This weekend marked a huge milestone for me.

I could not think of anything more appropriate to mark it here than this song, that I could (and can still) sing (badly) right through, word for word, blow for blow, with Paul and Chevy, since almost 15 years ago.

So far, no roly-poly bat-faced girl, no incidents and accidents, no hints and allegations.

But really…

“Why am I soft in the middle now?”

I don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.

Resolution for part two of this life:

It’s time to take my shot at redemption.

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  1. gitts says:

    Love it but never known the words. can only do the chorus, now to cram it. Classic

  2. kabuga says:


    I feel indebted to Ntwiga and all clan members for keeping this forum alive.

    To me, two posts have stood out for really reminding me of gems that my memory had stashed at the very back. Lessa Ladu Lassans, Jedidah Njeri ,posted by Lydia, was such a pleasant surprise – i really could not believe my luck.
    Then, Fred posts Sim Sehnor by Les Bobongo stars and i suddenly struggle to keep my sanity with joy – i did not even know the title before downloading and exploding with nostalgia. Though i do not understand the language, i feel that this song defines my boyhood – naive, experimental, ambitious, tasty, spiritual etc. I have played it for endless times since the download and can’t seem to get enough!!!

    Will be posting Josky’s Bimansha shortly.

  3. kabuga says:

    Josky Kiambukuta and TPOK jazz – Bimansha

  4. Ben Amanya says:

    Steve, I’ve never gotten to thanking you for this resource. Am from Scarborough here in T-Dot and have downloaded oodles of gems from here before. I am prompted to post to vent at HMV where I just spent $89 on three CD packs from the olden days. To my dismay, having ripped the damn thing to Wav lossless they all seem to sound the same as the files I have often downloaded from here in MP3, what a rip off.

    Anyway, for cosolation am right now enjoying Photo Ya Majesi by Trio Madjesi. Oh the 70s all over, those of us who grew up in Amin’s time. The current generation thinks we owe no nostalgia to that period but I say drop Chamelion for some Lingala for a minute and sense splatters all over your face. Anyway, Thanks man.

  5. Mutunga says:

    @Lydia (and all Ntwigans who are keen on music from Eastern Kenya):

    Here are some of those tracks I promised you sometime back.
    Let’s start with “Kimandiko” style, those night time dances your parents never allowed you to attend. (My folks wouldn’t let me go either :) )

    Mandasi 110 – Joseph Mutaiti.
    Munyivu Wa Mang’ea – Joseph Mutaiti

    Mutaiti reigned supreme for a long time, his sweet voice and great mastery of the guitar craft combining with words of advice in his ever-loved songs. But he wouldn’t have the last word on the solo guitair. Kakai Kilonzo had his say, then came along one young man who could play the solo guitar like no one else, making it match the notes of the lead singers exactly. I’m talking of the late “Kijana Softie”, Kasyoki of Katitu Boys Band.
    Here’s one track:

    Kathambi – Katitu Boys Band

    Right now, the art of the Kamba record is undergoing a quiet revolution …. but maybe not so quiet when you listen to Sanita Musyoki, the up-and-coming innovator whose music targets the young generation (under 30). Here’s “Kana Ka Vicky”, who would rather not be touched “Ndienda Ukwatangwa!”.

    Sinuka – Sanita Musyoki

    Things get hotter with Man Kathumba taking the tempo to a frenetic climax.

    Kwitu Mbooni – Man Kathumba

    But perhaps the most seasoned musician in Ukambani today is Bosco Mulwa. In the track below, we hear him developing “Kyamulumba”, his own version of Rumba, which he combines with the Kamba “Musolo”,without forgetting to put it in a wider pan-African context.

    Wakulume – Bosco Mulwa

    Gone are the days when the Kamba music scene used to be male-dominated. The gloves come off as Serah Kithendu of Kawethei Sisters takes the microphone, advising members of the public to keep off the frothy stuff.

    Uki Ti Museo – Serah Kithendu and Kawethei Sisters

    But after all these fast-paced tracks, you might want to hear some sisters from the west with a more relaxing style. This is the track with which I learnt to waltz.

    Mississippi – Pussy Cat

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Mutunga says:

    @ James Kilai:

    I believe you were looking for this track:

    Mbie Nuke – Kalambya Sisters:

    What do you think of the quality of this mp3? Let me know.

    You were probably searching for this title as well:

    Aume Kwi Syindu Ndaasa:

    This is not the original recording of “Aume Twi Na Thina.” I believe Joseph Mutaiti performed a fresh recording of it – on video. What you get here is the mp3 rip of the video.

  7. Lydia says:

    @ Mutunga
    Wow what a great post…. thank you! Can’t wait for the weekend so I can really enjoy the tracks… Hope all is well.
    Also thanks to James Kilai – you made a post but it seems to have disappeared!

  8. Lydia says:

    @Kabuga – I hear you bro…I remember when I got my first request on this forum…. the track was ‘Tina Turudiane” by Mbaraka Mwinshehe… what a joy it was to hear after decades… and so many others have followed. This blog has been such a godsend….. I remember only too well my fruitless attempts at getting my hands on the music that defined my youth.. it was like pulling teeth with no novocaine.. and trips home even though sometimes rewarding could never yield all that has been shared here…. so thanks to all the contributers…… it’s not just music we share…. but the gift of the wonderful memories of days gone by, when life seemed simpler…..or perhaps we were just young…

  9. James Carlos Kilai says:

    @Mutunga: Thank U so so much! These tracks are just great. The audio quality is super. Do U have more of Joseph Mutaiti, Kalambya Sisters & Kitanga Boys? I’d love to have them.
    @Lydia: I was shocked too after it ‘evaporated’. I am some hits here which might be of help to U. Super weekend!
    File 1:
    File Name: Kutula Mbui Kuu.mp3
    File Size: 4.6 MB
    Download Link:

    File 2:
    File Name: 08 Multiparty.mp3
    File Size: 4.9 MB
    Download Link:

    File 3:
    File Name: Yonvensia Moraa.mp3
    File Size: 4.2 MB
    Download Link:

    File 4:
    File Name: Koma Mwendwa.mp3
    File Size: 4.2 MB
    Download Link:

    File 5:
    File Name: Kivisi Kya Uthwiini.mp3
    File Size: 3.9 MB

  10. James Carlos Kilai says:

    Before I retire to bed, let me leave U with this classic by Dicky Mulwa & Ngoleni Brothers – Ikithathi Ya Ng’ele –

  11. James says:

    Is there anyone who has the tracks Safari Ya Samburu by John Ngereza & Nimebaki Upweke by the same artist? Please make my weekend memorable by posting the tracks here. Nitashukuru sana!

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