It has been another long week. Thank you all for your comments especially John B and the link to your awesome blog at I apologize for not responding to them all, life has been hectic and I hope that I can get to them some time this weekend.

On to business.

Hanno asked if I could find a specific track and I think that I did.

Les Wanyika   Les Wanyika

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980 Les Wanyika – Sina makosa

A group new to the site today, Orchestra Kiam

Orchestra Kiam

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Orchestra Kiam – Bomoto

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Orchestra Kiam – Mbona pt. 1

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Orchestra Kiam – Mbona pt. 2

and then, another group that I have had requests for in the past: Orchestra Lipua Lipua.

Unfortunately, album art for Orchestra Lipua Lipua has proved as difficult to find as hen’s teeth. Can anyone help?

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Orchestra Lipua Lipua – Nouvelle Generation pt. 1

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Orchestra Lipua Lipua – Nouvelle Generation pt. 2

Super Mazembe goes up again in one of my favorite tracks, Shauri Yako.

Orchestra Super Mazembe

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Orchestra Super Mazembe –Shauri Yako

Two tracks made it to track of the week for this week

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Afri-Jazz – Affaires Intervieueres

Youlou Mabiala

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Youlou Mabiala –Double Jeu

Finally, if you are new to the site or trying to figure out how to do something, please read this post.

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  1. musa okoth says:

    Hi Steve – thanks for Orchestre Kiam. The songs you have posted as Mbona part 1 and 2 are actually 2 completely separate songs. The 2nd one if I remember correctly is called “Iveco”. Can someone else please confirm this!!! In any case this is an incredible blast from the past!!!! Keep digging them up please!!!

  2. John B. says:

    Thanks for the plug, Steve. I see from the latest Google Analytics report that I’ve gotten quite a few referrals from your site already. A lot of people must read you every day!

  3. Nobrun says:

    Wow Steve! You did it again as always. Thanks for Kiam. I believe the song listed as Mbona pt 2 is Mbale.

  4. John B. says:

    Just wanted to let everybody know that Toshiya Endo’s discography site is back online. Actually, I don’t think it was offline for long. What happened, I think, is that when Toshi was reconfiguring his server or whatever a tilde (“~”) was added to all of his URLS, thus rendering whatever links you had in your bookmarks obsolete. Here is the new URL:

  5. Alec Ncube says:

    My Brother, i would like to lay my hands on the Les Wanyika Greatest Hits and Super Mazembe albums. Do you have access to them. I have been hunting all over for these.

  6. T. Oloo says:

    The second Orchestre Kiam song is MAKONDA. The third one is MBALE. Cheers. Oloo

  7. Edai says:

    Mazembe is available easily at for downloads of 99c per track. I could find lovy though

  8. sekou kanneh says:

    You just dropped me in some 30 to 35 years back. Orchest Kiam and the great Lipua-Lipua were idols of the 70s. I happened to met Lipua-Lipua and travel with them to Freetown Sierra Leon from Liberia at my very young age. Indeed, I can never forget those years. However, I also have a couple of their songs, Kamale, zanga zeda, and many more, but still not satisfied with the collection. please let me know how I can purchase and download what you have so as to add to my collection.
    Thanks again.

  9. Thomas Mathonsi says:

    I have been looking for Orchestra Super Mazembe’s”Shauri yako” after hearing the song over the radio.Just happy i will get more…Thanx for the info.Please assist me brothers to,start my own collection.I LOVE this music…

    Thomas (Pretoria SA)

  10. Joe says:

    Thanks for making me listen to Lipua Lipua after many years. Please help me with where I can get these Congolese music in the 70s especially Lipua Lipua, veve and the Sakumuna series. Will appreciate it.

  11. John Mwanje K says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your continued dedication availing to us music we thought we’d never get to hear again. I really appreciate your efforts. Keep it up.

    Once I asked you if you had a track called ” wivu hasara” which I remember now was performed by orch. lombe-lombe. It’ll be of great joy if you could possibly make this track available.

