Just heard this track and I cannot get the funky beat in there out of my mind. Can anyone tell me who it is?

East African rhumba circa 1970/1980Who is this – Maya

I initially thought that is might be African Stars of Twange Pepeta fame but I cannot find this track in their discography.

Some clues as to the artists do exist: in spite of the Lingala singing, the phraseology used on the lyrics almost certainly identifies the tune as being from a Tanzania-based group. In the closing riffs on the track, the singer mentions “African Beat”, a phrase that surely tells us something but unfortunately also comes with a guarantee to throw up a couple of bazillion Google hits.

Another interesting clue is in the melody: this is almost certainly based on an Koffi Olomide beat from some time in the 90s but I cannot remember which particular track it might be. Anyway, my thinking is that between the Koffi-esque lead guitar chords and the Lingala storytelling at the start and the Kwassa Kwassa chant later on just before the guitar solo, it might be that this track is a group with members from classic Soukous linage.

And how many tracks do you hear these days with as nice a sax solo as the one that starts at 5:30.

I have to let you know though, trying to dissect this track has been tough – it is just too enjoyable.

I’m sorry but this rip has some serious stutter from 6:30 to 7:50 which unfortunately is also where the track has an AWESOME in-your-face lead guitar and vocals solo.

Anyway, all things aside, a very nice hybrid track that lies squarely in the domain of music I really really dig.

As an aside, if you want to hear the classic funky rumba sound of artists like Bopol Mansiamina or even Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga style sound with an infusion of the “Bongo” beat that my friend Jeff is an authority on, African Stars Band are the group to listen to. Their sound can only be described on stupefyingly (sp?) authentic.

And you can quote me on that.

See ya.

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  1. Michael says:

    I think the koffi song you are talking about might be S.O.S. but i am not sure who sings this song

  2. Rico says:

    Just by chance, I found several versions of Maya by various artists, some with TP OK Jazz. Check this different URL :
    Maybe this will give you some clues

  3. gilly says:

    Thanks for the posting.
    MAYA, yes, this is a track by former Tanzania based Orch Maquis du Zaire saxaphonist Mafumu Bilali “Bombenga”. His current group is African Bits Orch.

    What Mafumu did is just making a free swahili translation of TP OK Jazz Simaro Masiya’s ever-popular ‘MAYA’ and sing it in its original tone!
    Maya by simaro was voted the song of the year in Zaire for two consecutive years 1984 and 1985.

    Sebene by Twanga Pepeta: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oyx08l

  4. Joe says:


    Might you be referring to “SOS Maya” by Zaiko Langa Langa?


    Sounds good. I was stumped by the “callout” very early in the track (0:18) “presente…chanteur…Bombenga”. The only Bombenga I was aware of was Jeannot Bombenga of Vox Africa, and that would be pretty wacked out.

  5. Abdullah says:


    Please I need the title for the following tracks:


  6. David Ochan says:


    If my memory serves me right, then the first track (Lipua Lipua) is called “LA VIE MALEMBE”. The second track also by Lipua Lipua is called “KAMALE”.
    Try to check with Steve and others if that is so. Sometimes you find the same song having different names with different lebels. A good example is Bella Bella’s “TATTY” which is also known as “LA VERITE BLESSE”

  7. Abdullah says:

    Thanks David, but I have the following track by Lipua Lipua and with the title “Kamale”!!!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/l1jko5

  8. Abdullah says:

    Thanks David, but I have the following track which is titled “Kamale”!!

  9. David Ochan says:

    That track is called “NDUKIDI” It was composed by Nzaya Zayadio of Lipua Lipua.
    The track “Kamale” was composed when Nyboma Mwuana Dido (aka Danos Canter Mbuta) was leaving Lipua Lipua to form the new band “Les Kamale”.
    That was the cultured and orderly way that bands contolled by Veve (Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta) “Kiam” would muitate. BELLA BELLA – LIPUA LIPUA- LES KAMALE- KIAM- FUGA FUGA etc.

  10. kingsam says:

    Wanamashabiki wa kilingala burudikeni………Keep up the spirit, Here are some fine songs. By the way is there away you can upload a whole cd. I hate uploading one song at a time it takes forever. There is more of these music but i just cant find time to upload.


  11. Emmanuel says:

    Maya, the original song, is a song by author/compositor Simaro Masiya from TP OK Jazz. Simaro never sings in his songs. The song, which comes in 2 versions, is sang by Carlito Lassa of the TP OK Jazz, at the time, before he joined Choc Stars, and Pepe Kalle of Empire Bakuba.

    The song is a bit of a sad song. Telling the story of a man whose wife left, apparently with another man, and he can’t move on, still crying over her.

  12. Steve says:

    Thanx for your nice blog. It’s been a time since i found it and to be honest i have downloaded some nice old stuff over here.

    The song MAYA, as many member wrote was composed by Simaro Masiya of TP OK Jazz and the one you are looking for is Tanzanian version with some Congolese Music. The band is opppssss, one man band with other musicians. The tittle and musician should look like this :

    Mafumu Bilali – Maya

  13. Steve says:

    The Tanzania song with similar beat like Petite soeur of Kofii Olomide i can’t find the tittle. But this Tz song was done before koffi’s Song. The band for sure is Mlimani Park Orch. and singer is Cosmas Chidumule and was produced late 80’s while koffi was early 90’s. I have desided to put down rylic of the song. May be from there will be easy for you to get it:

    Penzi ni kati yake mke mume, Na hustawi kwenye Mahaba aa
    Penzi ni kileo cha fikara, Wala usione ajabu nikipeeenda
    Uliponikubalia tuwe mke na mume
    Nilitamani Dunia isimame hata kwa sekunde moja
    Ili niione nuru ya mapenzi yako
    Na roho yangu iwe radhi kuwa huru
    Penzi letu liwe moja, Lenye dhiki na faraja
    Tukiishi vizuri ni Taji kwa wapendanao
    Iliyobaki tusaidiane tulindiane heshima
    Tuipende familia, Ndio kustawisha pendo

    If it happen you find the tittle please let me know, Thanks.

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