his home in Dandora Estate, Nairobi. Early last month, he cut short a
    three-month tour in Dubai because of ill-health and returned to Kenya leaving behind his
    long-time colleague, Koko Zigo Mike, and other musicians who are still performing there.
    Moreno mainly sang in Kiswahili and the themes of his songs varied from social
    commentaries like Dunia ni Duara, Mapenzi ya Shinda and Mwanamke Hatosheki, to love songs
    like Angela and Pili Mswahili.

    This last was a song about his girlfriend, Pili Mikendo Kassim, a Tanzanian model he met in
    1976 while with Orchestra Les Noirs in Mombasa.
    Born in Kisangani, Haut.Zaire Province of Zaire in 1955, Moreno quit school in 1971 to join
    Orchestra Marquis Sasa Bata. He later entered Uganda and in 1974 joined Orchestra Bana
    Ngenge of Jojo Ikomo, with which he travelled to Nairobi.
    When the group broke up in 1976, Moreno and Ikomo were among the musicians who joined
    Orchestra Les Noirs, an outfit led by Kalembi Mukaputu “Kajos.”
    Ikomo and Kajos were to join TP OK Jazz later. Today, they play with Pepe Kale and Madilu
    System Bialu respectively. In the early and mid-Seventies, many Zairean groups and musicians
    left their motherland for West and East Africa. Some headed for Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire,
    which they used as a spring board to France and Belgium. In this group were Sam Mangwana
    and Lokassa ya Mbongo, and their African All Stars outfit.

    Another group crossed into Kenya through Uganda. It was the era when groups like Boma
    Liwanza of Shango Lola, Les Kinois of Samba Mapangala, Les Mangelepa of the now born-again
    Bwammy wa Lumwona, and Super Mazembe of Longwa Didos had the “City in the Sun” reverberating
    with sounds and dance styles hitherto unknown in Kenya.
    In 1978, Moreno left Les Noirs and headed for Dar-es-Salaam where he played with Orchestra
    Safari Sound and later, Kiauri Voice, before returning to Nairobi in 1980.
    On arrival, Babu Shah Megs and Nderitu Munene discovered Moreno as “an untapped talent with
    a lot of potential. I was particularly impressed with his command of Kiswahili at a time
    when “local” Zaireans spoke broken Kiswahili and most seemed to think it beneath them to
    speak it, let alone sing in it.” says Megs.
    Moreno’s recording career began in earnest at the Megs stable where, using the Orchestra
    Moja One band, he did Dunia ni Duara, Manimba, and three other titles before going
    Among his other hits then were Pili Mswahili, Vituko Majengo, Mapenzi ya Kisasa and Wakati
    These recordings of the early Eighties were an instant hit and won Moreno a big local
    following. They were action-packed and danceable, and were delivered with Moreno’s
    characteristic deep quivering voice.
    Like fellow Zairean musician Jimmy Moni Mambo of Orchestra Shika Shika (now living in
    Tanzania) and his long-time colleague, Koko Zigo Mike, Moreno was then a much sought-after
    recording artiste. With Moreno’s voice and Koko Zigo’s tenor, the two constituted a
    formidable duo when they occasionally paired on a recording.
    “Moreno’s biggest selling point was his voice. There was something unique about it,”
    recalls Margaret Safari of the Kenya Blue Stars fame, who did three recordings with the
    late musician.
    While his vocal range was vast, Moreno was best at bass and had a remarkable ability to
    restrain and quiver his voice-box. When idling in low gear, he could still comfortably
    outstrip manyof his nearest rivals when they were at full throttle.
    The recordings – Sikutaki Tena, Shufaa and Aminata were produced by Betty Tett of Andrew
    Crawford Productions who says Moreno was “a very talented singer, music writer, composer
    and arranger. Once he set his mind on something, he was very hard-working, flexible and
    easy to work with.”
    Moreno and Safari occasionally shared the stage. An example is during their curtain-raising
    appearance during a Franco and TP OK Jazz concert at the Nyayo Stadium in 1986.
    For some time in 1983, Moreno briefly played with Samba Mapangala’s Orchestra Virunga in
    what was perhaps the group’s most star-studded line-up ever.
    The group which turned the now defunct Starlight Club into the hottest live-music nightspot
    in town, featured Koko, Fataki Lokassa, Manitcho Nsilu, Sammy Mansita, Django Mayombe and
    Bedjos Mikobi, among others.
    The outfit later split three ways to create Vundumuna, Ibeba System and Virunga. But Moreno
    went solo.
    In September 1984, Moreno with Madjo Maduley and a makeshift Orchestra Moja One literally
    stole the show at a major concert dubbed Music Marathon.
    Soon afterwards, Moreno headed for Zaire – his first visit since he left his native land.
    He returned to Kenya in 1986 and clinched a recording deal with Andrew Crawford Productions.
    He was to return to Zaire in 1989 after his younger brother, Josselyn Batamba, also a
    musician died in Kenya. On his return to Nairobi, Moreno brought along another brother,
    Ajigo Toxambi, who now plays with Angusha Band.
    Josselyn’s death was a traumatic experience for Moreno who momentarily sought solace in
    the bottle, almost drinking himself to oblivion.
    Moreno had other frustrations then. Although he earned nearly Sh100,000 from the recording
    of an album like Aminata, he was angry that the cream of his artistic work was going to
    the producers. At one time, he even swore never to record again unless he produced himself.
    To keep afloat during that absence from the recording studios, he operated a butchery in
    Dandora and, after finding it impossible to viably manage a “live” Orchestra Moja One band,
    decided to be hiring out his Sh380,000 music equipment to churches.
    “Maybe I will get God’s blessings for that,” he said last year.
    Moreno said most local musicians remained poor because “producers always riped-off the
    artistes. They never gave accurate figures of accounts. After the producer came the
    pirate, making the artiste come a distant third.”
    But Moreno was to discover that self-production and distribution was easier said than done.