    Long live Steve!


    John M.K.

    Pole baba. I am sorry. I have never even heard of these guys let alone heard the track.

    Can anyone help?

    – Steve

  12. miguel suleiman says:

    Thanx Steve for your efforts



    Thank Miguel. I hope to get a chance to fix naming on all the songs with issues soon – I will take care of this at the same time.

    – Steve

  13. Dennis says:

    Anyone with the lyrics for Les Sina Makhosa. I only understand english – understanding the meaning of the words in some of these songs sounds great.

    I just came across the lyrics for Orchestra Super Mazembe – Shauri Yako on Thomas Mathonsi will like it.

    “This music is poetry so a lot is lost in translation. If I were a poet, I might be able to do something that begins to do justice to the lyrics in this but sadly, all I can do is do a literal translation. “Shauri yako” here translates to a combination of “its your problem/issue, deal with it” and “good riddance”, in the translation, I will just put “its your problem”. As with all good rumba, the song has a great story which boils down to a man who is telling his lady/(wife? named Zena Fatou) that if she cannot accept him as he is then, poor and unable to keep her in the sytle that she expects then its time to head for the hills and be gone. I need to point out that the pronunciation is a little different from the Swahili pronunciation that I am used to, this is usually an issue with Kenyan vs. Tanzanian usage: the words are the same but the pronunciation (and in some minor cases, word usage) is different. An analogy is British vs. American English. Thanks to this, I might have gotten some (minor) details wrong.

    Nilikueleza hata mama, (How do I explain this to you my lady)
    Fatou, wangu mama (*2 Fatou, my lady)
    Mapenzie ya kwetu (This love of ours)
    haita tawi hata mama (*2 will not survive much longer my lady)
    Tabia yako na yangu (Your character and mine)
    haisikilizani (*2 do not ‘listen’ to each other (or, alternatively, “are incompatible”))
    Unaona (You need to understand)
    unaona sasa we mama (you need to understand My lady)
    Unapenda kuvaa (You like to dress well)
    Mimi sina namna Fatou we (I have no way to support that)
    Unapenda kula vizuri (You like to dine well)
    Mimi sina pesa oh Fatou we (I have no money oh Fatou)
    Nipe mali (Borrowing money)
    Sizoe (I do not want to become a regular at this)
    Niuwe mutu (Kill someone)
    Nipate dawa ya feza (So that I can find a way to wealth)
    Niuwe mutu (Kill someone)
    Watanifunga (the man will surely lock me up)
    Niuwe mutu (Kill someone)
    Thambi kwa Mungu Baba (That is a sin aganist the Lord God)

    Kama hunipendi we (If you do not love me as I am then)
    Uende lote mama (Be completely gone my lady)
    — *2
    Shauri yako *4 (Its your problem *4)
    Shauri yako (Its your problem)
    Wende lote Zena wangu (Be completely gone my Zena)
    Siwezi kuua mutu mama (I cannot kill a soul my lady)
    Thambi kwa Mungu Baba (Thats a sin aganist the Lord God)
    Wende zote Zena wangu (Be completely gone my Zena)
    Niibe mali (If I steal)
    Watanifunga (the man will surely lock me up)
    Niuwe mutu (Kill someone)
    Thambi kwa Mungu Baba (Thats a sin aganist the Lord God)

    Kama hunipendi we (If you do not love me as I am then)
    Uende lote mama (Be completely gone my lady)
    — *2
    Kama hunipendi bibi yangu (If you do not love me my wife)
    urudi kwenu mama (Go back to your family my lady)
    Kama hunipendi (If you do not love me)
    uniwache yangu (Leave me and mine)
    Kama hunipendi (If you do not love me)
    Sheri Mama wende lote (Sheri my lady be gone)
    Ohhh wende lote mama *4 (Ohhh,my lady be gone)
    Ohhh Zena wangu (Ohhh my Zena)
    Uende lote mama *8 (Be completely gone my lady *8)
    Zena wangu (My Zena)”
    Mtoto wa kwetu (Child of ours)

    I am not sure you noticed this but Matsuli does mention that I am the one who did the translation.

