I have been sitting on this particular post for almost 3 years now but it is time to let it have its moment in the sun. Here is a sound check by Malage, Shiko and Soukous Stars before a performance that they gave in New Jersey almost 4 years ago now. The recording was done by Scott Shuster who has a YouTube channel filled with gems like this. You can tell a man is prepared when he has an audio line running to his recording, the audio is 100% completely clean, no way he could have picked it up with his camera, he had to have a line to the board …

Is is only me who would actually pay money to listen to sound checks like this?

That video has about 4700 views right now and I am sure 1000 of those views are me, lets see how many it climbs to over the next few days.

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  1. achali says:

    just a soundcheck? VERY nice


  2. Samuel (samwiri) says:


    I was one fo those 4000 as i like these guys as well.

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