  265. Waweru says:


    Thank you very much for the wonderful numbers – Mama Mzazi and Zainabu. They’re such rare gems.

  266. Steve says:

    Hi all, still working on restroring a blog update that did not work planned, please let me know if you can leave comments now.


  267. Fred says:

    @ Steve:
    I tried this morning and bounced twice. this is another trial; possibly it will get through.

  268. Egoing says:

    @ Steve
    The spirit of the blog is “NEVER GIVE UP”; “NEVER SAY DIE”. Please keep on trying. Can’t afford to any more suspense. I already see relief at the end of the tunnel. Soon I will be grinning again from ear to ear, and becoming younger. The suspense has been painful. Really miss everyone out there. Especially our darling TINA whose advise to me incidentally went AWOL.
    Cheer up!!!!

  269. Tsango says:

    Shukran!! Glad things are back to normal.

  270. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    Does Nkotela have two parts? Send them or send part 2.

  271. JARIBU says:

    @ Steve.
    Thank you for bringing the blog back up. Hope the rest will find it in time.

  272. saminator says:

    @ fred,
    i believe NKOTELA’s got 2 parts. lemme see how i can send part 1. how about MASSELE by nyboma and lipua lipua. you think you could lay your hands on it?

  273. Fred says:

    @ saminator:
    I am not interested in part 1 alone; what I want is both part 1 and 2 if you have them otherwise it is the part 2 I want you to avail. Reason is that I donot recall that part 2 is there. If it is there then some body should avail it.

    @ Steve:
    Probably you should esnd an email to all to let them know that Ntwiga is up and running. Many might have given up after seeing that notice that the site was no longer available.

  274. emma says:


    Anyone have Mbale by Orch. Kiam.

  275. saminator says:

    @ fred, thank you, i also have only part 1 but i was only trying to find out whether part 2 exixts because the one i have appears to be shorter than most of the songs then. i think let’s just content ourselves that that’s the one and only part.

    @ fred, bwana ochan et al, is any body out there familiar with a song by the title HABARI YAKO? it emerged from, of course kenya but am not sure which group was behind it. the song was about a lonely married woman who complained of remaining home bored all day….but in her boredom whenever she tried stepping out guys out there would start asking her out,..habari yako,,,, whenever she would open her window…the men would come pouncing,…habari yako..sisi wengine tume olewaaaaaaaeeeee….that’s the gist of the song, can anybody identify it?

  276. Robert says:


    Here you are:
    Orch Kiam – Mbale

  277. John Oloo says:

    @ Emma
    Here is a cleaner copy or Mbale by Orchestre Kiam

  278. Arnol_79 says:

    @ All

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ylcwd Could help me with this track.


  279. JARIBU says:

    @ Fred,
    Here is a copy of Nkotela ripped from a cassette that I purchased several years ago from Melodica in Nairobi. According to the jacket, Nkotela has parts 1 and 2. However, when I listen to it it seems like all the person (the compiler) did was to re-play part 1 and pass it off as part 2.

    Orch. Lipua Lipua – Nkotela = http://www.sendspace.com/file/1hu74g

  280. Fred says:

    @ Arnol_79 :
    If you want anyone to identify the song or its artists, that small part you provided is not enough. Just post the whole track.

  281. Edu Owino says:


    Just wanted to know whether Nyboma was ever a part of Bella Bella. I know that he was a member of Lipua Lipua, but I was listening to some Bella Bella songs over the weekend and there was a vocalist whose voice has the timbre of Nyboma…..

  282. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Fred
    is all I have track, so I got to got.
    where I live, just music collectors have the original disks, is very difficult to get a full track.

  283. JARIBU says:

    @ Edu Owino,
    Yes, Nyboma played with Bella Bella. He had his start with Baby National then moved to Negro Sucess before joining Bella Bella. He left Bella Bella to form, along with Pepe Kalle, Lipua Lipua. His next stop was with Les Kamale then on to African Stars after which I think he went solo. You can hear his voice in such Bella tunes as Mbuta and Lipua Lipua, both of which (I think) were his compositions.

  284. Robert says:

    Wanted Bella Bella -Mea Culpa and Les Kamale- Masua(or Maswa)

  285. Arnol_79 says:

    @ Robert

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/tmmm9r Mea Culpa – Orchestre Bella-Bella

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/77o0fr Maswa – Nyboma & Les Kamale

  286. Robert says:

    @ Arnol_79
    Thanks mate

  287. edherfo says:


    help me with this track ?

  288. emma says:

    @John Oloo

    Thanks for Mbale!

  289. DOKOTOLOLAWI says:

    Am looking for MASASU by SHIKASHIKA…Anyone pls ad appreciate so much

  290. kimi says:

    “walter” is the SONG!! love these guys

  291. gilly says:


    MASASU by Jimmy Monimambo avec Lovy Longoma, Orchestre ShikaShika


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