    – Steve

  14. samuel says:

    You just took me back 30 years with Lipua lipua. I remeber dancing away to this bare feet, on dusty dance floor. I love it love love it. keep the good work up.

  15. samuel says:

    The original Sina Makosa and Shauri yako are great. I am dancing my socks off right now and my wife is just amazed at this tunes!!!

  16. juan carlos says:

    please stive i wont to listen oliver de coque’s music,specially.Mbuluba Uwa (Destiny) you can find this song in,vintage hits vol 2.please help me.i am from colombia and i love your page

  17. juan carlos says:

    Stive hello, everyone loves your page in colombia we hope you placed songs of oliver de coqueand the orchestra shika shika, Eastern brother, ikenga super stars, and David lubadika.My frend, please help us.We are learning write in English to communicate with you our email is PAPUCHYS3@HOTMAIL.COM please tell us something.

    Pardona me Juan, no tengo canciones de Oliver de Coque.

    Can anyone help with a track or two?

    – Steve

  18. M. Mulomede says:

    Instead of the the Song “Bomoto”, it is a song entitled “Okomi Kolangwa” of Mopero wa Maloba and Ochestre Shama-Shama.

  19. Mgosi says:

    Asante sana teve for your good work. These tunes are evergreen and they take me back to my hey days!!!

  20. Kongani Wometty says:

    I am desparately looking for one music by Super Mazembe – YOMABE. I have other mazembe songs. Anyone interested to get intouch with me. mention any super mazembe song gina, jiji, mukalamusi, rozy, prekete etc

  21. Salu says:

    Thank you so much for brinking us to the good old days of the 70s. I was able to collect enough of Lipua Lipua, Bella Bella,Dr.Nico to name a few of my collection. I am now eager to get one record. I don’t know the of the arties or group or the correct title but all I know is that It start with the words “Shofie, Shofie mama” Please advise.

  22. Gerald Samah says:

    Iam looking for some oldies from the 60’s to early 80’s

    The very few that I must get if possible are:

    Sakumuna 13 ( Masumu by Orch. Kiam
    Sukisa Series; 500 and 501 ( Yokolo ) Dr. Nico
    Sukisa 99 Baole Baole – Dr. Nico

    CD, tape or Record – any if available will be okay



  23. Hello there;

    kongani wometty

    Greetings from New York!

    I see you are saying you have many ochestra super mazembe songs;I am looking for the song called amina by ochestra super mazembe, especially a recond: it was a single. If you have it, I am willing even to buy it from you > get in touch with me here

    Best regards

    stephen szeles

  24. shemvuni abedi says:

    Irequested to listen to tunes of those old golden days (1974 – 1978) Moshi sec – the music by ochestra kiam called Exode.

  25. Hello there;

    Greetings from New York!

    Shemvuni Abedi,

    I see from your message you’re looking for exode from orchestra kiam, while I can not help you with exode. I think you might like this one > click on this link and at the bottom of my last message click on the link Meketa by orchestre kiam; I think you’re going to like it! (this is the link

    Stephen szeles

  26. bokello says:

    the earlier bomoto was actually a cavacha beat by shama shama .
    The later bomoto which was more of a upbeat fast rumba was by Orch Kiam

  27. bokello says:

    i d like to correct it that bomoto was actually okomi kolangwa by shama shama .
    The later bomoto which was more of a upbeat fast rumba was by Orch Kiam

  28. bokello says:

    does anybody have”mokili”by shama shama. it goes something like this-
    mokili e yeye mokili e- mokili e ye ye sango mawa. bwale ya mokili, ngana lela ba wela solo na mokili, ba bina zebola-sala keba na mokili bapangi o.

    solo by mopero) nabebi motema,nganabebi bandeko.
    nabebi naswi motema, nga nabebi bandeko.
    nalembi nzoto nga nakamwe mama etc.

