Casa Ntwiga is enjoying a Franco Luambo Makiadi revival thanks to the new must-absolutely-read-but-impossible-to-comment-on blog Franco et. TPOK Jazz Restored.

To get you on your way, here is 16 minutes 55 seconds of stupefying, posted before, but now enjoying almost non-stop airplay here. This diversion, for those of you who may have missed it, is also definitely worth taking the time to read.

Franco et. T.P. O.K Jazz Franco Luambo Makiadi & TP OK Jazz – Tres impoli

Makmende, from Just a Band, for those of you, whom again, may have missed it.

Makmende is on CNN later today, make a point of watching the piece.

[UPDATE: March 31st 2010] CNN piece is now up here.

An aside, Makmende is a corruption of a much-loved Dirty Harry witticism …. I have posted Just a Band‘s work in the past, its great to see a phenom like this coming out of the very interesting stuff that they are doing.

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  1. wanjohi john says:


    I would like to discuss more about Franco Music….. a wide debate.

    Reply to my mail please,

    John Wanjohi.

  2. pita mbita says:

    Where did the music go.iam looking for maradhi ya moyo by ddc mlimani park and maria wandaka by sammy kasule

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