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A bounty awaits anyone who can do all of the following
– let me know the name of this track
– link me to anywhere on these inter-tubes where I can buy it

TKZee - Sdudla

I know that the track is by TKZee and I know that it is in the both the intro and outro (that’s how good it is!) to the video of their new single Sdudla that you can find here but aside from that I know nothing.

TKZee – Like a pantsula??

Here is the track that the snippet comes from – TKZee’s newest single Sdudla.

An update

The track is named “Viva la pantsula” and it is from their new CD. The single is featured in a ad campaign for MTV centered around the ‘Ayoba’ theme that you can find here, here and here.

I have to say though that this is not the TKZee we knew before. If you listen to the two tracks that I have mentioned in this post, lyrics aside, the music is rock-solid. Great production and orchestration with fantastic instrumentation. Really solid music. And the Sdudla video is a very professional concept executed in near perfection.

I have been saying and writing good things about TKZee for almost ten years now, both here on this blog and other places and I think that this new release just goes to proving my point.

Another update: just found another track off their new album – Dikakapa.

I do not want to sound like a fanboy but seriously, is anyone listening to this stuff when I post it?. It is so seriously polished – the production work on this music is amazing. I still cannot find anywhere to buy this album though. It does not seem to be on sale online. Can anyone help? If you are in SA, let me know and I will drop you some cash to buy / rip / send.

Big up!



Does anyone remember Smörgåsbord IV and the intense conversation that came out of that about the radio show Klankenstapper / Concertzender. Well, I only just saw an email from Robert Kroos that dropped into my mailbox about a week ago who was responsible for that show on Radio Netherlands on Kanindo Singles.

Here is the comment that you can find at this link

Hello.. I am the one who did the show of Kanindo Singles on the Concertzender. By typing the word Kanindo I got on your blog.
The music broadcasted on that particular show is from cassettes I bought in Zimbabwe. In the middle of the night on a parking place I begged a truck driver to tell me what he was playing on his soundsystem finding out it was Kanindo.
I have not read the whole thread here but if there are any specific questions I am glad to answer them.
All music on this show is taken from 3 cassettes and 1 (promo?) cd(with tape cover) from the Kanindo series.

All the best: Robert Kroos

– Steve

Well, I for one have a ton of questions including how come they talk about Doug Paterson about 20 mins in and even more important than that, how did a truck driver in Zimbabwe just happen to be listening to Kisii Kanindo singles?

Any takers for Robert’s kind offer?

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  1. Robert Kroos says:

    Hi Steve, the answer to your question about how how Doug Patterson is mention on the show is as follows..

    When I got back home with my Kanindo tapes I found out there was no information to be found whatsoever and if I wanted to do a radio-show I needed to be able to tell something about the music.
    I have a album on vinyl called The Nairobi Beat compiled by Patterson. I heard clear similarities between the sound of that album and the Kanindo singles and I searched for his email address to ask him some questions. He was so kind to answer and explain me some and that information I used in the actual radio-show. Off course with mentioning his name.

    And as far as the truckdriver goes.. I dont know but I am glad he did.. That sound coming from his cassette player was like a dream come true for me. I just love that sound.. too bad the drumcomputer has taken over the Africa in Africa..


  2. Tina says:

    I wanna salute everyone and signal my return to what astute businessmen (women) would refer to as the market place, but I would prefer to call it the virtual social network. I’ve been busy on assignment but never missed a bit on this blog. However ’cause of extremely slow downloading speeds, I did miss scooping the wonderful posts during the holiday season. My trip to motherland was great as always, the best part was listening and dancing to the music of Tshala Muana and remnants of Ochestre Veve at Kampala’s Sheraton during the New Year.

    Folks, old music dies hard; there are so many avid collectors out there who would even refuse to part with scratched vinyl unless in exchange for an attractive finders fee. So hang tight to your collections. Let’s all have faith in our blog and do the dues. Occasionally drop a line or two in honour & appreciation of site management, artists, posters, bloggers, fans, etc.

    @Steve, keep the ideas coming so folks can get involved and stay active, great job!

  3. Gitts says:

    hey I’m in SA… can look it up for you

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