  29. Hello there;

    Greetings from New York!

    Yes I have it but on a tape > mokili< somewhere; I think I can find it because I listened to it earlier this year! The first time I listened to it was 1976:mokili means would in lingala language, it is the best single record orchestre shama shama ever made!
    I am going to try and find it because you mentioned it. I am also looking for amina by orchestra super mezembe, if you know where it is let me know I will buy it from you!

    Best regards

    stephen szeles

  30. mokili means world > I made a mistake and put would up there! But it is world or globe! You can call it universy.

  31. mokili means world > I made a mistake and put would up there! But it is world or globe! You can call it universe.

  32. shower trays says:

    I searched Google and come across this post. I will continue to look out for your articles in the future

  33. I have just discovered your blog!
    Its fantastic!!!

    How can I get my hands on the following songs lyrics?

    1. Pamela by Les Wanyika
    2. Paulina by Les Wanyika
    3. Embakasi by Orchestra Les Mangelepa



  34. I have two cd’s both with Embakasi by orchestra les Mangelpa; one I bought it on the internet from Kenya, another was bought for me in Tanzania by a friend of mine who leave near me:but where do you leave may be I can mail one of them because I have soo many song on the tape by this group!

    stephen szeles

  35. At the moment you can listen to embakasi by orchestra les mangelepa if you click on this link right now:
    or highlight this link and paste it in your internet brouser and enter to get to this song!

    stephen szeles

  36. Humphry says:

    Thanks Stephen Szeles for the response. My ineptitude at getting round to downloading the basic way has got me trapped! I am unable to both listen to you directed site for Embakasi nor download the song. I do have mangled versions of the tune but I want the ORIGINAL vocal and instrumental versions separately. One of the saxophone players of this great band is here in Livingstone Zambia and I am trying to get us to get together a band to play pure beautiful African tunes! I am a resident of Livingstone, Zambia. I am a purist by nature and currently I am going back to my beautiful roots! I love live music.

    I am trying to get hold of the lyrics of songs like:-

    Pamela by Les Wanyika
    Embakasi by Les Magalepa
    Paulina by Les Wanyika
    Malaika by Fadhili Williams



  37. Let see what is your problem first, then we can figure out how we can help in this situation; first what music equipment do you have to play music with, because what I have is two cd with this song!
    By the way the first record I bought from orchestra les mangelepa was ole ole or something and it was single that was 1980! I have that song but on a tape now!
    This is my story with Embakasi when I just came to Nairobi in 1979, I used to leave next to Embakasi and that Embakasi had an airport; I used to leave at the hill and that Embakasi was down: you could see the airplanes there but it was small plane for flying in the country!
    Bye for now I will talk to you later, but can you hear this >
    Click on this link to hear it!

    Stephen szeles

  38. humphry

    Send your address here I will send you the cd >

    make sure it has your name

    stephen szeles

  39. Gerald Samah says:

    Still checking out for ( Orch. Kiam )SAKUMUNA 13or 26. Sukisa 500/501 Yokolo, Sukisa 99 Baole Baole ( Dr. Nico, African Fiesta )

    Please let me know If anyone can direct me where to buy or send a copy for me. ( Just email with your expenses and method of payment ).


    Gerald Samah ( or

  40. ALLIE says:

    Those years were the best in my country Sierra Leone. Some even say those years were the golden year. The music congolese made it colorful. Can someone help me with shama shama

  41. Gerald Samah says:

    If you send your name and address to me email:, I will send you Shama Shama and many more.

  42. Ngumba K. says:

    Hallo there,I’ve been looking for Dirishani by Afro 70. Any one knows how i can get it ?

  43. jairo fernandez says:

    me gusta la pagina pero no se como bajar musica gracias

  44. Pargo Karlings says:

    I want to find out the author of the Congo music of the 70s, Yokolo. Can anybody help me with the name of the band?

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